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10 best tips for playing Arkanoid vs Space Invaders


Space Invaders Forever (Switch) First 18 minutes on Nintendo Switch - First Look - Gameplay ITA

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Space Invaders Forever (Switch) First 18 minutes on Nintendo Switch - First Look - Gameplay ITA:


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The legendary arcade game series is finally back on in its greatest iteration ever! In this collection, take part in the never ending fight against the invaders as we have put together three awesome and brand new takes on the bona fide arcade legend.

Space Invaders Extreme

In Space Invaders Extreme, mind, body and skills are all put to the test in this exhilarating and modern take on Space Invaders. Team up with friends, experience the psychedelic visualizer coloring the environments and feel the beat of one of the coolest soundtracks you’ve ever heard from TAITO’s legendary sound production team ZUNTATA.

Arkanoid vs Space Invaders
But for those who want something entirely different, Arkanoid vs Space Invaders brings two legends together for the very first time in an all new way of playing Space Invaders! Take control of the Vaus paddle ship and see what happens when things go balls to the wall crazy with plenty of twists and bounces throughout the fight, as well as some other familiar faces from the TAITO family

Space Invaders Gigamax 4 SE

For those who want to go classic and relive this with friends and family, Space Invaders Gigamax 4 SE brings back the familiar sights and sounds from the 1978 phenomenon, but this time space has expanded and the invasion can be fought with up to four people! The graphics might be simple, but the challenge is not! Luckily, no quarters are needed this time, so keep up the fight!

For over 40 years, Space Invaders has captivated gamers and helped shape the video game industry as we know and cherish today. This collection is a celebration of an icon, a modern take on a timeless classic and fun that will keep you coming back again and again… FOREVER!

SPACE INVADERS shootout - which version is best?

I compare three versions of Space Invaders. First the original on the Atari 2600, then Space Monster on the Phillips Videopac G7000 and finally Sonic Invader on the Telefunken CreatiVision. Which do you prefer? Enjoy

Let's Compare ( Space Invaders )

Video Locations:

1. Arcade 0:35
2. RCA Studio 2 1:54
3. Chip 8 2:53
4. Dragon 32/64 3:54
5. Apple 2 5:00
6. Amstrad 5:56
7. ZX Spectrum ( Space Intruders ) 6:57
8. ZX Spectrum ( Space Raiders ) 7:58
9. Oric 1 ( Space Intruders ) 8:58
10. BBC Micro 9:58
11. Atari 2600 11:00
12. Atari 800 12:00
13. Atari 5200 13:00
14. Intellivision ( Space Armada ) 14:00
15. Bally Astrocade ( Astro Battle ) 15:02
16. Amiga ( INTRO ) 16:03 ( GAME ) 17:11
17. TI99 ( TI Invaders ) 18:35
18. Sega Master System 19:36
19. Game Gear 20:45
20. Colecovision 21:45
( Space Invaders Collection Pack )
21. MSX 22:45
22. Gameboy 23:48
23. Wonderswan 24:49 ( INTRO ) 25:12 ( GAME )
24. Sega SG 1000 26:18
25. Gameboy Color 27:18
26. Atari 7800 ( Home Brew ) 28:18
27. Atari ST 29:12
28. DOS 30:23
29. Commodore Vic 20 ( Avengers ) 31:22
30. Sharp X68000 32:23
31. Commodore 64 ( Avengers ) 33:24
32. Famicom 34:26
33. Gameboy Color / Super Gameboy 35:23
34. FLASH 36:25
35. Virtual boy 37:27
36. TG16 CD 38:32
37. Super Nintendo 40:32 ( INTRO ) 40:56 ( GAME )
38. Gameboy Advance 42:26
39. Sega Genesis ( Space Invaders 91 ) 43:26
40. Sega Saturn 44:27
41. Nintendo DS 45:37

Video Description Source:

Space Invaders (スペースインベーダー Supēsu Inbēdā?) is an arcade video game designed by Tomohiro Nishikado and released in 1978. It was originally manufactured and sold by Taito in Japan, and was later licensed for production in the United States by the Midway division of Bally. Space Invaders is one of the earliest shooting games and the aim is to defeat waves of aliens with a laser cannon to earn as many points as possible. In designing the game, Nishikado drew inspiration from popular media: Breakout, The War of the Worlds, and Star Wars. To complete it, he had to design custom hardware and development tools.

