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10 best tips for playing Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2


Guilty Gear XrdR2 Character Overviews (Who should I play?)

This video presumes the viewer has a basic knowledge of fighting game mechanics.

- What is the purpose of this document/video?
To help new GGXrd players choose a character when trying to get into the game. There are other resources such as Xrd Bits and LordKnight’s video guide, as well as many character-specific guides, but some of these resources are out of date and can be difficult to parse (LK’s video is ~2 hours long). Thus, I thought it would be good for the community to have a more simple, easy to parse resource. Think of these descriptions as elevator pitches.

- Additional Information & Footage
For an explanation of the terms used in this video, a list of notable players for each character, and links to the footage sources, see the script document. PLEASE read this if you're confused about what a word means or how I use it:

If you're still confused, I recommend browsing the Dustloop wiki:
Main page -
GGXrd Rev2 -
General fighting game glossary -

- Special Thanks
This would not have been possible without the help of many editors and contributors who know their characters much better than I do. I owe immense thanks to FaultyDefense, Pida, Memo, DrifterDane, PatTheFlip, Entelefuff, SLAM DUMP, Krackatoa, Waffle, Honnou, DNDKam, Bismarck, YungMoist, Vogue-Kun, Kizzercrate, GlacialReign, Mal/Malrodin, LordKnight, Frankentank, The Arm, Urchinrumbler, Babbaloo in the Shadaloo, Kyuukei, Daymendou, Loekkson, phil/sage, PepperySplash, Syniez.

- Timestamps
(Sol and Ky are first, then everyone else in alphabetical order.)
0:00 Introduction
0:14 Sol Badguy
1:08 Ky Kiske
2:07 Answer
3:00 Axl Low
4:03 Baiken
5:01 Bedman
6:06 Chipp Zanuff
7:05 Dizzy
8:06 Elphelt Valentine
9:07 Faust
10:02 I-No
11:01 Jack-O'
12:09 Jam Kuradoberi
13:09 Johnny
14:09 Kum Haehyun
15:08 Leo Whitefang
16:09 May
17:06 Millia Rage
18:07 Potemkin
19:05 Ramlethal Valentine
20:06 Raven
21:07 Sin Kiske
22:07 Slayer
23:10 Venom
24:12 Zato=1


Top Guilty Gear player PG Kizzie Kay creates his FINAL Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2 TIER LIST! See where each character ranks 3 years after this game's release, and where some characters have ended up since then. Join Kizzie in learning just why each character is where they are in the list!

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Guilty Gear XX Xrd: Basic Ky Oki for beginners (Learn how to utilize knockdowns to not be bad 01)

Part 1 of 5. You have to watch the beginning of this one as it contains the intro to the whole series.

Focuses on using knowledge of knockdowns and pressure (oki) to understand the game and learn how to play correctly.

How to get good with I-No - Guilty Gear Strive guide

We're back with another character starter guide for Guilty Gear -Strive-! Today we're covering I-No, the guitar-wielding witch who hits you with the schmix! We'll be covering her moves, supers, basic strategy, and combos, as well as some online match footage gameplay to show you what she looks like in action. Hope you find this useful!

Twitch (I stream every weekday from 5-8 EST):

#GuiltyGear #ino #guide

Quick Guilty Gear Tips For New Guilty Gear Players | The Sol Blockstring & Simple Neutral Ideas

streamed Oct. 29, 2020

Seriously, y'all gotta chill with jump back airdash forward. It ain't slick.

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5 Tips for Improving In GGAC+R

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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R

7 essential tips to help you get prepared for the Guilty Gear Strive beta!

(timestamps below)
Beta is about to hit proper, so for those of you who are newer to the Guilty Gear experience, this should help you out!

Tip 1 - 0:24 about meter
Tip 2 - 1:27 negative and positive states
Tip 3 - 2:10 bursts
Tip 4 - 2:56 risc gauge
Tip 5 - 3:55 dust button does a lot of work
Tip 6 - 5:09 Fautless defense
Tip 7 - 5:44 about combo structure and roman cancels


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[ Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 ] Ramlethal - Big combos, oki and burgers

Ramlethal Time! This is third episode of a weekly series where I will play every character in the cast until the release of strive, at the end of each week I will be uploading a thoughts video where I talk about my thoughts about the character as well as difficulties I encountered and who might enjoy playing the character.

Some things have changed however as now I will dedicate 5 streams to each character instead of an actual week as my schedule is very chaotic.

All clips are from my stream, going from day 1 all the way to the last stream where I played the character.


0:00 Intro
1:39 Likes
4:54 Dislikes
7:13 Tips for those starting out with Ram
10:04 Outro




I will post some useful resources if you want to learn Ramlethal right here:

Character Discord:

Ramlethal Corner Combos and Setups by Urchin:

nagai's Ramlethal Guide: Sword Rearranging into 2D-6S(equipped):

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2: Ky Kiske Pros / Cons.

