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10 best tips for playing Bulb Boy


Bulb Boy (Nintendo Switch) Review | 8-Bit Eric

This is a review of Bulb Boy for the Nintendo Switch by 8-Bit Eric. Bulb Boy is a stylistic point-and-click horror game. The story tells of Bulb Boy who one night wakes up from a nightmare into his surrealist horror world to find out that his family are missing. 

The gameplay is an adventure game at it’s core, with a surreal horror theme. You move around the decrepit environments of Bulb Boy’s home with the analogue stick, pick up items using the A button and select an item from your inventory with the shoulder buttons. Several objects in rooms can be used by Bulb Boy in ways you may not expect.

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Jason Hooft

Kevin MacLeod


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Seriously it's cute.

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Outro song: Press Start - MDK

Bulb Boy Walkthrough - Part 2 - Headless Chicken!

Well, I won't be eating meat for another two months.

BULB BOY Review - Twisted Point N' Click Adventure Game | Nintendo Switch |

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Review: BULB BOY | Twisted Point N' Click Adventure Game | Nintendo Switch |

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Bulb Boy -01- Polli nei cipressi

Bulb Boy punta e clicca action con cose buone di minchia, quasi totalmente senza senso e ciò lo rende parecchio figo e l'unico modo per comprenderlo è giocarlo.

--Bulb Boy
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Grazie della visione.

Tips N Tricks Breaking Point Roblox

Today on Tips N Tricks we cover Breaking Point by Paradox. Sorry if it's too short this game isn't that complicated.
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[RU] 💡ABSORB BULB HOOPA 💡 & Z-POWER TRICK MEDICHAM! Pokemon USUM WiFi Battle #28 Vs. Paulina (1080p)

What's up guys, today we are facing off against the worst thot in anime history, Paulina. She wanted the ghost boy's D so badly, but didn't want nothing with Danny unless it was to her advantage, or to make Sam angry. No wonder why I'm homosexual, girls are vicious yo. Anyways be sure to leave a like if you're enjoying the uploads and stuff, and Happy Holidays!

Pokemon Sets:
Outro Music:

Top 10 Android Games of 2016

Hi guys, welcome to EnJoy Game Tips and in this video we will show some great games to install on your android device. So sit back and enjoy the video :)

-Number 10 on our list is Smurfs epic run
-Number 9 on our list is DEUS EX GO
-Number 8 on our list is Mage and Minions
-Number 7 on our list is Hovercraft Takedown
-Number 6 on our list is Bulb boy
-Number 5 on our list is Tales from the Borderlands
-Number 4 on our list is Animation throw down the quest for cards
-Number 3 on our list is Modern Combat 5
-Number 2 on our list is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
-Number 1 on our list is NBA 2K17

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JACKIE CHAN Talks About One of His Most Insane Stunts

The climax of 1985's Police Story has one of Jackie Chan's most insane (and flashiest) stunts. Hear the behind the scenes story that led to the big jump and stay till the end to hear a bonus story from Project A! Jackie Chan's The Foreigner is in theaters October 13!

JACKIE CHAN Shows You How to Fight with Random Objects

The Foreigner - Exclusive Trailer #2 (Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan)

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Top 25 INSANE HORROR/SCARIEST Games For iOS & Android in 2018

It can be tough to find a scary horror game for your iOS & Android devices. But we have done all the hard work for you, and hand-picked some of the scariest titles from the Apple AppStore Google Playstore, including spine-chilling room escapes, point-and-click horror games, and survival horror.

These horror-themed games give you an unforgettable scare experience on your iOS & Android mobile phone.

Games List :-

White Night (PRICE :- $4.99 , SIZE :- 212 MB)
iOS :-
Android :-

Inside (PRICE :- FREE, SIZE :-1.3 GB)
iOS :-
Android :-

Oxenfree (PRICE :- $4.99 , SIZE :- 1.55 GB)
iOS :-
Android :-

The Secret Elevator (PRICE :- $0.99, SIZE :-1.5 GB)
iOS :-
Android :-

Year Walk (PRICE :- $3.99 , SIZE :- 813 MB)
iOS :-
Android :- Coming Soon

Shadows Remain (PRICE :- FREE, SIZE :-333.8 MB)
iOS :-
Android :-

Home A Unique Horror Adventure (PRICE :- $2.99, SIZE :-54.8 MB)
iOS :-
Android :-

Forgotten Memories Alternate Realities (PRICE :- $4.99 , SIZE :- 3.30 GB)
iOS :-
Android :- Coming Soon

