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10 best tips for playing Hollow Knight


Top 10 Best Views in Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight has a ton of beautiful views and locations. In this video I wanted to go over my top 10 best views in the game. More than likely my list will not match up perfectly with yours. Let me know in the comments what are your top 10 locations in Hollow Knight.

10. The Fungal Core- It is an interesting place with all the overgrown mushrooms and being able to bounce off all the purple shrooms makes this place fun and different. I thought it looked cool and deserved to be on the list.

9. Deepnest- Specifically where we find the dream warrior. This area stand out compared to the total darkness that is the rest of Deepnest as there are mushrooms that light up in the dark. It is a safe and interesting area even if it is only one room.

8. The Queen's Gardens- The lush overgrown garden is beautiful with all the fines and colorful flowers that are all over the place. I like the music and look of the area. It is just fun to think of the queen tending to her garden and it has now taken over.

7. Kingdom's Edge- Once you live the city, Kingdom's edge it a vast open deep area is that fun to explore. What I once thought was ash (which is actually molt from the pale king's cast off Wyrm body) is raining down through the open area. There are also bodies from warriors who lost in the trial of the fool who are tossed aside into the acid. I love how the area is bleak but draws you in begging to be explored in all directions.

6. Greenpath- The first time you enter Greenpath it is like a breath of fresh air. You go from the super rocky and barren area that is the Forgotten Crossroads and make your way into the green lush area. All of the plants and scenery is so inviting while the acid and enemies present this air of danger at all times. Once you make your way over to the first bench you are greeted with this amazing scene of vines, waterfalls, lush greenery and it all just pops. This is one of my favorite benches in the game.

5. The City of Tears- This is a favorite for many reasons. The whole city stands out in stark contrast to the rest of the game. Everywhere else in Hollownest is either overgrown or barren wilderness. The city is an intricate and super detailed space that looks and sounds beautiful. The city is vast and fun to explore. It is constantly raining on the outside and the buildings remind us of a better time.

4. Isma's Grove- This area comes unexpected in the Royal Waterways. The over saturated green colors with beautiful plants is just stunning. Especially after the deep dark thin tunnels that the player had to get through. It is clear that this area was made special and was amazing to find.

3. The Blue Lake- This one may be controversial based on the community poll that was done a week before this video was posted. 65% of people voted Blue Lake as their favorite location in all of Hollow Knight. I believe that it is amazing and it is really hard to order the top 3. I love the lore in the area and how the lake is was causes the City of Tears to always be raining. Plus this is the last place we get to see Quirrel.

2. Crystal Peak- From the first time I ever saw Crystal Peak I was drawn in. I loved the way the pink colors popped. Again this was a very nice contract to the Forgotten Crossroads. After getting the Crystal Heart ability the large open chasms that you must fly over are simply jaw dropping. At this point I knew I was getting into a really awesome game.

1. Jonie's Repose- I did not find this area until much later in my playthrough. I thought I had seen all the most beautiful areas in the game. Deep in the Howling Cliffs there is a path what leads you to a cave that is FILLED with these beautiful bright blue butterflies. The whole room is swarming with them and I believe it is the bright colors that really draws me in.

So let me know, what are your top 10 favorite views in the game? Afterwards I realized that I should have added Lake of Unn as that is another really peaceful and beautiful area. Do you think I missed anything else?

Top 10 Worst Enemies in Hollow Knight

There are a lot of enemies in Hollow Knight and some are more annoying than other. This is a list of enemies that were the most annoying or tough for me.

Let me know down in the comments below what enemies you would remove from the list and what you would add

My alternate list is:
1.Primal Aspid
2. Primal Aspid
3. Primal Aspid
4. Primal Aspid
5. Primal Aspid
6. Primal Aspid
7. Primal Aspid
8. Primal Aspid
9. Primal Aspid
10. Primal Aspid

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10 Beginner Tips for Playing Hollow Knight

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The Millennium Gamer Lists the 10 Beginner Tips for Playing Hollow Knight.

