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10 best tips for playing Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2


Guilty Gear XrdR2 Character Overviews (Who should I play?)

This video presumes the viewer has a basic knowledge of fighting game mechanics.

- What is the purpose of this document/video?
To help new GGXrd players choose a character when trying to get into the game. There are other resources such as Xrd Bits and LordKnight’s video guide, as well as many character-specific guides, but some of these resources are out of date and can be difficult to parse (LK’s video is ~2 hours long). Thus, I thought it would be good for the community to have a more simple, easy to parse resource. Think of these descriptions as elevator pitches.

- Additional Information & Footage
For an explanation of the terms used in this video, a list of notable players for each character, and links to the footage sources, see the script document. PLEASE read this if you're confused about what a word means or how I use it:

If you're still confused, I recommend browsing the Dustloop wiki:
Main page -
GGXrd Rev2 -
General fighting game glossary -

- Special Thanks
This would not have been possible without the help of many editors and contributors who know their characters much better than I do. I owe immense thanks to FaultyDefense, Pida, Memo, DrifterDane, PatTheFlip, Entelefuff, SLAM DUMP, Krackatoa, Waffle, Honnou, DNDKam, Bismarck, YungMoist, Vogue-Kun, Kizzercrate, GlacialReign, Mal/Malrodin, LordKnight, Frankentank, The Arm, Urchinrumbler, Babbaloo in the Shadaloo, Kyuukei, Daymendou, Loekkson, phil/sage, PepperySplash, Syniez.

- Timestamps
(Sol and Ky are first, then everyone else in alphabetical order.)
0:00 Introduction
0:14 Sol Badguy
1:08 Ky Kiske
2:07 Answer
3:00 Axl Low
4:03 Baiken
5:01 Bedman
6:06 Chipp Zanuff
7:05 Dizzy
8:06 Elphelt Valentine
9:07 Faust
10:02 I-No
11:01 Jack-O'
12:09 Jam Kuradoberi
13:09 Johnny
14:09 Kum Haehyun
15:08 Leo Whitefang
16:09 May
17:06 Millia Rage
18:07 Potemkin
19:05 Ramlethal Valentine
20:06 Raven
21:07 Sin Kiske
22:07 Slayer
23:10 Venom
24:12 Zato=1


Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator VERSUS Guilty Gear Strive Overdrives, Super Moves Comparison.

Need to Know Basics: Ky Kiske Combo Guide

Finally! I finished this damn video lol. You'd think with an easy character, he'd be done quick. There's a lot of good I wanted to put into this, but then the video would be too long. Next character, I'll pick someone I'm more accustomed to.

As King of Illyria, Ky Kiske the most simple, yet effective, and most well rounded character in Guilty Gear. Having an answer for any range you're fighting in, he commands all ranges in a match either using his F.S & 2S to dominate the ground, 6P & 2H will knock those down who prefer to fight in the air, can play the zoner using his fireball, Stun Edge, and can even mix the opponent up using his Grinder Ciels to keep the opponent where he wants them. For as simple as he is however, it is also easy to forget the point of Ky's character and teach you bad habits that will only stifen your growth learning Guilty Gear. If you want to learn the neutral of Guilty Gear, take Ky by your side and dominate those you encounter.

If you want to learn a little more about Ky, go to Dustloop to look at his frame data:

Or join the Ky Kiske Discord to learn from experienced players what more you can do:

Follow on Twitter:


[ Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 ] Answer - Fun, but lacking

This is Second episode of a weekly series where I will play every character in the cast until the release of strive, at the end of each week I will be uploading a thoughts video where I talk about my thoughts about the character as well as difficulties I encountered and who might enjoy playing the character.

Some things have changed however as now I will dedicate 5 streams to each character instead of an actual week as my schedule is very chaotic.

All clips are from my stream, going from day 1 all the way to the last stream where I played the character.


0:00 Intro
2:31 Likes
4:41 Dislikes
8:39 Who Might Like Answer?
10:14 Who Might Not Like Answer?
11:05 What would I change?
12:33 Outro

You can follow my twitch/twitter at:

I will post some useful resources if you want to learn Answer right here:

Character Discord:

GGxrd rev2, Potemkin basic HFB pressure guide

While the guide is made for GG XRD, 95% the things it apply to +R too, combos are different and few moves do bit different things on hit, but the concepts and ideas are 100% the same.

00:18 Potemkin's moves
2:20 okizeme
3:12 Safe jumps on oki
3:44 Frame traps with flick/hammer
4:53 Jump traps
6:42 Dealing with fuzzy jump/fuzzy BD
7:57 How to option select with safe jumps
9:25 Summary on Potemkin's tools
10:05 Hammer Fall Break pressure general information
11:55 Explaining the flow of HFB pressure
14:15 How to condition your opponent
15:07 How to gain respect
16:00 Summary on conditioning & respect

If you have any follow up questions, you can find me and other helpful players in Guilty Gear Discord servers, please don’t hesitate to ask for help!

EU GG Discord:
US FGC Discord:

Potemkin character specific Discord:

Dustloop links for notation and frame data.

