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10 best tips for playing Cave Story


Cave Story Facts!!! - It's Super Effective!!! 22 CRAZZYY FACTS!!!

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Honestly one of my favourite games of all time, if not... Maybe my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE!!! Quote, Curly Brace, King, Sue, Professor Booster... They're like family to me, and I absolutely love all the little intricate details about their story, it's absolutely brilliant!!

If you haven't played Cave Story... PLAY IT NOW!

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1 On the show The Suite Life on Deck, in the episode Going Bananas, Cave Story can be seen in the background of an arcade.

2 Daisuke Pixel Amaya developed Cave Story in his free time over five years. He began the project when he was in college and continued working on it after getting a job as a software developer.

3 Pixel originaly named Quote's 'Curly Brace' during development, but as things continued, Curly was developed as a partner character, tagging along with Quote.

4 In Kirby's Epic Yarn while in the level Cool Cave, Kirby has to battle a giant frog in a cave as a reference to Balfrog from Cave Story.

5 The novel Perfect World Depression is an exploration of marriage, motherhood, and the choices we make when we have no choices left.

6 During Halloween, Curly will wear an armor that is identical to Samus' Chozo Power Suit from Metroid

7 Cave story has a lot of HARD choices to make when it comes down to completion and getting the best weapon set.

8 In beta versions of the game, all the enemies were shaped like bars of soap, a concept that evolved into the Balrog character.

9 Balrog's cry of Oh Yeah! as he breaks through walls or ceilings is a reference to the Kool-Aid Man.

10 During the event sequence when Toroko runs back and forth rapidly in the Shack, Quote can take 1 contact damage by touching her, and if the player is killed with this action in Cave Story+, they will earn the Toroko Wins! achievement.

11 Toroko replaces Anatupone's statue in the Statue Chamber if destroyed during a Blood Stained Sanctuary run.

12 In Pixel's BBS, he that King himself has eaten red flowers, but did not go rabid because he cooked them. It is also stated that the red flowers increased King's power.

13 Quote appears as a downloadable character in Bit.Trip Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

14 At the very end of Cave story, if you have gathered all the right weapons and materials, you can go to Hell. It’s a BRUTAL stage, which puts all of your skills to the test.

If you have the Nikumaru counter, your best time ranking score will be displayed in the upper-left hand corner of the title screen.

However, depending on your score you can get other characters and their theme songs to appear/play on the screen instead of the main character. It is believed that you must get 5'0000 or under to unlock the Toroko title screen.

If your time is less than 6 minutes you get Curly & Running Hell track.

15: Ikachan is a short game created by Pixel before Cave Story, detailing the adventures of a small squid.

16: There are a couple tongue and cheek sexy references in Cave strory: The first being that you can get the secret item

16: If you talk to Booster with a mimiga mask, he'll think you're a mimiga.

17: If you have beaten the game and start again, you may try to escape off the island at the end of the Egg Corridor. However when you visit the room which has the door off the island, it mysteriously wont open, but you can feel the breeze from the outside.

18 After defeating the Doctor at The King's Table but BEFORE you head up to the Black Space, talk to Chako.

19 On the balcony, scale it on the far right side of the map and you'll eventually reach a sign that says THAT'S ALL, FOLKS!.

20 In the Last Cave area, if you have the mimiga mask on, the deep pits that normally lead to spikes will instead have a fan there which will blow you back up. Using the fans you can make it to the

21 If you play through cave story while avoiding the missile launcher, the last missile upgrade of the game (the one in Hell that gives 24 missiles) will give you a missile launcher with 100 missiles max. 100 missiles may little damages.

22 If you don’t get any of the jet packs, and decide to trade curly for the machine gun, get it to level 3 and shoot down and it will allow you to fly, if you hold down the jump button, you will fly much faster.

23 If you go to the computer in the waterway cabin without Curly, it says Wife bore child 4-8-08. Which sparked a lot of controversy early in the game’s life, especially since it was released in 2004.

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10 really successful games made by a single person

Activision spent 500 million dollar on the development and promotion of Destiny. Ubisoft has hundreds of people working on Assassin’s Creed in studios all over the world. But you don’t need a huge amount of resources to make a successful video game. There are amazing examples of games that were made by only one man. We take a look at ten of the best games that were made by a single person.


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Cave Story+ [Nintendo Switch] • ALL ENDINGS - Full Playthrough

Disclaimer: SPOILERS! DO NOT watch this video if you want to enjoy Cave Story+ to the fullest. This game is better played blind. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

This video took way too damn long to make. Getting all 4 endings took around three and a half hours, and two failed overnight renders forced me to re-edit the video, and in the process end up with a better finished product. Anyway...

This is a full playthrough of Cave Story+ for the Nintendo Switch, one of my all-time favorite games. I attempt to show off my skills and knowledge of the game throughout the run, while keeping it easy for viewers to follow.

