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10 best tips for playing Galaxy of Pen & Paper


A Crap Guide to Knights of Pen & Paper 2 [Sponsored]

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you're telling me 2 knights made these pen and papers?


this video will make you forget your own name..

this video will make you forget your own name.. In this video we take a look at some optical illusions and mind tricks. This also includes an optical illusion that will make you forget your name as well as make you feel like you're flying. Only a genius can solve these mind tricks. This video will make you forget your name.

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this video will make you feel like you're flying..

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Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Minecraft | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro

Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Minecraft | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro

Explore infinite worlds and build everything from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting tools and armor to defend against mobs. You can choose Java or Bedrock edition to play.

i speedrun 2d minecraft

This game makes some cursed speedruns, but at least I got a world record

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Watch the world record sleep speedrun here: this video
Watch the world record milk dinker speedrun here:
Watch the world record iron armor speedrun here:

My channel generally focuses on a more casual side of speedruns. With these videos I want to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and entertain. Hopefully you enjoy the content and maybe even take up speedrunning yourself, because it is truly a lot of fun!

And yeah, today we're speedrunning 2d minecraft (aka paper minecraft). This is a game where you play minecraft in 2d... obviously. Yeah it turns out to be a pretty cursed version of minecraft. I did a bunch of speedruns of it and got some pretty mixed results. But at the very least I got a world record... on a category that only 2 people have run before... I'll take it.

Also I'm gonna do this it helps I guess:
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speedrun / speedrunner of Minecraft against a very much cursed game.

#EazySpeezy #Minecraft #Speedrun

GALAXY OF PEN AND PAPER #02 SPACE POLICE RPG Roleplaying Game Game - Let's Play

Galaxy of Pen and Paper is a game about playing a tabletop roleplaying game... yes it's very self-aware and meta! (GOG affiliate link)
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Hey, I'm EnterElysium. I produce gaming content most days covering anything either Sci-Fi, Strategy or Science related! I produce content varying from general gaming news, let's plays, walkthrough, tips, science related and even some storyline-through-emergent-gameplay... er, stuff! Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy the show!

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Knights of Pen & Paper Nintendo Switch Review

Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Deluxier Edition is out on the Nintendo Switch today. Find out if it's worth your hard earned cash or not in our review!
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Minecraft wait what meme part 85 (headless zombie)

Minecraft wait what meme part 85 (headless zombie)
Funny moments in Minecraft.
Hi, my name is Josa Craft. I live in USA. If you live in the USA, then write about it in the comments.

To Be Continued -
Best Traps -

The Mystery of the 1995 Build of Super Mario 64 (Every Copy of Super Mario 64 is Personalized)

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On July 29th, 1995, a Super Mario 64 build was constructed that forever shook the internet. From a ghostly Wario apparition to strange cases of personalized copies of the game, this precursor Super Mario 64 version was full of many different mysteries. Many theories arose surrounding this haunted occurrence and today we'll be doing a deep dive into to the bottom of the Mario 64 mystery iceberg.

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#mario #supermario64 #supermario64hacks #mario64 #swankybox #gamingmystery #outofbounds

Credits and sources:

Wario E3 1996 footage by Grooveraider.

Super Mario 64 but Different (Creepy first person gameplay footage) - game by Hunter Towe.

Super Wario 64 by Kaze Emanuar.

Written by SwankyBox.
Filmed and edited by SwankyBox and Stowgee.

Music credits:
Songs from various Super Mario Bros OST's

Big Boo's Haunt - Super Mario 64
Dark Bloo Inn - Paper Mario Color Splash
Shadow Temple - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Lets Play Knights Of Pen & Paper 2 1 - Character Creation

Hey Guys, and Welcome to Knights of Pen and Paper 2. Did you ever sit alone in your house, wishing you could play dungeons and dragons without anyone else? Well now you can, Knights of Pen & Paper simulators the D&D experience, best thing is, you get to do it anytime, without scheduling, travel, or any of the other 100 difficulties in playing in Person D&D. Check it out!

Prepare to inhabit a world of chivalry, class warfare and off-beat pop references. Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is a turn-based, retro style, pixel-art adventure full of danger, intrigue, death, and saving throws!

Assemble your party and control your group of pen and paper role-players as they are guided through their adventures by the Game Master. All the fun of pen and paper RP, none of the lost dice!

Now including races like Dwarf or Elf, assemble the party of your choice, choose quests and combat encounters, delve into dungeons, craft powerful items, and complain loudly to the GM.

Knights of Pen and Paper 2 is available on steam if you want to try it yourself,

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10 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Nintendo Switch

Things to avoid doing if you care about your Nintendo Switch!

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There’s so much to love about the Nintendo Switch and, while it offers so many different ways to play, there are some things you should avoid doing to the console.

This is TheGamer’s list of 10 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo is known as the most innovative gaming company in the world for a reason. They’re always pushing the boundaries and expanding on the idea of what gaming really is. Enter the Nintendo Switch. This hybrid console has been around for over a year and has already left its mark on the gaming world. You could play it traditionally on your TV screen or in handheld mode on the go. The library started off small, but has quickly grown into an incredible one.

