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10 best tips for playing Fast RMX


Fast RMX Review

The lovechild of F-Zero and Wipeout.

The First 9 Minutes of Fast RMX on Nintendo Switch:

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What We Learned After 48 Hours with Nintendo Switch:

Nintendo Switch Unboxing:

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A Helpful Guide on How to Play Fast RMX

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Let me know your thoughts of this game in the comments below

Sit back and let this video demonstrate to you how you should and shouldn't play this fast paced-high intensity game.

How To Play Fast RMX for the Nintendo Switch!

With the advent of the Nintendo Switch release, I take it upon myself to show you some hints and tips on how to play Fast RMX!



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Fast RMX - Just The Tip

Aaron demonstrates how not to play Fast RMX while attempting to tell you how to play Fast RMX.


FAST RMX - All 30 Tracks / All 10 Cups / Nintendo Switch

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I love this game! Even better than its Predecessor!

Five Advanced Beat Saber Tips

Our newest editor AJ spent literally thousands of hours playing Beat Saber (okay not literally) to bring you this guide to improve your performance. So listen up - and take notes! :D

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Fast RMX Gameplay After Control Adjustments

Here I'm playing Fast RMX on the Nintendo Switch after adjusting the controls for my best comfort. I figured it could help you guys improve gameplay as well. Hope you guys like the video.

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Let's Play FAST RMX - Nintendo Switch

This is a supersonic high-flying space racer that will keep you at the edge of your seat! The game although an old one, offers a lot of value for the 19 dollars price tag. I've played this game extensively and I can confirm that it is one of the best racers out for Nintendo Switch. If you're a futuristic racing fan, you better pick this bad boy up soon!


The First 9 Minutes of Fast RMX on Nintendo Switch

Check out the opening races of the Nintendo Switch exclusive, Fast RMX.

Watch more First Minutes here!

What We Learned After 48 Hours with Nintendo Switch:

Nintendo Switch Unboxing:

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Hero Mode: FAST RMX

Hero mode finally almost done, playing fast RMX on my nintendo switch can't be better

It's a tougher play as there's more to keep track of, but I think I prefer the regular races featured in championship mode over the strangely warped difficulty of this mode.

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Fast RMX (Nintendo Switch) Review | 8-Bit Eric

8-Bit Eric Reviews Fast RMX for the Nintendo Switch. Fast RMX is an enhanced version of Fast Racing Neo, a 2015 Wii U eShop game. RMX features 14 new tracks, bringing the total to 30, and new versions of its original tracks. Developed by Shinen this FAST RMX is like a hybrid combination of Wipeout and F-Zero.

Fast RMX is similar to F-Zero because of its focus on high-speed and anti-gravity gameplay techniques, however, FAST RMX has it’s own gameplay mechicanic to keep things interesting.

The main gameplay hook revolves around boost-refilling orbs and the colored strips of track littered around each course. These are either blue or orange, and the player must alternate their color with a press of a button. If the player’s car matches the color of the strip, it acts as a boost strip. If the opposite is true, then it slows the player down until they either get off the strip or change color.

Mastering each course is all about finding the best racing line to both hit these boost zones and to pick up the many energy orbs. The latter top off your energy meter, letting you manually boost to maintain your top speed between boost zones, or quickly get back up to speed if you crash or get hit by another racer.

Features 15 vehicles and 30 different tracks that are set in futuristic cities and alpine peaks. It also has a variety of modes - Championship Mode, Multiplayer Mode and Hero Mode.

Championship mode features three courses in each cup, standard racing here. As you approach the last few cups in Subsonic, the difficulty increases tremendously. Fast's once simplistic tracks soon start introducing stage hazards The tracks themselves look fantastic. Well, everything does, really. Different levels employ different weather effects and even mechanics.

Hero Mode forces players to come in first as well as turning the boost gauge into a shared boost/shield gauge. Having nothing in the gauge will cause a crash on impact, which forces a loss.

Fast is one of the Switch’s most immediately enjoyable multiplayer experiences. Supporting up to four players split-screen, eight players for online races, and local play across eight different Switch consoles, Shin’en give you an almost overwhelming amount of different ways

Unfortunately, online play left much to be desired when I went to test a few games out. While online races function well enough, it’s pretty barebones as it is, with no way to talk to other players right now and a bizarre setup that felt rushed or tacked on.