If you're interested in seeing a specific part of the game, one of the endings, etc., here are timestamps to all notable events (this will be posted in the comments as well):

0:00 - Bootup
0:25 - Title Screen
1:07 - First Cave
3:02 - Mimiga Village
5:29 - Balrog fight #1
9:51 - Egg Corridor
16:35 - Igor fight
21:46 - Bushlands
30:20 - Balrog fight #2
36:57 - Balrog fight #3 [Balfrog]
45:08 - Sand Zone
46:35 - Curly fight
52:36 - Omega fight
1:03:34 - Rabid Toroko fight
1:06:10 - Labyrinth
1:10:30 - Puu Black fight
1:13:29 - Monster X fight
1:17:59 - Balrog fight #4
1:18:52 - Labyrinth M
1:24:14 - Core
1:26:48 - Core fight
1:30:19 - Waterway
1:33:28 - Ironhead fight
1:34:08 - Empty Mimiga Village
1:36:04 - Return to First Cave
1:39:38 - Egg Corridor EX
1:42:13 - Dragon Sisters fight
1:44:22 - Ending


1:46:03 - Outer Wall
1:48:09 - Plantation
1:57:34 - Final Cave
2:00:20 - Balcony
2:01:12 - Misery fight
2:03:02 - The Doctor fight [Phase 1]
2:03:42 - The Doctor fight [Phase 2]
2:05:36 - Undead Core fight
2:08:10 - Escape from the Island
2:08:54 - Mimiga Ending
2:10:12 - Mimiga Ending Credits

2:13:54 - Reclaim Booster 2.0
2:15:25 - Return to Cemetary
2:16:09 - Ma Pignon fight
2:17:58 - Secure Best Ending
2:19:57 - Final Cave [Hidden]
2:21:13 - Red Ogre fight
2:22:08 - Balcony
2:26:16 - Misery fight
2:27:46 - The Doctor fight [Phase 1]
2:28:23 - The Doctor fight [Phase 2]
2:30:27 - Undead Core fight
2:32:57 - Escape from the Island
2:33:36 - Good Ending
2:34:47 - Good Ending Credits


2:38:19 - Balcony
2:38:36 - Misery fight
2:40:00 - The Doctor fight [Phase 1]
2:40:40 - The Doctor fight [Phase 2]
2:42:28 - Undead Core fight
2:44:14 - Prefab House
2:44:20 - Blood-Stained Sanctuary
2:50:23 - Heavy Press fight
2:51:00 - Seal Chamber
2:51:28 - Ballos fight [Phase 1]
2:52:26 - Ballos fight [Phase 2]
2:53:10 - Ballos fight [Phase 3]
2:53:47 - Ballos fight [Phase 4]
2:54:24 - Best Ending
2:56:13 - Best Ending Credits


Cave Story | Challenges

We go through the challenges that offer new content and show off weapons we didn't use during the main story!


Top 10 Cave Story Songs

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Sorry this took so long to make! I got....distracted by various things =3= Anyway, here it is finally.
Cave Story is a game that is valued by many to be a master piece among the gaming community. It is quite possible one of the best indie games that exists to this day, and in some eyes even tops some more vaguely recent modern games *cough cough* Call of Duty *Cough*

With its mysterious graphics, compelling story, fun game play and featured multiple endings, this game is absolutely fantastic with a superb replay value. The music is second to none, and I list my absolute favourite Cave Story Songs.

Disclaimer: I do not own Cave Story, nor Pixel Studios, all the rights go to its creator Daisuke Amaya, AKA Pixel.

This is NOT the definite best cave story songs list. This is my opinion and my opinion only. You can agree to it or not, it's cool. This also contains spoilers when the list starts, but I explain all these disclaimers in the video prior my top ten list anyway so you shouldn't complain. Unless if you have the sound off, in which case I'm not sure why you're viewing this video in the first place.

End of Disclaimer

Cave Story - Doukutsu Monogatari - can be downloaded here for your re-creative pleasures:

The music of Cave Story, as well as unused tracks of the game, can be found here:

Recorded with FRAPS
Played Cave Story+ from Steam to record
Created using Sony Movie Studios Platinum 12

Roblox | Cave - All Endings

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Let's Play Cave Story - Part 1 - Rabbit Season

The holiday season is upon us yet again! So many fantastic games this year, especially on the Indie side of things! So let's take a trip down memory lane and visit one of the first big indie titles to come from the bowels of the internet, Dokutsu Monogatari! Otherwise known as Cave as Cave Story+...and the subsequently re-re-released Super Turbo Championship Edition! OK, that last one wasn't true!

