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10 best tips for playing Blaster Master Zero


Future Nintendo Switch HIDDEN GEM? | Blaster Master Zero

Nintendo Switch Hidden Gem One Day? Blaster Master Zero is an incredibly fun eshop game that will only cost you $10 but will give you quite a few hours of fun. If you are wondering what to buy once you finish Zelda Breath Of The Wild, I have your answer. Blaster Master Zero! ---- Like/Comment/Subscribe/Share ----


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Blaster Master Zero Remade in Super Mario Maker (W/ Comparison)

A new remix, and this time, it's from Blaster Master Zero! Enjoy!

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Hey everyone for this review I take on Blaster Master Zero for the Nintendo Switch. This is basically a updated remake of the original classic Blaster Master on the NES with updating visuals and plenty of new addtions to make it a almost brand new experience. Its also on the Nintendo 3DS.

I did receive this game from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

My reviews are 100% unbiased and I will never do one unless I am confident enough to do so. I use a scale of 1 - 10 with 5 being a average game. Many professional reviewers use 7 as a average game which I find is more of a trick to convince you the consumer that a game is better then it really is.

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Blaster Master Zero tricks against Underworld Lord and Multidimensional Overlord

Feels like 2007 with these kinds of videos.
Turns out that gun level 10 isn't necessary against these 2 bosses. Spamming Striker shots at point blank range is really good.

Sunday Longplay - Blaster Master Zero 2 (Switch) - 100%, True Ending

This week on Sunday Longplay, it's a brand-new indie game announced (and released) during last Wednesday's Nindies Showcase, and an even better sequel to one of my favorite indie games from the Switch's first year. Welcome to Blaster Master Zero 2! While the first game was more or less a remake of the original Blaster Master on NES (which is also available as one of the NES games for the Switch Online service), this game expands upon the formula and the lore and runs with it.

At the end of the first game, Jason Frudnick's tank Sophia III was possessed by the Mutant Core, with his support droid Eve trapped inside during the process. Jason stopped the core's infection by pulling Eve out of Sophia III and then destroying it with his new model, Sophia Zero.

However, Eve still feels the effects of the mutant infection in her body, and now Jason journeys across the solar system to Eve's home planet Sophia to find a cure. Unfortunately, he can't take Sophia Zero because despite its power, it is still a flawed prototype. So he creates a new tank named Gaia-Sophia, with a new system that restores its energy through hard landings.

On top of the new energy restoration system, this game also introduces a new counter mechanic for the overhead sections. When an enemy gets ready to fire, you may see a crosshair locked on them. Hit the counter button, and Jason will unleash a new move to strike first. Along the way, you'll also meet (and fight) other Metal Attacker tanks and their pilots. After you beat them and complete their main quests, they'll also give you a sidequest on a different planet. You're going to want to complete those if you want the true ending, because like the first game, you need everything in order to access the true final area, otherwise you get a premature bad ending.

This game definitely pulls fewer punches than its predecessor, but it's still not quite as hard as the first game's Destroyer Mode. But who knows, maybe Blaster Master Zero 2 will get its own Destroyer Mode later on. If you liked the first game, definitely pick this up!

