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10 best tips for playing Hearthstone


Perfect Hearthstone Guide | 15 Tips on How To Play Hearthstone (Legend Guide)

This is a guide on how to get better at Hearthstone and climb the ladder to what I hope is rank 5 to legend for everyone. This guide is helpful for all kinds of players, from beginners to advanced players, aggro and control players, people who play casual and those you want to climb the ranks. This guide is especially good because of the new 2020 year of the Pheonix AND the new ranked system. These are tips that I have personally used to climb the ladder and I hope that you all find them useful yourselves. I have many different tips and go in depth in most of them and really didn't want to skimp on anything for you guys. This video was kinda my baby for a couple days and I hope you all enjoy and learn a little from this video. I know that it is long but a lot of the information is helpful and I look forward to everyone's feedback. Feel free to share this with anyone else who you think could benefit from this.

1:00 1 or 2 Decks
3:18 Net Deck (But...)
4:57 Do Research
6:04 Deck Tracker
9:04 Take you time on turns
10:24 Learn your limits
12:16 Play with a Friend
13:50 Don't Tilt, it is sometimes just bad RNG
14:40 Draw First
15:36 How do I get Punished for this play?
18:28 Hail Mary Plays
20:30 Play around your win condition
22:22 Don't get distracted
23:01 Don't always try to Value Trade

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How to start in Hearthstone in 5 Minutes

A 5 minute Beginners Guide to Hearthstone for new and returning players. All important links are down below, feel free to ask anything you want to know either in the Discord or in the comments as well

Ranked Mode ►
Decks ►

The Free Deck Decklists ►
Hidden Quests ►
Wild Beginners Guides ►

0:00 - Intro
0:53 - First Steps
1:51 - Ranked System
2:22 - Choose a free deck
2:40 - Game modes
3:45 - More Stuff




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Kripp’s Hearthstone New Player Guide

Hearthstone - How to best approach Hearthstone as the new player.
Kripp’s Hearthstone Stream ⭐
Rania’s Variety Stream ⭐

Two Boomsday Project videos uploaded every day - 6am EST / Noon CET and again at 3pm EST / 9pm CET!

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HEARTHSTONE BEGINNER GUIDE: Collection Management! Gold Collection! Hearthstone Guide (2019)

In this Hearthstone beginner guide we'll show you all the basics you need to know to maximize your gold and dust, even if you play Hearthstone completely free to play.

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Tips with Kripp | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Looking for some tips on how to become a Hearthstone Battlegrounds Master? Kripp is here to tell you everything you need to know!

Welcome to Hearthstone: Battlegrounds, the brand-new auto-battling game mode that introduces a fresh, strategic, 8-player experience to Hearthstone. In Battlegrounds, you’ll take on the role of a familiar Hero straight out of Hearthstone history, craft a powerful board of recruited Minions, and face-off in an action-packed series of duels until a single winner is crowned!

Battlegrounds is hitting the Tavern on November 5 for a week of Early Access where players who have acquired the Descent of Dragons pre-purchase bundle, BlizzCon Attendees, or BlizzCon Virtual Ticket holders will be able to access this new game mode. After this early access phase ends at 10 a.m. on November 12, we’ll enter Open Beta where everyone will be able to hop into Bob’s Tavern to try their hand at being the best of the Battleground Heroes!

Pre-purchase Descent of Dragons to unlock early access now!

Due to the nature of an 8-player match with tons of attacks, effects, and animations triggering at the same time, Hearthstone: Battlegrounds is currently only supported on mobile devices with more than 2 GB of RAM. This means that some older mobile devices may not be able to run Battlegrounds. As we progress out of Beta, we will be working to optimize the experience so that players with older devices can participate in this new game mode.

Learn more about Battlegrounds at

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Hearthstone is Blizzard Entertainment’s highly acclaimed digital strategy card game that’s easy to learn and massively fun. Start playing for free and wield your cards to sling spells, summon creatures, and command the heroes of Warcraft in duels of epic strategy.

Hearthstone: 5 Quick Tips To Make You A Better Player (Episode 1)

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Hearthstone Tips For Beginners 2020

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Hearthstone Tips For Beginners 2020
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Welcome to another video guys! I’m Kris O Five and today I will give you some Hearthstone Tips for Beginners that I wish I knew, when I started playing Hearthstone! This video should help jump-start the Hearthstone progress of any new hearthstone player, so if you have any of those among your friends, share it to them and they will thank you later. I’ve seen a lot of experienced players not knowing some of these tips as well, so you still might want to watch the video to the end.
We are going to reach 5000 Youtube subscribers in the next few days, so to celebrate that I will make a giveaway on the new Galakrond’s awakening Adventure. If you already own it, I can just send you a hearthstone item of equal value instead. To enter, just write down your favorite hearthstone tip from this video, or one of your own under the video and I will draw the winner, live on my stream next Saturday – January the 25th. As always, drop a like if you enjoy the video and subscribe if you are new, it really helps a lot.
Drop a comment bellow if you have any questions and you can be sure I will answer. Thanks for watching!

