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10 best tips for playing Dark Souls III: The Ringed City


Dark Souls 3 - Top Ten DLC Weapons! (11)

Dark Souls 3 – Top Ten DLC Weapons! [Ashes of Ariandel & The Ringed City]. In this Top 10 episode we showcase some of the most interesting weapons from the two Dark Souls expansions, from dead limbs to magical Scythes. If you enjoyed watching please remember to leave a “LIKE” and check out the contributors down below. Remember to tune in next time for Dark Souls 3: Top Ten Stealth Kills!

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Ultimate Darkeater Midir Boss Guide - All Attacks explained - Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City

The optional boss of Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City gives players around the world a hard time. I explain all his attacks and what you can do against them in this ultimate in-depth boss guide. Obviously this video contains spoilers.

Weapons used:
Uchigatana +10
Zweihänder +10
Black Knight Greataxe +4

Additional hints:
- Pestilent Mercury or Pestilent Mist does damage based on the amount of health of an enemy (% of max HP damage), so it's quite good against Midir (thanks for the hint McNugget Slam and McPixel)
- Increasing the Camera Speed to 8-10 can also help a lot (thanks to Hristo.Bogdanov)

###### Spoiler Section #####

The Darkeater Midir boss fight in DaS3 can be a quite difficult, but if you understand some of his attacks and what you can do about it, he becomes quite easy.

You have to beat the Dragon on the bridge after the Shared Grave bonfire first. After that you can reach Midir and his boss room through the secret passage inside the elevator shaft at the Ringed Inner Wall bonfire shortcut. There you have to go through an illusory wall and down a long ladder. In this room you drop into the boss room. You won't take fall damage.

Strategy: I recommend heavy weapons for the fight and to stay in front of the boss, waiting for him too attack and avoiding his attacks, then attack his head once. If you are patient this is how you beat him easily.

I explain all attacks, esp. his laser beam attacks in this guide, so it's still worth watching :D

#DarkSouls #Midir #Guide

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[ThePruld] When you go dark souls with your best mates


Domani mattina parto per la sardegna per una settimana e l'idea di allontanarmi da SFM mi mette un po a disagio, quindi per rimediare a questo ho deciso di salutarvi con un video :D

[Google translate]
I'm leaving tomorrow morning for sardegna, just for a week and the idea to stay away from ​​SFM makes me a little uncomfortable , so to remedy to this I decided to greet you with a video :D

Dark Souls 3 : Overpowered Faith Early (Sunlight Straight Sword)

OP early build using the sunlight straight sword + dark blade.
SSS is the BEST straight sword right now. Will carry you through NG to NG+7.

This was my first play through using a PC. Tried this at a local internet cafe and the frame rate was terrible. Still got a good build tho.

What is the Hollow Priest's SECRET OATH buff exactly?

In Lothric Castle the Hollow Priests cast a spell that looks like Sacred Oath. Is this simply a sacred oath or is it something else entirely! Let's find out!

--------BONUS NOTES---------
- Sacred Oath gives 10% more AR, Secret Oath gives 20% more AR. But combing the 2 provides 32.2% more AR. Since it works multiplicatively the more % damage boosters stack the better it gets!
- This is unlike defense where the absorption stacks diminishingly. So you can never reach 100%. Sacred Oath alone provides 10% absorption, Secret Oath/Sacreder Oath gives 30% absorption but when both used together only provides 37% absorption!
- In any case, this SECRET BUFF is core to getting both the MAXIMUM AR and the MAXIMUM ABSORPTION POSSIBLE!

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PvP/Parry Montage - Dark Souls 3

Just trying something different for a change. Please let me know in comments if you like this type of videos. No deaths included. If you wanna see me dying please visit my streams:) ENjoy!




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Dark Souls 3: Lightning Is Love Lightning Is Life

Invasions using a lightning build centered around using lightning storm on wake up after backstabs. As well as lightning infused weapons

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Dark Souls 3 DLC ► 15 Secrets of Ariandel

Here is a better image of the glass mural I talk about in this video:

►The Story of Ariandel, Explained (previous video) -

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Dark Souls 3 - How To Win [ Meta Gank Spanks, Bow Glitch, PvP Pro Tips ]

Best of meta soul level invasions (sl 133 and some clips are sl 90) featuring fancy moves, best winning practices and funny situations. Hope you enjoy and be sure to catch my daily live streams on Twitch :) Cheers!

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Play The Ringed City EARLY : HOW TO GUIDE (Dark Souls 3)

follow the simple steps in t his video!!!

DARK SOULS™ III - Get through the Ghost Archers - Ringed City DLC

From the Mausoleum Lookout bonfire you have to get through a large graveyard filled with ghost archers. Easy path through? Well, here's how I did it.

Skip 1:30-3:30 where I tried to fill him with arrows. Just wait for an opening and run, roll, chop.

Also, the big guy respawns after you rest at a bonfire, so clear the area of items first.

*** See update uploaded January 4, 2020:

Dark Souls 3 Ringed City - ALL NEW WEAPON LOCATIONS!

