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10 best tips for playing Blaster Master Zero


Blaster Master Zero 100% in 1:58:04

Could still be better, failed by second ancient freeze to zero cycle him.

Blaster Master Zero 100% 1:43:27.9

Finally did a run without any major problems. Still screwed up in area 7 though... -- Watch live at

Blaster Master Zero 2, Good Ending in 1:12:46 by davidtki

Finally got Good Ending into the 1:12 range.


Hey everyone for this review I take on Blaster Master Zero for the Nintendo Switch. This is basically a updated remake of the original classic Blaster Master on the NES with updating visuals and plenty of new addtions to make it a almost brand new experience. Its also on the Nintendo 3DS.

I did receive this game from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

My reviews are 100% unbiased and I will never do one unless I am confident enough to do so. I use a scale of 1 - 10 with 5 being a average game. Many professional reviewers use 7 as a average game which I find is more of a trick to convince you the consumer that a game is better then it really is.

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Blaster Master Zero (Switch) - Bonus Episode 4: Unlimited Mode (True Ending) Speedrun - 1:43:57

For the grand finale of Blaster Master Zero, what better way to finish it off than with a speedrun? This is a true ending speedrun of Unlimited Mode, which is basically this game's version of New Game Plus where you play the entire game with Sophia Zero from Area 9 of the regular game. You start with all the power-ups at your disposal from the beginning, and all the gates are unlocked (including the ones guarding the true final boss in Area 9), allowing for complete freedom. I don't use save warping in this run, by the way.

Table of Contents:
0:12 - 1. Area 1
0:38 - 2. Area 4
1:06 - 3. Area 5
1:35 - 3A. Area 5 Map
2:44 - 4. Area 6
3:23 - 4A. Area 6 Map
7:22 - 4B. Cave of Remote Blaster
9:59 - 4C. Cave of Peeper's Den
12:46 - 4D. Area 6 Life Up
14:14 - 4E. Cave of Ancient Freeze
18:02 - 5. Area 5 Revisited
18:28 - 5A. Cave of Ambush Room
21:28 - 5B. Cave of Hard Shell
23:13 - 5C. Area 5 Life Up
24:55 - 5D. Hard Shell Boss Fight
25:53 - 5E. Cave of Gurnahide
28:04 - 6. Area 4 Revisited
28:57 - 6A. Cave of Tadroll's Snack Time
31:32 - 6B. Area 4 Map
36:10 - 6C. Cave of Spark Salamander
38:39 - 6D. Area 4 Life Up
40:44 - 6E. Ribbiroll Boss Fight
43:51 - 7. Area 1 Revisited
44:39 - 7A. Area 1 Map
45:30 - 7B. Cave of Thousand Vios
47:42 - 7C. Cave of Mother Brain
50:05 - 7D. Area 1 Life Up
50:16 - 7E. Cave of Drap Trappers
51:48 - 8. Area 2
52:21 - 8A. Area 2 Map
53:56 - 8B. Cave of Biby Legion
56:28 - 8C. Cave of Crabularva
59:13 - 8D. Cave of Crabullus
1:03:16 - 8E. Energy Guard Upgrade
1:04:28 - 8F. Area 2 Life Up
1:05:38 - 9. Area 3
1:07:01 - 9A. Cave of Obliteration Lasers
1:08:45 - 9B. Area 3 Map
1:11:26 - 9C. Area 3 Life Up
1:11:54 - 9D. Cave of Photophage
1:14:47 - 9E. Central Gear Boss Fight
1:16:41 - 10. Area 7
1:18:04 - 10A. Area 7 Map
1:20:02 - 10B. Cave of S-1000 Generator
1:21:55 - 10C. Cave of Venom Master
1:24:48 - 10D. Cave to Skeleton Boss
1:25:56 - 10E. Skeleton Boss Fight
1:27:13 - 11. Area 8
1:28:48 - 11A. Area 8 Map
1:31:34 - 11B. Cave of Cell Rejection
1:33:54 - 11C. Cave of Antibody Cell
1:36:13 - 11D. Cave of the Mutant Lord
1:36:48 - 11E. Underworld Lord Boss Fight
1:37:35 - 11F. Multidimensional Overlord Final Boss Fight
1:38:22 - 12. Area 9
1:41:28 - 12A. Invem Sophia Escape Sequence
1:43:11 - 12B. Invem Sophia True Final Boss Fight
1:44:26 - 13. True Ending
1:47:25 - 14. Credits
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Blaster Master Zero 2, Good Ending (Current Patch) in 1:19:07 by davidtki

No idea how this PB happened. I chose to run this game this night because I was tired and just kinda wanted to get through a run, and I was somehow 40 seconds behind PB after Stranga despite my old PB having a death in it somewhere. Oh well, PB.

