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10 best tips for playing I Am Setsuna


I am Setsuna Tutorial: How Does Flux & Momentum Work? {THE BASICS}

Check out my Setsuna Let's Play:

Seriously, the game doesn't really talk about it much, so I'll give it a try.


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I Am Setsuna ..Battle and Spritnite System Explained 2016

Here we cover I Am Setsuna ..Battle and Spritnite System Explained 2016..

This is a great Jrpg game released 2016 for PS4, PS Vita and PC on Steam , I am playing the PC version .

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I Am Setsuna - Before You Buy

I Am Setsuna (PC, PS4) is a classic-style JRPG. Is it a worthy successor for the genre, or a cheap imitation? Let's talk about it!
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I Am Setsuna - How to get 10 Flux Bonuses on Support Spiritnites

The normal limit for one support flux is 2. For example, normally, you cannot get more than 2 Flux Bonus on one spiritnite. However, there is a way around it as can be seen in this video, and explained below.

Flux Bonus is one of the best support effect to have, but only if you are planning to max out your fluxes on all spiritnites.

To get 10 Flux Bonus on one support spiritnite, you have to get at least 5x Mental Emancipation spiritnites. Then, equip your desired support spiritnite like say Lit Bit, along with the first Mental Emancipation spirinite. When Fluxing occurs in battle, you will get a maximum of two Flux Bonus buffs on Light Bit. Once that occurs, change your first Mental Emancipation to the second Mental Emancipation. This will allow you get two more Flux Bonus buffs on Light Bit. Keep repeating this until you get 10x Flux Bonus buffs on all support spiritnites you desire.

This occurs because each spiritnite has a different ID. And that means each Flux Bonus from different Mental Emancipations also have a different ID. This is the reason why we can stack more than 2 Flux Bonus on the same spiritnite.

This isn't just restricted to Flux Bonus. You can get any support effect 10x times on any support spiritnite by following the same method as above. Credit for this find goes to user Jo Mormont.

P.S. - This does not work for Command Spiritnite buffs, because all the effects like Singularity Power, etc., are allocated to single unique ID. The limits for those are probably as documented in this thread -

I Am Setsuna : Endir's Critical Build

+ This is my simple build for Endir , with 1-2 max command spritnites then all support/passive spritnites and still deal decent damage .
+ I Am Setsuna Full Walkthrough :
+ I Am Setsuna Builds :

I Am Setsuna - Making Any character 10-20 times Stronger (Read description)

You can do this early in this game but it is best done when you have Flying airship which is nearly at the end of the game. To do this it will require hours of grind where for each character it can take 5-12 hrs depends on how much stronger you want to get. Whether it is worth it or not, it is all up to you. By the time you get that strong, you are already at the end of the game and there is not much left beside the side quests and optional bosses.

The video has bunch of segment showing how to make your character stronger; you can see i went from 242 damage to almost 8000 damage in a single hit. Each section shows the addition to the previous one. for example first one show weapon damage without upgrade, second is with upgraded weapon damage, 3rd shows talismans in addition to the upgrade weapon, 4th will show spirit in addition to previous and so on.

I haven't done the calculation but the damage that is added with each upgrade is not a fixed number but its a certain percentage mostly cause of the Flux Bonus effect. For example when i added Light Bit spiritnite my damage increased from 363 to 420 or a increase of 57 damage point. But later with other additions, i start doing 2000 damage. When i took out Light Bit out, it took 400 damage points off instead of just 57. so it seems like with each addition, a percent of damage increases and not a fixed number.

There are few thing which can seem complicated at first since the game doesn't explain you in detail, but can become simple as you work through. To make this powerful, you will need Flux Bonus x10 on your Support Spiritnite and Fluxation power x4, momentum power x4 and unscathed power x2 on command to have highest impact. to upgrade Command spiritnite, all you need a talisman that has a Flux bonus to fluxation power and/or the other 2 i mentioned. it will help you even more if the talisman bonus effect has Boosts Fluxation rate such as Moonstone talisman, Sovereign Soul talisman and Ruler's Spirit. While to upgrade Support spiritnite you will need talisman with Flux Bonus that has Support Bonus. again Bonus effect with boost fluxation will help like Holy maiden's Prayer talisman. Almong side with that talisman, you will need the support spiritnite you wanna upgrade and Mental Emancipation spiritnite. There is a youtube video which shows you how to upgrade it ( In the video you see a character is upgrading spiritnite. you can cut the time in half if you use 2 character on each battle, but dont use more than 2 character or 9 upgrades at the end of the battle. Since you can't have more than 9 fluxation on single battle. With all this setup, you can make your character as strong as the amount of spiritnite you can equip which is believe is 12 max.

