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10 best tips for playing FRAMED 2


10 Minecraft Starter Houses

10 Minecraft Starter Houses are shown in todays minecraft video! It should give you inspiration and ideas for how to make your minecraft house in survival. We tried and tested each design and they were all possible within a few minecraft days to make, using local materials. I hope you liked them and that you learned a thing or two about minecraft building!

Thank you to Pajazzel who helped me put these designs together

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RuneLite Plugins Everyone Should Be Using - This is My Setup

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5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Minecraft Interior

Here is the direct sequel to 5 steps to improve your minecraft house, the much called for video!

These steps aren't quite as clear cut as the others, but I seriously hope it helps you.

Previous 5 steps:

Thank you so much for watching and as always, let me know what you think and leave a suggestion for a video! This video was 100% suggested by you guys!

Sorry it took so long :3 it was a lot of work!


OSRS Pking Guide (In Depth) Tips/Tricks

Most highly requested video, hope it helps you out.
00:26 .......... Building Pk Account
01:58 .......... Training Spots
02:58 .......... Gear/Setup
04:09 .......... Necessary Gear
07:50 .......... What to Wear
09:11 .......... KO Weapons
11:00 .......... Inventory Setup
13:33 .......... F-Keys
14:13 .......... Knowledge of Max Hits
14:51 .......... PID
16:19 .......... 1 Tick
17:33 .......... Vengeance
19:42 .......... Armour Take Off
20:06 .......... Practise makes Perfect

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Bare Minimum Reqs | Mourning's End Pt 2 - Lower the Better Ep. # 7

In this video I will attempt to complete the Mourning's End Part II quest line at 38 Combat (the lowest level possible) in under 2 total weeks playtime.

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Roblox | Murder Mystery 2 | HOW TO ALWAYS WIN!!

Want to know how to always win in Murder Mystery? Just follow the tips and examples in my video, and you'll be a master in no time!!
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Hey guys! Thank you for watching “HOW to GET on the ROBLOX ASSASSIN COMP LEADERBOARD!”

Today I will be showing you important steps that will help you get on the Roblox Assassin Comp Leaderboard! Here's some 2020 working roblox assassin codes: NO_DATA, 3615, WalrusPls and prismangames. Comment down below the most effective step that personally helps you the most and I’ll respond to all your comments. I hope this guide helped you get your first comp season... or maybe even your 2nd. Also don’t forget to subscribe for weekly Roblox Assassin giveaways! I’ll see ya in the next one :D


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How to Make Better Windows on your Minecraft House

How to Make Better Windows on your Minecraft House. Today I will be improving my minecraft house with windows and display how important it is to use a simple design and detail it effectively within a theme and palette to produce a good overall effect.

Thank you to the crew for all your help!


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MINECRAFT 1.14 ROOF GUIDE : How to build 30+ Roofs

In today's Minecraft 1.14 Vanilla Episode, We are taking a look at Minecraft 1.14 Roofs. In our minecraft roof guide I hope to show you all some of the common design choices I make when building houses and buildings!

Thank you for Watching! Links and everything below!

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Vanilla Survival Lets play :: Minecraft 1.14
This series is a vanilla survival let's build series where fWhip focuses on Minecraft world building with all of you! Focusing on an immersive Medieval Fantasy world experience full of interconnected builds.

???? (May, 19)????
World seed: fWhipMC

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Make 2 Mil Every 4 Hours Flipping These Well Known Items! [OSRS]

Hey guys, and welcome back to another flipping video. Today I am going to be flipping some very basic and fast items in the grand exchange.

It is really easy to take some of the most well traded PvM items, and flip all of them quickly for 2-3mil in profit. As you get more money you can increase that as well. I will be flipping Items like archers rings, furys, whips and blowpipes. I prefer flipping these items actively, as you can see results very quickly and its motivating to see.

Thanks for watching!

