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10 best tips for playing Cave Story


10 Ways to Hide Your Minecraft Base with NO REDSTONE (ok maybe a little..)

10 Ways to Hide Your Minecraft Base with NO REDSTONE (ok maybe a little..) you heard me, lots of ways, some old, some new, to hide your minecraft base in minecraft. Some have some downsides, so choose which one suits you the most! There is some OPTIONAL redstone in these to make them better, thanks iskall for the help.


Cave Story: The Story of Daisuke Amaya (Pixel)

The story of Daisuke Amaya, better known as Pixel, is an interesting one. Over the course of five years, he created the game that we all now know as Cave Story, and he did it all while working in his spare time, around his more pressing concerns of education and employment.

Cave Story seems to come up very regularly in these videos - plenty of game developers and artists (such as Temmie Chang of Undertale fame and Satchely from Doki Doki Literature Club) list the Dokutsu Monogatari (as it's known in Japanese) as one of their big inspirations.

Perhaps it's the game's history as freeware, or maybe it's just because Cave Story kicked off (more or less) the ongoing retro renaissance of games that are designed to look and feel like they were invented in a different era.

Regardless, it's impressive just how hard Pixel worked on Cave Story, and what he put into making it completely perfect. He even scrapped an entire original version of the game (now known as Cave Story Beta among enthusiasts) along his way to making the finished version of Cave Story.

There's also the story of Cave Story+ and Cave Story 3D, but we'll dive into those at a later date if you guys seem interested in them.

Indie game development stories like this one are always the most interesting. It's fine when a big studio makes a noteworthy game (one of those is coming in a few weeks that should please Zelda fans), but when it's just one or two developers working hard on a passion project, the entire development experience seems so much more intriguing.

Daisuke Amaya is a perfect example of this, because he never even intended to make money from his game, and once it was finished, he moved on to different projects without really thinking too much about game design for a while.

Cave Story was a success to Pixel because he'd made the game he wanted to make, and he was pleased with it. There's a nice lesson there for budding creatives in many fields - if you're having fun, then that's what matters most.

Have a great week, guys!
BretonStripes ( and Kotor (

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10 really successful games made by a single person

Activision spent 500 million dollar on the development and promotion of Destiny. Ubisoft has hundreds of people working on Assassin’s Creed in studios all over the world. But you don’t need a huge amount of resources to make a successful video game. There are amazing examples of games that were made by only one man. We take a look at ten of the best games that were made by a single person.


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stopping the cave story demake

why? because it isn't possible to make a bullet hell like this on game boy and i refuse to make anything that isn't true to the original. plus im too inexperienced. and its a bit too difficult to make things like the core and stuff work well. and the cherry on top, im being harassed by a 10 year old zoomer on the internet who thinks they can make a better port than me. so i say, let him try and fail. ;) The rom file can be obtained on my (new) server dedicated to my other project which is still ongoing and WILL be completed: LUNA

Why Solo Devs Make Great Music (Game Music Discussion)

Touhou, Cave Story, Yume Nikki, To The Moon, Undertale & DDLC are a few games in which the developer 'self-composed' the music. People LOVE these soundtracks - is this a coincidence? Let's find out! New Discussion Vid every 2 weeks!



Cave Story+ - All Bosses [Hard*, No Damage]

Cave Story + on Steam:

Difficulty: Hard (3/3) and Original (2/3)
*There is 2 bosses (Sisters and G-Clone) which you can't fight on hard difficulty.

Bosses in video:

[00:00] 1. Balrog (Round 1)
[02:22] 2. Igor
[03:42] 3. Balrog (Round 2)
[05:24] 4. Balfrog (Round 3)
[07:44] 5. Curly Brace
[09:34] 6. Omega
[10:53] 7. Rabid Toroko
[14:44] 8. Monster X
[16:37] 9. Balrog (Round 4)
[19:18] 10. The Core
[24:37] 11. Ironhead
[25:52] 12. Sisters
[27:32] 13. Ma Pignon
[29:04] 14. Red Ogre
[29:42] 15. Misery
[32:02] 16. The Doctor
[34:31] 17. Final Boss: Undead Core
[38:25] 18. G-CLONE
[40:11] 19. Heavy Press
[41:19] 20. True Final Boss: Ballos

This is one of the games which was requested quite frequently. I wanted to do it too, but I was concerned about some of the bosses. As much as I like this game, there is some parts, there the game can be REALLY frustrating, especially if you play on hard.

Like i mentioned before, you can't fight Sisters and G-CLONE on hard. That doesn't really matter, as the only difference between hard and normal, is that on hard there is no health containers and you can't increase your health (there is only one exception) and you can't obtain missile launcher and it's upgrades.

Let's Play Cave Story+ (Switch) - Part 1 - Welcome Back To...

One of my favorite games, we're playing Cave Story+ on the Switch!!

I hope you all will indulge us once again, as we continue our journey of playing what we want to play the most, and uploading when we want to. Today, we're playing one of Ian's top 5 favorite games, Cave Story! I love the remaster, and I hope you'll all enjoy the journey of replaying it together.

