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10 best tips for playing Herald: An Interactive Period Drama


????Livestream – Yu-Gi-Oh! Remote Duel Invitational - Day 2





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Herald: An Interactive Period Drama - Book I Walkthrough part 3

Book I, part 3/3

Steam link:

Thanks for watching :)

Hero-U Rogue to Redemption - Secret Ending

no commentary Walkthrough Gameplay Playthrough Longplays
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Genshin Impact: 15 Things I Wish I Knew Before AR40

Genshin Impact tips and tricks from an AR40 player. Hopefully this helps some people out and makes your characters amazing in #genshinimpact Stream is over now :(
0:00 Intro
0:32 Resin / Primo
2:42 Farming w/Resin
5:29 Map
6:38 Crafting Items
9:59 Weapon Upgrades
11:34 Region items
12:23 ORE
14:22 Passive Upgrade
17:36 MONEY
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Wintermoor Tactics Club - Final Thoughts and Review (My Watch is Ended)

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In this video I'm talking about my final thoughts after completing Wintermoor Tactics Club!
Find Wintermoor Tactics Club on Steam here:
Wintermoor Tactics Club is a story about surviving high school, with gameplay inspired by tactics RPGs and visual novels.

It was hard enough for Alicia at the famed Wintermoor Academy before it erupted into a snowball war! Now her club's only hope is to transform from nerdy nobodies into fantasy heroes.

Unravel a reality-bending mystery. Test your strategic mettle against an avalanche of colorful characters. And don't forget to make friends!

Unlock your Potential: Discover the power of 7 playable characters and dozens of unlockable upgrades across more than 40 battles.

Explore the School: Get to know Wintermoor in visual novel-inspired gameplay. Break down the walls between high school cliques such as the Psychic Detectives and Young Monarchists.

Make New Friends: Write tabletop campaigns to help students overcome their personal problems, and discover their fantasy selves as your club grows.

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My name is Jon, and welcome to the JarDev channel! JaRDev is a gaming channel where I play games with my friends. I cover many different types of games, from indie survival games like Don't Starve, to more popular AAA games such as Hearthstone and Far Cry. The channel began by creating mod spotlights for the game Don't Starve, but eventually changed its focus to focus more on cooperative let's plays, highlight videos, and series of first impressions and reviews.

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The Outer Worlds - Passage To Anywhere: Talk To Gladys Culkelly Dialogue Choices Gameplay (2019)

The Outer Worlds - Passage To Anywhere: Talk To Gladys Culkelly Dialogue Choices Gameplay (2019)

Newbie Dota 2 Viper Herald Game 2020

Pros: Being Aggressive and pushing towers to win the game
Cons: I did not follow my items list, didn't stick with the rest.

Moot District - An interesting Tower Defense (strategy)

Once a quiet place called Greentown was shocked by a series of powerful earthquakes. After that mystical portals with nasty beasts began to open throughout the city. You are the hero of Greentown, the last stand between people and monsters; your purpose is to repel forces of evil and find out who is responsible for this.
Moot District is the tower defense game with general economic component. You need to build and defend the territory from monsters' attacks.

big defense location
over 20 enemies
8 properties for each enemy
10 tower types
3 upgrade levels for each tower
8 tower attack features

Game has beautiful graphics; each wave has unique abilities and requires different playstyle to be completed.
Try variety of different strategies to complete all attack waves!

My first Adventure Game made in AGS

some cringy game still xD

Ittle Dew 2+ ★ GamePlay ★ Ultra Settings

Ittle and Tippsie crash onto yet another island filled with loot, puzzles and mysterious inhabitants! They immediately set out to steal eight pieces of a raft from increasingly improbable locations including beaches, prairies, an art exhibit and some dude's basement.

Ittle Dew 2 is a charming and humorous 3D Action Adventure game with a focus on exploration and combat. Tackle the game’s dungeons in any order and discover the many secrets of its expansive overworld. With four main weapons, combat and puzzling is streamlined, yet upgradeable inventory items add RPG-like character progression!

● Who needs a map, anyway? Tackle the first seven dungeons in any order you want, and use items to open various shortcuts within! The craftiest of adventurers know there’s more than one way to open a locked door…
● Characters are now in true 3D!​ With a bright art style and tightly focused gameplay,​ Ittle Dew 2​ takes everything that was great with the original ​Ittle Dew and adds more exploration and content, vastly improved movement & combat, lightweight RPG elements such as upgradeable equipment, and randomized world events!
● Discover four weapons that double as puzzle solving items, and upgrade them by finding additional copies of that item!
● Locate “Secret Shards” to unlock additional challenging secret dungeons!
● Utilize warps as a mode for fast travel throughout the overworld!

This title has been sneakily updated to Ittle Dew 2+ while you were sleeping. The plus sign means that it's a little bit better than before:
● Dream world added, a new area with five dungeons focusing on puzzles.
● Collectible cards added, which are found in the dream world dungeons.
● Added an Easy Mode where you take less damage. You can switch it on or off from the pause menu at any time.

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Homebound | VR Experience - Sign up for Closed Beta

Homebound Closed Beta Sign up :
Homebound on Steam:

Gameplay • Walkthrough • Giveaway • No Commentary
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Phoning Home Gameplay - Part 2

Phoning Home on Steam:

Gameplay • Walkthrough • Giveaway • No Commentary
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Hegemony III: Clash of the Ancients - First Look Gameplay

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The Darkside Detective Switch Review (No Spoilers)

The Darkside Detective is a mystery point-and-click where you'll solve crimes and disturbances dealing with the occult. It was released on the Nintendo eShop on Feb 7th, 2018 for 12.99USD or your regional equivalent and the Nintendo Switch version allows use of the touch screen or the Joy-Cons.