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15 Weird Tips for Hollow Knight Noobs

Minor gameplay spoilers, but I tried to make this one as spoiler-friendly as possible. With Siksong on the way, Hollow Knight is going to be getting massive wave of new players along with it. So consider this video a quick guide of some of the most obscure, mechanically practical features I've found to help me out in Hollow Knight.

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All footage was either captured by me or taken from official gameplay or reveal trailer from Team Cherry.

Written, Voiced & Edited by Rusty of TGN. Yes, that Rusty.

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Beginner Tips and Tricks (and other information) - Hollow Knight | Random Respawn

Calebyte here to bring you some tips for starting out in Hollow Knight. I highly recommend this game to any MetroidVania fans out there!

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Beginner's Guide to Hollow Knight

If you are just starting Hollow Knight and do not understand what is going on, this guide is for you. This video will walk you through how to play the game and make your playthrough much easier.

The Hollow Knight tutorial is simplistic and elegant in the way they explain almost nothing. It is up to the player to figure out how things work. If you have not played a metroidvania in a while or something is not clicking it could make the game VERY frustrating. This guide is to make life easier for new players so they can get back to exploring Hollow Knight.

What do we go over in this beginners guide?

- Benches: they heal you and respawn all enemies that are not in your current room
- Maps: Cornifer sells you mpas. They are not useful until you buy the quill from the map shop back in Dirtmouth.
- Geo: The currency of Hollow Knight. When you defeat enemies, you get fossilized shells which can be used to buy items.
- Wayward Compass Charm: Will show location on map
- Dead ends: Many areas early on require an ability to reach. make a mental note and come back later
- Soul: It is like mana. Hit an enemy with a nail to gain soul. Use soul to heal or cast a spell (once you unlock spells)
- Mask Shard: Hidden shards will increase your HP or amount of damage you can take only after you find 4 shards.
- Stag stations: Usually charge Geo and almost always come with a bench. They allow for fast travel
- Grubs: Green bugs in jars need to be freed. The grubfather will reward you with TONS of geo and items in exchange.
- Shiny items: Pick them up
Spells: Cost soul to use but more powerful than nail attacks
Charms: Can only be equipped while sitting at benches and will enhance your play style. charms require charm notches to equip. You can acquire new charm notches later.
Upgrade Nail Damage: Once you make it to the City of tears go left to find the Nail Smth
When you die: Your shade soul will be left in the place where you die. You lose all your geo and 1/3rd of your soul tank is broken. Once you get your shade back, you get your geo and soul meter back.... unless you die twice, then you get NO GEO!
Purple Mushrooms- you can super bounce off of them if you down attack
Spikes- You can down attack spikes and enemies to pogo off of them

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Tips and Tricks - 5 Tips for Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition

Hey Xbox Gamers, in this 2D, Metroidvania game, you play as a tiny knight who stumbles upon the long-forgotten village of Dirtmouth, where your hero quickly finds there’s more to this place than meets the eye. Just below the surface is the forgotten kingdom of insects – aka Hallownest. Hallownest was once a prosperous kingdom, but it now lay in ruin, and all who venture below are said to lose their senses or be driven mad. It’s up to you to discover what has happened to this crumbling kingdom, and here are 5 tips to get you get started with Hollow Knight.

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How to Play : Hollow Knight | a Beginner's Guide

Hollow Knight is a Metroidvania video game developed and published by Team Cherry. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux in 2017, and for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2018. Development was partially funded through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, raising over A$57,000 by the end of 2014.

The game tells the story of a bug Knight on a quest to uncover the secrets of the long-abandoned insect kingdom of Hallownest, whose haunting depths draw in the adventurous and brave with promises of treasures and answers to ancient mysteries. The bug knight needs to find and fight bosses to progress through the game, many bosses do so by granting the player new abilities so they can access areas which were unavailable to them before.

A sequel to the game, Hollow Knight: Silksong, is currently in development and is set to be released on Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, and Nintendo Switch, with Team Cherry stating that more platforms may happen in the future. Team Cherry had previously planned this game as a piece of downloadable content. Kickstarter backers of Hollow Knight will also receive Silksong for free when it is released.

