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10 best tips for playing Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star


Fate/EXTELLA (English) Official Android & iOS Gameplay I Offline

My Discord come join in!! Have conversations with like minded people & I post all latest info about new anticipated games first in there:-

New anime fate series based game Fate/Extella now available on both Android & iOS!

I Loved the game it's awesome!

Total size is about :- 1.68GB

Cost- 2440 yen = 23$~

Works fully offline! (Play without internet connection)

*Game is available currently only in Japan after downloading it'll automatically translate into English no need to do any settings (with japanese voice over) but I will suggest you to wait for global release...

Download Links:-

Fate/Extella (There are two versions this & 'Fate/Extella link' but based on review that one seems with bugs so I have downloaded this regular version & it's works fine)


Thanks for watching! As always I'll keep you updated with all mobile games in every genre, stay tuned!


Fate/EXTELLA Link Review (Nintendo Switch) | A Great Introduction To Musou

Fate/EXTELLA Link is a massive improvement over it's predecessor but does it have a mind-blowing soundtrack like The Umbral Star?

#JayRPG #FateEXTELLAlink

Nintendo Switch vs. PC comparison:

Disclaimer: A download code for Fate/EXTELLA Link was provided by Marvelous for purposes of review & other coverage

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Fate/Extella LINK (Switch) - my endgame grinding method

I had a really rough day and need to decompress for a while. I hope this helps you guys out though.

Fate/EXTELLA The Umbral Star (Nintendo Switch) Review | 8-Bit Eric

This is a review of Fate/EXTELLA The Umbral Star for the Nintendo Switch by 8-Bit Eric. Based on the popular series of anime and visual novels, plays almost exactly like Dynasty Warriors. Gameplay is focused around two things — capturing territories, and plowing down hordes of enemies in the process. The game is full of fast paced action as you battle through levels cluttered with hordes of enemies. Combat is initially cool at first, and some of the animations are pretty flashy. It gets repetitive rather quickly. missions can last a little too long—I was averaging about 25 minutes. You must run from area to area on each map, stopping incoming invasions from the rogue servants’ armies, kill enough enemies for Aggressors to appear, and then kill those Aggressors to win back that sector. Do this enough and a boss “enemy servant” will appear. Rinse, repeat.

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All images, music and footage licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Caster Main Story 5 - Fate/EXTELLA The Umbral Star Gameplay - All Cutscene & Dialogue

Let's play caster main story!! Fate/EXTELLA The Umbral Star main story stage 5 and dialogue all cutscenes right here right now!! Hope you enjoy it ^^
If you don't want to follow the dialogue, just skip to 04:33 for battle gameplay or you can use youtube fast forward
#FateExtella #FateExtellaTheUmbralStar #FateExtellaGameplay

Cara Download Game Fate/EXTELLA The Umbrall Star :
1. Klik link dan DOWNLOAD serta INSTALL apps nya
2. Setelah aplikasi terinstal, search Fate/EXTELLA.
3. Instal Fate/EXTELLA seperti biasa dan mainkan. ^^

Fate/EXTELLA Playlist :
[Video Title] : Main Story 5 - Fate/EXTELLA The Umbral Star Gameplay - All Cutscene & Dialogue
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Higher by Roa
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All About Tamamo no Mae (Guide/Analysis) - Fate/Extella Link

Does this legendary Fox Spirit live up to her reputation in Fate/Extella Link? Let's find out!
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Written and Edited by: ShaneBrained

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This video contains copyrighted material. All copyrighted material is used under Fair Use. If you believe this material has been used in error, please contact me directly at

Fate/EXTELLA - Saber / Altera (Attila) Gameplay [フェイト/エクステラ]

Stage: VS Lancer / Cú Chulainn (Default Route Selection)
Normal Difficulty

Archimedes in FGO When? [Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star] (Nero Route) #4

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Ending Song: 龍崎一 - Success!

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Fate Extella - PS4 vs Switch - Graphics Comparison (60fps)

A framerate and graphics comparison of the PS4 and Switch version of Fate/Extella.

The PS4 and Switch are almost identical in terms of visual make-up and resolution. However the PS4 targets 60 frames per second, while the Switch version targets 30 frames per second. The PS4 version has the odd screen tear and most likely uses adaptive V-Sync, while the Nintendo Switch has V-sync fully engaged without any torn frames. PS4 has a diffuse reflection on the tiles when Saber uses flashy attack, this is absent on Switch. The Switch is also missing some smaller details, if you look closer at Saber's hand at 1:27, her ring is missing on Switch. On the positive side, the Switch does contain all the DLC costumes at no extra charge. Plus an exclusive costume and multiple language support across all regions.

gameplay Fate extella umbrella star for android/IOS

Phone Realme C3 Size Game 2GB for android

BRAND NEW CHARACTERS! Fate/Extella LINK update April 2018

the new servants we have are:

Robin Hood
Gils De Rais
plus one Ruler class who has yet to be announced.

