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10 best tips for playing ACA NeoGeo: Metal Slug 3


Metal Slug 3 - 1 coin Guide/Tutorial

Slapped together a guide on a whim. I tried to talk about how to do a standard 1credit run for this game and some strategies and explaining some things you could use to survive. Try to learn and play the best Metal slug game created.

I tried to cram as much info as I could while keeping up with the game, lmao.
This game is not long it's around 50 minutes at most. Don't let others tell you it's too long or drawn out, its just the final stage being most of the game. 30-50 mins is pretty standard for arcade games.

No freezing or slowing down here, so you may wanna go back if you miss something. I'm going to be learning 1 coin for Slug 6 in the meantime...

**note here, the sound is lowered a lot because it's a twitch recording. I was talking about a lot of random stuff, so I had to mute it. my actual inp recording got desynced cuz I didn't delete nvram before rec.

If you got any other questions. just put them in the comments ill answer it

00:00:00 - Start
00:00:38 - Mission 1
00:03:25 - Mission 2
00:08:03 - Mission 3
00:13:12 - Mission 4
00:20:33 - Final Mission
00:31:12 - Inside Mothership
00:36:57 - Mars Mecha/Walker hallway
00:39:42 - Rootmars 1st fight
00:40:22 - Cloning area
00:44:22 - Final Escape
00:46:43 - Rootmars Last fight


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ACA Neogen Metal Slug 3 (p2) | Nintendo Switch handheld gameplay

ACA Neogen Metal Slug 3 (p2) | Nintendo Switch handheld gameplay

Ranking Metal Slug Games From WORST to BEST

From Metal Slug to Metal Slug 7/XX, let's rank every mainline game in this iconic run and gun series!

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0:00 : Intro
1:13 : 8
3:14 : 7
4:49 : 6
6:57 : 5
8:57 : 4
11:07 : 3
13:07 : 2
15:17 : 1

Assault Theme from Metal Slug

Mission 1 from Metal Slug Advance

Let's Run Through! from Metal Slug 4

Main Theme from Metal Slug

Main Theme from Metal Slug 6

Scrap Island from Metal Slug 7

Fierce Battle from Metal Slug 5

Final Attack from Metal Slug 2

Credits Theme from Metal Slug 3

Who Likes To Party by Kevin MacLeod

Aurea Carmina by Kevin MacLeod

Metal Slug: Childhood Games

The first episode of Childhood Games! First up, one of the games I played almost every day as a kid, Metal Slug! Does the series hold up even today? Watch this video to find out!

Chapter Structure:
0:00 - Introduction
1:00 - The Kid Perspective
3:30 - The Grown Up Experience
8:08 - Metal Slug
9:43 - Metal Slug 2/ X
14:26 - Metal Slug 3
18:16 - Metal Slug 4
21:29 - Metal Slug 5
23:45 - Metal Slug 6
26:09 - Metal Slug XX
29:48 - CREDITS


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Music Used:

Several tracks from the Metal Slug series
Hayal - Molten

Games Featured:

Mirrors Edge
Ratchet and Clank
Metal Slug
Metal Slug 2
Metal Slug X
Metal Slug 3
Metal Slug 4
Metal Slug 5
Metal Slug 6
Metal Slug XX


Metal Slug 3 (XBox)

I don't know how close this is to the Neo Geo original, but this ia a lot of fun!

First look at Metal Slug 3 on the Nintendo Switch!

The first batch of new games are now available on the Nintendo Switch including Metal Slug 3. Chris walks you through some gameplay in Metal Slug 3.

Ranking Every Metal Slug Game! Top 9 Metal Slug Games!

Here it is! A Ranking all of the metal slug games! Metal slug advance is not included here, but it’s a good one! Just my opinion of course but my top 9 Metal Slug Games from worst to best! Do you know the best one? Watch and find out!

#metalslug #snk #metalslugtactics

ACA Metal Slug 3 Review

Metal Slug 3 is considered the best for a reason. Let me tell you why!

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Metal Slug 3 [PS4/ACA] One Life Clear

Full defaults with save, pause and autofire disabled, as per Hi Score Mode hardcoding. PLS press F for my DS4's square button ;_;7 Special thanks to Division 六 for the thumbnail sprite!