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Tips and Tricks for Beginners on Hollow Knight

I recently completed my first play-through of this game. (yes this game is a ton of fun so onto additional play-throughs now) I found myself wandering around as there really is no tutorial besides the basic learning to jump or swing your nail. Here are 10 tips and tricks to help you out in the beginning of the game to help you find your way under Dirtmouth. Hope you enjoy!

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Secret Abilities , All 10 Hollow knight abilities location on map


Hollow Knight - Tips For Beginners

Are you wondering how to play hollow knight?! Look no further because these tips for beginners are a must know when playing this game! This beginners guide will make it much easier for you to play the game when first starting out!

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Hollow Knight- Top 10 Rarest Achievements According to Steam

There are a total of 63 achievements in all of Hollow Knight. In this video I am going to go over the top 10 achievements that most players missed or are not able to get.

This list is based off of Steam and not garbing info from all platforms.

For a full list of achievements Check out the Hollow Knight Wiki:

3.8% Focus- Complete the Pantheon of the Sage

2.9% Neglect- Leave Zote to die

2.7% Soul & Shade- Complete the Pantheon of the Knight

1.8% Speedrun 1- Complete the game in under 10 hours

1.7% Speed Completion- Achieve 100% game completion and finish the game in under 20 hours

1.7% Pure Completion- Achieve 112% game completion and finish the game.

1.4% Steel Soul- Finish the game in Steel Soul mode

1.4% Speedrun 2- Complete the game in under 5 hours

1.3% Embrace the Void- Complete the Pantheon of Hallownest
(I still cant do this)

1.1% Steel Heart- Achieve 100% game completion and finish the game in Steel Soul mode

Were you surprised by the order of the list at all?? let me know.

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Hollow Knight- Best Methods for Farming Geo Early and Late Game

In this video I go over two different methods for farming Geo and show one area where you can sell idols, wanders journals as well as arcane eggs for massive amounts of geo quick!

The first method for farming geo is for late game. Make your way over to the Coliseum of Fools and complete the second trial. This trial will pay out 2,000 geo ever 7.5min which is not bad at all.

The second method just requires you to have the city of tears unlocked as well as fragile (or unbreakable) greed. With the fragile greed charm equipped it is possible to earn a bonus 60% in geo for every single enemy killed. Follow the video for the exact path to earn roughly 448 geo every 2.5 min. It is a little less geo per min than the Coliseum of fools but you can do it much earlier in the game.

The last way to get some quick geo is to sell items to a vendor in the City of Tears by the name of the Relic Seeker.

Farming geo in Hollow Knight does not need to be hard. At a very minimum you should attach the fragile greed charm as early in the game as possible and watch the geo come pouring in over time.

HOLLOW KNIGHT GUIDE [Steel Soul Mode] - Top 5 Charm Builds

Hollow Knight guides, trivia, and secrets all compacted into one nice video! I just beat steel soul mode a couple days ago, and I thought I'd share some of my advice on how to conquer it yourself, including some of the charm builds I had the most luck with.

HOLLOW KNIGHT : Voidheart Edition - Tips & Tricks 5 Tips For Hollow Knight (Switch, PC, PS4 & XB1)

A 2D, Metroidvania game, you play as a tiny knight who stumbles upon the long-forgotten village of Dirtmouth, where your hero quickly finds there’s more to this place than meets the eye. Just below the surface is the forgotten kingdom of insects – aka Hallownest. Hallownest was once a prosperous kingdom, but it now lay in ruin, and all who venture below are said to lose their senses or be driven mad. It’s up to you to discover what has happened to this crumbling kingdom, and here are 5 tips to get you get started with Hollow Knight. Please leave a Rating and a Comment below. ???? Follow our page on Facebook: Thanks for watching!