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Top 8 Tips for Reaching Legend - Hearthstone

Getting to Legend is an incredible goal and an intimidating challenge, but these tips will make the grind more painless.



Feature | Hearthstone | Top 8 Tips for Reaching Legend

[Hearthstone] Master Hearthstone in 10 Minutes! The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

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►►Maximize Your Gold:
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5 Tips to Make You a Better Hearthstone Player

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Guide to Hearthstone's NEW New Player Experience

There's never been a better time to start playing Hearthstone! Thanks to a new patch that brought big changes to the new player experience, it's the perfect time to play the game for the very first time.

Table of Contents
-Intro: 0:02
-Getting Started & Tutorial: 2:14
-New Player Quest Pipeline: 3:56
-New Ladder Experience: 4:56
-New Rewards & Bonuses: 5:54
-Rank 50 Gameplay: 6:44
-New Welcome Bundle: 14:58
-Recruit a Friend & Deck Sharing: 16:49

Get more details on the latest patch & new player experience:

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Feature | Hearthstone | Guide to Hearthstone NEW New Player Experience

Kripp’s TOP 10 ARENA Tips - Rastakhan’s Rumble Hearthstone

Rastakhan Hearthstone - Watch this video to be the best Arena player you can be!
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Hearthstone: Trump Basic Teachings - 01 - Board Control (Mage)

Board control refers to the situation where a player has dominance over the game board. Generally, this refers to situations where one player has one or more minions on the board, whereas their opponent has none. Maintaining board control is extremely important, as it allows players to dictate minion combat and thus get favorable trades.

► #0 Introduction:
► #2 Mana Efficiency:
► #3 Fearless Tapping:
► #4 Fearless Hitting:
► #5 Favorable Trading:
► #6 Card Advantage:
► #7 When to Face:
► #8 Weapons Hold:
► #9 The Long Game:
→ value games:


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7 Times

How To Get Legendaries And Dust In Hearthstone In 2020

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How To Get Legendaries And Dust In Hearthstone In 2020
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Welcome to another video guys! Today we will talk about How to Get Legendaries And Dust in Hearthstone in 2020. I’ve done a few videos like this in the past with great success, so it’s time to give you guys an updated one, since we did see some major changes around this topic for the better. Hearthstone got a whole lot friendlier to free to play players, so in this video I will explain to you, how you can benefit the most out of those changes. Drop a like if you find the video helpful and subscribe if you are new. Hope this helps you make better decisions for your collection.

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Hearthstone Tips/Guide for New/Casual players

Hearthstone is card game similar to Magic the Gathering with a simpler, user-friendly format. The game is available in PC, IOS or Android and is Free to play.

Visit : for some Set Deck guides.
Visit : for Gold guide

Wild/Standard format: 56 sec
Collect Gold: 2:00
Crafting: 7:24
Learn Class Cards/Decks: 10:49

Hearthstone - Best Strategies

Hearthstone - Best Strategies Combos | RNG Combo Moments | Best of Hearthstone Funny and Lucky moments!
Rise of Shadows best WTF Moments, Daily Hearthstone Funny Moments! ft. broken combo, insta concede, worst rng, justice, Hecklebot
Amaz, Kripparrian, Trump, Disguised Toast, Pro highlights!

►Best of Denials:
►Best of 0 IQ Plays:
►Send me, hearthstone daily moments! -


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How To Get Legend - Hearthstone Top 10 Player Insight

I've been getting high legend for some time now and decided to make a video giving some tips of personal changes that you can make to help you achieve your goals in Hearthstone.

Let me know if I missed any important tips! You can also come watch me play at:

How To Make Hearthstone Better!

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How To Make Hearthstone Better!
Today’s video is gonna be a response to Dean Ayala’s tweet asking How to Make Hearthstone Better and return players to the game. I actually made a video on this topic exactly a year ago and the ideas from there are more than relevant to this day. Hope you enjoy the video and if you wish to show your support to the channel and what I do, a Like and a Subscribe would really help. Drop a comment bellow and tell me what ideas you guys have and we can discuss.
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Hearthstone tips: A beginner's guide to losing less

Griffin McElroy offers a Hearthstone guide filled with tips on how to survive. The video covers card classes, crafting, and card advantage. More from Polygon:


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How 2 Play Hearthstone - The Bare Bone Basics

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