The Ringed City added a variety of new and interesting weaponry from Swords to Bows to Katanas. I hope you enjoy these weapons, have a great day and peace, Hollow.

How to Get Ledo's Great Hammer Location Guide! -

Show Your Humanity Secret Guide + Rewards! - Show Your Humanity Secret Guide + Rewards!

Splitleaf Greatsword: 0:21
Aquamarine Dagger: 0:31
Murky Hand Scythe: 0:46
Murky Longstaff: 1:02
Lothric War Banner: 1:22
Giant Door Shield: 2:00
Herald Curved Sword: 2:22
Sacred Chime of Filianore: 2:56
Ringed Knight Spear: 3:29
White Birch Bow: 3:46
Ringed Knight Straight Sword: 4:05
Preacher's Right Arm: 4:22
Ledo's Great Hammer: 4:29
Dragonhead Shield: 4:57
Dragonhead Greatshield: 5:33
Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords: 5:58
Crucifix of the Mad King: 6:33
Boss Souls Weapons (Demon's Scar, Frayed Blade, Gael's Greatsword and the Repeating Crossbow): 7:13

DEMON PRINCE?! HELP. Dark Souls Virgin VS The Ringed City (PART 1)

Bro this ringed city DLC is something else. They threw me into the mix and I'm not talking about chex LMAO. Then this Demon Prince boss fight... smh. If this is the first thing that happens to me at the BEGINNING of this Dark Souls 3 Ringed City DLC, idk what other boss fights this has in store for me ????????????
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Dark Souls 3 - All Umbral Ash Locations (Unlocks New items at the Handmaiden)

There are 10 Umbral Ashe's that you can find in Dark Souls 3. Each NPC also drops Umbral ash when you kill them, but I have not included those i nthis guide as they just give you what that NPC was already selling. Give each one to the Shirne handmaiden and you will unlock more items to buy from her. Each one will give you infinite items to buy (apart from where I mention). They will also all usually allow you to buy 3 embers as well.


[0:05] Mortician's Ashes
Unlocks: Grave Key, Charcoal Pine Resin, Human Pine Resin, Alluring Skull.

[0:51] Dreamchaser's Ashes
Unlocks: Titanite Shard, Black Bug Pellet, 6 Gold Pine Bundle, 3 Gold Pine Resin, Green Blossom, 1 Hidden Blessing, Rotten Pine Resin, Composite Bow, Leather Armor, Leather Gloves, Leather Boots, Life Ring.

[1:22] Paladin’s Ashes
Unlocks: Lloyd’s Shield Ring, Undead Hunter Charm, Duel Charm, Blooming Purple Moss Clump

[1:44] Grave Warden's Ashes
Unlocks: Carthus Rouge, Kukri, Yellow Bug Pellet

[2:28] Excrement Covered Ashes
Unlocks: Dung Pie, Stalk Dung Pie

[3:12] Xanthous Ashes
Unlocks: Xanthous Armor Set

[5:11] Prisoner Chiefs Ashes
Unlocks: Human Pine Resin, Karla’s Set

[7:30] Eastener's Ashes
Unlocks: Wood Grain Ring, Blue Bug Pellet, Mossfruit, Dark Arrow, Onislayer Greatarrow , Washing Pole, Eastern Iron Shield, Eastern Set

[9:10] Hollow's Ashes
Unlocks: Purging Stone, Poison Throwing Knife

[10:03] Dragon Chaser's Ashes
Unlocks: Titanite Chunk, Titanite Scale, Twinkling Titanite


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Nameless King on dance pad by Luality

100% of DS3 completed on dance pad (including DLCs)

Watch live at (stream daily)


For more info about the run:

[DS3] Where exactly is Firelink Shrine located?

Is firelink Shrine a real place? where is supposed to be located then?

This video is a journey of observation in order to find the location of Firelink Shrine in relation to the rest of the areas.
In this video we get to a conclusion only by taking note of the Level Design.

There’s a PC user named LeeMoriya that proves a lot of things related to the game engine by taking control of the software itself. If you need more evidence about the location of the Shrine, pay a visit to his awesome video:

Disclaimer: I didn’t use cardinal points as reference because the only information about directions is, according with the Opening Movie, the phrase “Adventuring North, the Pilgrims discovered the truth about the old words”.

We could say that Lothric Castle is the North of somewhere, probably Londor… but where’s Londor?…. and this video is already longer than I thought. ;)

Dark Souls 3 NG+ Lothric Knight Greatsword Main Run Continued

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Howdy, a brief Pyromancy interlude notwithstanding. Also expect lots of Deadwood talk.

The best friends encounter an enemy stand user

as if dark souls boss fights werent menacing enough as it it is. Pat,Matt, and Woolie encounter an enemy stand user in episode 18 of the dark souls lp

Dark Souls 3: How To Write Your Own Messages

Here's a short and simple guide on how to leave/delete your own messages in Dark Souls III.

Check out our full how-to here:



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