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10 best tips for playing Blaster Master Zero



Hey everyone for this review I take on Blaster Master Zero for the Nintendo Switch. This is basically a updated remake of the original classic Blaster Master on the NES with updating visuals and plenty of new addtions to make it a almost brand new experience. Its also on the Nintendo 3DS.

I did receive this game from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

My reviews are 100% unbiased and I will never do one unless I am confident enough to do so. I use a scale of 1 - 10 with 5 being a average game. Many professional reviewers use 7 as a average game which I find is more of a trick to convince you the consumer that a game is better then it really is.

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Blaster Master Zero Any% in 1:03:04

Sorry for the many videos of this Speedrun, but every time i get a new time, i upload this. Dont expect a new Video soon, its very difficult to get better time, besides of luck now.

Blaster Master Zero 2 - Full Playthrough

By the time I realized I wasn't feeling the game, I had already gone through it for footage so I played it over the span of a few nights, checkpoint to checkpoint. I had a few intentional deaths, and one unintentional death in the final area.

Blaster Master Zero: Unlimited Mode speedrun in 8:26

Starts when you gain control of the tank.
When the light coloured bar of M.Overlord goes away.

The run itself is decent and can be improved by a few seconds but the real challenge is to get a cleaner run and vital RNG against the final boss along with it because, if you don't get the luck required, the time you've saved before the fight will be all for nothing.

Area notes:

Area 1:
Fairly straight forward, a few minor hiccups in 2 of the tall rooms. Didn't get the big cyan special bar (worth 4 bars) drop against the wall enemy.

Area 2:
Easier to optimise than Area 1, I use up some dashes to kill the green critters and hopefully get good item drops.

Area 3:
This room is unique because none of the enemies in this area are actual threats and so item drop RNG isn't a thing. Using a Spark Dash allows Sophia to dash underneath the falling pillars unharmed.

Area 7:
Using a Joy-con instead of a Switch Pro Controller has a nice advantage as I can mash the UP button as Jason slowly crawls inside a crawlspace. I used the cannon to quickly destroy any extra bugs from the security lights without wasting time and then before entering the dungeon, I select crusher as it deals reasonable damage against Skeleton Boss (5 hits overall to kill by using 4 shots and a dash). Inside the dungeon, I select Turret to lure the security guard enemies and ignore Jason completely.

Area 8:
This area is the least consistent part because item drops can make a difference in the last set of rooms. After dashing across mini spike pits, I select cannon to destroy any blocks below the player and a bunch of enemies underwater. After the underwater section, I select laser to destroy a bunch of blocks quickly in the last room before the dungeon entrance, Spark Dash through the spikes and enter the last dungeon.

One major flaw this game has (as of V1.1) is that if you dash and successfully eject as soon as possible, the game crashes. Inti Creates is aware of this and will be fixed in a future patch (probably on the same day Gunvolt DLC is available).

The last dungeon is a labyrinth and the fastest route is left door 3 times and then right door. This skips any sequences where the doors are locked and the player has to destroy any enemy in sight.

Underworld Lord:
Using Striker deals decent damage per second at close range, stronger than wave gun. A Turret is used to attract the lightning beam.

Multidimensional Overlord:
This fight decides whether or not the entire run is a success or a failure, I had a lot of good runs died due to average or terrible RNG.
The boss can change colour that not only it changes its main attacking move but also defensive weakness/resistances as well.

Here is the order of forms from best RNG to worst.

Best form:
Brownish-Orange: This form turns out to be the best as it takes more damage from Striker than any other form and it can flinch from the weapon as well, you can see the HP bar suddenly jump to 0% with good mashing skills. This form's move is unleashing a small shockwave around the boss itself, it disappears and then re-appears based on the player's location. This form gets stunned for a few seconds after taking a hit from a Striker

Acceptable forms:
Blue: This form can take damage from Striker and can get flinched from it too but, it will require a few more hits than Brownish-orange mode. Blue mode's move is laying glowing mines which will explode in 8 directions. This is the only form that will drop power-ups after destroying a mine. This form gets stunned for a few seconds after taking a hit from a Striker

Red: This form can take damage from Striker but cannot get flinched from it. Red mode's move is using homing underground spikes that will hit the player if they stop moving for a brief second. This form gets stunned for a few seconds after taking a hit from a Penetrator

Worst form:
Green: This form is immune to Striker, if this happens during your serious run, you can kiss your PB goodbye. Green mode's attack is summoning 4 rocks, 1 starting at each corner, they go around the perimeter of the stage, increasing in size. This form gets stunned for a few seconds after taking a hit from a Flame

Possible improvements:

Area 1:
Better optimisation and item drop RNG

Area 2:
None (but more dashes if I got vital item drop in Area 1)

Area 3:

Area 7:
Use dash a few more times in some of the long straights.