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HOLLOW KNIGHT : Voidheart Edition - Tips & Tricks 5 Tips For Hollow Knight (Switch, PC, PS4 & XB1)

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How to Defeat Soul Master (Tips) | Hollow Knight

Head of the Soul Sanctum. Hoarded soul hoping to stave off Hallownest's affliction, but eventually became intoxicated by its power.


This Hollow Knight Clone Is Causing An Uproar

It goes without saying that Hollow Knight carved out its own place in the gaming community. The way Team Cherry nailed that classic metroidvania feel with a unique aesthetic? Excellent. Well, that aesthetic was unique to Hollow Knight, until a little known game called Gleamlight debuted during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase on December 10th.

Gleamlight lets you play as a red-robed character who wears a feathered cap. You run through dark caverns and fight all sorts of monsters using some type of blade, jumping from platform to platform, as in many 2D side-scrolling adventures. It looks like a fun title. It also looks a lot like Hollow Knight. Like, a little too much like Hollow Knight ...

Gleamlight comes to us from developer DICO and D3 Publisher, and it's set for an early 2020 release date on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Unfortunately, it will likely have a rough road to release, considering all the uproar it caused shortly after its reveal.

After accusations of copying started flying around the internet, things weren't looking good for Gleamlight. To set the record straight, Polygon reached out to D3 Publisher to ask how the developers feel about the comparisons, or if they were even aware that Hollow Knight existed in the first place. Their response was one of denial. A D3 Publisher representative told Polygon,

'Gleamlight' is still in development and it's not final at this moment. The dev team is aware of 'Hollow Knight' but the game has nothing to do with that title.

Of course, this implies that the aesthetic we saw in the Gleamlight trailer could vastly change before its release, but we can't help but be skeptical. Changing the artistic direction of an entire game doesn't normally happen after the studio drops a trailer. Those sweeping changes require a lot of time and work, and if DICO did that, it could potentially mean a delay for that early 2020 release date.

You don't have to look much further than Twitter and YouTube to see these clone accusations. The replies to Nintendo's tweet don't exactly portray Gleamlight in a pretty light. Even worse, the game's reveal trailer - which has overwhelmingly more dislikes than likes - is littered with inflammatory comments. One viewer wrote,

Shallow Knight is what I'll be calling this until I'm convinced otherwise.

While another cracked,

Someone's so desperate for Silksong that they made their own.

For context, Silksong is an upcoming game in the Hollow Knight franchise, and is something many fans are looking forward to. These comments are pretty snide, but within them lies a couple nuggets of truth that we can't help but notice. Both feature a 2D art style that screams hand-drawn, and the dark edges of the screen feel nearly identical. The way Gleamlight's protagonist jumps and swings their blade also feels oddly reminiscent of Hollow Knight.

At the end of the day, it's impossible for us to say whether or not DICO set out to make a Hollow Knight clone. Unless the studio admits to it, all we can do is look at the evidence and judge for ourselves. Nevertheless, even if the developers didn't mean for Gleamlight to look like Hollow Knight, the die is cast. First impressions make or break games, especially in the harsh court of public opinion.

Look at Genshin Impact as a parallel example. This Chinese-developed game seems to take a lot of cues from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and gamers definitely noticed it. Many didn't take kindly to it, writing it off as nothing more than a ripoff. The more we learn about Genshin Impact, however, the more we realize that there are small bits that help it stand out.

The enemy designs in Gleamlight could serve that same purpose, as they're different from the ones in Hollow Knight. We also haven't seen all that Gleamlight has to offer; if the adventure takes us to varied locales, there could be hope yet for this game. Unfortunately, it's going to be a rough uphill battle for DICO, as many have made up their minds already.

Watch the video to see how This Hollow Knight Clone Is Causing An Uproar

#HollowKnight #Gleamlight #Silksong

Top 10 Hollow Knight Bosses

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How to solo the hard mode hollow knight (Tips N Tricks)

Portal Knights

Hollow Knight tips for beginners ( GIT GUD)

Hollow knight can be really hard sometimes. so this videos will help you if you just getting stared. This video doesn't have any spoilers so you can just chill and play the game as you want.
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