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10 best tips for playing Bayonetta


Smash Ultimate Bayonetta Combos

#Bayonetta #SSBU_Bayonetta A week one combo showcase of Bayonetta. These combos will most likely get optimized in the future.

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Super Smash Brothers - Bayonetta Starter Guide - Combo and Move Breakdown

This is a guide aimed at getting players familiar with Bayonetta's kit and what she can do in Super Smash Brothers, in addition to providing some entry level combos for players to get down.

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Bayonetts is FINE | Bayonetta Tips & gameplay (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Sorry I'm trash at Bayo.
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Gameplay starts at: 8:20

Dive After Burner Kick Combo Tutorial [Advanced] | Bayonetta SSBU

Learn how to do impressive combos with Dive After Burner Kick in this Tutorial

Versión en español

Dive After Burner Kick Combo Tutorial [Avanzado] (Español) | Bayonetta SSBU

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Bayonetta SSBU:


Bayonetta OST - Mysterious Destiny PROTOTYPE

Bayonetta - OST - The Gates of Hell

Moon River instrumental version - Bayonetta 2

INSANE BAYONETTA PLAYS! (Smash Ultimate Memetage)

Back at it again with some Cereza gameplay, this time with more memes and (somewhat) better editing!

[I do not own anything except for the clips I've recorded in game. All rights and licenses go to their respective owners]

Music used in the video:

Cruel Angel's Thesis (Eurobeat Mix) - Odyssey Eurobeat

Fairy Tail Opening 3 - F.T 8-bit NES Remix

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:Golden Wind OST: ~Giorno's Theme~ Il vento d'oro (Main Theme)

Outro: TWICE - What Is Love? (JUSEVA! & Oddcube Remix)

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Thanks for watching!

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How to play kamui/corrin (Tips and tricks)

I don't have much on this new fighter, but what I have might just help you get better as kamui

How To ALWAYS Get Out Of Bayonetta's Combos!



After watching this video you will have NO EXCUSE anymore for dying from Bayonetta's Witch Twist combos!

How To Beat Bayo:
Tweek SDI:
Esam SDI:


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Smash 4 Frame Data (and more):

Is this neutral? [Ultimate Bayonetta Gameplay]

Just your average day on Elite Smash, right?

We Need To Talk About Bayonetta In Ultimate

I made this video a little while ago, was hesitant to upload it. And funny enough things have actually gotten worse than at the time of recording this, all of the recent patches seem to be buffing zoners and campers which is a playstyle I despise and have never enjoyed playing myself, or against.

Another thing that is really dislike is the fact that mashing seems to be heavily rewarded in this game, and I have been playing since Brawl and have never had to mash to win, but this game's mechanics say otherwise. Goes without saying that I am NOT a masher, my controllers appreciate that and last a long while.

Couple all of this camping & mashing with a little something called online lag and you've got the spiciest recipe for disaster. I don't want to sound like an old man but the way the meta game is evolving is not fitting my playstyle and I am finding it hard to keep up, probably because I only have a few hours to play in a whole week. But then again I am starting to get close to hitting 30 so maybe my fingers and reaction time is just finally giving in.

I have invested so much time into Bayo, trying to make her work, waiting for any more patches to fix her issues, that now it is too late into the game's lifespan and I am actually struggling to pick up any new character because Bayo is so ingrained into my gameplay.

I have been taking souls with ZSS ever since Brawl, so you would think 10+ years experience with a character would yield some extraordinary results, but that flame has died too, I am finding myself losing to some players/characters that I would never ever lose to when the game first came out.

I don't think I will flat out quit right now, I will probably still play here & there, and mess around. But one thing is for sure, the competitive fire that was burning in me since 08 Brawl has died out. I no longer care about GSP numbers, about winning, or losing.

I really hope the dev team comes out with amazing patches in the future that favors approaching and offense, instead of favoring defense and camping. But until then, this is currently my least liked Smash game as it stands with these patch updates. Brawl even with its tripping and lack of true combos is likely still my favorite because the better player usually won, and not the one mashing the most buttons per hour, or the one cheesing out the opponent (Unless you were playing Meta Knight, shame on you).


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Super Smash Brothers Bros Ultimate Elite Battles Arena Battles

Bayonetta causing Smash 4 players to suffer for 10 minutes

This is not meant to be Bayonetta hate propaganda. There are many silly things in Smash 4 that are not Bayonetta. This video is for those who enjoy watching the suffering of others.
All clips are postpatch Bayo.