Review: Metal Slug 3 (PlayStation 4, PS Vita & PS3)

Defunct Games reviews Metal Slug 3, out now on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

One of the Neo Geo's best action games makes its move to the PlayStation 4. While Metal Slug 3 looks great, the outdating gameplay is becoming harder to defend. It's also difficult to make an argument for the high price point, especially if you're a PS Vita owner. Metal Slug 3 is a fun action game that is once again marred by SNK's inflated pricing.


GAMEBOX Neo Geo: Metal Slug 3

Gamebox Multi Game Arcade Console. The best Metal Slug in the series is available on the Gamebox. Lets see how it plays.

Only problem i found was a bit of slowdown with big explosions, but apart from that it's very good.

Metal Slug 3 [ Final Mission Part 1 / Score Attack ]

[ Emulator's save & load function used. ]
[ This video is only for reference, and it's NOT an official hi-score. ]

finally we're here...the longest mission in every MS series...
this mission was the real pain indeed...

In sigma's video , he said that you can get 100 points of extra score by self destructing the Slug Flyer on the top of the screen before you destroy the second cabin.
but when I tried , whether you do or don't , the total score was completely the same.

You can get extra score by shooting at the missile launching soldier directly.

Allen can't hit you when you are at this position. (very RARELY he hits you sometimes but I think that happens because you are at the wrong position.)
however , the middle boss hairbuster moves everywhere and it could push you to the wrong way. so you have to get ready in advance to succeed.

at the boss (Hi-do)
a lot of players would know that Hi-do never gets destroyed when he's dropping the bomb .

but he also gets indestructible when more than 80~90% of it's front is out of the screen.

REVIEW TALK: Metal Slug 3 (Switch)

Here's our first review for the Nintendo Switch! Metal Slug 3 from HAMSTER. Read the review:
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Final ending!!!

Metal slug 3 | Nintendo Switch dock mode gameplay | 4K TV

Metal slug 3 | Nintendo Switch dock mode gameplay | 4K TV
Price $7.99
| TV 4K HDR10+ Samsung 55NU7093 138cm

METAL SLUG 3 - One of the Best PS4 Couch Co-Op Game

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ACA NEOGEO METAL SLUG X - Nintendo Switch | the best classic action game series ever

ACA NEOGEO METAL SLUG X - Nintendo Switch | the best classic action game series ever
Price $7.99
Platform Nintendo Switch
Release Date Oct 05, 2017
No. of Players up to 2 players
File Size 108 MB
Category Action, Arcade
Publisher HAMSTER, Co.

ACA Metal Slug Review

Metal Slug is the best, period.

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Metal Slug (Japanese: メタルスラッグ, Hepburn: Metaru Suraggu) is a series of run and gun video games originally created by Nazca Corporation before merging with SNK in 1996 after the completion of the first game in the series. Spin-off games include a third-person shooter to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the series and a tower defense game for the mobile platform. Originally created for Neo-Geo arcade machines hardware (MVS) and the Neo-Geo home game consoles (AES) hardware, the original games have also been ported to other consoles and mobile platforms throughout the years, with several later games created for various other platforms. The games focus on the Peregrine Falcon Squad, a small group of soldiers who fight against a rebel army, aliens, zombies, mummies and various other forces intent on world domination.

The gameplay consists of run and gun elements as well as in later releases shoot 'em up mechanics. The run and gun pits a player against a large numbers of enemies with extremely powerful weapons pick-ups. In most run and guns, contact with an enemy leads to damage.[2] In this series, however, contact results in the opportunity to perform a melee attack and the opportunity for the enemy to perform a melee attack of his own, if he has one. The player's melee attack is also much stronger than most shots. This leads to the players ability to run in and use melee attacks to take down a number of enemies at once, as well as the ability to quickly defeat enemies that can take plenty of damage, such as the mummies in Metal Slug 2.

The player starts with only a simple semi-automatic handgun (Metal Slug 6 and 7 used a fully automatic handgun in place of the stock semi-auto firs used in every game including spin-off); as the game progresses, the player may pick up new weapons. The player can only use one weapon at a time. When a new weapon is found, it replaces the previous one. Similarly, when ammunition runs out, the player reverts to using the handgun, which has unlimited ammunition.

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How The Nintendo Switch Handles NeoGeo Censorship

This video takes a look at how the Nintendo Switch's ACA NeoGeo line of games handle the Neo Geo's censorship of English versions.

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