Ky Kiske is another well-rounded character good option in Guilty Gear Xrd - Revelator 2, while with Sol Badguy the newcomers can learn a lot of footsies and rushdown concepts, with Ky Kiske the learning curve can be a bit more extensive because this character can be played in a close range, mid range and/or zoning.
In this quick character overview, I hope to show Ky Kiske main characteristics in all stances (close range, mid-range, and zoning). I hope its useful.

Music: GGX2 [Holy Orders (Be Just Or Be Dead)].

During the first Xrd phase, there was another Brazilian Guilty Gear player who created an amazing Ky Kiske video focused on mixups and most of all stuff still works in GGRev2.
I really recommend his video and here is the link.

Guilty Gear Crash Course ep.02: Basic Defense

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A boring, technical note about 2:19:
For those who want the long in-depth explanation, you can also do FD with H as well (and Ruu wanted to include it because it's technically true) but it’s not recommended!

The throw~FD option select was removed from Xrd so if you try to FD with H you’ll need to be more accurate than usual or else you may get accidental H attacks. Therefore we recommend doing FD with only P,K or S.

If you do 4P ~ +K you will get FD
If you do 4K ~ +P you will get FD
If you do 4P ~ +H you will get FD
If you do 4H ~ +P you will get H

Because you cannot kara cancel H into FD you may get more execution errors, therefore you should do FD with P,K or S. We preferred to omit H from the explanation than to let new players experience mysterious execution errors because they don't understand the ins and outs of the engine and the tweaks made by the developers based on high level of play.

Thumbnail artwork by Jeff Nevins

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 - Answer Move List

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 - Answer Move List
This is a video Breakdown Movelist that features all of answer moves from Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2 demo Gameplay

This video serves as an educational video guide on how to play Guilty Gear xrd 2.
Guilty Gear Revelator is owned by Arc System Works Co, Ltd, all rights reserved.

Can I Prepare for Strive with Guilty Gear Xrd?

Link to the Guilty Gear Xrd main discord:
TLDW: Only get Xrd if you want to try that game specifically, since Strive is trying to move away from the core of prior GG games being heavily knockdown-centric. If you do want to try it, focus on applying concepts through the single player modes and not on winning against players or the AI.

It's great to see so many people interested in Guilty Gear with Strive's release approaching. Hopefully this video gives an adequate starting point on learning how to play fighting games/Guilty Gear on the right foot!

Thank you for watching and please feel free to ask questions in the comments.
I stream Guilty Gear Xrd and other games on Twitch:

How to INSTANT BLOCK - Guilty Gear's SPECIAL Blocking Mechanics

#GuiltyGear #GGXRD #lordknight

The basics of defense in Guilty Gear! Here I specifically talk about Instant Blocking (IB) and Fautless Defense (FD).

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Need To Know Basics: May Combo Guide

So yeah. Finally got this May video I said I'd do out. Learning May I thought would be something easy to try and package everything down...... No way man. May is really something if you like tech. Sitting down and just discovering and upgrading your arsenal with May? WITH the crazy oki she's got!? Why don't people play her more? Anyway.

If you wanna know how I feel about the new GG reveal, unless you guys are cool with a video, I have hope for the game and will try to learn characters revealed to make videos. I may do videos with me talking on what to do or look into since it will help keep up with what I want to do for Guilty Gear. If anything, I DEFINITELY want to play Granblue Versus so expect videos on that.

If you want to learn more about May, go to Dustloop to learn her toolkit

Or join the May Discord to learn more from experienced players. Would recommend GPS to learn neutral with May, AiyumuHG for tech, 2ndState to help you hurdle over the Beginner Level, or ChexGuy & FFXIV Player for optimal May play

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Keyboard Controller Settings for Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

This video is for controller settings of Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 PC Version i.e Keyboard settings...
If you face any difficulty simply comment bellow
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Guilty Gear Xrd Faust Essentials: Item Property Guide


You surely noticed a short promo for a T-shirt company at the beginning of the vid, which is a side project of mine which may or may not be a complete disaster. If you're at all interested, the website for it is here:

I am actively making videos for xrd, marvel, and will probably make stuff for SFV, but I plan on continuing to create content for all three games.


Projectiles that can hit/destroy Small Faust:

-Faust: (own or enemy) Love, Bomb, Oil (explosion). (enemy) Meteor, Hammer, 100-ton Weight

-Millia: Silent Force (hairpin), Secret Garden

-Sol: Gun Flame (normal or DI), Break (normal or DI), Tyrant Rave ver.Beta (normal only)

-Ky: Aerial Stun Edge (normal or enhanced), Ride The Lightning

-May: Applause for the Victim (vertical), Don't Miss It, Great Yamada Attack

-Chipp: Gamma Blade, Kunai (Wall Version), Ryuu Yanagi

-Elphelt: Berry Pine, Ms. Confille (fire), Ms. Travailler (fire), Genoverse (explosion on hit)

-Potemkin: Giganter Kai

-I-No: Antidepressant Scale

-Axl: Sickle Flash, Artemis Hunter, Sickle Storm

-Ramlethal: Calvados

-Venom: Ball (hit), QV, Red Hail, Bishop Runout

-Leo: Stahl Wirbel

-Zato: Invite Hell, Drill Special, Amorphous

-Bedman: Task A, Deja Vu (Task A), Deja Vu (Task B), Deja Vu (Task C), Sinusoidal Helios



On Guts:

5 poisons plus five 5Ps (3 dmg each) killed Sol.