Note that Spiritnite like Megalith or Gagnrath dont help you with damage but the flux bonus inside them do. These 2 are just my personal preference which are also very good to have since they fully heal you. But you can replace them with whatever you like.


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I am Setsuna - All 70 Triple Tech Combos - 4k60fps

0:00 (E/S/A) Grand Cross (Cyclone/Luminaire/Charge)
0:07 (E/S/A) Coup de Grace (Genesis/Luminaire/Charge)
0:14 (E/S/F) Ultra Release (Magen/Inspire/Pandemic)
0:22 (E/S/F) Energy Burst (Magen/Holy Light/Pandemic)
0:31 (E/S/J) Evanescent Flash (Aura/Play Dead/Echo)
0:40 (E/S/J) Ephemeral Parade (Aura/Holy Light/Echo)
0:48 (E/S/K) Galactic Force (Meteo/Cure/Vanish)
0:57 (E/S/K) Universal Force (Meteo/Cure/Doom)
1:06 (E/S/N) Peerless Power (Wall/Incite/Impenetrable)
1:10 (E/S/N) Almighty Aura (Wall/Holy Light/Impenetrable)
1:14 (E/A/F) Astral Statis (Quick/All Creation/Stalker)
1:18 (E/A/F) Celestial Balance (Genesis/All Creation/Stalker)
1:22 (E/A/J) Perpetual Strike (Radiance/Stop/Berserk)
1:30 (E/A/J) Infinity Strike (Radiance/Stop/Eclipse)
1:37 (E/A/K) Big Bang (Life/Demi/Booster)
1:45 (E/A/K) Cosmic Inflation (Genesis/Demi/Booster)
1:53 (E/A/N) Moments in Time (Realization/Flawless Blow/Emission)
1:59 (E/A/N) Echoes in Eternity (Realization/Gearadia/Emission)
2:05 (E/N/F) Stone Clutch (Blade Wave/Stone Slash/Black Hole)
2:11 (E/N/F) Spherical Slice (Blade Wave/Rebellion/Black Hole)
2:17 (E/N/J) Hyperion (Cleave/Whirlwind Blade/Jump)
2:22 (E/N/J) Aerial Storm (Genesis/Whirlwind Blade/Eclipse)
2:27 (E/N/K) Apocalypse (Battlecry/Tenacity/Meltdown)
2:38 (E/N/K) Armageddon (Battlecry/Rebellion/Meltdown)
2:48 (E/K/F) Detonation (Spark/Dispel/Absorb)
2:55 (E/K/F) Eruption (Spark/Dispel/Dragnarok)
3:03 (E/K/J) Stardust Fall (Shock/Enflame/Enfrost)
3:11 (E/K/J) Stella Imber (Genesis/Enflame/Enfrost)
3:20 (E/J/F) Dragonic Ray (Backslash/Chakra/Dragonic Soul)
3:26 (E/J/F) Highwind (Backslash/Eclipse/Dragonic Soul)
3:32 (S/A/F) Astral Blast (Cure II/Haste/Dark Matter)
3:39 (S/A/F) Break Matter (Cure II/Gearadia/Dark Matter)
3:45 (S/A/J) Gaia's Beauty (Whirling Shot/Frenzy/Chase)
4:00 (S/A/J) Gaia's Glory (Whirling Shot/Frenzy/Eclipse)
4:14 (S/A/K) Rising Phoenix (Life II/Permanence/Magma)
4:23 (S/A/K) Soaring Phoenix (Life II/Permanence/Doom)
4:31 (S/A/N) Last Letter (Sanctity/Oblivion/Counter)
4:37 (S/A/N) Chant du Cygne (Sanctity/Oblivion/Rebellion)
4:42 (S/N/F) Shining Torrent (Remedy/Wind Slash/Phantom)
4:51 (S/N/F) Carnage Ray (Remedy/Rebellion/Phantom)
4:58 (S/N/J) Thunderbolt (Lightning/Pinpoint/Royal Lance)
5:06 (S/N/J) Electric Spiral (Holy Light/Pinpoint/Royal Lance)
5:13 (S/N/K) Disintegration (Cheer/Demonic Strike/Drain)
5:27 (S/N/K) Cataclysm (Cheer/Demonic Strike/Doom)
5:39 (S/K/F) Omega Flare (Prayer/Flare/Snatch)
5:52 (S/K/F) Gamma Burst (Prayer/Flare/Dragnarok)
6:05 (S/K/J) Delta Force (Lightning II/FIre II/Ice II)
6:13 (S/K/J) Trine Force (Holy Light/Fire II/Ice II)
6:21 (S/J/F) Magicdust (Enthunder/Icicle Lance/Endark)
6:28 (S/J/F) Brionac (Enthunder/Eclipse/Endark)
6:35 (A/N/F) Penance (Protect/Diffuse/Dark Pact)
6:46 (A/N/F) Atonement (Gearadia/Diffuse/Dark Pact)
6:55 (A/N/J) Snowman Squash (Frog Squash/Condense/Ice)
7:03 (A/N/J) Simulacrum (Frog Squash/Rebellion/Ice)
7:09 (A/N/K) Big Crunch (Enchrono/Double Back/Bio)
7:17 (A/N/K) Gravitational Collapse (Enchrono/Double Back/Doom)
7:25 (A/K/F) Perdition (Slow/Osmose/Earthsplitter)
7:30 (A/K/F) Hell Howl (Slow/Osmose/Dragnarok)
7:36 (A/K/J) Prismatic Glow (Mirage/Barrier/Meteor Thrust)
7:41 (A/K/J) Temporal Distortion (Gearadia/Barrier/Meteor THrust)
7:46 (A/J/F) Snowfall Symphony (Dream Shatterer/Apex Thrust/Helix Slash)
7:54 (A/J/F) Snowfall Rhapsody (Gearadia/Apex Thrust/Helix Slash)
8:00 (K/N/F) Crimson Flare (Fire/Blunt Blow/Dark Mist)
8:09 (K/N/F) Scarlet Flame (Doom/Blunt Blow/Dark Mist)
8:17 (K/N/J) Epiphanic Blade (Weaken/Aerial Strike/Precise Thrust)
8:23 (K/N/J) Art of War (Weaken/Aerial Strike/Eclipse)
8:30 (K/J/F) Omega Drive (Regen/Serenity/Crused Slash)
8:34 (K/J/F) Alpha Impact (Regen/Serenity/Dragnarok)
8:40 (N/J/F) Earthly Rage (Provoke/Transcendence/Hellfire)
8:47 (N/J/F) Gaia's Wrath (Provoke/Transcendence/Dragnarok)