This was the very first video we recorded a year ago to this month, so it'll definitely be dated, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

Let's connect! So we can get to know each other better!!


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(41:00) Cave Story+ (Switch) Best Ending, Normal speedrun

Personal best from 2020/05/24 to 2020/10/15.
Not my finest achievement, but I suppose that just means that there's a ton of room for improvement. Sub-40 is definitely very much possible (and reasonably achievable), but first I would need to generally get better at playing this game with a controller instead of a keyboard....

This was played on a Japanese cart with the language set to English. I believe the Japanese text to be slower than the English text, due to how insanely slow the Japanese text scrolls compared to English, but I'd have to count the frames in the videos to be sure. Either way, the difference is probably subtle at most.

This video contains just the gameplay (without me talking). Here's the full VOD from Twitch:

Cave Story Final Cave (Hidden) Tips [TURN SUBTITLE ON]

Some tips on how to beat the final cave in cave story (dont forget to turn subtitles on for explanations)

the other 2 videos
red ogre alternative battle:
Little presses hall safest:

I played on the steam release named cave story +, everything I did there works on the other versions too (on 3ds, wii, dsi, switch and the original freeware version)

This video is for casual gamer, therefore if you want help for a speedrun, you are not in the right place, sorry.

How to play Cave Story on your Android or iPhone, maybe.

Sorry for the shitty sound is my fault :(


Cave Story:

Sorry if this does not work on your iPhone I only have Android:(

Cave Story [Walkthrough] - Part 21 - Last Cave (Hidden)

The Last Cave is one of the hardest parts of the game for me. Guess, that's because it's so long and nearly everything hurts like hell.

Boss Fights:

1. Red Demon

Difficulty: 3/10

It's hard to describe what exactly you have to do. First of all you can't recover health before this boss which makes him more difficult. At the start he shoots plates at you which you can avoid by flying up. Then he'll jump and throw plates at you again. This time they're easier to avoid because you can just walk under him. The rest of the fight repeats itself.

(38:11) Cave Story+ (Switch) Best Ending, Normal speedrun

Personal best as of 2020/10/15.

A bit better than my first the very least, it didn't have the Waterway disaster that that run had. :P
I'll come back to improve this further at some point in the future. This is good enough for me for now, though.

Twitch VOD with my commentary:

Cave Story Blood Stained Sanctuary Walkthrough

This guide is to show you how to simply GET THROUGH the Blood Stained Sanctuary on your first run. It is by no means how to get the best time.

Here's a guide I wrote on Steam a long time ago that I literally never uploaded until just now:

Cave Story Best Ending Speedrun - 57:28 (Old PB)

Streamed at on November 24 2013.
Timing starts on selecting New Game.
Timing ends on the cut to the floating island 4 seconds after the final hit on Ballos.
Note that this is the original freeware release of the game; times on Cave Story+ are kept separate.

Cave Story+ [Nintendo Switch] • ALL ENDINGS - Full Playthrough

Disclaimer: SPOILERS! DO NOT watch this video if you want to enjoy Cave Story+ to the fullest. This game is better played blind. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

This video took way too damn long to make. Getting all 4 endings took around three and a half hours, and two failed overnight renders forced me to re-edit the video, and in the process end up with a better finished product. Anyway...

This is a full playthrough of Cave Story+ for the Nintendo Switch, one of my all-time favorite games. I attempt to show off my skills and knowledge of the game throughout the run, while keeping it easy for viewers to follow.

If you're interested in seeing a specific part of the game, one of the endings, etc., here are timestamps to all notable events (this will be posted in the comments as well):

0:00 - Bootup
0:25 - Title Screen
1:07 - First Cave
3:02 - Mimiga Village
5:29 - Balrog fight #1
9:51 - Egg Corridor
16:35 - Igor fight
21:46 - Bushlands
30:20 - Balrog fight #2
36:57 - Balrog fight #3 [Balfrog]
45:08 - Sand Zone
46:35 - Curly fight
52:36 - Omega fight
1:03:34 - Rabid Toroko fight
1:06:10 - Labyrinth
1:10:30 - Puu Black fight
1:13:29 - Monster X fight
1:17:59 - Balrog fight #4
1:18:52 - Labyrinth M
1:24:14 - Core
1:26:48 - Core fight
1:30:19 - Waterway
1:33:28 - Ironhead fight
1:34:08 - Empty Mimiga Village
1:36:04 - Return to First Cave
1:39:38 - Egg Corridor EX
1:42:13 - Dragon Sisters fight
1:44:22 - Ending


1:46:03 - Outer Wall
1:48:09 - Plantation
1:57:34 - Final Cave
2:00:20 - Balcony
2:01:12 - Misery fight
2:03:02 - The Doctor fight [Phase 1]
2:03:42 - The Doctor fight [Phase 2]
2:05:36 - Undead Core fight
2:08:10 - Escape from the Island
2:08:54 - Mimiga Ending
2:10:12 - Mimiga Ending Credits

