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10 best tips for playing Death Road to Canada


Death Road to Canada Speedrunning - Basic Strategies

A simple guide with the basics for speedrunning DR2C! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section, but I recommend asking for help in the DR2C speedrunning discord. if you have any suggestions for me, PLEASE TELL ME! I will gratefully appreciate any help on improving this video.
The discord -
DR2C Resources -

Death road to Canada build guide- Mechanic perk- the maximize support unit few build

Trying to make something new as the latest tips video came out when Shotguner was a perk in 2016 simple concept I hope to build not only in game but when speaking not sure why speaking to my laptop is so weird.

links to wiki for more ideas on how to improve play and understanding:


Death Road to Canada Tricks and Tips part 2

In this video we continue our zombie filled road trip to Canada. Please leave a like, comment and subscribe if you enjoy my content.

Death Road to Canada [DEADLIER Road Mode] Run 1 - Everything is ok until it isn't

► Playlist here:
Read the description for details on this... thing.
Wall of text warning, though.

Note to self: stop fucking around propane tanks and molotovs. Anything that can cause self-damage for that matter.

Still better than my previous run where Voncile managed to get bitten by a lone zombie in a trader camp and died in the sewer siege.

Damn, everything was perfect for City of Crushed Hopes until I panicked and killed my best melee fighter with a fucking molotov.

The RNG in this run was astonishingly good, though. It wasn't as good as the run before where I got Valkyrie and Rick Grimes and destroyed a late game Dark Mansion, but still.

I had WAY more food than I ever hoped for, even more than other runs where I met the Toilet Genie and the gas findings were solid as well, can't complain about them here at all.

I was very happy with most events leading to the end with food and most weapons being decent.

But... to say that the semi-final siege and City of Crushed Hopes were a clusterfuck of bad decisions would still be an understatement. The green turret I found in an early Dark Mansion was a nice help but wasted way too much ammo on walls and only attracted more of the horde to me which got Voncile and Golden killed.

In the City of Crushed Hopes, if RNG is good to you, you can still use the tactic of running to hide in the nearest building close to the starting point, if you're fast enough you won't attract too much of the horde to you. Don't fire weapons and you should be fine.

Of course doing this requires you to have a pretty strong melee and shooting team otherwise the zombies will still overwhelm your characters. Since this is Deadlier Road Mode zombies crashing down will happen far more often.

Hiding in that building in City of Crushed Hopes was a huge gamble and I knew it, if I had Gerard alive things would've been smoother that's for sure, but I doubt I'd be able to get everyone alive since the major bulk of the horde was basically knocking on the door by then.

You can argue that not buying a Minigun was a stupid decision, but I when it comes to food I'm extremely twitchy and paranoid about it as I had runs where I lost over 30 food for nearly no reason and had despair events crushing a until-then good run.

It's a small miracle I made it to the end there and I'm just glad I learned how to kite zombies when solo instead of panic rushing them.

Ugh, that molotov suicide will haunt me until the day I stop playing this game, why did I even try to use it?


James (@Metal_Slag) finally gets his living hands on the dead-bashing Steam indie hit Death Road to Canada, coming to iPad this week.



Death Road to Canada Review

Here's a game that I've been wanting to talk about for a long time now. Death Road to Canada! I hope you like zombies! And roads ... Canada? Yeah!

Interested in playing Death Road to Canada?
Download it here on Steam!

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Death Road to Canada but OPEN WORLD Survival | CANNIBAL CROSSING

Let's Play Death Road to Canada Best Ending:
Cannibal Crossing Download:

Cannibal Crossing, a follow up to the crazy Death Road to Canada, is an over the top action-survival game where you must explore a randomly generated town while scavenging, building a base, fighting hordes of deadly foes, and searching for a way to escape! Along the way, you'll encounter bandits, cannibals and beasts (mostly cannibals) – as well as other survivors. Face increasingly large swarms of enemies as you add to and improve your arsenal of weapons.


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Pass Or Play? Death Road To Canada! Worth Your Time? (Nintendo Switch)

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from links posted in my description & comments section. In the 3rd episode of Pass or Play we try out Death Road To Canada on the Nintendo Switch! Recruit weirdos? Face swarms of zombies? Manage a bunch of jerks and explore cites? Sign me up! Hope its good!