How To Bayonetta - Smash 4 - Informative And Combo Guide / Tips / First Look

In this video I go over How To Play Bayonetta in Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS Edition. I hope you learned something from the video and if you enjoyed then make sure to leave a like and comment down below anything you learned.

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This video is part of the smash discussion series in which I go over any and all of my personal opinions for the games Super Smash Brothers 4, Super Smash Brothers Wii U, Super Smash Brothers 3ds, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Super Smash Brothers Melee, and any other game franchise that I would like to add my personal opinion to. I hope to share my looks on these things and maybe inform or help you with the question at hand. In these videos i could cover things about top 5 top 10, how to learn and become educated from an online guide or tutorial and just how to improve in the game overall. Many of these are opinion based so if you have a conflicting opinion make sure to leave it in the comment section below with why you do not agree with what I said. A lot of times I will go over topics people like ZeRo, Nairo, Mr R, M2k, DkWill, Omni, Shofu, Or anyone else has said to elaborate and create somewhat of a discussion. Hopefully these videos teach you how to do something or just how to get better at what is said within the content. Thank you and see you next time :D

The ULTIMATE Bayonetta combo SSBU

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Bayonetta Combos & Tricks! (Smash Wii U/3DS)

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My aerial combo variations:

No DI: 0-60%
dtilt - fair 1 - side b - upb - fair 1 - dj side b - upb - 3 fairs (53%)

DI towards: 0-5%
dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - upb - dj side b - upb (death)

DI away: 0 - 30%
dtilt - fair 1 - side b - upb - dj side b - upb (death)

DI down away: 0-5%
dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - fair 1 - side b - upb - dj upb (death)

If DI away:
Dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - fair 1 - upb - dj upb - 3 jabs (43%)

DI towards or down:
dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - down abk - upb - dj upb (death)

DI down and away:
dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - down abk - fair 1 - upb - dj upb - 3 fairs

No DI:
dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - fair 1 - side b - upb - dj upb

DI Away: 0-20%
Dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - fair 1 - side b - upb - dj upb (death)

NO DI/DI towards: 0-20%
dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - side b - up b - dj fair 1 - upb (death)

DI down away: 0-40%
dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - down abk - fair 1 - upb - dj upb (death)

DI away: 0-20%
dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - fair 1 - upb - dj side b - upb - 3 fairs (death)
DI away: 30 - 40%
dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - side b - upb - dj upb (death)

No DI/DI towards:
dtilt - fair 1 - down abk - down abk - fair 1 - upb - dj upb (death)

DI down away:
dtilt - fair 1 - upb - side b - upb - 3 fairs (43%)


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Bayonetta was THE DEMON of Smash 4. Everyone played her, and everyone feared her. She was thankfully nerfed into the ground in Ultimate, so much so that she was even buffed a tiny bit in a recent patch. However... Bayo may not be as bad as people think. We're going to look into what could be keeping this character alive.

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The ULTIMATE Bayonetta Combo Guide (Zero To Death Combo On Every Character)【SSBU】

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Bayonetta guide P1 SSBU

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INSANE Bayonetta Combos In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Smash Ultimate - Bayonetta Guide (Beginner-Intermediate)

▼▼Clickable time stamps▼▼
0:00 Intro
0:47 3.1.0 Changes
6:52 Maining Bayo
7:58 Moveset Normals
10:45 Moveset Aerials
13:39 Moveset Smashes
16:14 Moveset Specials
21:38 Defensive Options
22:18 Neutral (My Thoughts)
25:40 Future Patch Wishlist
27:00 Outro

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Super Smash Brothers Bros Ultimate Elite Battles Arena Battles
How To Play Tips and Tricks KO Set up Confirm Options Analysis Tutorial Combos

Bayonetta Smash Bros Ultimate: How to play Bayonetta | Bayonetta Combos Guide | Smash Ultimate

Bayonetta in Smash Bros Ultimate got a lot of combos. This video serves as a Bayonetta combo guide in Smash Ultimate to help people master how to play Bayonetta.

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Special thanks to VGBootCamp for allowing me to use the clips.
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How To Play Bayonetta In Smash Ultimate

A complete breakdown and guide for how to play Bayonetta in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This is a WEEKLY series, so let me know in the comments below which character you want to see next week. Subscribe if you're new!

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