Lucius Demake (PRICE :- $2.99, SIZE :- 50 MB)
iOS :-
Android :-

Neverending Nightmares (PRICE :- $3.99 , SIZE :- 517 MB)
iOS :-
Android :-

Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy Remastered (PRICE :- $9.99 , SIZE :- 4.42 GB)
iOS :-
Android :-

All That Remains (PRICE :- $1.99 , SIZE :- 409 MB)
iOS :-
Android :-

Keep in Mind Remastered (PRICE :- $0.99, SIZE :-170.1 MB)
iOS :-
Android :-

Octave (PRICE :- 1.99$ , SIZE :- 250 MB)
iOS :-
Android :-

Bulb Boy (PRICE :- $2.99, SIZE :-587.6 MB)
iOS :-
Android :-

Dim Light (PRICE :- $0.99, SIZE :-83.5 MB)
iOS :-
Android :-

Fran Bow (Price :- US$ 1.99 , SIZE :-114.2 MB)
iOS :-
Android :-

Layers Of Fears Solitude (PRICE :- 9.99$ , SIZE :- 1 GB)
iOS :-
Android :-

Reporter II (PRICE :- $0.99, SIZE :-1 GB)
iOS :-
Android :-

Distraint (PRICE :- $0.99 , SIZE :- 117 MB)
iOS :-
Android :-

Granny (PRICE :- FREE, SIZE :-247.8 MB)
iOS :-
Android :-

Knock Knock (PRICE :- 0.99, SIZE :-114 MB)
iOS :-
Android :-

Little Red Lie (PRICE :- $3.99, SIZE :-723.2 MB)
iOS :-
Android :-

Lost Wihtin (PRICE :- $6.99 , SIZE :- 1.20 GB)
iOS :-
Android :-

Corpse Party Blood Drive (PRICE :- $31.99 , SIZE :- 1.51 GB)
iOS :-
Android :-


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DUCK HUNT (NES) (Teens React: Retro Gaming)

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This week, we go hunting. Watch the teens battle it out as they find out who has the best shot in DUCK HUNT!

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P.O. BOX 4324
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The following episode featured the following Reactors:


Created by Benny & Rafi Fine (The Fine Brothers)

Produced by Vincent Ieraci
Associate Producer - David Janove
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Post Production Supervisor - Nick Bergthold
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Top 15 Nintendo Switch Hidden Gems - Holiday '17 Edition

If you’re thinking about picking up or giving a Nintendo Switch as a gift this Christmas, Which Nintendo Switch indie games should you perhaps pick up along with it? In this video, we take a look at the options for Indie Switch games that are outside the more usual customer selection. Should you pick up Battle Chef Brigade? Is Thimbleweed Park on the Switch worth it?

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Source Info:

Intro Music - - Ben Sound

Games within the Intro:


15 Indie Games to Buy on the Nintendo Switch this Christmas:

1. Axiom Verge Multiverse Edition:
2. Battle Chef Brigade:
3. Bulb Boy:
4. Cave Story +
5. Ironcast:
6. Lumo:
7. Portal Knights:
8. Rive:
9. Slime San:
10: Snipper Clips:
11: The Mummy Demastered:
12: Thimbleweed Park:
13: World of Goo:
14: Wulverblade:
15: Yono & the Celestial Elephants:

Games used in the Outro:
Golf Story:
The Sexy Brutale:

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How to Get 5 Starters in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee | Austin John Plays HD CC

Pokemon let's go Pikachu & Eevee Starters are available in this game, You can get gift pokemon as well as find all of the Wild Kanto Starters to combo for IVs and Shinies.

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Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon:

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About Austin John Plays:
News, Tips & Tricks and More for Pokemon Let's go Pikachu & Eevee, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild & More!

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Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! are upcoming role-playing video games (RPGs) developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. The games are the first installments of the Pokémon RPG series for the Nintendo Switch. They are enhanced remakes of the 1998 Game Boy video game Pokémon Yellow. They will also contain influences from Pokémon Go, as well as integration with Go, and will support a new optional controller called the Poké Ball Plus. The games are scheduled to be released worldwide on November 16, 2018

Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! are set in the Kanto region and will include the original 151 Pokémon creatures in addition to their respective Mega Evolved and Alolan forms from Pokémon X and Y & Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and Sun and Moon. Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! will feature common elements of the series, such as battling non-player character Pokémon Trainers and Gym Leaders with caught Pokémon creatures. However, instead of battling them like the traditional battle system of other major Pokémon role-playing games (RPGs), the catching of Pokémon creatures uses a different mechanic that is based on the mobile spin-off game Pokémon Go where players throw Poké Balls at a wild Pokémon by using the motion controls of the Joy-Con controller.