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35 Small Ways To Improve Your Minecraft House

35 Small Ways To Improve Your Minecraft House. Basically build hacks for improving your house! This video is full of tricks and tips for building in minecraft - Use only the ones that apply to your build!

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to the Theatre of Blood [2020]

0:00 - Intro
0:05 - Welcoming Words and Opening Statements
1:07 - Table of Contents

1:56 - 1. Required Quests
2:10 - 1a. Suggested Quests

2:34 - 2. Getting There
2:34 - 2a. Drakan's Medallion
2:47 - 2b. Ectophial
3:10 - 2c. Morytania Legs 3 or 4
3:28 - 2d. Shades of Mort'ton Minigame Teleport

4:02 - 3. Minimum Requirements
4:11 - 3a. Melee Explanation
4:41 - 3b. Ranged Explanation
5:03 - 3c. Magic Explanation
5:39 - 3d. Other Needed Items
6:16 - 3e. Potions Explanation
6:54 - 3f. Recommended Stats

7:31 - 4. Death Mechanics (NOT SAFE FOR HARDCORE IRONMEN)
7:45 - 4a. How Dying Works
8:15 - 4b. Where to Retrieve Your Items After a Wipe
8:23 - 4c. Hardcore Ironman Death Mechanics

8:49 - 5. Creating a Raiding Party

9:50 - 6. Preparing and Pre-Potting

11:30 - 7. The Maiden of Sugadinti
11:32 - 7a. Gear Setups
12:28 - 7b. The Maiden's Fight Mechanics and Abilities
13:29 - 7c. Fighting the Maiden Explained
15:34 - 7d. Nylos and Blood Spawns Explained
16:44 - 7e. 100% Freeze Rates for Nylos
17:11 - 7f. Chamber Diagram and Roles Explained
18:46 - 7g. Maiden Fight Video and Walkthrough

22:30 - 8. The Pestilent Bloat
22:33 - 8a. Gear Setups
23:09 - 8b. The Pestilent Bloat Information and Mechanics
24:24 - 8c. Fighting the Bloat
25:36 - 8d. Flies, Flesh, and Stomp
26:50 - 8d. The Bloat's Chamber Diagram and Player Interaction
28:41 - 8e. Using NPC Indicators for the Bloat
29:18 - 8f. Bloat Fight Video and Walkthrough

31:53 - Restocking Supplies from the Reward Chest

32:34 - 9. Nylocas Vasilias
32:37 - 9a. Phase 1 Gear Setups
33:12 - 9b. Phase 1 Information and Mechanics
34:50 - 9c. Fighting the Nylos Explained
36:07 - 9d. Phase 2 Gear and Invetory Setups
37:54 - 9e. Phase 2 Information and Mechanics
38:39 - 9f. Phase 2 Tips & Tricks
39:46 - 9g. Fighting the Boss Nylo
40:36 - 9h. Chamber Diagram and Roles Areas
41:17 - 9i. Nylo Fight Video and Walkthrough

45:53 - 10. Sotetseg
45:56 - 10a. Gear Setups
46:18 - 10b. Information, Attacks, and Abilities
48:33 - 10c. Fighting Sotetseg Explained
49:58 - 10d. Navigating the Maze
51:55 - 10e. Chamber Diagram and Where to Stand
53:17 - 10f. Sotetseg Fight Video and Walkthrough

56:11 - Restocking Supplies for Lady Verzik

56:49 - 11. Xarpus
56:51 - 11a. Gear Setups
57:27 - 11b. Information, Attacks, and Abilities
58:34 - 11c. Fighting Xarpus Explained
1:00:44 - 11d. Xarpus Phases and Explanations
1:01:46 - 11e. Chamber Diagram and Movement
1:02:59 - 11f. Xarpus Fight Video and Walkthrough
1:05:17 - 11g. Acquiring the Dawnbringer Staff (For Verzik Fight)