It was one of the forerunners of modern video gaming and helped expand the video game industry from a novelty to a global industry (see golden age of video arcade games). When first released, Space Invaders was very successful.

The game has been the inspiration for other video games, re-released on numerous platforms, and led to several sequels. The 1980 Atari 2600 version quadrupled the system's sales and became the first killer app for video game consoles. Space Invaders has been referenced and parodied in multiple television shows, and been a part of several video game and cultural exhibitions. The pixelated enemy alien has become a pop culture icon, often used as a synecdoche representing video games as a whole.

Game Play:

Space Invaders is a two-dimensional fixed shooter game in which the player controls a laser cannon by moving it horizontally across the bottom of the screen and firing at descending aliens. The aim is to defeat five rows of eleven aliens—some versions feature different numbers—that move horizontally back and forth across the screen as they advance towards the bottom of the screen. The player defeats an alien, and earns points, by shooting it with the laser cannon. As more aliens are defeated, the aliens' movement and the game's music both speed up. Defeating the aliens brings another wave that is more difficult, a loop which can continue indefinitely.[1][2][3][4]

The aliens attempt to destroy the cannon by firing at it while they approach the bottom of the screen. If they reach the bottom, the alien invasion is successful and the game ends. A special mystery ship will occasionally move across the top of the screen and award bonus points if destroyed. The laser cannon is partially protected by several stationary defense bunkers—the number varies by version—that are gradually destroyed by projectiles from the aliens and player.

Palm OS | PDA Gaming on M515

Taking a look at the Palm OS M515.

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0:00 - Introduction
4:20 - Game Boy Emulator
10:15 - Game Registrations

10:50 - 3D Air Hockey
11:11 - Bzzz!
11:39 - Crazy Ball
11:57 - Crazy Cube
12:17 - Defender
12:40 - Flytrap
13:30 - Froggy (FROGGER)
13:53 - Lemmings
14:17 - Master Thief (An FPS)
14:50 - Maryo Bros (MARIO BROS)
15:28 - MunchMan (PAC-MAN)
15:41 - PipeLine Peril (PIPE DREAM)
15:53 - Qubic (Q-BERT)
16:17 - Race Fever
16:33 - Root Beer Tapper
17:10 - Spy Hunter
17:30 - Tank Pilot (BATTLEZONE)
17:48 - RB's Color Tic-Tac-Toe
17:56 - Toy Races

18:18 - Robotron: 2084
19:00 - Galax (GALAXIAN)
19:34 - Monopoly
19:43 - Serious Sam
20:12 - Rayman
20:51 - Zap! 2016

21:42 - Argon V
21:50 - Asteroids
22:03 - Astron
22:20 - Blocks (TETRIS)
22:31 - Boulder Palm (BOULDER DASH)
22:42 - BoxMan (SOKOBAN)
22:52 - Bucky in his First Adventure
23:09 - Caverns of Kalisto
23:26 - CFB Pong
23:44 - Connect 4
23:55 - IMR-Snake
23:57 - Invaders (SPACE INVADERS)
24:08 - Jumpman
24:28 - KOBO
24:46 - Ladder
24:56 - Monsta
25:23 - Muppy (MAPPY)
25:37 - Palm Targ (TARG)
25:54 - Pilot Mines (MINESWEEPER)
26:06 - Pocket Pinball
26:15 - The Prison (ARKANOID)
26:31 - pBobble (BUST-A-MOVE)
26:56 - Rays
27:12 - SFCave
27:18 - Pocket Sotong (OCTOPUS G&W)
27:37 - SP (SPELUNKY... maybe??)

