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10 best tips for playing Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2



May only combo cause everyone else would die before 10 NightBat

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Ky combos

chipp combos

Guilty Gear Crash Course ep.14: Red Roman Cancels

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Special thanks to AnBi for recording some of the footage in the opening.
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Guilty Gear Crash Course ep.02: Basic Defense

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A boring, technical note about 2:19:
For those who want the long in-depth explanation, you can also do FD with H as well (and Ruu wanted to include it because it's technically true) but it’s not recommended!

The throw~FD option select was removed from Xrd so if you try to FD with H you’ll need to be more accurate than usual or else you may get accidental H attacks. Therefore we recommend doing FD with only P,K or S.

If you do 4P ~ +K you will get FD
If you do 4K ~ +P you will get FD
If you do 4P ~ +H you will get FD
If you do 4H ~ +P you will get H

Because you cannot kara cancel H into FD you may get more execution errors, therefore you should do FD with P,K or S. We preferred to omit H from the explanation than to let new players experience mysterious execution errors because they don't understand the ins and outs of the engine and the tweaks made by the developers based on high level of play.

Thumbnail artwork by Jeff Nevins

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2: Ky Kiske Pros / Cons.

Ky Kiske is another well-rounded character good option in Guilty Gear Xrd - Revelator 2, while with Sol Badguy the newcomers can learn a lot of footsies and rushdown concepts, with Ky Kiske the learning curve can be a bit more extensive because this character can be played in a close range, mid range and/or zoning.
In this quick character overview, I hope to show Ky Kiske main characteristics in all stances (close range, mid-range, and zoning). I hope its useful.

Music: GGX2 [Holy Orders (Be Just Or Be Dead)].

During the first Xrd phase, there was another Brazilian Guilty Gear player who created an amazing Ky Kiske video focused on mixups and most of all stuff still works in GGRev2.
I really recommend his video and here is the link.

Venom Basics Combo Guide, Episode 2: Crouch Combos #GGXrd_VE #rev2

Venom guide on the basic crouch combos and pointers for the various characters.


Number Notation is used for all inputs

Please make sure that you're familiar with all of the standard Guilty Gear terminology:
- P - Punch
- K - Kick
- S - Slash
- H - Heavy Slash
- D - Dust
- JC - Jump Cancel
- CH - Counter Hit
- Jumping attacks are indicated as jX
- Close and far slash are indicated as cS and fS respectively.
- Underscores (_) indicates or
- Numbers after an attack indicate how many hits. E.g. 2H2 = Both hits of 2H, or cS2 = Only the first two hits of cS, a 3-hitting move.
- IAD: Instant Air Dash, typically done either with 866 or 956.

Venom Specific:
- CR - Carcass Raid. [2]8+S_H
- SA - Stinger Aim. [4]6+S_H
- BH - Ball hit. Indicates the button pressed will also hit the ball out
- xQV - QV. 41236+x. (KQV would be 41236+K, for QV with K-Ball)
- Set - 214+x. Set 'x' ball, so K-set or Set-K indicates 214+K

Venom Specific, Not used in this guide:
- xDHM - Double Headed Morbid - 623+S_H
- xMS - Mad Struggle - j214+S_H
- DA - Dark Angel Overdrive. 2363214+S
- BRO - Bishop Runout Overdrive. 2363214+H
- RH - Red Hail Overdrive. j236236+H

Venom's frame data and information are here:

Big thanks to the Venom fam.

First Attack 5.8.6: Guilty Gear Xrd Basics - Raven

2016-07-08: James once again invites Henry “Choysauce” Choi onto the show to continue the series of basics of Guilty Gear Xrd, this time discussing all the changes from -SIGN- to Revelator and going over all of the five new characters as well: Johnny, Jack-O, Jam, Kum Haehyun, and Raven!