1:05:43 - 12. Lady Verzik - Phase 1
1:06:25 - 12a. Dropping Supplies for Teammates
1:06:52 - 12b. Phase 1 Gear Setup
1:07:27 - 12c. Phase 1 Information and Mechanics
1:08:34 - 12d. Completing Phase 1
1:10:13 - 12e. Phase 2 Chamber Diagram and Where to Stand
1:11:55 - 12f. Phase 1 Magic Style Fight Video
1:14:40 - 12g. Phase 1 Melee Style Fight Video

1:16:13 - 13. Lady Verzik - Phase 2
1:16:16 - 13a. Phase 2 Gear Setup
1:16:46 - 13b. Tile Marking for Phase 2
1:17:22 - 13c. Phase 2 Information and Mechanics
1:19:13 - 13d. Completing Phase 2
1:21:03 - 13e. Phase 2 Chamber Diagram and How to Move
1:22:23 - 13f. Phase 2 Fight Video and Walkthrough

1:25:19 - 14. Lady Verzik - Phase 3
1:25:21 - 14a. Phase 3 Gear Setup
1:25:46 - 14b. Phase 3 Information and Mechanics
1:27:25 - 14c. Completing Phase 3
1:29:28 - 14d. Phase 3 Fight Video and Walkthrough

1:32:00 - 15. The Treasure Room
1:32:02 - 15a. Checking the Statistics Board
1:32:16 - 15b. Loot Chests and Identifying a Unique Drop

1:32:37 - Ending Comments and Final Thoughts
1:33:12 - Thank You's and Shoutouts
1:33:52 - Outro

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How to get into PKing on Oldschool Runescape

This is a guide on how to get into PKing on Oldschool Runescape. Hopefully this video helps you out.

Time Stamps:
One Ticking 0:33
Understanding PID 1:50
Veng Timing in PvP 2:30
Understanding When to Eat 3:24
Spec Weapon to Gmaul 4:25
Pure PKing 5:18
Zerk/Med PKing 6:56
Main PKing 8:32
Ranged/Mage PKing 9:10
Final Thoughts 10:06

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[OSRS] 5 Tips in 50 Seconds, Episode 2

Thank you so much for the support last week. Hopefully you guys enjoy this one equally as much!

Watch my other series, Quest to Quest Point Cape!

Tip credits:
Thank you /u/Skoned, I Are Noob, and iNoidzz for suggesting tips for this video!

A big thank you to Emmunize for the music!
Song: Journey

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[IN-DEPTH] Tackling Shayzien Gangs Guide | 130K+ EXP/HR


Framed's Shayzien Favour Guide:

Recommended Stats: 1:36
Solid Methods: 2:12
Recommended Items for regular accounts: 2:38
Recommended items for 10HP accounts: 3:49
Gang Cycles Discussion: 4:47
Method demonstration: 6:09
Efficiency Notes: 9:02

Cannon Mechanics Guide:
Overall Combat Training Guide for unique (e.g. 10hp) accounts:
Location Thresholding:
Zulu's Prayer Flicking Guide:

07 Wikia on Tackling Organised Crime:

Where it began...:
10HP Ironman Rushing, The Last of Its Kind:

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Challenger under 1 month! ???? (27 Day F2P Progress) Epic Seven

Epic Seven: Arena Challenger League on Global in under 1 month! (25 days to be exact!) Summons, Tips, Tricks, PVP, Crafting, Heroes, Stats, Reputation Data & More! 27 Days F2P Progress on my 4th Account! ????PLEASE LIKE & SUBSCRIBE???? ????COMMENT BELOW???? Which Arena league are you in?

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☆ Top 10 Selective Summon 5* Hero (2020)

☆ How to farm Covenant Bookmarks!

☆ Stop wasting your Gold in 2020!

☆ Gear Guide! (Sell? Upgrade? Feed?) Enhancing Tips

☆ MolaGora Guide (F2P - How to get as many as possible!)

