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10 best tips for playing Has-Been Heroes


Quick Tips to get Better at Has Been Heros

Hopefully this will help you become a better player of Has Been Heros! Good luck!

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5 Tips - Understanding the game mechanics of Has-Been Heroes (A quick guide)

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Most enemies have a stamina bar 0:55
After you hit the red bar, which is their health, stamina tends to regenerate and you’ll have to cut it down before you can affect their health
Certain spells can stun enemies or affect their health directly

The character who just attacked is the one who can start switching lanes 2:44
Mind the yellow ring
You can’t switch if an enemy’s too close or you’re being attacked

Understand what each spell and item does 3:20
Press the right analog stick to scroll through your equipped items and read their description

Collect as many items as you can 6:56
Items and spells are very useful in this game
If you go back an area without a candle, it’s game over

You’re going to have to lose from time to time 10:36
I get to mix up my heroes and their items
It’s fun to see what items I end up gathering
Unlocking new spells and items means more combinations

Has Been Heroes, Surprisingly good strategy game.

Welcome to our Community everyone

Has Been Heroes

I picked up this one as a recommendation and I really enjoyed it, at first the genre did not seem to be appealing from watching videos but once I started to play it really worked out. The replayability is great with the unlocks and the challenging gameplay.

Divinity Original Sin 2

Alpha V3.0.52.425

I thought the game would be fully released by now but it has been delayed until winter from what I heard. The good news is that Larian is working on improving the game still. I can't wait to play the game in full but I will wait patiently since LArian is a great developer and they focus on making a quality game.

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Multistreaming with

Has-Been Heroes: The Final Ghoul

The supposed final boss

Has Been Heroes Switch Gameplay Let's Play

Switch gets a new game, as Has Been Heroes hits the Nintendo console! Today we check out the challenging roguelike from Frozenbyte, and discuss how the Switch version plays. Let us know if YOU are picking up HBH in the comments below!

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Has-Been Heroes Boss Tips: The Assassin (Area 1, Boss A)


Let's Play Has-Been Heroes - Nintendo Switch Gameplay Part 1 - Gang-Up And Beat-Down!

Has-Been Heroes is a challenging, lane-based roguelike game of strategy and action, featuring a band of heroes on a quest to escort the King's twin princesses to school!

Players control three characters during the journey and must focus on coordinating melee attacks, managing cooldowns and combining hundreds of different spells to create devastating combo effects, all in order to defeat an endless army of undead, summoned in their path by the Great Ghoul!

The rewarding strategy game features irreverent humor, expanding world maps and increasing levels of difficulty, compounded by the specter of permadeath. The massive quantity and randomness of spells and items, as well as additional unlockable heroes allow for thousands of new experiences, forcing players to change their playstyle each time they start a new game.

The teeth of time chew on even the bravest of champions, and there comes a time when wizened old mages and warriors are just one last adventure away from retirement. Thankfully, a young rogue joins the heroic Has-Been Heroes, for who else can read the tiny text on those potion bottles and assist the “rusty” crew? The rogue comes along not a moment too soon, for King Fortinbrax has summoned his oldest, most trusted heroes for a final, epic quest. The heroes must escort the twin Princesses Avaline and Beatrix to a faraway Academy (to school!)- but the road is long and fraught with peril.

Control three characters across three lanes, coordinate their attacks and spells to defeat an incoming horde of enemies!

Plan your route carefully on the randomly generated maps filled with surprises! Travel through merchants, spell vendors, treasure chests and other crossroad locations to boost your character’s powers… but be vary not to succumb to the darkness!

A combination of turn-based and RTS game mechanics featuring easy-to-learn basics that are tough to master and evolve into frantic complexity. Discover new tricks and hidden features after hours of gameplay!

Meet the epic band of heroes as the young and eager Rogue, joining the company of the wise monk Metacles and the giant-wrestling warrior Crux… and discover a band of long lost friends, such as the Anthropologist turned Mexican Wrestler, the ever-vigilant and paranoid Bodyguard, and many more!

Unlock and collect hundreds of game-changing items and spells, boosting the heroes' powers and making each run unique! 300+ spells, 200+ items, 13 regions, and 12 playable heroes!