Area 8:
Optimisation can be improved before the dungeon segment but the tough part is to get the same decent RNG against Multidimensional Overlord. Also playing a later version that has the Spark Dash eject bug fixed should enable me to save a few extra frames before entering the dungeon.

Sunday Longplay - Blaster Master Zero 2 (Switch) - 100%, True Ending

This week on Sunday Longplay, it's a brand-new indie game announced (and released) during last Wednesday's Nindies Showcase, and an even better sequel to one of my favorite indie games from the Switch's first year. Welcome to Blaster Master Zero 2! While the first game was more or less a remake of the original Blaster Master on NES (which is also available as one of the NES games for the Switch Online service), this game expands upon the formula and the lore and runs with it.

At the end of the first game, Jason Frudnick's tank Sophia III was possessed by the Mutant Core, with his support droid Eve trapped inside during the process. Jason stopped the core's infection by pulling Eve out of Sophia III and then destroying it with his new model, Sophia Zero.

However, Eve still feels the effects of the mutant infection in her body, and now Jason journeys across the solar system to Eve's home planet Sophia to find a cure. Unfortunately, he can't take Sophia Zero because despite its power, it is still a flawed prototype. So he creates a new tank named Gaia-Sophia, with a new system that restores its energy through hard landings.

On top of the new energy restoration system, this game also introduces a new counter mechanic for the overhead sections. When an enemy gets ready to fire, you may see a crosshair locked on them. Hit the counter button, and Jason will unleash a new move to strike first. Along the way, you'll also meet (and fight) other Metal Attacker tanks and their pilots. After you beat them and complete their main quests, they'll also give you a sidequest on a different planet. You're going to want to complete those if you want the true ending, because like the first game, you need everything in order to access the true final area, otherwise you get a premature bad ending.

This game definitely pulls fewer punches than its predecessor, but it's still not quite as hard as the first game's Destroyer Mode. But who knows, maybe Blaster Master Zero 2 will get its own Destroyer Mode later on. If you liked the first game, definitely pick this up!

0:08 - Intro Story
2:56 - Planet Flosante
7:05 - Flosante Cave 1
7:46 - Map A
9:22 - Flosante Cave 2
9:49 - Mutant Horde
11:30 - A-1 Coordinates
13:06 - Flosante Cave 3
15:50 - Mockrantula Boss Fight!
17:29 - Hover
19:25 - Flosante Cave 4
21:21 - Mine Mite Miniboss Fight
23:21 - Proximity Mine
24:31 - Life Up #1
25:24 - Planetoid A-1
25:42 - A-3 Coordinates
25:52 - Hexa Biby Miniboss Fight
26:51 - Hexa Missiles
27:29 - Planetoid A-3
27:59 - D-1 Coordinates
28:40 - B-4 Coordinates
29:31 - Entering Area B, Cutscene
30:13 - Planetoid B-4
30:57 - Impact Wave
31:42 - Planet Montoj
34:05 - Montoj Cave 1
36:35 - Gonbei Rival Fight!
41:02 - Shift-Up Attacker
42:25 - Montoj Cave 2
45:12 - Map B
45:36 - B-1 Coordinates
46:02 - Gonbei's Refuge
47:33 - Recoil Jump
48:57 - B-3 Coordinates
51:57 - Montoj Cave 3
56:47 - C-1 Coordinates
57:25 - Zavira Miniboss Fight!
58:38 - Access Key 1
59:37 - Gathervira Boss Fight!
1:10:33 - Gonbei's Sidequest
1:18:15 - Kuebiko Emblem
1:19:40 - Planetoid B-1
1:19:57 - Flash Sphere
1:20:22 - Planetoid B-3
1:22:01 - Energy Guard
1:22:19 - Entering Area C, Cutscene
1:23:04 - Planetoid C-1
1:23:36 - Auto-Cluster
1:23:53 - Mutant Horde
1:24:23 - C-3 Coordinates
1:25:05 - Planetoid C-3
1:25:15 - Mutant Horde
1:25:56 - Mighty Mine Mite Miniboss Fight!
1:27:05 - Torch Bomb
1:27:17 - Ship L-229
1:30:20 - L-229 Cave 1
1:31:05 - Map C
1:34:21 - Access Key 2
1:37:02 - L-229 Cave 2
1:37:27 - Unknown Cell-046 Miniboss Fight!
1:39:05 - Burn Spark
1:41:58 - L-229 Cave 3
1:43:33 - C-2 Coordinates
1:45:50 - Defend Them All Boss Fight!
1:47:58 - Access Key 3
1:51:19 - Planetoid C-2
1:52:26 - Life Up #2
1:54:06 - Entering Area D, Ambush Cutscene
1:54:37 - Garuda Rival Fight!
1:57:13 - G-1 Coordinates
1:58:04 - Planetoid D-1
1:58:16 - Octa Biby Miniboss Fight!
(continued in comments)
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Blaster Master Zero 2, Good Ending in 1:12:46 by davidtki