27:53 - Conclusion

Background Music:
Intro/Extro: マクロスMACROSS 82-99 - Outro (feat. Yung Abe)
Palm Commercial Music: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronker - Daft Punk
TRNDSTTR Instrumental - Black Coast (Lucian Remix)
Planet Lavatron - Ribbit King
Overworld Theme - Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 1
Overworld Theme - Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2
4PM - Animal Crossing GCN
Menu - Rayman Raving Rabbids Prototype
Evil as Satan - Skrillex
Scatting - Skrillex
Drop Dead - Skrillex
Aquatic Ruins Zone - Sonic 2 Soundtrack
Enjoy Yourself Instrumental - Saint Pepsi / Chris Brueggeman
Club Villain Instrumental - YourFavoriteMartian
Doompy Poomp - Skrillex
Wow Wow Instrumental - Neil Cicierega

Palm Desktop Software for Win10, if you need it:

#palmpda #handheld #ilikeyourpalms

Super Breakout (Game Boy Color) - Crow Plays

Episode #240

The funny thing about this game is that when I started playing it, I didn't realize it was a port of the classic arcade game which was also ported to the Atari 2600/5200. I find it quite odd that they would feel the need to release this on the Game Boy Color 20 years after the original arcade release, not only because it's a straight up port, but because the Game Boy Color's D-Pad isn't the best type of controller for this type of game. Also, there are far better Breakout-like games that would have been better to make instead. What about Game Boy Color version of Arkanoid or maybe something along the lines of an improved Alleyway. All in all, this game seems like a total waste on the Game Boy Color.

Super Breakout for the Game Boy Color was developed by Morning Star Multimedia and published by Majesco Games in 1998.

Thanks for watching!

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Better Dead Than Alien: Practice

A Shoot Em Up game called Better Dead Than Alien on the Amiga. One of the best Space Invaders inspired games in my opinion.

Space Invaders Arcade (Taito 1978) - Stage 1 Perfect Score 3,990

I believe this is the highest possible score on stage 1. If you can do better let me know!

A few notes:
UFOs worth varying amounts of points from 50 - 150. Score 300 based on shot count:
Shot 23 = 300
Shot 15 thereafter = 300

For the first UFO the 22nd shot is fired once the UFO is on the screen. This causes the UFO to come from the left side instead of the right (if you fire all 22 shots before the UFO appears) which makes it a bit easier to get.

Credit for pattern goes to Jon Tannahill (current WR holder as of Jan-2020) from posting on Twin Galaxies here:

10 Best NEW iOS & Android Games of July 2017

What better way to drain your phone battery than with these awesome iPhone and Android games we found for you! What are you playing on mobile? Let's talk!
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Arkanoid vs Space Invaders

Platform: iOS Android

Price: $3.99

Video Link:-

All That Remains: Part 1

Platform: iOS Android

Price: $0.99

Video Link:-


Platform: iOS

PRICE: $2.99

Lowlander II: Lowerlander

Platform: iOS Android

PRICE: $2.99

Galaxy of Pen & Paper

Platform: iOS Android

PRICE: $4.99

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Platform: iOS, Android [SOON]

PRICE: $4.99

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2

Platform: iOS

PRICE: $0.99

Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2

Platform: Android

PRICE: $4.99

Layton’s Mystery Journey

Platform: iOS Android

PRICE: $15.99

The House of da Vinci

Platform: iOS, Android [SOON], Steam [SOON]

PRICE: $4.99

Playstation 3 4 And Amiga Pickups (Boobs, Bitches And Balls)

Some more PS3, PS4, Amiga pick ups.

