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10 best tips for playing Cave Story


Cave Story | Challenges

We go through the challenges that offer new content and show off weapons we didn't use during the main story!


Cave Story+ - All Bosses [Hard*, No Damage]

Cave Story + on Steam:

Difficulty: Hard (3/3) and Original (2/3)
*There is 2 bosses (Sisters and G-Clone) which you can't fight on hard difficulty.

Bosses in video:

[00:00] 1. Balrog (Round 1)
[02:22] 2. Igor
[03:42] 3. Balrog (Round 2)
[05:24] 4. Balfrog (Round 3)
[07:44] 5. Curly Brace
[09:34] 6. Omega
[10:53] 7. Rabid Toroko
[14:44] 8. Monster X
[16:37] 9. Balrog (Round 4)
[19:18] 10. The Core
[24:37] 11. Ironhead
[25:52] 12. Sisters
[27:32] 13. Ma Pignon
[29:04] 14. Red Ogre
[29:42] 15. Misery
[32:02] 16. The Doctor
[34:31] 17. Final Boss: Undead Core
[38:25] 18. G-CLONE
[40:11] 19. Heavy Press
[41:19] 20. True Final Boss: Ballos

This is one of the games which was requested quite frequently. I wanted to do it too, but I was concerned about some of the bosses. As much as I like this game, there is some parts, there the game can be REALLY frustrating, especially if you play on hard.

Like i mentioned before, you can't fight Sisters and G-CLONE on hard. That doesn't really matter, as the only difference between hard and normal, is that on hard there is no health containers and you can't increase your health (there is only one exception) and you can't obtain missile launcher and it's upgrades.

Top 9 Best FREE Singleplayer PC Games

Here's my list of the best free singleplayer games you can get on PC!

Cave Story:
Dwarf Fortress:
SCP: Containment Breach:

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EPIC Minecraft Cave House Ideas and Inspiration

A showcase of lots of cave ideas and inspiration for your minecraft builds in your world!

Thank you to Pearlescentmoon, tenku and Luvi for help on the building. And thank you to Iskall for inspiration on some of these builds.


Cave Story Blood Stained Sanctuary Walkthrough

This guide is to show you how to simply GET THROUGH the Blood Stained Sanctuary on your first run. It is by no means how to get the best time.

Here's a guide I wrote on Steam a long time ago that I literally never uploaded until just now:

Jenka's Nightmare (Cave Story MOD) - Secret Rooms

Mod: Jenka's Nightmare: Jenka No Akumu
Release Date: 2014
Author: Zarro Tsukei/ZarroTsu
Difficulty: Hard

I played this before, and i did 2 videos about the game even, but that was a long time ago, anyway, i decided to record this since there's no video on YT about the 5 secret rooms of the game, and after finding each one of them i can see why, Rant incoming!

So what is Jenka's Nightmare? a mod of CS and like every hack of a game, A sequel to the original taking place one year after the events of the OG CS. Quote, Curly, Balrog and Co. are taken back to the island by Jenka and it's up to Quote and later in the game, Curly to figure out what is happening

About the Secret Rooms:
The Secret Rooms are well, Secret Rooms spread in the game hidden in cryptic locations, there are 5 of them and they're optional, but finding each one rewards you with something neat (According to the game of course), Some rooms are a one time go room, this means, that after some time in the progression of the game you wouldn't be able to come back to these rooms again and surprise, you need to find the five if you want to access the super secret room and his reward, otherwise you must start the game over, so backing up your file may be a wise decision

Secret Room 1:
In 'First Cave' lure the critter in the Top right to the door that leads to the 'Start Point?' and use it as a steeping stone to propel you to the platform with a Bat, then jump into the bat and hold your jump button and the left direction, and you should squeeze into the gap. avoid the spikes and enter the cave.

Secret Room 2:
In 'Mimiga Village' head to the reservoir door (To the left of the Save point) and as soon as you enter jump into the water and jump as soon as you touch the ground inside the water all the way to the left using the momentum of your jumps. after that just climb up to the door and enter

Secret Room 3:
So for this room you need to align Mimiga and Flower teleporters, use the Mimiga Teleporter to go to Flower, then go to the left and use the 'Beetles' as steeping stones to climb up all the way to the 'Gaudi' Teleporter, feed the puppy and use the teleporter to go to the Misery Abode. This one is kinda tricky to do. (Tip: Do this before getting the Booster v0.8)

Secret Room 4:
After you return from the labyrinth return to the Sand Zone and align Gaudi and Flower teleporters and use the Mimiga teleporter to teleport to the Labyrinth teleporter, as soon as you come out of the Labyrinth teleporter use the Dog Whistle to trap yourself in the area making the teleporters reset, but making the teleporter still active, simply use it again to teleport to Room 4