☆ Wyvern 13 F2P Team (Guide & Tips)

☆ Speed Wyvern 13 Auto Team (2min or less) 3X F2P Heroes + SSB [Guide & Tips]

☆ Wyvern 13 Auto 3* F2P Team

☆ 2 Days of Progress (New Account #4)

☆ 5 Days of Progress (New Account #4)

☆ Wyvern 13 under 7 Days! (New Account #4)

☆ Golem 13 (Guide & Tips)

☆ Banshee 13 (Guide & Tips)

☆ Check out my Gold Guide 2019!

☆ Having energy problems as a Free to Play player?


☆ Best way to level fast & farm XP, Hero Power Leveling Guide

☆ LENA One Shot Beast! (Top Tier Speed Farmer!)

☆ Wyvern 11 Auto 3-Man Team [Alexa + Taranor Guard + Angelica] (Guide & Tips)

☆ LENA Wyvern 11 3-Man F2P Auto Speed Team (Taranor Guard & Angelica)

☆ Golem 11 Auto 3 Man Team + Fodder [Carmainerose Achates Ken] (Guide & Tips)

☆ Hell Devourer Arahakan (Guide)

☆ Hell Executioner Karkanis (Guide)

☆ Quickly farm Epic Catalysts!

☆ Farm FOREVER Guide [Fodders, Friendship Points & Levels] - How to Grind Covenant Bookmarks

☆ My Abyss 62+ Guides & Tips

☆ Farm Silver Transmit Stone Guide [Limited & Easy]

☆ Check my Guild War Playlist

☆ Check out my Arena Playlist on Global

☆ Check my Summoning, Secret Shop refresh and Crafting Playlist!

☆ All my Epic Seven Guides

I made over 1000 Epic Seven videos of all sorts so far and I'm not planning to stop anytime soon!

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Item Frame Hacks from the New Minecraft 1.13 Snapshot

Here are some item frame hacks that are now possible because of the new Minecraft 1.13 snapshot!

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6 Easy Ways To Earn a Bond in F2P

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6 Easy Ways To Get a Bond in F2P

In this video I show you how to do some osrs f2p money making methods, or oldschool runescape f2p money making guides. It's essentially a guide I suppose lol

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How to make Custom Paintings in Minecraft!

EDIT: You can also place all the blocks using the /fill X1 Y1 Z1 X2 Y2 Z2 minecraft:wool [ID]command in vanilla minecraft (if you have OP) If you don't have world edit (back in my day we didn't have these fancy vanilla commands)

So a lot of you were asking how I did the pink item frame trick with the map - this video quickly explains it! But as always, I take things a bit further than usual...

Villager portrait made by Cubie.

If you have any suggestions for videos let me know in the comments!

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Minecraft Item Frame Secret Door Tutorial! Using an Item Frame as Lever or Button [Java]

Minecraft Item Frame Secret Door Tutorial: if you are looking for the Bedrock / Windows 10 / PE version you can find it here: For the updated version of this Java edition secret door tutorial watch here:

Are you wondering how to make an item frame door in Minecraft? The item frame secret door is one of the BEST options if you want a great looking and easy hidden door for your enchantment room or anywhere else in your Minecraft world that you need a secret door.

In this item frame secret door tutorial, I will show you step-by-step how to turn an item frame into a trigger to open a hidden door in Minecraft! No more ugly levers or pressure plate tricks...this door is COMPLETELY hidden and sits flush with your enchantment room bookshelf! This is truly a quick and easy piston door to make.

One of the videos I found extremely helpful in learning how to create a very easy 1x2 piston door design was by jjws600 and here is a link to his piston door tutorial:
In this tutorial he walks you through how to make a 1x2 piston door in Minecraft - super easy.

I wanted a clean and easy enchantment room secret door that used an item frame button as a switch to open the hidden door. This makes for an easy place to keep a portal room or a special treasure chest room that will surely impress all your friends.

I hope you enjoy this item frame secret door tutorial and I would love to hear how you use it in your Minecraft world!



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