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[Hindi] PMIS Semifinals - Day 1 | PUBG MOBILE India Series 2020 #PUBGM #PMIS2020


PMIS2020 | Inspiring Interview with PH Novaking | PUBG MOBILE India Series 2020

Bringing an exclusive interview with Team Powerhouse player Novaking!

#PUBGM #PMIS2020 #PUBGMindia




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Overall Standings - PMIS Quarter Finals Day 3 | Pubg Mobile India Series 2020

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PMIS Quarter Finals Day 3 Highlights =

PMIS Quarter Finals Group C Overall Standings ❤️

Get ready for PUBG Mobile action and cheer your favourite PUBGM Squad ! PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 is here! ????????

We're back this year with even more PUBG Mobile action and to continue our journey to seek out India's top squads! Out of 256 teams in round 1 only 64 have made it to the Quarterfinals, These Teams will now play in Groups and the top 8 from each Group at the end of 6 Matches will make it to the SEMI-Finals!

The Grind gets tough for these Teams, Every step matters and only the best will Rise! It's time for these Squads to Prove themselves in the battlegrounds!

Whose side are you on?

Map Schedule
Match 1 - Erangel
Match 2 - Miramar
Match 3 - Erangel
Match 4 - Vikendi
Match 5 - Sanhok
Match 6 - Erangel

Group C
Team List
1. Max Fault
2. 4Ace Esports
3. NOMADS Official
7. Inside Out
9. Vendetta Esports
10. DarkTangent Esports
11. Shivaye Esports
12. LiveCraft eSports
13. Shikari eSports
14. Team Bope
15. Tsm-Entity
16. Revenge Esports

Tune in to watch India's upcoming stars in action!

#pubgm #pubgmobile #PMIS

Journey of Team Element | Get to know Elmnt Sangwan | PMIS2020 #PUBGM #PMIS2020

Join us for an exclusive interview with Team Element Esports captain Sangwan!

#PUBGM #PMIS2020 #PUBGMindia

Soul Sangwan Interview In PMIS 2020 after Chicken Dinner - Pubg Mobile India Series 2020

Soul Sangwan Interview In PMIS 2020 - Pubg Mobile India Series 2020
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Krutika PMIS Interview | Arc Krutika PMIS 2020 Interview | PMIS 2020 |

Krutika PMIS Interview | Arc Krutika PMIS 2020 Interview | PMIS 2020 |

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4. ARC Krutika PMIS 2020 Interview
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6. ARC Krutika Interview PMIS 2020

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Teams qualified for Quarter Finals of PMIS 2020
Day 1

Match 1:- Shikari eSports, Team Bope, InsaneMatch 2:- Fate Esports, LiveCraft eSports, PowerhouseMatch 3:- VSG Crawlers, HYP Gaming, Team Invaders
Day 2

Match 4:- Team Tamilas, TheCrew Esports, F4 RivalsMatch 5:- DarkTangent Esports, VikingX, Team ELITESMatch 6:- Vendetta Esports, NewST, Team Falcon esports
Day 3

Match 7:- Team GODX, bYe Official, Team Fly HighMatch 8:- Team Legstump, Strong Hold, DC OfficialsMatch 9:- ELEMENT esports, ARC, Team IND
Day 4

Match 10:- Oneshot Esports, I AM, Inside OutMatch 11:- Initiative Esports, TENE8 Masters, Gods ReignMatch 12:- TGW Officials, Mad Scientists Esports, FormationX
Day 5

Match 13:- LoopStorm, Engle, Team XpertMatch 14:- Warlocks, Shivaye esports, Team MayhemMatch 15:- EGxSAD, ORB officials, The GodfathersMatch 16:- 100cc esports, Aztecs Esp, Nomads Official
In addition to these 48 teams, 9 teams have qualified based on their total kills.

Thanos FTW, Max Fault, Lets Go, Rising Baaz, Totally Depressed, PGSx, F1 Dreamers, Team VST, 4Ace Esports
The 7 teams that have been given an invitational entry to the quarter finals are:

CeltzTsm-EntityFnaticSynerGERevengeMegastarsOrange Rock
All the 64 teams will be divided into 4 groups, 8 teams from each group will proceed to the next round.

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Team Element On Table Top | MYM And OR Best Gameplay | PMCO India Semi Finals Day 3 Highlights

Team Element On Table Top | MYM And OR Best Gameplay | PMCO India Semi Finals Day 3 Highlights

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