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Arkanoid - Versions Comparison (HD 60 FPS)

Comparison video of Arkanoid / アルカノイド (Taito 1986), featuring gameplay of one level of the following versions:

0:00 Arcade (1986)
1:27 Nintendo NES / Famicom (1986)
2:30 NEC PC-8801mkII SR (1986)
3:44 NEC PC-9801F (1987)
5:26 Amiga (1987)
6:36 Atari ST (1987)
7:58 Commodore 64 / C64 (1987)
9:05 Amstrad CPC (1987)
10:53 ZX Spectrum (1987)
12:08 Atari 8-bit family (1987)
12:58 BBC Micro (1987)
14:09 Thomson MO/TO (1987)
15:06 MSX (1987)
15:59 PC DOS (CGA) (1988)
17:36 PC DOS (Tandy) (1988)
18:37 Macintosh (1988)
19:38 Apple IIGS (1988)
21:12 Apple II (1988)
23:01 TRS-80 CoCo 1 / 2 (1989)
24:16 TRS-80 CoCo 3 (1989)
25:26 J2ME (2002)
26:08 Flash (2005)
27:18 J2ME (2006)
28:19 J2ME (Arkanoid DX) (2007)

The CGA version featured in the video uses PC Speaker to play audio. Instead of the EGA configuration, we decided to record the Tandy one for a better sound quality. The EGA version would look identical to the Tandy version but with the PC Speaker sound.

Which is your favorite version? Which one do you think is the best Arcade port?

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Let's Compare ( Strider )

Video Locations

0:27 Arcade
1:30 ZX Spectrum
2:28 Amstrad CPC
3:27 DOS
4:26 Commodore 64
5:24 Atari ST
6:22 Amiga
7:26 Nintendo Entertainment System
8:29 Gameboy Advance
9:31 Sega Master System
10:35 Turbo Grafx Super CD
11:38 Genesis / Mega Drive
12:42 Sharp X68000
13:46 PlayStation


Description Source:

Strider, released in Japan as Strider Hiryū (ストライダー飛竜?) is a 1989 side-scrolling platform game released for the CP System arcade hardware by Capcom. It became one of Capcom's early hits before Street Fighter II, revered for its innovative gameplay and multilingual voice clips during cutscenes (presented in English, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish).

Strider is set in a dystopian future in the year 2048, where a mysterious dictator known as the Grandmaster rules over the world. Hiryu, the youngest ever Super A Ranked member of a organization of high-tech ninja-like agents known as the Striders, is alone tasked with the Grandmaster's assassination. Hiryu begins his mission by infiltrating the Grandmaster's capital at the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic.

Space Shooting- Galaxy Attack Earth Planet Gameplay ( Android Shooting Games ) Part 5

Save the galaxy from alien shooter in free galaxy shooter-classic arcade game ????

#Jovanelly Vlogs #GalaxyGames #AndroidGames

- Captain! Captain! We are in danger!!!
- Captain! We need your help! Our galaxy is attacked by alien shooter????????????
- Captain! The alien invaders beat our squad, they destroyed all of galactica! Space team is waiting for your order! Please command ship to protect the galaxian and the surrounding asteroids.
- Jump on ship! NOW!

If you are a big fan of arcade shooting game like galaxia, galaxian and galactica with the new modern combat, and want to bring the freedom in the galaxy games, so Space shooter: Galaxy attack is perfect game for you. With classic free space games genre, old game with a new context, Space shooter: Galaxy attack puts you on fire with infinity space shooting. You will be faced lots of evil enemies and deal with many striker bosses in galaxy wars. Are you sure you will survival in the war of alien shooter?

- Perfect Shoot ‘em up: Choose your fighter ship, starship to build your own space team! Remember to survival!
- Challenging campaign: +200 levels full of alien invaders! It should be your infinity shooting missions!
- Epic and huge bosses: Show-off your skills. Enjoy arcade galaxy shooter game space combat - powered up
- PVP - online shooting games, co-op with friend, gather your space team, mark your name on leader board global.
- Stunning designs, amazing lighting and special effects.
- Lucky wheel, daily quest and free gems everyday for you.

