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10 best tips for playing Bayonetta


How To Play Bayonetta In Smash Ultimate

A complete breakdown and guide for how to play Bayonetta in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This is a WEEKLY series, so let me know in the comments below which character you want to see next week. Subscribe if you're new!

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Top 5 Bayonetta 2 Tips - Be A Better Witch

Scared that Bayonetta 2 might be a bit too intense? Allow our resident video expert Lee to dish out five top tips for Platinum's Wii U action exclusive!

Check out our full coverage of the game here:

Bayonetta Strategy Guide - Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS (Moveset, Combos, Mechanics & Tech)

An in-depth analysis of Bayonetta's moveset, techniques, custom moves & combos in SSB4!

One Of A Kind (Retro Climax Edit)
Composer: Canal de Ferr986

All material used for this video has been implemented in accordance with fair use which is a legal doctrine states that you can reuse copyright-protected material under certain circumstances without getting permission from the copyright owner. The following content is unique, relevant and contains significant original commentary/educational value that has transformed components of potentially copyrighted material into it's own original entity that is protected under fair use.

Bayonetta Combos & Tricks! (Smash Wii U/3DS)

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My aerial combo variations:

No DI: 0-60%
dtilt - fair 1 - side b - upb - fair 1 - dj side b - upb - 3 fairs (53%)

DI towards: 0-5%
dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - upb - dj side b - upb (death)

DI away: 0 - 30%
dtilt - fair 1 - side b - upb - dj side b - upb (death)

DI down away: 0-5%
dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - fair 1 - side b - upb - dj upb (death)

If DI away:
Dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - fair 1 - upb - dj upb - 3 jabs (43%)

DI towards or down:
dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - down abk - upb - dj upb (death)

DI down and away:
dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - down abk - fair 1 - upb - dj upb - 3 fairs

No DI:
dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - fair 1 - side b - upb - dj upb

DI Away: 0-20%
Dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - fair 1 - side b - upb - dj upb (death)

NO DI/DI towards: 0-20%
dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - side b - up b - dj fair 1 - upb (death)

DI down away: 0-40%
dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - down abk - fair 1 - upb - dj upb (death)

DI away: 0-20%
dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - fair 1 - upb - dj side b - upb - 3 fairs (death)
DI away: 30 - 40%
dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - side b - upb - dj upb (death)

No DI/DI towards:
dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - down abk - fair 1 - upb - dj upb (death)

DI down away:
dtilt - fair 1 - upb - side b - upb - 3 fairs (43%)

Bayonetta Switch Edition : Top Tips

I go over my top tips for bayonetta on how to get better ranks overall for any difficulty. This is for the switch edition but can be applied to any version of the game.

SSB4 - Bayonetta Glitches

Two big glitches that can be done with Bayonetta!

Final Smash Freeze tips:

These characters work better turned around (facing right)

-Donkey Kong
-Captain Falcon
-Wii Fit Trainer

These characters work better crouching:

-Meta Knight

These character work better turned around and crouching:



The basics beginners guide for Bayonetta 1! A new for beginners video each week so please subscribe! If you have any games you want to see done or have any tips for future games please leave a comment.


DISCLAIMER: Some tips are very vague and my personal opinion so please don't take them too seriously.

【Everything to know about Bayonetta】ft.DrUpauli - A SSBU Character Guide / Bayonetta Guide

I've rendered this video three times now and the same problem occurs, but please ignore the blink effect by the theme transitions. Thank you


What's up everyone, It's FrenzyLight here presenting to you, one of my favourite projects yet:
【Everything to know about Bayonetta】Feauturing the one and only DrUpauli.

Bayo is a quite popular character, but a very hard one, so I hope this guide will help you guys out a lot, and in return, it would help me out extremely if you guys liked, subcribed, comment and share this video to all your friends! Thank you, I love you so much.

Bayo Combo Guide:





Tomorrow is Mine (3-in-1 Medley)

[No Copyright Music] Retro 80's Funky Jazz-Hop Instrumental (Copyright Free) Music - Sundance Remix

KSI - Pull Up ft. JME (Official Audio)

LAKEY INSPIRED - Chill Day (Vlog No Copyright Music)



Thank you so much for narrating this video. I've spoken to you personally and you are a very kind and hardworking guy. You do not seem like a person who is after money or fame, but more so after helping out others. That I respect fully. You are by far the best person I have ever worked with, and I really want to make more videos in the future. Thank you so much

Also a big thanks to:
Yami (
and the Bayonetta Discord

INSANE Bayonetta Combos In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Bayonetta - Switch Combos, Combo Points, Bazillions, and the BEST Weapon Sets (Strategies and Tips)

With commentary! Just some random observations and tricks with some of my favourite weapon sets.

Commentary kind of sucks, this was one of my earlier videos but at least the info and gameplay is solid. I go over switch combos later in the video, there's quite a few that you can do but the only really useful one is with the Kilgores.