Nick at Night! Bulb Boy Log 1 | An Indie Horror Delight!

Nick at Night is back and tonight we dip our feet in a little bit of horror with the game, Bulb Boy, on the Nintendo Switch! Are you a fan of horror games? Which is your favorite?

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3.) This stream welcomes everyone regardless of age or location on the Earth, please be kind to everyone while you're here with us

4.) Joanna and Nick don't claim to be the best video gamers on the Earth, if you are looking for a better gamer or a speed runner, this is not the channel for you.

5.) No self promotion. We are all working hard and our chat isn't the place for that, continued promotion will result in a ban. (also no promoting of others)

6.) Everyone has their own opinion of games they like and don't like, you are welcome to express yourself, but don't put down others because you don't like a game that they do.

7.) NO SPOILERS. Generalizations are fine, but please, save the surprise for those who have not yet played the game unless we note otherwise! Help is appreciated when we ask for it :)

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Ice Flow Kevin MacLeod (
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Off to Osaka Kevin MacLeod (
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Top 25 New Android Games In September 2016!

Android gaming is getting bigger and better every month it seems and there is always a slew of new titles coming to Google Play. Whether you’re a casual gamer or you want something with a beat more meat on its bones, there’s usually a game coming out to suit everyone’s taste.

Games List :-

0:09 Pavilion (Offline)
Android :-

1:02 Mercenary (Offline)
Android :-

1:43 Don't Starve (Offline)
Android :-

2:12 Dungeon Warfare (Offline)
Android :-

2:41 Epic Of Kings (Offline)
Android :-

3:37 Paper Planes (Offline)
Android :-

4:08 Bulb Boy (Offline)
Android :-

4:46 Ignatius (Offline)
Android :-

5:17 Lumines (Offline)
Android :-

5:41 NCIS (Offline)
Android :-

6:10 Sorcery 4 (Offline)
Android :-

6:55 Badland 2 (Offline)
Android :-

7:21 Rules With an Iron Fish (Offline)
Android :-

8:04 Siralim 2 (Offline)
Android :-

8:53 Hotlap (Offline)
Android :-

9:29 LifelINE Crisis Line (Offline)
Android :-

9:51 Bob The Builder (Offline)
Android :-

10:14 Bus Simulator (Offline)
Android :-

10:38 Eclipse New Dawn (Offline)
Android :-

11:23 Pittsfield (Offline)
Android :-

12:04 TFFrontline (Online)
Android :-

12:26 Dewellers (Offline)
Android :-

Songs Lists :-
Ember Island -
Tobu & William Ekh -
Quinn XCII -

Top 10 New and Best Offline Android Games you must try in 2017 (Q1)

We all love to play games like ever. But our smartphones wont always be always connected Internet and sadly most android games requires network connection. If not,they must be paid. So its hard to find any free and offline games for android these days which are actually funto play. Well no worries, here is the list of the new and most trending android games which are both free and playable offline. Enjoy !! Pls do like and share this video. Comment below if youwould like to see more top 10 videos.

Free Download Links (the games are not in any specific rank)


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Who doesnt love to have fun?? and whats fun without games. Even you are an amazing gamer whether you know it or not.
With this Channel I would let you explore that gamer in you. Everything you wanna know about games in one channel.
I give my word to entertain you with consistent uploads (atleat one video per day).This is how my Schedule works,
* I will be doing 2 clash of clans videos in every 2 weeks.
* Walkthrough of major games that my subscribers request.
* Weekly videos as of below-
Mondays - A Mini Militia video
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Friday - Comparison Reviews or random vids
My Current Target for November 15th - 10k subs, 2M views
I will do live commentary on the Game Walkthroughs when I reach a 5000 subs if you guys would like that!!

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Double Hitler

What's better (worse) than just one Hitler? DOUBLE HITLER!! Markiplier and Wade double-team the axis of FUN for the true story of Hitler's rise to power. This is a game I swear, we're not evil...
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Halo 5, Divinity on Consoles, WWE2016, The Park - New Releases

Happy Halloween week! We're getting Halo 5 Guardians, Divinity on Consoles, WWE 2016, The Park, The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth, Albert & Otto and Bulb Boy.

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