0:08 - Intro Story
2:56 - Planet Flosante
7:05 - Flosante Cave 1
7:46 - Map A
9:22 - Flosante Cave 2
9:49 - Mutant Horde
11:30 - A-1 Coordinates
13:06 - Flosante Cave 3
15:50 - Mockrantula Boss Fight!
17:29 - Hover
19:25 - Flosante Cave 4
21:21 - Mine Mite Miniboss Fight
23:21 - Proximity Mine
24:31 - Life Up #1
25:24 - Planetoid A-1
25:42 - A-3 Coordinates
25:52 - Hexa Biby Miniboss Fight
26:51 - Hexa Missiles
27:29 - Planetoid A-3
27:59 - D-1 Coordinates
28:40 - B-4 Coordinates
29:31 - Entering Area B, Cutscene
30:13 - Planetoid B-4
30:57 - Impact Wave
31:42 - Planet Montoj
34:05 - Montoj Cave 1
36:35 - Gonbei Rival Fight!
41:02 - Shift-Up Attacker
42:25 - Montoj Cave 2
45:12 - Map B
45:36 - B-1 Coordinates
46:02 - Gonbei's Refuge
47:33 - Recoil Jump
48:57 - B-3 Coordinates
51:57 - Montoj Cave 3
56:47 - C-1 Coordinates
57:25 - Zavira Miniboss Fight!
58:38 - Access Key 1
59:37 - Gathervira Boss Fight!
1:10:33 - Gonbei's Sidequest
1:18:15 - Kuebiko Emblem
1:19:40 - Planetoid B-1
1:19:57 - Flash Sphere
1:20:22 - Planetoid B-3
1:22:01 - Energy Guard
1:22:19 - Entering Area C, Cutscene
1:23:04 - Planetoid C-1
1:23:36 - Auto-Cluster
1:23:53 - Mutant Horde
1:24:23 - C-3 Coordinates
1:25:05 - Planetoid C-3
1:25:15 - Mutant Horde
1:25:56 - Mighty Mine Mite Miniboss Fight!
1:27:05 - Torch Bomb
1:27:17 - Ship L-229
1:30:20 - L-229 Cave 1
1:31:05 - Map C
1:34:21 - Access Key 2
1:37:02 - L-229 Cave 2
1:37:27 - Unknown Cell-046 Miniboss Fight!
1:39:05 - Burn Spark
1:41:58 - L-229 Cave 3
1:43:33 - C-2 Coordinates
1:45:50 - Defend Them All Boss Fight!
1:47:58 - Access Key 3
1:51:19 - Planetoid C-2
1:52:26 - Life Up #2
1:54:06 - Entering Area D, Ambush Cutscene
1:54:37 - Garuda Rival Fight!
1:57:13 - G-1 Coordinates
1:58:04 - Planetoid D-1
1:58:16 - Octa Biby Miniboss Fight!
(continued in comments)
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Nintendo Switch Goes Retro - Blaster Master Zero Review | RGT 85

The Nintendo Switch looks to be a bastion for retro gamers, and Blaster Master Zero is primed to be an excellent title. So is Blaster Master Zero on the Nintendo Switch worth checking out? Find out in this Blaster Master Zero Review!

Twitter: @ShawnLong85

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Blaster Master Zero 100% in 1:58:04

Could still be better, failed by second ancient freeze to zero cycle him.

Blaster Master Zero 2 (Switch) Review

Quite simply, I had a ton of fun playing through Blaster Master Zero 2. It was pretty much exactly what I wanted in a sequel to a beloved game franchise of mine. The game progresses through and uncovers new abilities at a swift and balanced pace. The weapons are super fun to discover and mess with, and the very nature of what makes Blaster Master gameplay so excellent has never shone so bright and wonderful. If you love great retro games, you won’t want to miss out on Blaster Master Zero 2. - Perry Burkum

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Mudprints Megastream - Switch Neo Geo eShop & Blaster Master Zero

It's time for some eShop goodness on the Nintendo Switch! On this stream, we take a look at Metal Slug 3, King of Fighters '98, Shock Troopers and Blaster Master Zero!

Blaster Master Zero Review | Nintendo Switch | JKB

JKB back with another episode! It's time for my Blaster Master Zero Review! Should you be buying this reboot of Blaster Master that was on the classic Nintendo Entertainment System? Find out now!


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12 Nintendo Switch Games with an Under 10$ Price Tag that You Should Consider

12 Nintendo Switch Games with an Under 10$ Price Tag that You Should Consider

Game List:
SteamWorld Dig
Blaster Master Zero
The First Tree
Art of Balance
Maria The Witch
Alwa's Awakening
Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment
Blue Rider
Beach Buggy Racing
I and Me
SEGA AGES Phantasy Star
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Blaster Master Zero Unlimited Mode Any% in 9:21

Could be better and maybe 9:14

Let's Play Blaster Master Zero [10] Ice

And yet some good has come from this!