Potemkin character specific okizeme chart:

I might do more follow up tutorials to this describing more specific situations and match up specific stuff later...

Music used in the guide: Korean Ost Megatona Furioso, Burly Heart, Engage

Huge special thanks for everyone who helped me spell check and find errors in the guide! Thanks for all the other suggestions too!

The BEST Controller Settings For Guilty Gear Strive

GREETINGS FLESHY MAMMALS! Today I bring you guys a video that I hope will help some of those new Guilty Gear Strive players entering the GGST Open Beta for the first time and are playing on a pad/controller and want to know the best controller settings to use to optimize your gameplay. anyways I really hope this helps ENJOY!

0:00 - Intro
0:41 - Controller Settings
1:04 - Psych Burst
1:09 - Roman Cancel
2:29 - Dash Button
4:02 - Best Control Setup
4:59 - Outro


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The Beginner's Guide to Guilty Gear Strive

Here's everything you need to quickly get into Guilty Gear Strive as a beginner, while setting yourself up for success long-term. We'll be covering specific topics in-depth soon, but this is a great place to start!

0:00 the elevator pitch
1:18 what's the goal?
1:45 make a checklist of what you need to learn
-- 2:20 button layout
------ 3:03 set the dash macro to a button!
- -3:24 learn about our character's moves
------ 3:40 universal anti-airs (forward punch / 6P)
------ 4:11 universal overheads (dust)
------ 4:27 CLOSE slash and FAR slash
------ 4:49 unique input attacks
------ 5:10 special moves
-- 6:00 Gatling System (your attack's cancel options)
-- 7:12 Movement Options
-- 7:25 you can air block attacks but...
-- 7:48 Learn at least one mix-up
------ 8:00 Throws, how do they work?
---------- 8:45 Throws beat meterless reversals
---------- 9:03 air throws
------ 9:16 most characters have unique mix-ups too
-- 9:33 learn a combo or two (be careful here!)
-- 10:28 System Mechanics
------ 10:45 Bursts (blue and gold)
------ 11:19 Wall break
------ 12:51 Roman Cancel
---------- 13:10 Blue RC (not attacking)
---------- 13:18 Purple RC
---------- 13:29 Red RC (right when you make contact)
---------- 13:47 Yellow RC (defensive)
------ 14:16 other system mechanics (FD, IB, RISC)
-- 14:42 time to play actual matches
-- 15:27 what next? (watch your replays and take notes)
-- 15:58 thanks for watching

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Catch me live here:
Rath's twitter:
Community Discord: discord:



Music Credit: Jay Man
Track Name: Smooth City
Music By: Jay Man @
Official OurMusicBox YouTube Channel HERE:
License for commercial use: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC BY-4.0) License.
Full License HERE -
Music promoted by NCM:

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[ Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 ] Ramlethal - Big combos, oki and burgers

Ramlethal Time! This is third episode of a weekly series where I will play every character in the cast until the release of strive, at the end of each week I will be uploading a thoughts video where I talk about my thoughts about the character as well as difficulties I encountered and who might enjoy playing the character.

Some things have changed however as now I will dedicate 5 streams to each character instead of an actual week as my schedule is very chaotic.

All clips are from my stream, going from day 1 all the way to the last stream where I played the character.


0:00 Intro
1:39 Likes
4:54 Dislikes
7:13 Tips for those starting out with Ram
10:04 Outro




I will post some useful resources if you want to learn Ramlethal right here:

Character Discord:

Ramlethal Corner Combos and Setups by Urchin:

nagai's Ramlethal Guide: Sword Rearranging into 2D-6S(equipped):

How to use a D pad Controller - Fighting Game

D-Pad is as powerful as the arcade stick, Here is my simple how to guide on the D-Pad. Hopefully this can help those who are new to fighting game.

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Tips for playing against run away (in fighting games)

#lordknight #GuiltyGearStrive #GuiltyGear

I played against Remi Celeste last week, and I thought it was a good opportunity to review dash blocking, playing fast and playing slow. These are more macro ideas that you hear often, but aren't usually explained, and Axl is a great character to show the concepts.

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Guilty Gear Has Gone Down the Wrong Path

Guilty Gear Strive Beta Review. Guilty Gear Strive Online Lobby and a few gameplay systems left me disappointed, so here are my thoughts on the beta and how it could improve.


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GGXrd Quick Tips: Economical Roman Canceling

The Xrd Quick Tips playlist:

Roman Cancels (RCs) are very enabling and fun, which is why many newer players tend to fixate too much on using them without evaluating the reward the RC will provide. In this Quick Tips video, I go over 3 things to consider to start thinking economically about RC usage.

Song: Force of Nature - Mist

Thank you for all of your comments in the last Quick Tips video, I really appreciate it. More videos (and other projects) are in the works!

I stream Guilty Gear on Twitch!

How to find online matches in Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2

Some info for new players on how to find opponents and have a good experience playing guilty gear online via Steam.