In roguelike fashion, die and try again! Each run is different due to randomized maps, spells, items, and enemies. With each level the length of gameplay increases, compounded by the peril of instant death, which forces the player to start over from the beginning.

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Has-Been Heroes Gameplay | Roguelike Indie Game

Has-Been Heroes is a challenging, lane-based roguelike game of strategy and action, featuring a band of heroes on a quest to escort the King's twin princesses to school!

Available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC.

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Has-Been Heroes | Game Review

It’s heroes versus evil skeleton hordes as Bajo and Rad push towards Princess Academy.


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Let's Play Has-Been Heroes - Ep. 1 - We Dead!

Let's Play Has-Been Heroes! While I am a fan of the work Frozenbyte does, this is quite a bit different from what I've seen from them so far. A very different and interesting adventure awaits us, and it's actually quite intense, despite the tactical pausing feature. I hope our adventure lasts a LONG time....well, after we figure out how to play...:) Enjoy my first loss! Then, let it begin all over!

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Watch as SSundee takes on Crainer in this epic game of heroicness!! Who is the better hero?! And who is the loser idiot face with the face?! Thanks for watching! I appreciate the support and any ratings would be greatly appreciated also!

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Has Been Heroes Review

Has Been Heroes reviewed by Leif Johnson on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Also available on Nintendo Switch.

The First 10 Minutes of Has-Been Heroes

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1 Advanced Tip For EVERY HERO (Overwatch Guide)

1 Advanced Tip For EVERY HERO (Overwatch Guide) Learn a secret tip for every hero and improve your gameplay and skill to rank up in competitive! Useful from all bronze, sliver, gold, platinum, diamond, masters and grandmaster!

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Overwatch Hero
Overwatch Abilities
Overwatch Tips
Overwatch Guide



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Has-Been Heroes Boss Tips: Ice Ghoul (Run 4, Final Boss)


How to Play Fire Emblem Heroes - Tips & Tricks (Guide)

Fire Emblem Heroes has been released on mobile devices and has attracted many newcomers to the series! This guide will walk you through every aspect of the game so you know what you can do with your Heroes and better prepare for the battles.

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Has-Been Heroes Gameplay First Impressions | Has Been Heroes Switch Gameplay

Has-Been Heroes | Has-Been Heroes Gameplay | Has-Been | Heroes | Has-Been Heroes First Impressions | Nintendo Switch | Rurikhan

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Shield Boss with No Upgrades - Has-Been Heroes

This boss has too much Stamina for you to stun it. Instead you must hit the freezing bombers, which will cause them to explode and freeze the boss. You can do damage to the frozen boss.

Shield Skeleton never leaves the middle lane, which means you get to ignore the top and bottom for the most part. You still have to knock back the skeletons in both to stop them from hitting you. It's best not to hit the freeze bomber with a hero, but as I had no upgrades I didn't have too many options.

It's important to constantly attack the boss so it doesn't get too far ahead of the freeze bomb. Plus, the Rogue can do damage if she lands a crit. Once the boss is frozen, try to let it stay that way until you have to swing a hit. This is also to keep the boss from getting to far ahead of the free bomb. If the boss makes it down the lane, he does two attacks. You can soak that damage with your Warrior once. At which point the boss goes back to the far side of the screen.

Note: Played with a mouse to make it easier to follow.

What GREAT Nintendo Switch Games Have I Been Playing?

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Let's Play Has-Been Heroes - PC Gameplay - Episode 1

Gameplay of Has-Been Heroes. This is a difficult roguelike game of strategy and action with tons of random items and unlocks.

28:58 - Boss fight #1
48:46 - Boss fight #2

Official Website for this game:

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Has Been Heroes Review Discussion - SHOULD YOU BUY IT? (Nintendo Switch Gameplay)

Switch gets a new game, as Has Been Heroes hits the Nintendo console! Is it worth your time/money? All three SwitchForce hosts share their experience with HBH, and give you their recommendations. Let us know if YOU are picking up HBH in the comments below!

Has Been Heroes releases on March 28th, for $19.99

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