Finally got Good Ending into the 1:12 range.

Blaster Master Zero (Switch) - Bonus Episode 3: Destroyer Mode 100% Longplay

With both of the DLC characters finished, it is now time to tackle the new ultimate challenge: Destroyer Mode! One common complaint about this game was the easy difficulty (especially when compared to the original NES game), so Sunsoft and Inti Creates gave the hardcore players what they wanted in a big way! The differences between normal mode and Destroyer Mode are as follows:
-Key items are rearranged into different spots (i.e. you don't get the homing missiles until area 5 instead of area 2, and you don't get the cannon blast until area 8 instead of area 6)
-Life Ups only refill your life meter instead of extending it, keeping you at a maximum of 8 bars of life for the whole game.
-Similarly, the Energy Guard power-up only refills your gun power, and the guard is otherwise useless.
-All enemies take more hits to kill, the ones in the overworld shoot bullets at you upon death, and the ones in the caves can shoot through walls and are only vulnerable to specific weapons.

Yeah...good luck.

Table of Contents:
0:22 - 1. Area 1
1:59 - 1A. Area 1 Map
5:08 - 1B. Cave of Thousand Vios
10:35 - 1C. Cave of Mother Brain
16:40 - 1D. Area 1 Life Up
17:06 - 1E. Cave of Drap Trappers
23:24 - 2. Area 2
24:17 - 2A. Area 2 Map
27:38 - 2B. Cave of Biby Legion
31:49 - 2C. Cave of Crabularva
37:12 - 2D. Cave of Crabullus
47:50 - 3. Area 3
50:55 - 3A. Cave of Obliteration Lasers
54:27 - 3B. Area 3 Map
58:27 - 3C. Area 3 Life Up
58:44 - 3D. Central Gear Boss Fight
1:03:02 - 3E. Cave of Photophage
1:08:58 - 4. Area 2 Revisited
1:09:46 - 4A. Energy Guard Upgrade (Useless for Destroyer Mode)
1:11:56 - 4B. Area 2 Life Up
1:13:37 - 5. Area 1 Revisited
1:15:32 - 6. Area 4
1:20:27 - 6A. Area 4 Map
1:28:43 - 6B. Area 4 Life Up
1:31:39 - 6C. Cave of Spark Salamander
1:36:50 - 6D. Ribbiroll Boss Fight
1:43:03 - 6E. Cave of Tadroll's Snack Time
1:49:40 - 7. Area 5
1:50:46 - 7A. Area 5 Map
1:52:36 - 7B. Cave of Ambush Room
1:58:47 - 7C. Cave of Hard Shell
2:01:58 - 7D. Area 5 Life Up
2:03:44 - 7E. Hard Shell Boss Fight
2:07:52 - 7F. Cave of Gurnahide
2:13:28 - 8. Area 6
2:15:24 - 8A. Area 6 Map
2:22:35 - 8B. Cave of Peeper's Den
2:28:31 - 8C. Cave of Remote Blaster
2:38:00 - 8D. Cave of Ancient Freeze
2:52:32 - 8E. Area 6 Life Up
2:58:21 - 9. Area 5 Revisited
2:59:44 - 10. Area 4 Revisited
3:00:47 - 11. Area 1 Re-revisited
3:02:56 - 12. Area 2 Re-revisited
3:04:09 - 13. Area 3 Revisited
3:05:17 - 14. Area 7
3:12:37 - 14A. Area 7 Map
3:17:00 - 14B. Cave of S-1000 Generator
3:20:48 - 14C. Cave of Venom Master
3:27:54 - 14D. Cave to Skeleton Boss
3:29:33 - 14E. Skeleton Boss Fight
3:33:44 - 15. Area 8
3:38:14 - 15A. Area 8 Map
3:43:59 - 15B. Cave of Cell Rejection
3:49:07 - 15C. Cave of Antibody Cell
3:55:28 - 15D. Cave of the Mutant Lord
3:56:58 - 15E. Underworld Lord Boss Fight
3:58:47 - 15F. Multidimensional Overlord Final Boss Fight
4:00:49 - 16. Cutscene
4:04:13 - 17. Area 9
4:07:13 - 17A. Boss Rush 1 (Crabullus, Antibody Cell, Venom Master)
4:18:09 - 17B. Boss Rush 2 (Mother Brain, 2 Mother Brains, Area 9 Map)
4:22:19 - 17C. Boss Rush 3 (Drap Trappers, Photophage, Ancient Freeze)
4:33:32 - 17D. Boss Rush 4 (Hard Shell, Crabularva, Spark Salamander)
4:43:48 - 17E. Invem Sophia Escape Sequence
4:46:28 - 17F. Invem Sophia True Final Boss Fight
4:48:25 - 18. True Ending
4:51:47 - 19. Credits
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Blaster Master Zero 2, Good Ending in 1:13:02 by davidtki