This Metroidvania Jump-n-Shoot Sim doesn't really need any introduction because of how long it's been out in the wild and how many platforms you can find it on. Nevertheless, it's still a short but sweet gem that deserves a spotlight and there's never been a better time with the release of the definitive Nintendo Switch version! So let's get crack-a-lackin'!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In this part we start our story inside...well...a cave, obviously! We don't really have a solid grasp on who we are, what we are, or what we're doing here, but that's not gonna stop us from robbing a hermit blind, crashing into a village full of rabbits and wrecking up the place!

Again, that last one isn't really true. Trouble actually finds its way to us this time around!

Enjoy the video ;D

Let's Play Cave Story+ (Switch) - Part 1 - Welcome Back To...

One of my favorite games, we're playing Cave Story+ on the Switch!!

I hope you all will indulge us once again, as we continue our journey of playing what we want to play the most, and uploading when we want to. Today, we're playing one of Ian's top 5 favorite games, Cave Story! I love the remaster, and I hope you'll all enjoy the journey of replaying it together.

This was the very first video we recorded a year ago to this month, so it'll definitely be dated, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

Let's connect! So we can get to know each other better!!


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Cave Story: The Story of Daisuke Amaya (Pixel)

The story of Daisuke Amaya, better known as Pixel, is an interesting one. Over the course of five years, he created the game that we all now know as Cave Story, and he did it all while working in his spare time, around his more pressing concerns of education and employment.

Cave Story seems to come up very regularly in these videos - plenty of game developers and artists (such as Temmie Chang of Undertale fame and Satchely from Doki Doki Literature Club) list the Dokutsu Monogatari (as it's known in Japanese) as one of their big inspirations.

Perhaps it's the game's history as freeware, or maybe it's just because Cave Story kicked off (more or less) the ongoing retro renaissance of games that are designed to look and feel like they were invented in a different era.

Regardless, it's impressive just how hard Pixel worked on Cave Story, and what he put into making it completely perfect. He even scrapped an entire original version of the game (now known as Cave Story Beta among enthusiasts) along his way to making the finished version of Cave Story.

There's also the story of Cave Story+ and Cave Story 3D, but we'll dive into those at a later date if you guys seem interested in them.

Indie game development stories like this one are always the most interesting. It's fine when a big studio makes a noteworthy game (one of those is coming in a few weeks that should please Zelda fans), but when it's just one or two developers working hard on a passion project, the entire development experience seems so much more intriguing.

Daisuke Amaya is a perfect example of this, because he never even intended to make money from his game, and once it was finished, he moved on to different projects without really thinking too much about game design for a while.

Cave Story was a success to Pixel because he'd made the game he wanted to make, and he was pleased with it. There's a nice lesson there for budding creatives in many fields - if you're having fun, then that's what matters most.

Have a great week, guys!
BretonStripes ( and Kotor (

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Sources for this video:

Music: Hymn by Scott Buckley

Cave Story+ - All Bosses [Hard*, No Damage]

Cave Story + on Steam:

Difficulty: Hard (3/3) and Original (2/3)
*There is 2 bosses (Sisters and G-Clone) which you can't fight on hard difficulty.

Bosses in video:

[00:00] 1. Balrog (Round 1)
[02:22] 2. Igor
[03:42] 3. Balrog (Round 2)
[05:24] 4. Balfrog (Round 3)
[07:44] 5. Curly Brace
[09:34] 6. Omega
[10:53] 7. Rabid Toroko
[14:44] 8. Monster X
[16:37] 9. Balrog (Round 4)
[19:18] 10. The Core
[24:37] 11. Ironhead
[25:52] 12. Sisters
[27:32] 13. Ma Pignon
[29:04] 14. Red Ogre
[29:42] 15. Misery
[32:02] 16. The Doctor
[34:31] 17. Final Boss: Undead Core
[38:25] 18. G-CLONE
[40:11] 19. Heavy Press
[41:19] 20. True Final Boss: Ballos

This is one of the games which was requested quite frequently. I wanted to do it too, but I was concerned about some of the bosses. As much as I like this game, there is some parts, there the game can be REALLY frustrating, especially if you play on hard.

Like i mentioned before, you can't fight Sisters and G-CLONE on hard. That doesn't really matter, as the only difference between hard and normal, is that on hard there is no health containers and you can't increase your health (there is only one exception) and you can't obtain missile launcher and it's upgrades.

Cave Story Blood Stained Sanctuary Walkthrough

This guide is to show you how to simply GET THROUGH the Blood Stained Sanctuary on your first run. It is by no means how to get the best time.

Here's a guide I wrote on Steam a long time ago that I literally never uploaded until just now:

Let's Play - Cave Story - [18] Plantation

This is the second worst thing I've been thrown in jail for.

Let's Play - Cave Story - [10] Puppy Love

Cave Story (洞窟物語) TAS in 50:10.3 by nitsuja with author's commentary

This is, without a doubt, one of the most eagerly anticipated runs since it became possible to TAS Windows games. Cave Story, made by Pixel in 2004, is a famous indie game notable for being made entirely by one person. You can download it for free here:

This playthrough saves Curly and finishes with the best ending after beating Ballos. The author's commentary is included.