Bayonetts is FINE | Bayonetta Tips & gameplay (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Sorry I'm trash at Bayo.
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Gameplay starts at: 8:20

Smash Ultimate - Bayonetta Guide (Beginner-Intermediate)

▼▼Clickable time stamps▼▼
0:00 Intro
0:47 3.1.0 Changes
6:52 Maining Bayo
7:58 Moveset Normals
10:45 Moveset Aerials
13:39 Moveset Smashes
16:14 Moveset Specials
21:38 Defensive Options
22:18 Neutral (My Thoughts)
25:40 Future Patch Wishlist
27:00 Outro

If you enjoyed my gameplay don't forget to
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Super Smash Brothers Bros Ultimate Elite Battles Arena Battles
How To Play Tips and Tricks KO Set up Confirm Options Analysis Tutorial Combos

Bayonetta: Pure Platinum Explained

Dissecting the Pure Platinum medal. Covers the three categories (Combo, Time, Damage) in some detail.

Note that this video only covers mechanics/techniques in the original Bayonetta. While a lot of this can be applied to Bayonetta 2, there seems to have been a major combat system overhaul that makes some of the info here incorrect for the sequel. There will probably be a separate series covering the changes in the sequel later on.

I was originally planning to upload this the week before the sequel came out, but then Nintendo had to go and upload a demo! Hopefully the audio levels are better this time ;)

Advanced Bayonetta Guide | Smash 4

Please spread awareness to this video. I am the best Bayo ever.


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kid friendly


This video contains a Bayonetta montage by Lima, from the game series super smash bros ultimate. In this video there are many *godlike* plays from Bayonetta by Lima, all of these moments are then compiled into a video format, know was a montage. This smash ultimate Bayonetta montage, contains footage from the best Bayonetta plays by Lima versus other pro Super smash bros.Ultimate players.


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At 1437 Ultimae. We will be Focusing on Posting Epic Clips/Moments of your favorite Streamers.

The credit of these clips goes to the respected owners. So be sure to support them!

Bayonetta: Dodge Offset Explained (TURN ON SUBTITLES)

As far as I could tell, there was no dodge offset tutorial on youtube. So I made one.

Covers the basics on Dodge Offsetting as well as documenting advanced techniques.

Edit: A lot of this still works in Bayonetta 2, but Taunt Offset, Crow Offset and Accessory Offset has been removed. Regular ol' dodge offset is still the same though. Also, subtitles have been added so you can all stop telling me it's hard to hear what I'm saying.

Bayonetta - Any% Normal, No IFG - 1:41:07 (WR as of 2019-10-12 | No Commentary)

NOTE: there is no commentary on this video, and the game audio's a bit low, I might do post commentary on it in the future.

Alright, finally managed to pull through and get the 1:41. Early game's always a hurdle for me, but I managed to get some time back on some of the boss fights. Shoutouts to Jubileus as well, for giving me one of her better RNG patterns.

Are you interested in speedrunning bayonetta 1 or 2, or do you have questions about it, join the speedrunning discord:

Rules of the run are:

Timer starts when you select normal, timer ends on the last hit on the beloved during the credits.
Flutes are allowed, however making use of the infinite flute glitch is not. (Using a flute in the menu while having it equipped in a slot, with another item in another slot, causing it to consume either; no item, or one of the items in another slot).

Smash Ultimate Bayonetta Combos

#Bayonetta #SSBU_Bayonetta A week one combo showcase of Bayonetta. These combos will most likely get optimized in the future.

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How To ALWAYS Get Out Of Bayonetta's Combos!



After watching this video you will have NO EXCUSE anymore for dying from Bayonetta's Witch Twist combos!

How To Beat Bayo:
Tweek SDI:
Esam SDI:


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Smash 4 Frame Data (and more):

How To Bayonetta - Smash 4 - Informative And Combo Guide / Tips / First Look

In this video I go over How To Play Bayonetta in Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS Edition. I hope you learned something from the video and if you enjoyed then make sure to leave a like and comment down below anything you learned.

Smash that like button to tell me you want more videos like this and click subscribe to enjoy future content free of charge! Thanks for your time and ill be seeing you next time!


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This video is part of the smash discussion series in which I go over any and all of my personal opinions for the games Super Smash Brothers 4, Super Smash Brothers Wii U, Super Smash Brothers 3ds, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Super Smash Brothers Melee, and any other game franchise that I would like to add my personal opinion to. I hope to share my looks on these things and maybe inform or help you with the question at hand. In these videos i could cover things about top 5 top 10, how to learn and become educated from an online guide or tutorial and just how to improve in the game overall. Many of these are opinion based so if you have a conflicting opinion make sure to leave it in the comment section below with why you do not agree with what I said. A lot of times I will go over topics people like ZeRo, Nairo, Mr R, M2k, DkWill, Omni, Shofu, Or anyone else has said to elaborate and create somewhat of a discussion. Hopefully these videos teach you how to do something or just how to get better at what is said within the content. Thank you and see you next time :D



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