That thing with the key after defeating Defend Them All was really weird.

Twitch VOD:

14 Minutes of Blaster Master Zero Gameplay on Switch!

We had the opportunity to play Blaster Master Zero on Switch at the Nindies Event! Check out how Inti Creates updated this NES classic!

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Blaster Master Zero 2, Good Ending (Current Patch) in 1:19:07 by davidtki

No idea how this PB happened. I chose to run this game this night because I was tired and just kinda wanted to get through a run, and I was somehow 40 seconds behind PB after Stranga despite my old PB having a death in it somewhere. Oh well, PB.

Game Scoop! Plays Blaster Master Zero

Watch Daemon and Brian get retro on this new Nintendo Switch game. The stream begins at 2pm PT.

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Blaster Master Zero 2 (Switch) Review

Quite simply, I had a ton of fun playing through Blaster Master Zero 2. It was pretty much exactly what I wanted in a sequel to a beloved game franchise of mine. The game progresses through and uncovers new abilities at a swift and balanced pace. The weapons are super fun to discover and mess with, and the very nature of what makes Blaster Master gameplay so excellent has never shone so bright and wonderful. If you love great retro games, you won’t want to miss out on Blaster Master Zero 2. - Perry Burkum

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Blaster Master Zero 2 Part 1 - Area A & Planet Flosante

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Blaster Master Zero 2
Part 1 - Area A & Planet Flosante

Before you guys say anything, yeah… I saw the Nindies Showcase and it was great. There were so many different games announced that my Switch is going to be filled with them. Some games that are going to be covered here are Cuphead and Katana Zero. This is going to be good.

So yeah, the game just came out TODAY and for only $10, how can you go wrong? Two years ago I did a playthrough of Blaster Master Zero and it was a lot of fun. Not only that but it was also one of the more viewed playthroughs I did in 2017. Now that the sequel is here, why the hell not! Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to my playthrough of Blaster Master Zero 2!

Blaster Master Zero 2 takes place a few weeks after the events of the first game. A mutant virus has infected Eve and it’s slowly corrupting her. Now, Jason along with his pet frog Fred and his partner Eve must travel to the home planet of Sophia so that Eve can be cured. They do so by the means of a brand new ride, the G-SOPHIA! In the first game, we explored all over Earth. Now we go beyond Earth. We’re traveling through various planets to acquire new abilities and materials so we can upgrade the G-SOPHIA and hopefully be able to reach our destination.

Up first is Planet Flosante. It’s the first planet we travel and it’s here we get used to the game and how everything works. Starting off, we find that we can recharge SP if we land via heavy fall. Also once we waste all the SP, it fills back over time so no worries. As for Jason, he gets some new toys and tricks as well. One being a powered up shot that happens when you dodge. When that happens, you can fire a powered up shot that can stun it and then follow it up with multiple attacks. It’s so good and it adds a whole new level of strategy for this game. I’m not kidding. It’s just that good.

You’ll see it all transpire and in addition, we travel to other planetoids to find locations where we can find new weapons, power-ups, etc. It’s bigger than the first game. A lot bigger.

We’ll head to Area B in Part 2 and meet another human who’s more than willing to help us out.

#bmz2 #blastermasterzero2

* * *

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Blaster Master Zero 2, Good Ending in 1:11:48 by davidtki

This is the first run I've been happy with in a while. So a lot of things went right:

* Garuda cooperated both times.
* Digrawler cooperated both times.
* Planade was okay. Not the best but not bad either.
* Didn't drop the seeker against Gathervira.
* Didn't die in Divido.
* Actually kept the wide beam for the entirety of dungeon boss rush.

