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10 best tips for playing Candy Crush Saga


Candy Crush Saga - Strategy Guide - Tips - Tricks - Candy Crush Secrets

Candy Crush Saga - Strategy Guide - Tips - Tricks - Secrets

Candy Crush is very addicting. I am going to share some secrets that will take your game play to the next level. I venture to say that only 1 out of 50 people are really good at the game.

Let's make you part of that 2%.

Secret 1: Stop spending money on the game. It is totally unnecessary.

Secret 2: The key to this game is to have a ton of friends. I am not talking about friends you know in real life. I am talking about specific friends who play Candy Crush. All you have to do, is do a search for Candy Crush Friends. You will find groups that you can join. Once you join the group simply make a post in the group that says ADD ME Please daily Player Candy Crush

Also look in the friends request icon at the top right of the screen. Start to look for friends that have the candy crush logo. This will help get the ball rolling. Just spends a few minutes each day joining candy crush groups posting add me to those groups and looking inside the friend request box. You can easily get 500+ friends who play Candy Crush within a few weeks.

This means that every time you click a request for lives in the game, you will typically get 10-20 responses which means you will never have to worry about running out of lives. This makes the game way easier by itself.

Now, personally I setup a 2nd facebook account and this way I know that I am not going to intermix my close friends with my candy crush friends. Here's a word of caution, do NOT add a ton of friends too quickly. I add maybe 5 or 6 at a time and send out 4 or 6 friend requests at a time. Otherwise you could get blocked from adding friends for a day or so.

The next trick that you may consider is to spend .30 cents on the game. It's the minimum purchase. By doing this (I use paypal) you can almost gurantee that your account will not be jeopardized by facebook because it shows you are a real person spending money. This can bypass any friend issues you may encounter.

Be sure to share your achievements some of your friends will like them on Facebook allowing their friends to see the game achievement and in turn send you yet another friend request!

The next thing I recommend in regards to friends is to only add friends that have the same dialect of name as yourself. If my name is John Smith, I certainly don't want to add a bunch of foreign names. It look suspicious. If my name is harrad Jabad, I only want to add mostly friends with that same type of ethnicity. Does that make sense?

It also shows Facebook you are selective with your friends and you wont get blocked. Add everyone and everything and you will probably get blocked.

Secret 3: This really is the main secret of the game. Learn how to make striped candies and wrapped candies and chocolate mega candies. One of the best moves in the game is to use a striped candy and a chocolate candy. So save your chocolate candies and try to create a striped candy nearby. Even if it takes you 10 moves to get these two pieces together, it is usually totally worthwhile if you have enough moves and time to do so.
You always want to scan the board looking to align 4 candies for the strip 5 for the chocolate and 5 or for the wrapped.

You must get good at this as it's the only way to pass the higher levels and its also the easiest way to pass all of the levels.

When you have almost infinite lives thanks to your 500+ candy crush friends, you don't have to worry about buying powerups. You simply play each level until you win.

Secret 4:If possible Get off your cell phone and onto an ipad or desktop or laptop. A bigger screen makes the game so much easier.

Secret 5: Slow down most levels are not timed so really scan the board after each move to see if you can make a special powerup candy.

Secret6: Try to visualize the board a step or two ahead. This will help you recognize when you can make the special candies.

Secret 7: Please subscribe to my channel. Eventually I will have EVERY level video recorded so you can see the walk-through and how it was done.

Also, please like this video and share it. There is a link in the description for a more thorough strategy guide.

Please check it out if that interests you and feel free to leave a comment.
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Thank-You fellow candy crush Player

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Candy Crush Saga: 10 Reasons Not To Play It!

Candy Crush Saga is PURE EVIL! Therefore I feel it's my duty to give you 10 reasons not to play it! Now help me spread the word!
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With this game taking the internet by storm, I'm sure it won't be long until Candy Crush The Movie is out, and they have to open up Candy Crush addiction clinics!

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Candy Crush Saga is a video game for smartphones and Facebook that was released on November 14, 2012. It was developed by As of March 2013, Candy Crush Saga surpassed FarmVille 2 as the most popular game on Facebook, with 45.6 million average monthly users. It is a variation on their browser game Candy Crush.
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Candy Crush Soda Saga Special Top tips, tricks, and cheats ohne Cheats

Unendlich Zeit ? unendlich Schokokugel und Fisch ?
und das ohne Cheat ? .... ja es geht ...

Candy Crush Saga In Real Life

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Candy Crush Soda Saga Special All Combos

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This is Special All Combos in Candy Crush Soda Saga. Watch it!