Blaster Master Zero 1 & 2 REVIEW (Switch) - Bullet Heaven #308

In preparation to the third of three in what has stared out as a great trilogy, It's time to blast like a master once again in the latest entries in Sunsoft's storied Blastervania series! In this episode, we're prototyping the Series 13 Deep-Dive formula!

And YES, we know, Blaster Master Zero is also on 3DS. It's in the title card.

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Blaster Master Zero 3 Boss Strategy Guide 1/2

In these videos I go through all the bosses in Blaster Master Zero 3.
Some bosses in Blaster Master Zero 3 are extremely easy to eliminate while others are more challenging. If you have your own tactics on how to destroy a boss in Blaster Master Zero 3, write in the comments below.

0:00 intro
0:13 Goez R
0:35 Evil Eve
1:00 CIRQ SP-1000
1:36 Albino Dig-Rawler
2:21 Dual Kirkal
3:58 Spark Salamander
5:16 Bullet Khan
6:00 Adminator Z-21
6:35 Mantipede
7:49 Hock- Ropper
8:28 Metal Cerbeboss
9:35 Kahn Forbidden

Blaster Master Zero 100% Walkthrough Part 8-Mutant Lord Area

Blaster Master Zero - E10 - Mutant's Inner Body and Alternate Dimension Area

This game just gets better and better, and I can not wait to see where it ends. I thought we would have been done with the equivalent of Area 8, but there is a lot more to do, it seems. Color me excited!

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14 Minutes of Blaster Master Zero Gameplay on Switch!

We had the opportunity to play Blaster Master Zero on Switch at the Nindies Event! Check out how Inti Creates updated this NES classic!

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Blaster Master Zero Retrospective & Review - Rebirthing a NES Classic from Zero

As we fast approach the end of the Jason saga with the final piece to the Blaster Master Zero trilogy on the way, we are starting over from zero to take a look back at SunSoft's original Famicom and NES releases, and how Inti Creates rebooted the Blaster Master series for a new era. Whether you are already a master of blasting or have just taken up the blaster rifle for the first time - enjoy this love letter to the series as we begin the BMZ retrospectives!
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0:00 - Intro
0:08 - The Mission to Revive Blaster Master
2:20 - Blaster Master Zero Reveal
3:19 - Introduction
5:01 - Story of the MetaFight
6:29 - Story of the Blaster Master
8:45 - Comparing the originals
9:57 - Worlds of Power
12:01 - Rebooting the Story from Zero
14:51 - Gameplay
17:36 - Presentation
19:03 - More Quality of Life Improvements
20:28 - Top-Down Action
23:10 - Difficulty
25:38 - Fleshing out the Map
30:13 - Level Differences
31:09 - Fun Observations
32:44 - Mutant Bosses
36:16 - Nintendo 3DS Version
37:34 - Making Blaster Master Good Again
38:43 - Extra Content
38:54 - Unlimited Mode
39:17 - Destroyer Mode
41:05 - EX Characters
43:18 - Boss Blaster Mode
44:05 - Assist Mode
44:25 - Blaster Battle Mode
46:21 - The Verdict
47:57 - Spoiler Section
1:04:10 - Outro

Sunday Longplay - Blaster Master Zero 3 (PC) - 100% Playthrough (All Achievements)

This week on Sunday Longplay, I'm redoing my longplay from two weeks ago, since I missed a few things in my first blind run. So welcome back to Blaster Master Zero 3!

In my first blind playthrough I missed four items: one in Area 1, one in Area 3, one in Area 5, and one more in the endgame area. So let us once more trek across Planet Sophia and recover what I missed!

Inti Creates has a knack for making great games and even greater sequels, and Blaster Master Zero 3 continues the trend in spades. Blaster Master Zero 1 was an amazing remake of the original Blaster Master on NES, Blaster Master Zero 2 expanded upon the formula to create its own identity and make an even bigger and better sequel, and Blaster Master Zero 3 managed to take an even bigger step forward to make the biggest and greatest entry in the series!

While the first game was more or less a remake of the NES classic, the second game incorporated space travel as well as new and more complex area to explore, and now the third game goes all-out by incorporating the new gimmick of interdimensional travel with the mechanic of phasing in and out between normal space and superdimensional space, essentially creating two separate worlds to explore in both the side-scrolling main areas and the top-down dungeon areas and requiring exploration of both parts of space in order to fully explore and collect everything in the game.