If you are having trouble seeing lobbies, make sure the following ports are forwarded in your router settings:

UDP 3478 (Outbound)
UDP 4379 (Outbound)
UDP 4380 (Outbound)


Main GG Discord:
GG Character Discords:

How to use Training Mode to improve & optimize your Guilty Gear Strive experience!

Training mode may not be as cool as showing you off a million different combos and setups but... how do you think we learn those things to begin with!? Its an essential part of getting better at Guilty Gear Strive so lets dig into many of the things to help you out!

0:00 - Intro
0:41 - Setting up a dummy
3:30 - Position resets
4:13 - Display settings
5:33 - Opponent status
7:47 - Counterattack settings (important!)
11:55 - quick character switch
12:19 - Character specific settings
13:43 - training mode is important!


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Need To Know Basics: May Combo Guide

So yeah. Finally got this May video I said I'd do out. Learning May I thought would be something easy to try and package everything down...... No way man. May is really something if you like tech. Sitting down and just discovering and upgrading your arsenal with May? WITH the crazy oki she's got!? Why don't people play her more? Anyway.

If you wanna know how I feel about the new GG reveal, unless you guys are cool with a video, I have hope for the game and will try to learn characters revealed to make videos. I may do videos with me talking on what to do or look into since it will help keep up with what I want to do for Guilty Gear. If anything, I DEFINITELY want to play Granblue Versus so expect videos on that.

If you want to learn more about May, go to Dustloop to learn her toolkit

Or join the May Discord to learn more from experienced players. Would recommend GPS to learn neutral with May, AiyumuHG for tech, 2ndState to help you hurdle over the Beginner Level, or ChexGuy & FFXIV Player for optimal May play

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Controller vs. Arcade Stick for Guilty Gear Strive? + my Stick Button Layout!| Guilty Gear Strive

Hey all in this video i want to answer a question that i see a lot in my comments section and on stream, also i want to show my current button layout for Guilty Gear Strive:

00:00 - Intro
01:00 - Advantages of a controller
05:28 - Advantages of an Arcade Stick
09:15 - My Button Layout and Execution Tricks
13:30 - Execution Demonstration
14:19 - Thank you for Watching!

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#GGST #GuiltyGearStrive

The Beginner's guide to Guilty Gear -Strive-

(timestamps below)
Here we are with a beginners guide to Guilty Gear -Strive-! This is for the people going into the upcoming Open Beta, although it should be good for everyone even through the launch period! Guilty Gear shares a lot of rules with other fighting games in some places, and completely does its own wild thing in other places so hopefully this should help you understand everything!

0:00 - Intro
0:46 - The basics
2:26 - Offense basics
5:58 - Defense basics
9:23 - How meter works
11:19 - Roman cancels
16:32 - The Burst
17:59 - What is RISC?
20:33 - Importance of counters
22:40 - The corner
25:04 - Every character is unique
26:30 - Who to play?
31:39 - In Closing


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Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 RagingDragon VS Tifa Lockharts Online Casuals #10

hello everyone and welcome to the show. now before i say anything else i want to say something. if you like the game your watching and want to play it the please support it by buying the game. anyway the matches will get better as more come and i hope you enjoy the show. one more thing good game to Tifa Lockharts

Also for those who want to see her channel here is the link.

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Time Out Animations

I've noticed that for whatever reason no one has uploaded the timeout animations for rev 2 and I thought at first someone was gonna upload them by the time strive released but looks like I was wrong.

I've decided that I'll probably just do It instead since no else would. Better late than never I suppose.

Guilty Gear for Fighting Game Players


Introduction 1:10
Character Overview 3:55
Basics 22:38
Movement 23:21
Neutral 24:19
Offense and Defense 24:53
Recap and Tips + Tricks 28:22
Closing 30:56

Hey again everybody, I’m back with another “For Fighting Game Players (???)”, this time on Guilty Gear. This is my favorite fighting game franchise, and I put a lot of love into making this guide. I hope you enjoy it. I try to divulge a bit more on the character overview in contrast to Melty Blood’s video because so much investment and enjoyment is on these characters and how they interact with the system individually. I hope you all were able to learn something from this tutorial… thing, because I know I definitely did along the way! If I made any mistakes, please let me know in the comments.

This video assumes you have some basic knowledge of fighting games, so some really core fighting game concepts are not covered (like, crouching guard as a default is usually favored instead of standing block, terms like okizeme, tick-throw, frame data, etc) Also, some characters in the overview I really can’t do justice (examples being Ramlethal and Eddie / Zato), so please check out some high level footage if you think you like the looks of a character!


Match Database

Wikis full of character and game info

Machaboo’s guide to Fundamentals in GG

Pattheflip’s “TL;DR: Play Guilty Gear”

(anything by pattheflip, really)

This game uses numpad notation, meaning directions that you press in the game correlate to their orientation on a keyboard numpad, assuming the character is facing right - for example, when I say 6P, that means the number 6 on a numpad (forward, right), and the Punch button. 2P would be the number 2 on a numpad (crouch, down), and the Punch button.

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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R // Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2 // Guilty Gear Strive



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