Fate/Extella Saber (Artoria) Very Hard Sub-Story Part 1 [Reupload]

I had to reupload due to the video being all shake sturry and bad. SO yeah. i will do all the Servant Sub-story and will try to upload at least once a day

Fate/Extella - Karna (Lancer)

Fate Extella The Umbral Star; Karna! Legend says he exchanged his armor for power? Let's find out if that's true!
Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star playlist -
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Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star - PC/Steam Gameplay

Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star

The game runs a lot better and runs at a unlocked fps! Well... I say unlocked, but it actually targets your monitor's refresh rate and makes it its fps cap. So if you have a 120Hz monitor, its max fps would be 120fps.

I recorded this footage at 120fps, but since YouTube doesn't support video playback higher than 60fps, it'll just be a gameplay showing.

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Fate/Extella Link part 22: A Chance for Clarity

Archimedes lends a hand in rescuing Gilgamesh from Gilles.

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PS Vita Weekly Update #224 - 29/10/2016

Kemco have announced they plan to port one of their RPGs, Asdivine Hearts, to Vita, PS3 and PS4. The game claims to be focused on being a good retro RPG, with over 40 hours of gameplay and a twisting and turning plot. The game will be crossbuy.

Developer Cowcat announced a Vita port of their point and click adventure Demetrios. The game claims to be a humor oriented adventure game, with 8 hours of story and a high amount of interactivity. The game will release in North America on the 15th of November.

SaGa Scarlet Grace is getting special stylized Vita bundles in Japan. The bundles will have a special design, some artwork, and an exclusive theme. They will be available day and date with the Japanese version of the game, December 15.

Dates. Spider Rite of the Shrouded Moon launched by surprise this week. Steins;Gate 0 has been confirmed for November 25 in Europe and November 29 in North America. Two European dates: Fate/Extella has been confirmed for a Janurary 2017 release by Marvelous Europe. PQube have confirmed they're handling the European release of Akiba's Beat in Q1 2017. The 3D Touhou fighting game, Touhou Koubuto V, has been pushed up from November 3 to 2. The Japanese version of Rodem the Wild is releasing sometime in December; the game has been confirmed for an international release previously but still has no date.

Finally this week, Bridge Constructor's trophies have shown up on the usual trophy indexing sites. No official date has been given just yet. That's it for this week.

I'll be recording my video on World of Final Fantasy about the same time I finish up recording for this weekly update so barring all problems I should have that up on the weekend. I have no code for anything else just yet so I'll probably just get to another import or two before next week. Man, this Play-Asia thing is nice, isn't it? If you didn't watch my Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu video, go and watch at least some of that if you can, I put a lot of effort into that video. Like, subscribe, comment and share the video around if you liked it. See you next week.

Nero and Nameless: Christmas 2017 50AP Quest [Fate/Grand Order]

Padoru Padoru~

Please stick around for the bonus at the end. Honestly half-expected not to have lasted that long or do that much damage with just an Archer.

Fate/Extella OST
Fate/Kaleid Oath Under Snow OST

Fate Extella Link mobile IOS/Android Gameplay on iphone se

Fate Extella link gameplay on iphone se

Fate/Extra Caster my room conversation + ending

I have used my old NG+ playthrough(2016) to get all this footage in hopes i can turn them to a full on video to appreciate her and mostly to help others who did not really play the game due to its gameplay.

A condense of caster convos thruout the game+ the ending of original extra.

0:00:00 Caster Meeting with mc (tbh this was my very first reaction when i first played was trying replicate that feel.)
0:04:30 Week 1 Introduction of My room with caster
0:05:48 Week 1 convo with caster cheer up
0:11:56 Week 2 convo with caster just one question
0:17:38 Week 3 Convo with caster Memories
0:24:18 Week 4 Convo with caster (Survey very important)
0:29:13 Week 5 First entered arena when juilus servant attacks caster
0:33:10 Week 5 Rin Mana transfer scene with caster
0:37:10 Week 5 Caster reveals her true name Tamamo no mae
0:40:29 Week 5 Tamamo explains her noble phantasm
0:42:36 Week 5 Mc questions Tamamo (After week 5 battle with juilus)
0:47:02 Week 6 With Tamamo different choices (this one is kind of important you need this for week 7.)
0:54:38 Week 7 beginning
0:55:53 Week 7 day 1 after talking to rin/rani and heading to floor 1
0:57:13 Week 7 day 2
1:06:17 Tamamo Backstory Matrix E
1:29:07 Reaching mooncell/Tamamo talk about twice and meeting twice.
1:40:29 The ending of original game with rin.

Note to self: This was played at normal mode also another thing shockwave 2nd is best cuz it stuns enemies for 2 actions and i should sleep....zzzz

[Fate/Grand Order] Servants I want as Swimsuit Servants

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