1. Mix of Color Bomb Candy and Sublime Coloring Candy
2. Mix of Double Color Bomb Candy
3. Mix of Double Sublime Coloring Candy
4. Mix of Color Bomb Candy and Stripped Candy
5. Mix of Color Bomb Candy and Wrapped Candy
6. Mix of Color Bomb Candy and Fishes Candy
7. Mix of Sublime Coloring Candy and Wrapped Candy
8. Mix of Sublime Coloring Candy and Stripped Candy
9. Mix of Sublime Coloring Candy and Fishes Candy

Candy Crush Level 632, 14 moves 0 Boosters

Suzy, The Candy Crush Guru at Help for Candy Crush with an audio talkthrough of tips, hints, tricks, and strategies.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga - Tips and Tricks

Here are some tricks and tips from the developers of Candy Crush Jelly Saga.

Official blurb:
King Digital Entertainment plc (NYSE: KING), a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world, today announced the launch of its next instalment in the Candy Crush franchise, Candy Crush Jelly Saga. Candy Crush Jelly Saga is the third game in the popular franchise which includes the hit games Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga.
Now available to download for free from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and the Windows Store, the new sister title introduces players to a new jelly-filled world within the Candy Kingdom where they will experience tasty new challenges and game modes. These include competitive ‘boss modes’ new to Candy Crush where switching and matching become more strategic as players show off their moves to beat an in-game opponent.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga sets players off amongst the clouds and tree-top wilderness of the Candy Kingdom where a young, adventurous yeti girl named Jenny embarks on a
Jellylicious journey to visit her Uncle Yeti in the Candy Kingdom. Players join Jenny on her journey and will meet a new group of Candy Crush friends who need help defeating the naughty Jelly Queen to solve their treetop troubles.
This colorful new title adds an additional layer of creative and strategic thinking to the Candy World, with exciting new features including “Jelly” and “Boss” gameplay modes. In “Jelly Mode,” players must match candies in jelly in order to make it spread and win the level. As players perfect their delightful moves throughout the journey, the Jelly Queen and her minions will test those moves in “Boss Mode” along the way. While in competitive play against the Jelly Queen, players will take turns against her and whoever spreads the most jelly by matching candies will win the level.

“We are very excited to be launching Candy Crush Jelly Saga, the third instalment in the Candy Crush franchise”, said Tjodolf Sommestad, SVP of the Candy Crush Franchise at King. “The Candy Crush franchise has been extremely popular around the world, and players have now been enjoying the games for more than three years. We are continually thinking of new ways to innovate within our games and bring different gaming experiences to our players. We believe that the competitive gameplay elements introduced here in the ‘boss mode’ levels offer a new challenge for our players and complement sister titles Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga extremely well.”
Candy Crush lovers can jiggle and wiggle their way through the120 levels that are now available and delight in a Jelly world that includes a new scrolling game map, new characters, new candy designs and a new Colour Bomb booster.

Candy Crush Friends Saga All Combo's Mixed!

WARNING! Some Video that i made is using cheat Engine. Cheating is a choice, not a mistake! i dont advise you to follow me, because playing fair is si so much fun! Candy Crush Soda Saga is a brand new game from the makers of the legendary Candy Crush Saga. New candies, more divine combinations and challenging game modes brimming with purple soda!

Top 10 - Most Difficult Levels in Candy Crush Saga

Ever get stuck on a level in Candy Crush Saga that you just can’t complete? Ever ran into a moment that just makes you want to throw your iPad through a brick wall? If that does happen to you, it’s ok because it happens all the time in Candy Crush Saga, and it brought much debate amongst the professors at GamerU. Just talking about theses levels can get frustrating, but we’re going to suck it up, and show you the top ten hardest levels in Candy Crush Saga.

10. Level 30

9. Level 76

8. Level 77

7. Level 133

6. Level 147

5. Level 155

4. Level 181

3. Level 265

2. Level 305

1. Level 342

Luckily GamerU has tips and tricks videos to complete each of these levels, so check them out and come back next time for our newest Top 10 list at your favorite university, GamerU.

Unlimited Gold Bars to cross any level in Candy Crush Saga

A must watch video for all candycrush saga players...

I know you guys must have faced situation in some point when you only need few moves to cross the level but you are out of moves and later you have to start same level again.

Now it wont be a problem for you guys, just follow these simple steps and you'll be able to cross any tough level easily with additional moves in each level.

*** This trick works only on the latest level you are struck on, it wont work on levels which you already cleared ***

Step 1 : Make sure you have atleast 9 gold bars available in your account, if you have more than that it gonna make your game easier, but if not have enough gold bars than keep playing Ice drops challenge and you'll get enough at some point. ( 9 bars for 5 moves, 18 bars for 10moves and so on.. you won't loose any goldbars you use, instead you can reuse them again and again.)