420 life - (3 x 5) = 405, i.e., 5 poisons did 405 damage to Sol.

The initial hit of each poison do 10, 10, 8, 7, and 4 damage respectively. (initial hit damage lowers due to guts)

Poison hit damage = 10 + 10 + 8 + 7 + 4 = 39

Damage over time = Total life - Damage from 5Ps - Poison hit damage

Damage over time = 420 - 15 - 39 = 366

If all five poisons did the same damage (i.e., if not affected by guts),

366 / 5 = 73.2 damage over time / poison

Using the life bar as a visual cue shows a poison on full life Sol doing a little over 110 dmg, i.e., minus the initial hit, a little over 100 damage. As 100 is significantly greater than 73.2, guts must be affecting the damage poison does over time and not just the initial hit.

On Character Defense:

To kill Sol (defense modifier x1.00): 5 poisons (hit damage = 10, 10, 8, 7, 4) plus five 5Ps (5 x 3 damage a piece)
Poison Hit Damage: 39
5P damage: 15
Damage Over time: ~366
= 420
To kill Potemkin (defense modifier x.94): 5 poisons (hit damage = 9, 9, 9, 6, 4) plus five 5Ps (5 x 3 damage a piece)
Poison Hit Damage: 37
5P Damage: 15
Damage Over Time: ~366
= 418
To kill Chipp(defense modifier x1.30): 5 poisons (hit damage = 13, 13, 10, 6, 5) plus two 5Ps (2 x 4 damage a piece)
Poison Hit Damage: 47
5P damage: 8
Damage Over time ~366
= 421

It seems we can deduce:

1. Character defense affects the initial hit of poison but does NOT affect the damage over time.

2. Guts affects both the initial hit AND the damage over time. We know this because using the life bar as a visual indicator, you can see that poison on a full health Sol does a little over 100 damage. To kill Sol it takes 5 poisons (hit plus letting the damage over time run its course)

On Interaction With R.I.S.C. Level:

The initial hit of the poison bottle lowers risk gauge normally (on block, raises the gauge slightly, on hit, lowers it by a decent chunk). On hit, the damage over time has no interaction with the R.I.S.C. level (does not lower the gauge, does not do differing amounts of damage depending on gauge).


Things that ignite the oil, courtesy of dustloop wiki:

-Faust: Love, Bomb

-Potemkin: Trishula

-Elphelt: Berry Pine, Genoverse (When blocked or hit)

-Sol: Gun Flame, Ground Viper, Volcanic Viper, Break (D.I. Version Only), Tyrant Rave

-Axl: Artemis Hunter, Sickle Storm


Item Probability Explanation:

To approximate the likelihood of each item coming out, I did item toss 1000 times and recorded the results. The numbers:

Helium Gas: 24
Platform: 36
100-ton Weight: 37
Black Hole: 40
Meteor: 55
Oil: 60
Chocolate: 83
Poison: 90
Doughnut: 96
Bomb: 144
Hammer: 166
Small Faust: 169

I used the numbers to group them into the categories I used in the video:
~15% - Very Common (approximate fraction: ⅙ each)
Hammer: 16.6%
Bomb: 14.4%
Small Faust: 16.9%

~9% - Common (approximate fraction: 1/12 each)
Donut: 9.6%
Chocolate: 8.3%
Poison: 9%

~6% - Uncommon (approximate fraction: 3/48 each)
Oil: 6%
Meteors: 5.5%

~4% - Rare (approximate fraction: 1/24 each)
Black Hole: 4%
Weight: 3.7%
Platform: 3.6%

~3% - Very Rare (approximate fraction: 3/96)
Helium: 2.4%




Game version used: Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Ver.1.04 (aka arcade version 1.1)


Hey all in this video i want to share 5 tips to help you decide on who you'll be choosing in Guilty Gear Strive as your main character,

00:00 - Intro
00:47 - Aesthetics/Appeal
02:34 - Check the Moveset
03:59 - Try all the Characters
04:59 - Character Archetype
07:23 - Playstyle
08:47 - Thanks for Watching!

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#GGST #GuiltyGearStrive

Character Archtypes in Guilty Gear XXAC+R | Guilty Gear Advanced Tips 03

This video is a part of a collaboration about archtypes in fighting games. Check the full playlist here:

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5 things you can do to GET READY for Guilty Gear Strive

#lordknight #GuiltyGearStrive #GGS

I get questions about how should I get ready for Guilty Gear Strive, so I decided to make this video real quick. Hope this helps!

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I-No Practical Combos vs Ky w/ Input and Notes [Guilty Gear Xrd]

I-No combo routes are quite finicky when optimizing for damage and okizeme. Some of these combos may or may not work on other characters.

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