2:13:54 - Reclaim Booster 2.0
2:15:25 - Return to Cemetary
2:16:09 - Ma Pignon fight
2:17:58 - Secure Best Ending
2:19:57 - Final Cave [Hidden]
2:21:13 - Red Ogre fight
2:22:08 - Balcony
2:26:16 - Misery fight
2:27:46 - The Doctor fight [Phase 1]
2:28:23 - The Doctor fight [Phase 2]
2:30:27 - Undead Core fight
2:32:57 - Escape from the Island
2:33:36 - Good Ending
2:34:47 - Good Ending Credits


2:38:19 - Balcony
2:38:36 - Misery fight
2:40:00 - The Doctor fight [Phase 1]
2:40:40 - The Doctor fight [Phase 2]
2:42:28 - Undead Core fight
2:44:14 - Prefab House
2:44:20 - Blood-Stained Sanctuary
2:50:23 - Heavy Press fight
2:51:00 - Seal Chamber
2:51:28 - Ballos fight [Phase 1]
2:52:26 - Ballos fight [Phase 2]
2:53:10 - Ballos fight [Phase 3]
2:53:47 - Ballos fight [Phase 4]
2:54:24 - Best Ending
2:56:13 - Best Ending Credits


Crystalis D&Dcast - Part 2: Cave Story

A Dungeons & Dragons podcast inspired by the NES cult classic Crystalis. Part 2 of 10.

Having emerged from the frigid tunnels of Mt. Sabre after spending the better part of their adult lives at the inn, our four heroes—Alex Zebu Jedraszczak, Christian Tornel Porter, Vangie Asina Ridgaway, and Mike Kensu Ridgaway—promptly go back into the tunnels. Nathaniel the DM Hoover can only be held partially accountable.

In this virtually all-combat installment, you'll hear...

- Further proof that Mike Ridgaway is a sick, sick man.

- Productive self-decapitation.

- An enemy guard get paralyzed so hard that it freezes the DM's brain and causes him to forget the man is paralyzed at all.

- An enemy monster hide so well in the shadows that the DM doesn't realize he's hiding in the shadows, causing him to forget his concealment bonus altogether.

- Nobody cares about Stom. Poor, poor Stom.

...and much, much more! But not too much, much more, because it's, like, half an hour of fighting. In game time, though, that's only about two minutes, so any sensation of this atrociously drawn-out battle taking forever is purely your imagination.

Contains some language and situations that may not be appropriate for all audiences.

Brought to you by

Collectibles - How To Make Chores Fun In Games ~ Design Doc

Go to or text DESIGNDOC to 500 500 and start listening today with a 30 day free trial!
At first glance, game collectibles might sound like a chore. In some games, they are. But with the right motivation and tools, you can make them a rewarding, worthwhile pillar of any game. Let’s talk about what you can do to make collectibles worth collecting.

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[MC-Misc] UHC Etho battle theme (based on Cave Story title theme)

Something different today! Not a real Minecraft video, but a song!

Every time the MindCrackers are doing their UHC thing, I always think that they need some kind of confrontation music when they fight each other, music that is specific to each person, with a boss consonance or something. So here's my shot at making a song that would somehow fit Etho. This song is in fact a boss remix of the Plantation, in Cave Story. I choosed that song because he used it in his EATS roads in the first season of his Let's Play series. I would probably have used something else if he was using a specific intro song or stuff, but he isn't. Also choose Etho specifically because I was more inspired by him. I knew what song to use as a base. The other one who I could have done a song for is BdoubleO since he already has a (short) intro theme song, but also a few fan mixes like The Lovely Pack; the idea would be to make some kind of medley of theme or something, but not sure if that's gonna happen. I need time and motivation for such things, and I'm currently lacking of both unfortunately.

I also did the picture. Yes, I know, the perspective does not make any sense, and Pakratt (that's him, yes), doesn't look too good in my opinion. Though it's hard to do fan-arts of the Minecraft characters since the skins are kinda low resolution. I'm no professional artist (or even composer) anyway. (And FYI, I have nothing against Pakratt, he just happens to have fought Etho on the last season (season 8), if that's not a too big UHC spoiler for you.)
And by the way, if there are two Etho, that's because he's a ninja. Or maybe he just made a billboard that looks like him as a distraction. Who knows? =P (It's not supposed to be accurate to the fight anyway.)

Song was done on LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio, free and avalaible on Windows despite its name) using the GeneralUser GS FluidSynth sound font. No download available right now.
Picture was done on Windows 7's default Paint software. Yeah I know about better softwares, but didn't feel like it was necessary. Picture available at

Let's Play - Cave Story - [10] Puppy Love

Cave Story Walkthrough Part 16: Not-So-Sacred Grounds

Sacred Grounds is the hardest area to get through in the game. Practicing each area until you get past it is key here. There's no real tricks you can use to get through it besides pure skill.

The first area you have to have gotten the hang of your booster 2.0... Something I did strangely well at despite my lack of control with it.

The second you better be good at dodging blocks and enemies at the same time. it's all randomized too, so you can't script your moves.

The third requires a lot of strategy. Move carefully or you may find yourself trapped with little chance of dodging a hit.

It's a well-balanced, yet very difficult area to get through. Plus there's 2 bosses you have to take out. All of this must be done... WITHOUT saving! There are a few places where you can get or grind for health though.




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