Step 2 : start the game while your internet connection is active and start playing.

Step 3 : When you reach to certain point where you have no more moves left but you still need few more to complete the level, then here is the important part : keep the game running in background and go to settings to switch of any internet connection you have like wi-fi or network data.

Go back to game and purchase 5 extra moves with 9 gold bars, now you'll get extra moves but it wont update online... if you have more than 9 gold bars then it is even better for you after extra 5 moves you can purchase another 5 moves with a bonus stripe candy for another 18 gold bars and so on, ok !! so fair enough but here comes the tricky part.

Step 4 : you dont want these purchases to sync online otherwise it gonna be deducted permanently, so you must quit game after finishing current level. Make sure you kill its process if it is running in background.

Now activate you internet connection again, and start the game. Here you can notice that as soon as data get in sync online then all the gold bars gonna be restored back to number where you started first. ( As in the video you can notice that I started at 16 gold bars and after using 9 bars during last game play they were restored back to 16 again - )

How cool is that, now you can cross any toughest level easily.

For more amazing tricks & cheats subscribe to my channel Incredible Videos World. Lots of more videos are coming up soon.

Like the video if you find this trick useful.

Thanks for watching.
Video ID-IVWG201506220208

Candy Crush Soda Saga Hack 2017 - Unlimited Gold Bars [Android, iOS and PC]

Candy Crush Soda Saga Hack 2017 - Unlimited Gold Bars [Android, iOS and PC]
Official website:

Candy Crush Soda Saga is the most addicting game ever! You can play it anywhere and any time: at home, at your work, at school… During short breaks between work, at night when you can’t fall asleep or when waiting in a long queue… And it never ends as new and new levels are added.
The main problem is obviously limited number of lives and boosters. Sometimes the levels are quite easy and sometimes they take several tries before you complete them. However, from time to time we run into levels which seem to be designed so that you would use all your lives and boosters and ask your friends for help. And even that is not enough!
We are happy to announce our Candy Crush Soda Saga Hack!! You can generate Unlimited Gold Bars and Lives for life. We update it daily to make everyting works perfectly.
The best thing about our Candy Crush Soda Saga Hack is that you can still play the game online and compete with your friends. This is the only hack that can do this.

Download the game from:
Google Play:

Best YT Channels with Candy Crush Soda Saga Gameplay:
Candy Crush Hero:

Make sure you follow all the steps from the video to get Unlimited Gold Bars and Lives. If you have any problems, leave a comment.
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Level 149 in Candy Crush Saga - Tips and Tricks

Want to learn more Candy Crush Saga tips and tricks? Come check out and watch all our tips videos!
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Welcome to GamerU Candy Crush Tips and Tricks Level 149. To pass Level 149, you must collect 1 combination of two Wrapped Candies, 10 Striped Candies, 99 blue candies and reach 30,000 points in 35 moves. Here are 4 tips to help you clear Level 149: 1.Look for the Super Candies, do not worry about the meringues, as you are playing, your super candies will clear the meringues. 2. Save any Wrapped Candy to make a combination with another Wrapped Candy, until you have collected the only one you need. 3. Save any Color Bombs you make to match with Blue Candies in order to collect all the blue candies on the screen. 4. Clear all the chocolate or eliminate the expansion of chocolate if you can in order to keep moves available to you on the board. That’s it and Good luck!!

Candy Crush Saga Level 871

Candy Crush Saga Level 871 played by
Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough Playlist:

Candy Crush Saga Level 1212 NEW only 10 moves!

Updated version, no frog, no boosters played by Cookie
Visit our website for tips and help for all levels.

Candy Crush Saga Level 1374

Candy Crush Saga Level 1374 played by
Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough Playlist:

Candy Crush Saga Level 3914 NO BOOSTERS


Candy Crush Saga Level 1532

Candy Crush Saga Level 1532 played by
Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough Playlist:

Candy Crush Saga Level 1027

Candy Crush Saga Level 1027 played by
Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough Playlist:

Candy Crush Saga Level 1218 NO BOOSTERS

2 stars played by Cookie
Visit our website for tips and help for all levels of Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga Level 1920 - NO BOOSTERS

Candy Crush Saga Level 1920 played by
Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough Playlist:

Candy Crush Saga Level 773

Candy Crush Saga Level 773 Three Stars 516 040 Points - Best High Score, No Boosters Used no cheating - Pure skill playing .. how to beat level 773 candy crush ..
Thanks for watching this candy crush saga level 773 video

Candy Crush saga Link:

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