While Zelda is undeniably the Switch’s killer app, Fast RMX drifts into a close second place. Offering an impressive range of multiplayer support and commuter-friendly racing on the go, Fast’s futuristic thrill ride is perfect for the switch.

At 19.99 this game is an absolute steal considering the asking price.

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Fast RMX Analysis: Switch Visuals Heavily Enhanced Over Wii U!

Switch is much more than a portable Wii U with a dock - Fast RMX is an enhanced port of Fast Racing Neo. Resolution, visual effects - everything - sees a big, big upgrade.

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Fast RMX Gameplay - Multiplayer (Switch Games)

Whoa! So fast! Fast RMX is the super speedy launch day racer on the Nintendo Switch, and it's super fun to play against your friends in local multiplayer.

Will you be playing Fast RMX on your Switch?


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Fast RMX, Scorpio Mine Shortcut (Track Jump)

Long jumping off the cylinder to skip the loop to the finish line while moving around a respawn zone.

By necessity the shortcut skips some potent orbs towards the end of the track, but I expect it is a little faster regardless.

v1.3 Hypersonic

Fast RMX and Redout comparison

Fast RMX is on the left and Redout is on the right.

FAST RMX #18 / Palladiumcup Hypersonic [German] Let´s Play Fast RMX

Kommentiertes Gameplay von Erikchisu.
Spiel: Fast RMX
Entwickler: Shin`en Multimedia
Plattform: Switch
Genre: Racer
Release (EU): 03.03.2017
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Über das Spiel:
FAST RMX, ein digitaler Launch-Titel vom Münchener Entwicklerstudio Shin'en Multimedia für Nintendo Switch, ist eine verbesserte Version von Fast Racing Neo, einem spirituellen Nachfolger zu F-Zero, für Wii U. Aufgeteilt in 10 Cups bietet euch das Spiel 30 Rennstrecken, die meisten davon kennt man jedoch schon aus dem Wii U Teil. 1080p@60 FPS sind auf der Switch nun Standard, egal ob im Singleplayer, im Splitscreen mit bis zu 4 Spielern oder Online. Eine große Verbesserung gegenüber FAST Racing Neo. Lediglich auf dem Tablet läuft das Spiel mobil in 720p, wie jedes andere auch. Sieht dennoch super aus und spielt sich gut! Das Gameplay blieb gleich, ein Zeitfahr-Modus und Online Freundes-Modus werden kostenlos per Update nachgereicht. Das Spiel kostet 20€ im E-Shop und benötigt 835MB Speicherplatz.
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Viel Spaß mit Let´s Play Fast RMX! =)

Fast RMX (v1.2) - Chuoku City 1:34.68

It seems Shin'en thought this track was better without the classic shortcut and thus patched it out in v1.3 by specifically adding additional gravity over the gap, thus making it unscalable. I wanted to improve it more before uploading, but now that opportunity is gone.

It's disappointing because I was working within their already constraining checkpoint system and that wasn't even enough for them. Now Chuoku City in RMX will never be as exciting or interesting for the most dedicated part of the fanbase, because jumps this big feel satisfying to take and blocking it is a sign that Shin'en has misunderstood the game genre a bit.

v1.2 Hypersonic Time Attack

Previous records:
-DivisionX 1:43.090
-MetalSmasher86 1:49.790

Switch LAN Party - How To Setup, How Fast It Is (FAST RMX Gameplay)

Nintendo Switch is all about multiplayer, so today we are trying out a LAN Party with FAST RMX! How easy is it to setup, how fast does it work, and what is the experience like? Let us know what YOU think of Switch LAN Parties in the comments below :)


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Fast RMX - Lets play! Better than Wipeout or F-zero!? Nintendo Switch! GamerzWorld!

You Love Wipeout!? You love F-Zero!? You Got a Nintendo Switch?! THEN GET FAST RMX! ITS AMAZING! Enjoy the video guys! let me know in the comments if you'd like to see more of this game! :)

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Fast RMX - The Next F-Zero?

When it was released, Fast RMX was getting praise for bringing back F-Zero, but can it really live up to the long-forgotten franchise? Andrew's gonna find out!



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