Secret Room 5:
At some point you gain control of Curly, ask Balrog for your Machine Gun (Important: While playing as Quote if you took the Machine Gun from Balrog give it back) and level the weapon to Level 3 to propel yourself to a door in Plantation that is only accessible with curly. The Door is above the Save Room (Tip: Find all the ammo for the machine gun while playing as Quote and then give it back to Balrog)

Super Secret Room:
If you entered at least one Secret Room you can enter Jenka's Fireplace in the 'Sand Zone', but if you want the Big Reward you need to enter all of the Secret Rooms in the Game and beat the Boss Rush inside of the room , otherwise you need to play all the game from the beginning and find all of them to enter. Completing the Boss Rush gives you a Secret item called Pointed Glasses, Use them in the Final phase of the Final Boss Battle to see new text and a hear a Cave Story rendition of Sorairo Days main theme from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Tip: Go for the Spur first, assuming you got it before entering this room),

I liked the Mod from start to finish, it's a neat mod and that's all, it kinda feels like a sequel to the game. As for the secret rooms themselves, are they worth it? Well, No, at least personally it didn't, all i got for my troubles finding the damn secret rooms was an item that changes one small portion of the game, don't get me wrong i like Gurren Lagann but the item and the different music is not worth your pain in the Boss Rush, and to address the evident cheating on that, i tried so much honest tries, i really did, but the Boss Rush wasn't fun to complete, it was a bitch of a time to complete with just 64HP, and after some attempts doing it the legal way i was fucking done, i edited the fucking save to be able to beat that stupid boss rush because it wasn't fun, so yeah, good mod, bad reward

00:00 Title Screen
00:15 Introduction
02:38 Secret Room 1
06:04 Secret Room 2
10:15 Secret Room 3
27:48 Secret Room 4
34:33 Secret Room 5
38:08 Super Secret Room
39:50 Getting back the SPUR
42:34 Heading back to the Super Secret Room
47:46 Disclaimer
48:00 Boss Rush
01:12:41 Final Road: Arcadia
01:18:21 Final Boss
01:23:25 Reward in Action
01:26:15 Credits
01:31:06 Final Time

Cave Story: The Story of Daisuke Amaya (Pixel)

The story of Daisuke Amaya, better known as Pixel, is an interesting one. Over the course of five years, he created the game that we all now know as Cave Story, and he did it all while working in his spare time, around his more pressing concerns of education and employment.

Cave Story seems to come up very regularly in these videos - plenty of game developers and artists (such as Temmie Chang of Undertale fame and Satchely from Doki Doki Literature Club) list the Dokutsu Monogatari (as it's known in Japanese) as one of their big inspirations.

Perhaps it's the game's history as freeware, or maybe it's just because Cave Story kicked off (more or less) the ongoing retro renaissance of games that are designed to look and feel like they were invented in a different era.

Regardless, it's impressive just how hard Pixel worked on Cave Story, and what he put into making it completely perfect. He even scrapped an entire original version of the game (now known as Cave Story Beta among enthusiasts) along his way to making the finished version of Cave Story.

There's also the story of Cave Story+ and Cave Story 3D, but we'll dive into those at a later date if you guys seem interested in them.

Indie game development stories like this one are always the most interesting. It's fine when a big studio makes a noteworthy game (one of those is coming in a few weeks that should please Zelda fans), but when it's just one or two developers working hard on a passion project, the entire development experience seems so much more intriguing.

Daisuke Amaya is a perfect example of this, because he never even intended to make money from his game, and once it was finished, he moved on to different projects without really thinking too much about game design for a while.

Cave Story was a success to Pixel because he'd made the game he wanted to make, and he was pleased with it. There's a nice lesson there for budding creatives in many fields - if you're having fun, then that's what matters most.

Have a great week, guys!
BretonStripes ( and Kotor (

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Music: Hymn by Scott Buckley

Cave Story part 12 - (Mimiga's Garden tips.)

Up the tower and into the garden...?

How to play Cave Story on your Android or iPhone, maybe.

Sorry for the shitty sound is my fault :(


Cave Story:

Sorry if this does not work on your iPhone I only have Android:(

Cave Story (2004) / Cave Story+ (2011) | GAMEPLAY COMPARISION

Comparasion of original Cave Story / Cave Story+ / Cave Story+ in Original mode!

FREE period: 3rd - 10th of December 2020

Cave Story - Original FREE version

See our REVIEW:

Game description:
Arguably the most well-known indie game of all time, Cave Story+ features an original story brimming with personality, mystery and fast-paced fun. Run, jump, shoot, fly and explore your way through a massive adventure reminiscent of classic 8 and 16-bit games!