Combine this with the extensive amounts of story involved compared to the two previous entries in the trilogy, and the end result of all this is definitely the biggest and possibly the greatest entry in the series. At the end of the previous entry, Eve had cleansed herself of mutant cell corruption as she and Jason arrived at Eve's home planet Sophia. However, Sophia's army had attacked and rendered Gaia-Sophia (the tank from BMZ2) inoperable and Jason, Eve, and their support animal Fred had been captured and imprisoned separately. When the base where he was being held falls under attack, Jason uses the opportunity to escape and fix up G-Sophia in search of Eve and save Planet Sophia from the new looming mutant threat!

0:00 - The story so far...
3:32 - Prison break! (Area 1: Sophia Force Base)
23:06 - Meeting Kane Gardner (Achievements Unlocked: Pinnacle of Mutant Blasting Action and Beyond the Metafight)
29:55 - Area 2: Sophia Metropolis
43:35 - Discovering super-dimensional space
51:41 - Boss Mutant: Dual Kirkal (Achievement Unlocked: Two Sides of Horror)
1:01:12 - Area 3: Mass Driver Facility
1:35:38 - Sophia Force Boss: Adminator Z-21 (Achievement Unlocked: Steadfast Bulwark)
1:46:57 - Meeting Jennifer and Eva
1:52:15 - Area 4: NORA
2:11:40 - Boss Mutant: Mantipede (Achievement Unlocked: Subspace Sprinter)
2:16:04 - Area 5: Planet Stranga
2:20:35 - FLOWER! (Reuniting with Kanna and Kenwood)
2:24:05 - Continuing through Stranga
2:45:50 - Boss Mutant: Metal Cerbeboss (Achievement Unlocked: Supreme Planet Buster)
2:52:25 - Back to Area 4
2:59:33 - Area 1 Cleanup
3:27:15 - Area 2 Cleanup
3:36:35 - Area 3 Cleanup
3:49:02 - Area 4 Cleanup
3:53:19 - Area 6: The Forbidden Sector
4:41:15 - Achievement Unlocked: Gaia System Master (Easy Automatic Method edited for time)
4:42:57 - Boss Mutant: Bloodstained Planade-G (Achievement Unlocked: Pulsating Core)
4:48:58 - Bad Ending (Achievement Unlocked: Life as a Human)
4:56:15 - Entering ??? Area (True Ending Route)
5:02:43 - Gonbei Boss Fight
5:11:56 - EIR Boss Fight
5:28:48 - Achievement Unlocked: Careful Collector
5:35:36 - ATOM Boss Fight
5:41:54 - Rising Garuda Boss Fight & Leibniz Face Reveal! (Achievement Unlocked: Leibniz Rising)
5:50:06 - True Final Boss! (Achievements Unlocked: Blaster Master & Warrior of Sophia)
5:58:03 - True Ending (Achievement Unlocked: Life In Super-Dimensional Space)
Full Blaster Master Zero Trilogy Playlist:
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Top 10 Worst Blaster Master Bosses (Blaster Master Series)

After finishing the entire Blaster Master series, here are our choices for the Top 10 WORST bosses in the Blaster Master Series! Get ready ! :)




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Sunday Longplay - Blaster Master Zero 2 (Switch) - 100%, True Ending

This week on Sunday Longplay, it's a brand-new indie game announced (and released) during last Wednesday's Nindies Showcase, and an even better sequel to one of my favorite indie games from the Switch's first year. Welcome to Blaster Master Zero 2! While the first game was more or less a remake of the original Blaster Master on NES (which is also available as one of the NES games for the Switch Online service), this game expands upon the formula and the lore and runs with it.

At the end of the first game, Jason Frudnick's tank Sophia III was possessed by the Mutant Core, with his support droid Eve trapped inside during the process. Jason stopped the core's infection by pulling Eve out of Sophia III and then destroying it with his new model, Sophia Zero.

However, Eve still feels the effects of the mutant infection in her body, and now Jason journeys across the solar system to Eve's home planet Sophia to find a cure. Unfortunately, he can't take Sophia Zero because despite its power, it is still a flawed prototype. So he creates a new tank named Gaia-Sophia, with a new system that restores its energy through hard landings.

On top of the new energy restoration system, this game also introduces a new counter mechanic for the overhead sections. When an enemy gets ready to fire, you may see a crosshair locked on them. Hit the counter button, and Jason will unleash a new move to strike first. Along the way, you'll also meet (and fight) other Metal Attacker tanks and their pilots. After you beat them and complete their main quests, they'll also give you a sidequest on a different planet. You're going to want to complete those if you want the true ending, because like the first game, you need everything in order to access the true final area, otherwise you get a premature bad ending.

This game definitely pulls fewer punches than its predecessor, but it's still not quite as hard as the first game's Destroyer Mode. But who knows, maybe Blaster Master Zero 2 will get its own Destroyer Mode later on. If you liked the first game, definitely pick this up!