Since the Nintendo Switch is very new compared to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, people are still learning about what they can and can’t do with the console. It turns out that there’s quite a few things people think are fine to do to the Switch, but actually aren’t. Watch to see what you should never do to your Nintendo Switch!


Script by: Justin Pietrodarchi

Voice Over by: Grant Kellett

Edited by: Kyle West

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10 Things You Didn't Know Your Nintendo 3DS Could Do

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The first Nintendo 3DS hit retail shelves in 2011. Since then, gamers across the globe have taken a liking to these handheld systems. The games available for the 3DS are ridiculously fun and the system itself is easy to use for fans of all ages. Since Nintendo, as a company, is wildly popular, it’s no surprise the 3DS was readily received by fans. In fact, it seems as though nearly everyone, from hardcore to casual gamers, has a 3DS.

Most fans of Nintendo are concerned with gameplay and which titles will be available on the system. Notably, players will expect at least one Mario title and one Pokemon title included in the list of games which can be played on the 3DS. That’s understandable, considering the fact those two titles specifically have become synonymous with the Nintendo brand. Players can’t think of one existing without the other and it’s pretty much a given Nintendo will deliver on the Mario and Pokemon front. What if, while being obsessed with new games, 3DS players overlooked some amazing features of the handheld system itself?

There are certain aspects of the Nintendo 3DS some players may not be fully aware of. From hidden games to Pikmin assistants, it’s likely most players may have easily overlooked these functions. Missing these functions may be due to the fact players are often eager to get into their favorite game or they didn’t anticipate Nintendo adding easter eggs and perks to their handheld system. Either way, there are some interesting functions of the Nintendo 3DS available for players.

How long does it take to get an heirloom for Free?

I just got heirloom shards for the 1st time and got Wraith's heirloom with them (the Kunai). This event brought a question to my head though. Have you ever thought to yourself when will you get your 1st heirloom in Apex Legends?

Well to get an Heirloom you need Heirloom Shards 1st. Heirloom shards can be hard to get, especially if you never buy any additional packs. In this video I look at the stats and analyse how long it will take you to get heirloom shards for free if you don't spend a single penny on Apex Legends. I do some analysis and tell you exactly which season you will get heirlooms shards for free in. You'll have to listen to the video carefully to hear what season that will be. I also give you the supporting analysis so you know I've not just made it up so apologies if it gets a bit technical.

Ultimately though everyone can get an heirloom if they play the game enough. Even if you don't spend any money in the game you can still get heirloom shards. it just means you'll have to keep grinding for longer.

Of course my answer in this video is also based on if you take advantage of all the free opportunities you have to get packs. In reality it will vary depending on how much you play apex and if you have bought any packs.
My calculation also takes into account the concept that we will receive packs from the battle pass and treasure packs at the same rate as season 7, which in reality may also change over the seasons.

I hope you find this useful as I know it can be really hard to know when you could actually get your heirloom shards. This video should allow you to understand how the heirloom shard system works and even calculate which season you might receive heirloom shards in.

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0:00 - Intro
0:36 - What we're covering in this video
1:13 - Getting Heirloom Shards Live On Stream
2:32 - Analysis how long it takes to get and heirloom
5:09 - Answer how it takes to get an heirloom
6:50 - Calculate how many packs you personally are away from an heirloom

Desktop Gamers VS Laptop Gamers

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An Animation By AyusAnimation
Desktop Gamers VS Laptop Gamers
#desktop #laptop #desktopvslaptop


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Dad on a Budget: Galaxy of Pen and Paper +1 Review

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Let's Play Galaxy Of Pen And Paper - Party Creation!

Let's Play Galaxy Of Pen And Paper! I was a big fan of both Knights Of Pen And Paper +1 Edition and Chroma Squad. So, imagine how happy I was to see Galaxy Of Pen And Paper come my way. It's very charming, well written, very meta, and it will be quite the ride. If you haven't seen anything from Behold Studios yet, you're in for a treat!

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GALAXY OF PEN AND PAPER #01 A NEW SAGA RPG Roleplaying Game Game - Let's Play

Galaxy of Pen and Paper is a game about playing a tabletop roleplaying game... yes it's very self-aware and meta! (GOG affiliate link)
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Hey, I'm EnterElysium. I produce gaming content most days covering anything either Sci-Fi, Strategy or Science related! I produce content varying from general gaming news, let's plays, walkthrough, tips, science related and even some storyline-through-emergent-gameplay... er, stuff! Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy the show!

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The creators of Knights of Pen & Paper take their meta-tabletop RPG-inspired digital game into the stars. Roll the dice to do battle with aliens, blow ships to bits, and make friends with pink blobs of goo. But is it an interstellar joy or a broken hyperdrive.





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[CONFIRMED] L-Drago Destroy SPIN STEAL! Epic Beyblade Experiment: Who's the king?

Tons of people think that L-Drago Destroy is not good at spin stealing, that Meteo L-Drago is the best spin stealer out there.. But is this the truth? Why do they hate so much this fact? What's behind L-Drago's design? Are there secret mods? Let's find out!
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