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Cave Story (2004) / Cave Story+ (2011) | GAMEPLAY COMPARISION
Cave Story+ | GAMEPLAY
Cave Story+ playthrough
Cave Story+ keyboard
Cave Story+ Gamepad
Cave Story+ singleplayer gameplay
Cave Story+ multiplayer gameplay
Cave Story+ PC free game
Cave Story+ 2011 Gameplay
Cave Story+ Free PC
cave story better graphics
Cave Story comparision
Cave Story vs Cave Story+ comparision

Cave Story three versions gameplay compare
Cave Story 2004 Gameplay
Cave Story+ 2011 Gameplay

Cave story - How To Complete Sacred Grounds easily

Made for everyone that can't complete sacred grounds, this video will help you by doing it slowly and getting to ballos with max hp

PSP Homebrew: Cave Story Installation, Review Gameplay | Tutorial 2020 Edition

Welcome to another video. Today we take a look at another nice homebrew called Cave Story. The gameplay is great, let me know if you would like to see more.

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Let's Play Cave Story - Part 1 - Rabbit Season

The holiday season is upon us yet again! So many fantastic games this year, especially on the Indie side of things! So let's take a trip down memory lane and visit one of the first big indie titles to come from the bowels of the internet, Dokutsu Monogatari! Otherwise known as Cave as Cave Story+...and the subsequently re-re-released Super Turbo Championship Edition! OK, that last one wasn't true!

This Metroidvania Jump-n-Shoot Sim doesn't really need any introduction because of how long it's been out in the wild and how many platforms you can find it on. Nevertheless, it's still a short but sweet gem that deserves a spotlight and there's never been a better time with the release of the definitive Nintendo Switch version! So let's get crack-a-lackin'!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In this part we start our story inside...well...a cave, obviously! We don't really have a solid grasp on who we are, what we are, or what we're doing here, but that's not gonna stop us from robbing a hermit blind, crashing into a village full of rabbits and wrecking up the place!

Again, that last one isn't really true. Trouble actually finds its way to us this time around!

Enjoy the video ;D

Cave Story [Walkthrough] - Part 13 - Monster X

Don't rescue Dr. Booster! Trust me, you'll get a better equipment later ;-P

Boss Fights:

1. Monster X

Difficulty: 4/10

When I first played the game I died a lot at this boss. That's why I give it a slightly more difficulty :-P
As soon as the fight starts, kill all the cockroaches in the remaining area. Then carefully jump from one of X's tread to another. After some time he stops, opens up and fires purple projectiles. That's when you attack his green turrents. When those are destroyed he'll attack you with homing fish missles and will be vulnerable as soon as he opens up again.
The blade is a perfect weapon against this boss ;-D

2. Balrog - fourth encounter

Difficulty: 3/10

This time Balrog jumps even higher and shoots missles at you! Though, he's still no big threat.
You can shoot down his missles easily and his overall damage isn't that bad. Try not to get hit too much, because you'll need health for the next part.

(41:00) Cave Story+ (Switch) Best Ending, Normal speedrun

Personal best from 2020/05/24 to 2020/10/15.
Not my finest achievement, but I suppose that just means that there's a ton of room for improvement. Sub-40 is definitely very much possible (and reasonably achievable), but first I would need to generally get better at playing this game with a controller instead of a keyboard....

This was played on a Japanese cart with the language set to English. I believe the Japanese text to be slower than the English text, due to how insanely slow the Japanese text scrolls compared to English, but I'd have to count the frames in the videos to be sure. Either way, the difference is probably subtle at most.

This video contains just the gameplay (without me talking). Here's the full VOD from Twitch:

Lami Plays: Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari) [P1]

A new play through, a new game. I like this game. It is adorable and seems to have a nice storyline developing. If there is one thing I like, it's a good story.

I'm not very good at the game though. This upsets me. I might get better at the game though. This makes me happier.

Special thanks to Kiilaska for recommending this game to me. I think she picked a good'un!

I hope this video makes you happier.

Go Kart - Kevin Macleod (Royalty Free)

Cave Story walkthrough Part 3

Part 3 of Cave Story.

Those flying bugs were a real pain in this part. Also, I need to find out how to make the sound better.

CAVE STORY || 5 : Sandy Puppy Collecting

Better quality, same gameplay!
We're off in the sandy Sand Zone to get some of them pretty puppies back to good ol' Jenka!

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Cave Story is an amazing and free game, of which you can download right here --

How to get Cave Story Deluxe for free! (PC/MAC)

first, go to:

And scroll down to compilations and click the one that says cave story deluxe.
install and enjoy!


Thanks for putting up with my first ever review on this channel, sorry about the quality, cave story doesn't like to be recorded, and I had to play and record the game in 320p just so it wouldn't lag. Cave Story is most likely going to be re-reviewed in the future once I make more reviews and become better at it.


Thanks for watching!

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