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Death Road to Canada - Review

Photography Gamer reviews Death Road to Canada for the Playstation 4.

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Death Road to Canada: Switch Review (also on PS4, Xbox, PC, Mobile)

Death Road to Canada (DRtC) is a unique blend of Roguelike, Survival, and RPG elements all rolled up into one surprisingly addictive Zombie Adventure. Playing as any number of characters you can think to design, you will have to think critically about you skills and the personalities of your rag-tag band of refugees, in order to make sure you have what it takes to make it to the Canadian boarder! However, if at first you don's succeed, try - try - again. And, maybe try investing some Zombo Points into some skills and abilities for a stronger start on the next time around~ Every step will be a hazard, and every stop, an opportunity to be eaten alive, so gather all the weapons and supplies you can find and try not to argue, or you may never make it...

DR2C Endless Mode 779~1001 Days

8:45~47:38 CO-OP
As we moved on, the camp looked strange.
Eventually, there were no people, no zombies, no one.
P.S. It was fixed in the 9/15 update and I was able to reach the ending safely.

Death Road to Canada Tips and Trivia part 1

Tips and trivia from Death Road To Canada part 1

Death Road to Canada Item Guide: Cowboy Rifle

Death Road To Canada Gameplay / Let's Play - Part 1

Death Road to Canada launches to steam this week, with gameplay centered around guiding a group of survivors to Canada amidst the zombie apocalypse.

Download Death Road to Canada :

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Death Road to Canada First Impressions - PS4 (Recommended Playing)

Had to upload something to get out of my rut. I do think I have enough grasp on Death Road to Canada to safely call this a review, but I didn't beat it so there. Dark Souls guides are still coming. I apologize for those waiting.

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Death Road to Canada - 09 (Rare Mode)

Death Road to Canada - 10 (10 Days Left):

Machinist & Physician are tweaked versions of Mechanic & Scout, now that I've played the game.

Recorded: 07-26-16
Edited: 07-31-16
Render Time: 01h 12m 41s

Death Road to Canada | Android | Gameplay

Death Road to Canada (Android)
SO/OS: 7.1.2 (Nougat)
Dispositivo/Device: Nvidia Tablet K1
Desarrollador/Developer: Madgarden & Rocketcat Games
Distribuidor/Publisher: Noodlecake Studios
Versión/Version: 1.0.1
Lanzamiento/Launch: 27/10/2017
Idioma/Language: Textos (Inglés) Voces (Gibberish)
Google Play:


Un rogue de supervivencia zombie aparecido en Steam en 2016 y que, con el tiempo, ha adquirido una gran comunidad. Lo que ha hecho que hace unos días haya llegado a Google Play.

Se trata del clásico juego rogue donde entre pantalla y pantalla van sucediendo eventos aleatorios sobre los que no tenemos un control directo y que modificarán nuestras estadísticas/inventario. Para finalmente pasar a zonas jugables que iremos eligiendo en base a la progresión en la carretera.

Es un rogue con lo cual es un juego bastante difícil en el que es muy fácil morir, independientemente al nivel o las estadísticas. Hay que pensarse muy bien las decisiones a tomar y no dejarse rodear por las hordas zombies.

Al juego en si, para todas las plataformas, le echaría en cara que, mientras que la parte jugable es relativamente asequible en cuanto a dificultad, la parte no-jugable decide demasiado el progreso en el juego, llevándonos a muertes prácticamente automáticas de forma aleatoria. En cuanto a esta versión en sí le echaría en cara un control bastante mejorable, el movimiento en sí es muy torpe y extraño, cuando no es más que un hack n slash con vista cenital y un joystick virtual normal y corriente hubiera bastado.

Aún así es un gran juego al que se le pueden echar horas y horas.

Death Road To Canada iOS/Android Gameplay

Any tips? I suck lol

How to play multiplayer on Death road to canada(mobile)

Blutooth or wifi controller
...ohhh and a phone

Death Road to Canada • First20 (w/ Mal)

Part Zombies Ate My Neighbors, part Oregon Trail, Death Road to Canada is a delightful couch co-op beat 'em up.

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