Blaster Master Zero: Unlimited mode any% speedrun - 11:44.36

A bit disappointed in the Area 7 split, but definitely can work on it and make it better. Good run overall

Blaster Master Zero Finale: Area 9 - Alternate Dimension

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Like Goal: 25 (This is the finale guys! Let’s end it with a bang!)
My Review of Blaster Master Zero:

To access Area 9, you need to collect all the maps, power-ups and anything else in the previous 8 areas. If you do that and defeat the Mutant Lord, you get access to this area.

Eve heads off with Sophia III but then Jason feels something’s wrong. With Fred’s help, Jason finds some blue vehicle called Sophia Zero. Using Sophia Zero, they head to where Eve is in the hopes of finding her before it’s too late.

This is the final area of the game, Alternate Dimension. In here, you operate a vehicle called Sophia ZERO. It’s actually a more powerful version of Sophia III. It’s faster, stronger and can fire any of its sub weapons without the need of a charge. Your objective here is to find the map as well as three special keys that give you access to the end. You find the keys in caves where boss rush fights happen. Be at your best. Once you secure the three keys, use them to reach the end and then you’ll be forced to fight Sophia or rather an Infected Sophia.

We do learn what happened to Eve and your job now is to destroy the very vehicle you used on your journey. Not a hard fight since with Sophia Zero, you can deliver hell to it. Once you damage it enough, get Eve out of there, destroy Sophia III and that’s it.

Congrats, you’ve beaten the game! You also have access to Ultimate Mode where you can use Sophia Zero right from the start along with all the upgrades.

Thank you all for watching this playthrough. It’s been a blast.

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* * *

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Blaster Master Zero Destroyer Any% in 1:18:53

Was really good for the second run and yeah definitly can go better, first try frog was nearly done, but yeah no missiles came up. Cell fight in second try was good, only wasting time by multi overlord was sad.

BLASTER MASTER Zero 2 | Frogs & Fails [Nintendo Switch]

BLASTER MASTER Zero 2 | Frogs & Fails [Nintendo Switch]

Blaster Master Zero 2 is a remaster of the 1993 Sega classic, Blaster Master 2. Now the remastered version is available on the Nintendo Switch and people are loving it. Some complain it’s too easy but the Gigamax Games crew might not agree. This game is filled with flashy visuals and even a perspective switch, keeping Blaster Master Zero 2 fresh and fun. Fans and critics love it, Gigs and Mack had a great time with it, and it’s only $10 on the Nintendo eShop.

Have you played the original Blaster Master games? How do you think they hold up against all the great indie games on the Nintendo Switch? Let the crew know in the comments below!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. It means the world to everyone here at Gigamax Games.

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#ESAWinter18 speedrun Blaster Master Zero: Boss Blaster Mode as Jason in [14:56 RTA or 5:05.61 IGT]

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This video was recorded live at ESA Winter 2018, which took place from 17th to 25th February in Växjö, Sweden.
It was a charity event benefiting Save the Children.
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Game info:
Boss Blaster Mode is simply a boss rush mode featuring all top-down dungeons and side-scrolling view bosses. The true final boss is the only one in this run that was played very cautiously as a really good fight which can be done in under 30 seconds involves intense mashing and good spacing between the opponent and the player.
The other bosses went pretty well as expected and some interesting strategies were used against other bosses.

Blaster Master Zero | Part 10 | (Nintendo Switch)

Welcome to my project of Let's Play Blaster Master Zero for the Nintendo Switch!
This game was given to me by the developer for review, I was not paid to show off the contents of this game, I really looked forward to this game and decided to make videos on it..hope you all enjoy!

Blaster Master is back and better than ever!
Jason Frudnick, a young boy who is a genius at robotic engineering, comes across a creature he had never seen before.
The creature was named Fred, eventually the Fred jumped into a mysterious hole, and Jason followed behind!
Jason comes across a vehicle named SOPHIA III, it invites him in and he sets out on his adventure to find Fred.
Let's get this show on the road!

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Blaster Master Zero (Nintendo Switch) Review | 8-Bit Eric

8-Bit Eric reviews Blaster Master Zero for the Nintendo Switch. For the most part, the charm and gameplay of the NES classic is still here, the game has a fresh coat of paint, and there are a couple new layouts of particular areas, however, this game stays faithful to the original.

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