- Slide to control your spaceship dodge enemy's bullets.
- Use coin and gem to upgrade or evolve your spaceship to fight with giant enemies and alien invaders.
- Use appropriate spaceships and strategies for each level and boss.
- Remember using power-up item, booster item to level up easier.

The Galaxy's future is now in your hands. Get your ship ready for space attack in this arcade galaxy shooter game

Rated For 3+

[NT] Space Invaders Extreme Review

NooBTooB Reviews: Space Invaders Extreme

Let's Compare ( Arkanoid 2 Revenge of DOH )

1. Arcade 0:50
2. ZX Spectrum 2:33
3. Amstrad 4:17
4. MS DOS 6:00
5. Commodore 64 7:59
6. MSX2 9:42
7. Nintendo Entertainment System 12:26
8. Atari ST 15:10
9. Amiga 16:53
10. Sharp X68000 18:37
11. Apple 2 GS 20:20

Video Description Source:

Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh (a.k.a. Arkanoid 2) is an arcade game released by Taito Corporation in 1987 as a sequel to Arkanoid

The mysterious enemy known as DOH has returned to seek vengeance on the Vaus space vessel. The player must once again take control of the Vaus (paddle) and overcome many challenges in order to destroy DOH once and for all. Revenge of Doh sees the player battle through 34 rounds, taken from a grand total of 64.

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Arkanoid - Amiga - Gaming Memories And Review

The 1986 arcade classic first saw its way to the home via the Commodore Amiga in 1987. Graphically at least identical, perhaps with a tiny bit more polish, the sounds arguably better as well, though sadly no paddles. Taking the Breakout concept to such higher levels that the games that came after were called Arkanoid clones instead of Breakout ones. Also one of the first titles I ever remember playing on the Amiga. My review for a classic arcade and Amiga title.

My written review for Arkanoid:

Check out Stygian Phoenix's look at Arkanoid VS. Space Invaders:

If for some reason you're interested in seeing an extended cut of my misery on round 3, you can find that in my unlisted videos here:

Written reviews:

Follow me on Twitter:

All videos/writings in alphabetical order:
00:00 - How'd anyone ever win this game?
00:32 - Introduction
01:40 - 1st level/region lock
03:04 - 2nd and 3rd levels/lasers/story from manual
05:25 - Engrish!
06:31 - Level 3 = Insert more quarters
07:10 - Space Invader level/Stygian Phoenix shoutout
08:28 - Memories of the game
10:50 - Arkanoid Doh it Again thoughts compared to this
12:24 - Thoughts on Arkanoid's built in slow mode
14:26 - Arcade perfect
15:24 - End game boss/Review from Info magazine
17:03 - End story/Top Arcade games Info
17:37 - Amiga World review/Discovery's extra levels start/Commodore level
18:46 - Amiga World top Amiga games of all time
19:30 - Compute magazine review
20:05 - Amiga checkmark level/Amiga culture differences
21:52 - Zealous Atari ST user letter
23:45 - Compute 1988 awards
25:15 - Thoughts on extra 33 levels from Discovery
27:22 - Arcade's 3:4 aspect ratio
28:40 - Best of 1989 Amiga Plus magazine
29:03 - Computer Gaming World Review
30:12 - Electronic Game Player review
31:22 - Commodore Magazine Review
32:38 - New version review from Commodore Magazine
33:13 - Background on port and opinions
37:12 - Ads from magazines
38:03 - CU Amiga A-Z of classic games
38:24 - Final thoughts
39:11 - NSlate
Written reviews:

Follow me on Twitter:

All videos/writings in alphabetical order:

Gaming Memories And Review Season 5 Playlist:

Gaming Memories And Review Seasons 1-4 Playlists:

#Arkanoid #RetroGaming #AmigaReviews

Gaming Memories And Review - Ep. 5x9 - Arkanoid, Commodore Amiga

EN Falcon both 30s 1vs99 V 08072020

Galaxy Shooter - Falcon Squad


In a near future, human conquered all planets in the Solar System, thus became the mightiest race in the Galaxy. Sensing the potential threat, all other races rallied their armed forces, bending on destroying the human race.
Humans had suffered from a sudden attack, lost many space colonies in the process. You, once a hero of classic time, was living in seclusion, now return to ride your own fighter aircraft in the battle against evil Alien Forces.
The game has classic pixel style and Danmaku barrage of bullet hell shooter.
Defend the galaxy from alien attacks, we need you!
You - Protector of the Galaxy. The Galaxy is waiting for you!