Dropbox docs:

Part 1: -SIGN- to Revelator Changes -
Part 2: Johnny Basics -
Part 3: Jack-O Basics -
Part 4: Jam Basics -
Part 5: Kum Haehyun Basics -
Part 6: Raven Basics -

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Guilty Gear Rev 2 Kiske Basics Okizeme setups, The Grinder

just some basic okizeme setup and other tech with Ky Kiske in Guilty Gear Rev 2


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Demetori – The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood

Title - メイドと血の懐中時計
Circle - Demetori
Album - 如臨深遠 ~雨縒煙柳~
Original - メイドと血の懐中時計
Game - 東方紅魔郷 ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

How not to play Baiken

Talking through some matches where I play against a Baiken who has a really bad habit that many Baiken players tend to have

Is Guilty Gear Better than SFV

Max shared his opinion on Revelator and I was happy to hear it. So the answer is YES.

The sole purpose of this video was for fun. Nothing but love for Max and all the SFV players out there.

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Twitter: @shinkensou

How the dust loop saved Guilty Gear in motion. FGC game theory accessibility /narrative

#ggstrive #ggxx #dustloop

Better version of the thing with charged Kenroukaku instead of charged Ryuujin

It's a bit harder and pretty corner-exclusive, but it's nice if you have a Kenroukaku card instead of a Ryuujin card


Jam Pressure Guide

Please note this is mostly just a primer on where to get started and what her general tools are. There are many odd MU specific cases and issues I didn't mention, plus everyone has their own style and everyone you are fighting has their own weaknesses so keep that in mind.

The 5K OS I mentioned in part 9 is linked below:
And yeah I probably could of recorded it again, but I didn't :/.

Re-uploaded with some corrections and a few additional clips courtesy of recommendations made from the Jam Discord.

GGxrd rev2, Potemkin basic HFB pressure guide

My first guide ever, let's hope you get something out of it!

00:18 Potemkin's moves
2:20 okizeme
3:12 Safe jumps on oki
3:44 Frame traps with flick/hammer
4:53 Jump traps
6:42 Dealing with fuzzy jump/fuzzy BD
7:57 How to option select with safe jumps
9:25 Summary on Potemkin's tools
10:05 Hammer Fall Break pressure general information
11:55 Explaining the flow of HFB pressure
14:15 How to condition your opponent
15:07 How to gain respect
16:00 Summary on conditioning & respect

If you have any follow up questions, you can find me and other helpful players in Guilty Gear Discord servers, please don’t hesitate to ask for help!

EU GG Discord:
US FGC Discord:

Potemkin character specific Discord:

Dustloop links for notation and frame data.

Potemkin character specific okizeme chart:

I might do more follow up tutorials to this describing more specific situations and match up specific stuff later...

Music used in the guide: Korean Ost Megatona Furioso, Burly Heart, Engage

Huge special thanks for everyone who helped me spell check and find errors in the guide! Thanks for all the other suggestions too!

7 essential tips to help you get prepared for the Guilty Gear Strive beta!

(timestamps below)
Beta is about to hit proper, so for those of you who are newer to the Guilty Gear experience, this should help you out!

Tip 1 - 0:24 about meter
Tip 2 - 1:27 negative and positive states
Tip 3 - 2:10 bursts
Tip 4 - 2:56 risc gauge
Tip 5 - 3:55 dust button does a lot of work
Tip 6 - 5:09 Fautless defense
Tip 7 - 5:44 about combo structure and roman cancels


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#guiltygear #ggstrive #beta

[GGXrd Revelator] Beginner Tuesday's #2 - Mission Mode!

Part 1 of Mission Mode - the Universal Mechanics.

Not only do you get to see how to clear the mission's, but you also get some insight to how these different situations and techniques carry over into real matches. -- Watch live at

Brave Frontier x Guilty Gear xrd rev 2 Collaboration - Collaboration dungeon: The Magnum Wedding ^^9

Hello everyone
here we go to collaboration dungeon The Magnum Wedding , it's pretty easy and you can farming material of spheres more easily

I hope I can help them whit this

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Thanks for watching (^u^)/

Guilty Gear Crash Course ep.18: Bursts

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Special thanks to AnBi for recording some of the footage in the opening.
Thumbnail artwork by Jeff Nevins

Guilty Gear Crash Course ep.03: Ground Movement

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Thumbnail artwork by Jeff Nevins

Best of 2018: Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 (Review and UN-rating) PC/PS4

The 6th of 10 games Aaron beat in 2018
Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, First Released 2017
Review and Un-Rating
Song- Ptompkin's Theme Engage
Arc System Works

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