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10 best tips for playing Embers of Mirrim


Embers of Mirrim - EP Review (Xbox One PS4 PC)

One plus one...equals one? * more below*

+ fun platforming and traversal
+ good variety of mechanics for the embers to use/interact with
+ interesting creature designs and world
- the separate controls bent my brain

Full Disclosure: This game was provided to GameEnthus by the publisher/developer.
Genre: twin-stick platformer
Developer: Creative Bytes Studios
Publisher: Reverb Communications
Platform(s): Xbox One(reviewed), PS4, PC
Player(s): 1
Price: $19.99

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vm: 202-573-7686

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Embers of Mirrim, Embers of Mirrim Review, Creative Bytes Studios, Reverb Communications, Xbox One, PS4, PC, Steam

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Liblade - Super Cool 2.5D Hack N' Slash Action Platformer

Liblade - Super Cool 2.5D Hack N' Slash Action Platformer

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★ Embers Of Mirrin - Exploration Gameplay Trailer. HD 1080p ★

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Embers Of Mirrim - Exploration Gameplay Trailer. HD 1080p

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Dwarven Brawl Bros Gameplay con commenti 3-players

Dwarven Brawl Bros is a local 2 to 6 player 2D fighting (brawling) game with a retroish feel. Play as a dwarf and kill your bros! Fast-paced brawling in all-vs-all and team settings with 31 weapons, 38 stages, 26 game modes!

Title: Dwarven Brawl Bros
Developers: Dwarves Might Fly
Release dates: Windows June 25, 2015

Shared/Split Screen
Steam Achievements
Full controller support
Steam Trading Cards

OS: Windows Vista/7/8/10
Processor: Anything post 2010 (older processors might work as well!)
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: Anything post 2010 (Anything with shader model 3)
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 512 MB available space
Sound Card: You better have one
Additional Notes: Will most likely run just fine on any post-2010 configuration

Embers of Mirrim Gameplay Preview Indie Fantasy 2.5D Platformer

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Tales Of Berseria - ENGLISH DEMO - Battle Mode

Demo available now on PS Store:

Steam Gameplay Trailer ☞ SOULFIRE Secondary Weapon Collections (souls-like battle royale)

Soulfire is a battle royale fighter that pits more than 20 teams against each other in a struggle for win.Compared to similar games, it features a 2.5D souls-lite combat system.


In here, you can see LONGBOW vs. SHORT-BOW; SHIELD vs. TOWER SHIELD; and many others like FUKIYA and BLUNDERBUSS...

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[Nintendo Switch] Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds Overdrive Gameplay (Direct-Feed Switch Footage)

We play Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds Overdrive for Nintendo Switch & share with you the action-packed opening stage and first boss battle.

Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation - Inception DLC ★ GAMEPLAY ★ GEFORCE 1070

Choose your story in “Inception,” the first split-faction scenario in Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation. A mysterious entity known as Nihilon has returned to wreak havoc on the planet Oneiros and has seized control of some of the Substrate consciousnesses residing there. As the Substrate, you must rescue your corrupted brethren and find out what Nihilon has done - as the PHC, your only concern is neutralizing both threats entirely. Which battle will you fight?

The Inception DLC also adds a new variety of maps perfect for facing down hordes of computer adversaries or engaging online in some brawls with friends.

New Scenario
★ Inception - This split scenario lets you choose which faction to play as! An entity known as Nihilon is back and has corrupted all consciousnesses on the planet of Oneiros. Lead the rest of the Substrate into the fray to learn what Nihilon has done to your corrupted brethren, or command the PHC to destroy both the corrupted Substrate entities and Nihilon once and for all. The outcome of the scenario changes based on which faction you choose; play them both to get the full story.

New Maps:
★Oneiros - Wage war with up to 7 players on this unusual planet. With a strong central starting position, resource-rich but vulnerable north and south positions, and four isolated corner starts, this map is great for a tight free-for-all match.
★ Bayern - This symmetrical Terran map supports up to 3 players. Each starting location is vulnerable from one direction and the massive metal deposits in the middle of the map are enough to lure even your toughest turtler out of isolation.
★Brasil - This large 10 player ice map challenges you to defend your starting area while you try to make your way to the astoundingly rich central valley without falling victim to your opponent’s attacks.
★ Polska - Up to 5 players can brawl on this desert map with strategically critical hills that command the passages between regions.

Core i5-4690K (4200 Ghz)
Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 2
16 Gb TEAM DDR3-2400 2x8GB
MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G
27AOC e2795Vh

EXCEPTION gameplay: Supercool Synthwave Combat Platformer! (PC, PS4, Switch, XBox One game)

See Exception gameplay in action! Swordfight robots, puzzle out your route, pull off tricky walljumps & climb the leaderboards!
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In this let's play Exception gameplay video, we check out a game described as N++ with swords, with a release date for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One of 13 August.