0:08 - Intro Story
2:56 - Planet Flosante
7:05 - Flosante Cave 1
7:46 - Map A
9:22 - Flosante Cave 2
9:49 - Mutant Horde
11:30 - A-1 Coordinates
13:06 - Flosante Cave 3
15:50 - Mockrantula Boss Fight!
17:29 - Hover
19:25 - Flosante Cave 4
21:21 - Mine Mite Miniboss Fight
23:21 - Proximity Mine
24:31 - Life Up #1
25:24 - Planetoid A-1
25:42 - A-3 Coordinates
25:52 - Hexa Biby Miniboss Fight
26:51 - Hexa Missiles
27:29 - Planetoid A-3
27:59 - D-1 Coordinates
28:40 - B-4 Coordinates
29:31 - Entering Area B, Cutscene
30:13 - Planetoid B-4
30:57 - Impact Wave
31:42 - Planet Montoj
34:05 - Montoj Cave 1
36:35 - Gonbei Rival Fight!
41:02 - Shift-Up Attacker
42:25 - Montoj Cave 2
45:12 - Map B
45:36 - B-1 Coordinates
46:02 - Gonbei's Refuge
47:33 - Recoil Jump
48:57 - B-3 Coordinates
51:57 - Montoj Cave 3
56:47 - C-1 Coordinates
57:25 - Zavira Miniboss Fight!
58:38 - Access Key 1
59:37 - Gathervira Boss Fight!
1:10:33 - Gonbei's Sidequest
1:18:15 - Kuebiko Emblem
1:19:40 - Planetoid B-1
1:19:57 - Flash Sphere
1:20:22 - Planetoid B-3
1:22:01 - Energy Guard
1:22:19 - Entering Area C, Cutscene
1:23:04 - Planetoid C-1
1:23:36 - Auto-Cluster
1:23:53 - Mutant Horde
1:24:23 - C-3 Coordinates
1:25:05 - Planetoid C-3
1:25:15 - Mutant Horde
1:25:56 - Mighty Mine Mite Miniboss Fight!
1:27:05 - Torch Bomb
1:27:17 - Ship L-229
1:30:20 - L-229 Cave 1
1:31:05 - Map C
1:34:21 - Access Key 2
1:37:02 - L-229 Cave 2
1:37:27 - Unknown Cell-046 Miniboss Fight!
1:39:05 - Burn Spark
1:41:58 - L-229 Cave 3
1:43:33 - C-2 Coordinates
1:45:50 - Defend Them All Boss Fight!
1:47:58 - Access Key 3
1:51:19 - Planetoid C-2
1:52:26 - Life Up #2
1:54:06 - Entering Area D, Ambush Cutscene
1:54:37 - Garuda Rival Fight!
1:57:13 - G-1 Coordinates
1:58:04 - Planetoid D-1
1:58:16 - Octa Biby Miniboss Fight!
(continued in comments)
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Blaster Master Zero // All Bosses

00:00 Mother Brain
01:24 Crabularva
02:48 Crabullus
04:00 Central Gear
05:59 Ribbiroll
07:10 Hard Shell
09:28 Ancient Freeze
11:50 Drap Trappers
12:47 Spark Salamander
13:38 Gurnahide
14:19 Photophage
15:28 Remote Blaster
16:10 Venom Master
17:03 Skeleton Boss
18:39 Antibody Cell
19:27 Underworld Lord
20:42 Multidimensional Overlord
22:10 Invem Sophia

Beat That Boss is a channel (and an archive) dedicated to video game boss fights.

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Blaster Master Zero | Part 10 | (Nintendo Switch)

Welcome to my project of Let's Play Blaster Master Zero for the Nintendo Switch!
This game was given to me by the developer for review, I was not paid to show off the contents of this game, I really looked forward to this game and decided to make videos on it..hope you all enjoy!

Blaster Master is back and better than ever!
Jason Frudnick, a young boy who is a genius at robotic engineering, comes across a creature he had never seen before.
The creature was named Fred, eventually the Fred jumped into a mysterious hole, and Jason followed behind!
Jason comes across a vehicle named SOPHIA III, it invites him in and he sets out on his adventure to find Fred.
Let's get this show on the road!

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Blaster Master Zero tricks against Underworld Lord and Multidimensional Overlord

Feels like 2007 with these kinds of videos.
Turns out that gun level 10 isn't necessary against these 2 bosses. Spamming Striker shots at point blank range is really good.

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Blaster Master Zero 2 True Ending. True Final battle. Hidden Ending after the credit.
From my last stream. Not sure what's bad ending, actually.
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Where I play Blaster Master Zero Part 1: The not-so-velvet underground.

Well, wouldn't you drive a tank if you found one?



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