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10 best tips for playing Fast RMX


8 GREAT Nintendo Switch RACING GAMES worth buying NOW!

Here are 8 Nintendo Switch racing games you should not miss!

Asphalt 9: Legends
Nickelodeon Kart Racers
Riptide GP Renegade
Gear.Club Unlimited 1 & 2
Horizon Chase Turbo
Fast RMX


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Background music by Metal Jesus Rocks and Ethan Meixsell

Fast RMX Turn-Dash and Side-Dash Guide

Here's a quick and dirty demonstration of how physics work in Fast RMX.

Fast RMX Discord server:

How To Play Fast RMX for the Nintendo Switch!

With the advent of the Nintendo Switch release, I take it upon myself to show you some hints and tips on how to play Fast RMX!



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A UN-Helpful Guide on How to Play Fast RMX

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Sit back and let this video demonstrate to you how you should and shouldn't play this fast paced-high intensity game.

Fast RMX - Just The Tip

Aaron demonstrates how not to play Fast RMX while attempting to tell you how to play Fast RMX.


Fast RMX Analysis: Switch Visuals Heavily Enhanced Over Wii U!

Switch is much more than a portable Wii U with a dock - Fast RMX is an enhanced port of Fast Racing Neo. Resolution, visual effects - everything - sees a big, big upgrade.

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Should You Get? Fast RMX (Switch)


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Fast RMX - Review

Don and Jamie take a look at what might be the fastest game you can play on the go!

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Fast RMX - I tried to go crazy but then things got mildly choppy

Announcer : LET'S GO CRAZY
*me and 2/3 other vehicles crash into the roof*

No Zelda tonight, but have some racing funtimes recorded before I go to work in 7 hours.

Excuse the mild choppy framerate, I was trying something with xsplit and it didn't work that well, but I kind of felt like the near failure of the 2nd race and the announcer along with my crash in the third race was worth sharing.

This game makes me think of a combination of Outrun 2006, f-zero and a bit of Need for Speed. The menus and announcer definitely scream outrun. Lots of energy, not too flashy, and the announcer is always hyped.

Let’s Play Fast RMX (Nintendo Switch) Part 1 (Fast Paced Madness)

(I figured out about the yellow and blue boost colors lol. I was an idiot and doing it wrong. Thats what the X button changes. Tricky at first)
My gameplay of Fast RMX for the Nintendo Switch with Live Commentary.

Redeeming myself in Fast RMX.

I'm back in the race this time I got used to the controller setup and I'm ready to do a lot better than my last outing on the game. Hope you like the video and please support a growing channel! Thank you for watching and I hope you tune in for future videos.

Nintendo Switch - FAST RMX All Vehicles Unlocked!

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Fast RMX - Online Rennen - Nintendo Switch

Huhu, hier bauen wir unsere Punkte aus.

The First 9 Minutes of Fast RMX on Nintendo Switch

Check out the opening races of the Nintendo Switch exclusive, Fast RMX.

Watch more First Minutes here!

What We Learned After 48 Hours with Nintendo Switch:

Nintendo Switch Unboxing:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review:

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Unboxing:

Nintendo Switch Accessories Unboxing:

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Nintendo Switch Playing- Fast RMX #1

A very fast and intense game that I keep you in your chair wanting for more lol...


Let's dive right into one of the Nintendo Switches launch titles Fast RMX!
A remixed version of the WiiU title Fast Racing Neo!

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Fast RMX Review - WhatAJames

Ethan takes a look at the brand new racer for the Nintendo Switch: Fast RMX? How good is it and is it worth the price? Lets find out!
Read written review here:

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Game: Fast RMX
Developer: Shin'en Multimedia

Outro music: Dunderpatrullen - To The Moon
Check out their channel:

Hero Mode: FAST RMX

Hero mode finally almost done, playing fast RMX on my nintendo switch can't be better

It's a tougher play as there's more to keep track of, but I think I prefer the regular races featured in championship mode over the strangely warped difficulty of this mode.

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Fast RMX New Record for Subsonic Championship (All Tracks)

After a few attempts and getting a better understanding of each track, I got my time down to beat the posted World Record by a little under 10 minutes. Now to try out higher speeds.
I'll be streaming runs at

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Racing Games 2021 | Best Switch Racing Games | Games Puff

In this video i talk about Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Racing Games that you can play in 2021

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1:44 grip combat racing
2:12 gear club unlimited 2
2:53 horizon chase turbo
3:32 fast rmx
4:14 hotshot racing
4:44 nfs hot pursuit remastered
5:22 MotoGP 21
5:51 v rally 4
6:29 outro

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