We playthrough world 2 of Exception gameplay, including fighting a giant robot boss that likes to blow us off a giant triangle for some reason. We also get a taste of the comic-strip cutscenes, in which a robot is miserable. Also the plot revolves around an old woman. I'm writing this in a hurry, shut up.

Buy game download on Steam:

Official Exception gameplay info: Exception is a combat platformer set inside a computer system which has been hijacked by a totalitarian virus. A lone member of the system must step up to lead the resistance and battle against this brutal regime. Expertly combine razor sharp reflexes with elaborate attacks to topple the virus and restore freedom.

Two-dimensional action in a three-dimensional world. Entire levels transform to reveal new challenges and opportunities. Explore distant areas exposed by the shifting environment. Each level is an elaborate puzzle that unfolds as you progress.

A soundtrack assembled from the very best Synthwave artists. Enjoy nearly two-hours of Synthwave tracks from artists including Kalax and Waveshaper It's the perfect complement to Exception's retro-futuristic aesthetic.

Compete for the best time on your favorite levels through more than 800 Steam leaderboards. Employ diverse play-styles to top specific leaderboards. Compete for the best combat time by destroying all enemies or try for a great pacifist time by leaving your enemies unharmed.

The story of Exception told across 17 illustrated cutscenes. Learn about the system collapse and subsequent power vacuum that gave rise to a fascist virus. Join a gang of four misfit software threads in their journey to overthrow the brutal regime and restore freedom to the system.

Execute a variety of special attacks and string together creative combinations to maximize your destruction. Collect hidden artifacts to purchase attack upgrades and push the limits of your destruction.

Chain multiple airborne attacks to earn time bonuses. Harness your creativity to uncover the fastest level routes with the most bonus potential. Aggressive attack strategies yield the highest bonuses.

Developed by: Traxmaster Software
Exception release date: 13 August 2019
Formats available: PC Steam, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Official site:
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Torch Cave 2 || 2.5D Vertical Platformer


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Energy Invasion | Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Hey everyone! :D Check out some early hands on gameplay of Energy Invasion for the Nintendo Switch :D A massive thank you to Sometimes You for the code so I can upload content for you all to see :D And don't be afraid to hit that like button, comment, and do subscribe for more great Nintendo content. Like what you see? Make sure to check it out on the Nintendo Switch eShop :D

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Project Cars - USA road trip - T300rs wheel - PS4


Grim Earth GAMEPLAY - No Commentary

OMG, look at the Earth ... it's Grim!

5000 years from now, a series of apocalyptic events have shaped our once beautiful home into an entirely different world.

It's not all bad news though. Countless alien invasions mean it's a vibrant place to live and biodiversity is at an all time high, although most of it is not too friendly and should be avoided. Humans 2.0 are very friendly however, existing in peaceful harmony with all, thanks partly to the kind programming their AI fathers have bestowed upon them.

Grim Earth is a 2D platform game inspired by SNES/Amiga era gameplay, featuring a blend of action, exploration and some puzzle solving. The game tells an on-going story as you meet new characters, battle alien hostiles and jump, climb, swim, slide and float (zero-g) your way through a variety of locations.

So grab your spacesuit, customise it, and go on a retro-platform-game adventure.

Ori and the Blind Forest: Ending & Credits - Gameplay Walkthrough - No Commentary

Let's Play Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition - 100% Gameplay Walkthrough - No Commentary
About the game:
Ori and the Blind Forest is a beautiful 2D platform game with gorgeous art style that tell the story about Ori, a white guardian spirit, on his way to restore the balance of Nibel Forest after a cataclysmic event. The game was developed by Moon Studio and published by Microsoft Studio on March 2015
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LUMINI, PS4 Pro Gameplay First Look (Preview & Impressions)

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◼️ DESCRIPTION: A long-forgotten species, a hostile planet and a journey of discovery! Welcome to the world of Lumini – split and reform your swarm, evolve and discover new abilities to bring the Lumini back to their former glory...


◼️ SPEELBAARS (Developer)

◼️ 2AWESOME STUDIO (Publisher)

◼️ I would like to say thanks to the Publisher 2Awesome Studio as well as the Developer SPEELBAARS for allowing me the opportunity to spend time with this New Game.

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Azkend 2: The World Beneath - Gameplay - Xbox One

Plus d'infos sur

Skylar & Plux: Adventure On Clover Island - First 30 Minutes of Gameplay | PS4

Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island is a passionate revival of the legendary 3D platformer genre with classic gameplay, playful gadgets, and a lighthearted story set in a gorgeous, colorful world reminiscent of our childhood adventures.

Go on an action-packed adventure, collect gadgets helping you explore a beautiful paradise and save it from destruction. It’s up to Skylar Lynxe, our nimble and courageous heroine, and Plux Owlsley, the trusty sidekick, to prevent the villainous CRT from conquering their newfound home and turning it into a wasteland.

Title: Skylar & Plux: Adventure On Clover Island
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: Right Nice Games , Grip Digital
Publisher: Grip Digital
Release Date: May 19th 2017

Avaliable on : PS4, Xbox One and PC (STEAM)

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