Of course not everything went right:

* Missed the arm thing in L-229.
* Whoops an extra cycle against Drolrevo (that drop placement was really weird).
* I did take Capell rather slow and safe - he's been messing with me lately.
* Took an extra retry in Andreia.

I'm pretty happy to finally have this down in the 1:11 range. 1:10 is definitely possible but going to require a lot more time and energy than I think I have for this game right now.

Blaster Master Zero Retrospective & Review - Rebirthing a NES Classic from Zero

As we fast approach the end of the Jason saga with the final piece to the Blaster Master Zero trilogy on the way, we are starting over from zero to take a look back at SunSoft's original Famicom and NES releases, and how Inti Creates rebooted the Blaster Master series for a new era. Whether you are already a master of blasting or have just taken up the blaster rifle for the first time - enjoy this love letter to the series as we begin the BMZ retrospectives!
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0:00 - Intro
0:08 - The Mission to Revive Blaster Master
2:20 - Blaster Master Zero Reveal
3:19 - Introduction
5:01 - Story of the MetaFight
6:29 - Story of the Blaster Master
8:45 - Comparing the originals
9:57 - Worlds of Power
12:01 - Rebooting the Story from Zero
14:51 - Gameplay
17:36 - Presentation
19:03 - More Quality of Life Improvements
20:28 - Top-Down Action
23:10 - Difficulty
25:38 - Fleshing out the Map
30:13 - Level Differences
31:09 - Fun Observations
32:44 - Mutant Bosses
36:16 - Nintendo 3DS Version
37:34 - Making Blaster Master Good Again
38:43 - Extra Content
38:54 - Unlimited Mode
39:17 - Destroyer Mode
41:05 - EX Characters
43:18 - Boss Blaster Mode
44:05 - Assist Mode
44:25 - Blaster Battle Mode
46:21 - The Verdict
47:57 - Spoiler Section
1:04:10 - Outro

Blaster Master Zero: Destroyer Mode: Area 8 endgame bosses and Area 9 deathless!

Area 8's endgame bosses
Underworld Lord and Multidimensional Overlord
Area 9's
3 boss rush dungeons and Invem Sophia.
Note: 1 of the boss rush dungeons is ignored because it only rewards the player a map, not a key.

I wanted to challenge myself and see if I can complete Area 9 without dying by playing a higher difficulty setting: Destroyer Mode.

Side view: Every enemy has a death projectile after getting destroyed. There are no big HP pickups and no health expansions (they are recoloured to grey and picking them up fills the player's HP to max, still required to unlock Area 9).

Top-down view: Regular enemies are now immune to some of the best weapons in the game. The orb shaped robots, for example, are only vulnerable to explosives. There are only small size pickups for Gun, Health and Secondary ammo. There's only 1 boss in the entire game that is vulnerable to Wave shot.
The boss rush rooms can be 'segmented' by leaving the dungeon after defeating one boss so that when you re-enter and somehow die, you don't have to refight any of the previous bosses you've beaten.

Blaster Master Zero (Nintendo Switch) Review | 8-Bit Eric

8-Bit Eric reviews Blaster Master Zero for the Nintendo Switch. For the most part, the charm and gameplay of the NES classic is still here, the game has a fresh coat of paint, and there are a couple new layouts of particular areas, however, this game stays faithful to the original.

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Kevin MacLeod


All images, music and footage licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Blaster Master Zero // All Bosses

00:00 Mother Brain
01:24 Crabularva
02:48 Crabullus
04:00 Central Gear
05:59 Ribbiroll
07:10 Hard Shell
09:28 Ancient Freeze
11:50 Drap Trappers
12:47 Spark Salamander
13:38 Gurnahide
14:19 Photophage
15:28 Remote Blaster
16:10 Venom Master
17:03 Skeleton Boss
18:39 Antibody Cell
19:27 Underworld Lord
20:42 Multidimensional Overlord
22:10 Invem Sophia

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Top 10 Blaster Master Bosses (Blaster Master Series)

After finishing the entire Blaster Master series, here are our choices for the Top 10 best bosses in the Blaster Master Series!




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Blaster Master Zero Gameplay | Switch 3DS PS4 XboxOne

Gameplay for Blaster Master Zero on Switch (shown here), 3DS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Back in 1988, a phenomenal Metroidvania game released for NES. Now, gamers can enjoy Blaster Master in an updated iteration that's much more accessible than the original. So, let's chase that frog and see how Jason's holding up almost 30 years later. Full review -

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