Space Invaders Extreme Demo

OMG They Made its SO COOL just its not Better but More NEW

PCB Repair of a 1978 Midway Space Invaders Arcade Game!

We got in this legendary Space Invaders arcade game that was inoperable, and set about fixing the gameboard. Check out how we tracked down the problems.... we talk a little about reading schematics, how to use a logic probe and more.

Buy an inexpensive set of monitor adjustment tools here:

Joes Classic Video Games is owned and operated by Joe Lyons, our arcade division is known as Lyons Arcade, and our website is at ... stop by to see it sometime!

Our showroom and video game store is located at 139 Caldwell St, in beautiful Downtown Rock Hill, SC 29730. We have a huge 100 year old building full of arcade games for sale, classic games, pinball machines, and all kinds of coin operated and home video game accessories for your mancave or game room. We get items from the old penny arcade days all the way through the vintage arcade machines of the 70's, the best arcade games from the 90's, and on up to the modern day classics from the 90's !

Typically the best arcade games sell quickly, so although some of the videos you see here on our website may be of top titles they may have sold almost immediately after the video was finished. We get these old gmaes in typically in pretty rough shape, repair them, then film a video after we're done and upload it here fo rour friends on Youtube. People often wonder if we get free arcade games, not usually, we pay a decent prive even for ones that are broken or need repair. Typically we get 1 or 2 pinball machines in a month, and many more arcade games each month.

If you enjoy videos like this, PLEASE subscribe to us above by clicking the button! It will notify you every time we put up a new video, which is usually once or twice a week.

You can also stop by our website at to see what we have in currently. Who knows, maybe we have something you're interested in!

Thank you for watching!

June PlayScores for Android | 12 New Android Games of June 2017

Presenting all newly-released Android mobile games that just received PlayScores; latest Android games on Google Play Store for your Android smartphones and tablets. Get these games by clicking the links below.
Asphalt Street Storm Racing
Arkanoid vs Space Invaders
Chroma Squad
Farming Simulator 18
Flipping Legend
Jaipur: A Card Game of Duels
Guns of Boom
Lode Runner 1
Old Man's Journey
SUP Multiplayer Racing
The Mummy Dark Universe Stories

Discover all the BEST, NEW & UPCOMING PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS video games at

Galaxy Invader - Alien Shooter - Gameplay IOS-Part 17

Gameplay from Mai Duc .

If you are a big fan of arcade shooting game like Alien Invader with the new modern combat, and want to bring the freedom in the galaxy games, so it's perfect game for you. With classic free space games genre, old game with a new context, Alien Attack: Galaxy Invaders puts you on fire with infinity space shooting. You will be faced lots of evil enemies and deal with many striker bosses in galaxy wars. Are you sure you will survival in the war of alien shooter?

How to play:

- Slide the screen to control your spaceship dodge enemy's bullets.

- Use coin and gem to upgrade or evolve your space crafts to fight with giant enemies and alien invaders.

- Use appropriate spaceships and strategies for each level and boss.

- Remember using power-up item, booster item. They will help you complete easier.


* High quality images optimized for tablets and large screens.

* Ability to use active skills during the space battles.

* The game is packed with 40+ levels on various difficulties.

* Beautiful levels with immersive missions to complete.

* Multiple extreme boss battles.

* Upgrade your guns and lasers.

Get it from Itunes if you like it.



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