This title is recommended. Likely at a discount. This charming adventure is short, but sweet and it's characters will stay with you long after the cases are solved. Should the developer deign to add more cases as DLC later, I could easily recommend this at full price.

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Choppa Steam Trailer

Over 2 million players can't be wrong!

You are Rick Guiver, a reckless coast guard rescue helicopter pilot. A terrible oilrig catastrophe has happened in the coast! Against your superiors' orders and better judgement you jump in your helicopter and fly to the danger zone! There's no time to lose, save as many people as you can!


Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey Walkthrough Part 1

In this first episode of our series, Du Lac and Fey are in dire need of money....they don't have anything to eat and they also have to pay the rent..

They would be in a better spot, if Du Lac hadn't given the money they earned from their previous investigation, to a villager with a broken cart...

Things might change now, since all of a sudden, they hear a cry for help from outside...and their new investigation begins...

Heroes III tutorial VOD (Intro)

So, I've finally decided to record a video about how you should play heroes III if you want to have a chance of winning. I'm not really a pro at this, but my 4 year online experience is enough to share some of it. This is no special version, just HD mod for high resolution support and some interface features:

Some parts of video are really quiet. In that case just turn up the volume and sorry for the mic noise :(

If you want to play online with good players then check out this forum. (use google translate if needed, because there are no english communities for that)

Rules of the game in english are here (rules are needed, 'cause heroes III initially are awfully unbalanced):

NBA Playground Updated 1.2.1

Haven't played NBA Playgrounds for month.
Just found it has been patched to improve many things.

Hegemony III: The Eagle King Gameplay (PC)

Hegemony III: The Eagle King Gameplay PC HD 1080P. Hegemony III: The Eagle King Gameplay PC Steam Strategy Game.
Platform: PC Steam
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Game Developer: Longbow Games
Video Game Publisher: Longbow Games
Release Date: 17 Feb, 2017

Hegemony III: The Eagle King on Steam:

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About Hegemony III: The Eagle King Game:

For more than two centuries, Rome has slowly expanded her control over the tribes of ancient Italy. But as her borders encroach on the proudly independent Greeks of the Southern coast, they call upon an ambitious young king from across the sea to come to their aid. Eager for glory, Pyrrhus, the “eagle” of Epirus, gathers his armies and sets sail for Italy. Commanding phalangites from Macedonia, cavalry from Thessaly, and rare War Elephants from Egypt, Pyrrhus will challenge Rome with the fiercest warriors of the Greek world. But the cost of victory will be high, and Pyrrhus' ambitions do not end at pushing back the Romans. The Eagle King believes himself to be the next Alexander, and does not plan to sail home until he has carved out a new empire of his own.

New Historical Campaign
Hegemony III's first historical scenario follows the campaigns of “The Eagle King”, Pyrrhus of Epirus as he battles against Rome and Carthage to forge himself a new empire. The all-new scenario includes scripted battles, historical notes and more than two dozen new objectives.

Expanded Map
Expanded map adds the island of Sicily to the original sandbox with more than 20 new cities and a dozen new factions including Epirus, Syracuse, Mamertines and more.

New Invasion Sandbox Mode
Inspired by the Gallic and Epirote invasions of Italy, play the sandbox in a whole new way with a customized army and no starting cities. New objectives allow you to forge alliances and intimidate rivals as you march your army towards a new empire.

New Units
Wage war with powerful new units including Pyrrhus' War Elephants, Macedonian Phalangites, Thessalian Cavalry and more.

Expanded Naval Warfare
Expanded naval campaign with new ships, tactics and mechanics


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Australia Scenario! | Civilization 6 [Civ 6 Gameplay] Let’s Play Civilization 6 as Australia: Part 2

Welcome to my channel, I upload daily videos of games im currently playing. These include first person shooters and strategy games generally. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day.
Civilization 6 Steam description:
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, winner of 15 E3 awards including Best PC Game and Best Strategy Game, is the next entry in the popular Civilization franchise, which has sold in over 34 million units worldwide, including more than 8 million units of Civilization V.

Originally created by legendary game designer Sid Meier, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time. Become Ruler of the World by establishing and leading a civilization from the Stone Age to the Information Age. Wage war, conduct diplomacy, advance your culture, and go head-to-head with history’s greatest leaders as you attempt to build the greatest civilization the world has ever known.

Civilization VI offers new ways to engage with your world: cities now physically expand across the map, active research in technology and culture unlocks new potential, and competing leaders will pursue their own agendas based on their historical traits as you race for one of five ways to achieve victory in the game.

See the marvels of your empire spread across the map like never before. Each city spans multiple tiles so you can custom build your cities to take full advantage of the local terrain.

Unlock boosts that speed your civilization’s progress through history. To advance more quickly, use your units to actively explore, develop your environment, and discover new cultures.

Interactions with other civilizations change over the course of the game, from primitive first interactions where conflict is a fact of life, to late game alliances and negotiations.

Expanding on the “one unit per tile” design, support units can now be embedded with other units, like anti-tank support with infantry, or a warrior with settlers. Similar units can also be combined to form powerful “Corps” units.

In addition to traditional multiplayer modes, cooperate and compete with your friends in a wide variety of situations all designed to be easily completed in a single session.

Civilization VI provides veteran players new ways to build and tune their civilization for the greatest chance of success. New tutorial systems introduce new players to the underlying concepts so they can easily get started.

Civilization 6 on Steam:



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