A high-quality version of this run is available via Bittorrent:


3:39 - Egg Corridor / タマゴ回廊 (4:00 skip)
7:59 - Grasstown / クサムラ (10:22 skip)
16:12 - Sand Zone / 砂区
24:56 - Labyrinth / 迷宮I
28:37 - Labyrinth Maze / 迷宮M
29:52 - Core / コア
32:26 - Waterway / 水路
34:41 - Egg Corridor? / タマゴ回廊?
35:45 - Outer Wall / 外壁
36:15 - Plantation / 大農園
42:21 - Last Cave (Hidden) / 最後の洞窟・裏
43:06 - Balcony / バルコニー
44:32 - Black Space / 黒い広間
46:15 - Sacred Grounds (Hell) / 聖域地下

Total input time: 50:10
Time until final boss dies: 48:51
Total in-game time: 27'144
In-game time in Hell: 2'0401

Sorry about using the wrong font.

More information:

This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, please go to:


Update 2011-12-05: Amaya Daisuke, the creator of Cave Story, responds to a question on Twitter:

sirbastille wrote: @amaya_pixel Did you ever watch the TAS ( of Cave Story and if so, were there any tricks used that surprised even you?

amaya_pixel wrote: @sirbastille I watched it. I did not think them. It's crazy..


To those asking about the fourth ending: that's a fan-made hack. It's not in the original game. The video depicting it as a real part of the original game was an elaborate April Fools prank. (The fourth ending referred to on the Steam page probably refers to the Mimiga mask ending.)

Please see and for more information.


Thanks for putting up with my first ever review on this channel, sorry about the quality, cave story doesn't like to be recorded, and I had to play and record the game in 320p just so it wouldn't lag. Cave Story is most likely going to be re-reviewed in the future once I make more reviews and become better at it.


Thanks for watching!

WGG Host:


How to play Cave Story on your Android or iPhone, maybe.

Sorry for the shitty sound is my fault :(


Cave Story:

Sorry if this does not work on your iPhone I only have Android:(

Let's Play - Cave Story - [20] Gotcha!

Man, I really had you going there!

Maybe in my next video I'll shock you again and get those other life capsules and the nemesis*

*don't get your hopes up.

Cave Story+ (Nintendo Switch) Review | 8-Bit Eric

This is a review of Cave Story+ for the Nintendo Switch by 8-BIt Eric. The Switch is quickly becoming the platform for quality indie releases, and Cave Story+ is the newest addition to the must-own indie roster of Switch software. Cave Story is one of the most popular indie titles of all time Originally released in 2004 on PC, Cave Story+ on the Switch features a few new additions: remixes on its classic look, the graphic style is from the Wii ware version.

In Cave Story+ you take on the role of Quote, an amnesiac robot who awakens on a floating island and must stop the evil doctor from wiping out this cute bunny like race called the mimigas. You run, jump and shoot your way through this Metroidvania style game. 

The controls are your standard retro platforming type of control and are very solid. The A button controls Quote’s jumps, while the B button handles firing whichever gun you have equipped. The X button will bring up an equipment screen that allows you to change weapons or to check your map. The L and R buttons will also allow you to switch between your weapons,

Awesome 2D action and platforming with a variety of satisfying weaponry.nAs you defeat enemies, you'll gain experience triangles that are used to make your currently equipped weapon more powerful. However, if you take damage then it may level down.

There are several endings, the game encourages the player to return and replay the adventure. The game controls beautifully with the analog stick and the d-pad. If you prefer to game with the Switch Pro Controller, that option is available to you. Cave Story+gives you four different variations of this incredible soundtrack to choose from.

You can unlock a new game mode – Curly Story. This mode lets you play through the game as the Curly. Furthermore, there are challenges to unlock and a Boss Attack mode. These two modes have online leaderboards. The switch version is a bit pricy, compared to how much you can get it on other platforms, however, the actual physical version of this game comes with a lot of stuff.

Not to mention there will be incoming free content updates.  Eventually this summer, local multiplayer will even be patched into the game, allowing a second player to take on the role of Curly. if you've never played Cave Story before, the Switch version may be your best bet for experiencing it. It's portable, 

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All images, music and footage licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Cave Story REVIEW - BGR!

WARNING: VIDEO IS FILLED WITH CAVE STORY SPOILERS. Don't watch if you don't want to be spoiled! Sorry for the lack of warning.


Channel design by: Nico Vliek

#CaveStory #Nicalis #IndieGames

|PB| Cave Story any% Best Ending 1:10:06

Got a new PB. I'm going to keep practicing all throughout the next months daily, and hopefully I can get an even better PB!



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