Where to get more Spritnite Abilities - I AM SETSUNA

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I am Setsuna - DGx Tips and Tricks - Easy EXP and Money farming spot

A spot pretty early on in the game you can easily grab 1K EXP per battle. Decent spot to farm Materials as well. Another Spot is shown right after you can net 3K per Battle.

I am Setsuna: Easy experince and money early game

Combo you want to use is shock with Endir and provoke with Auron. Unlimited power yo!!


Lost Sphear Game Review - Its I Am Setsuna, But Better


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I Am Setsuna - "Fluxation Power" Test

This video shows damage testing for Fluxation Power buff when used in momentum mode. There were some people that were not getting the damage increase with this ability, while I was seeing an increase.

The reason that some people may not see a damage increase is because all equipped spiritnite need to be maxed out (10 fluxes) for Fluxation Power to see a damage increase via momentum. You can alternatively remove any non-maxed spiritnites from the loadout, and Flux Power will start working again.

Hopefully this clarifies any issues. Let me know if you have any questions.

I am Setsuna - How to Defeat the Aurorean Tiger - Tips

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LOST SPHEAR - 10 BIG Things to Know Before You Pick it Up! (NEW JRPG 2018 - PS4 SWITCH PC)

Lost Sphear 10 Amazing Reasons To Be Excited

So are you excited for Lost Sphear? What features are you looking forward to in Lost Sphear? Comment your thoughts down below. Thanks for watching!

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Lost Sphear is a Japanese role-playing video game developed by Tokyo RPG Factory and published by Square Enix. The game is the second to be developed by Tokyo RPG Factory, and considered a spiritual successor to their first title, I Am Setsuna. The game was released in Japan in October 2017, and is scheduled for release in January 2018 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows in North America, Europe and Australia.

I Am Setsuna: Endir Early OP Guide

With the right Spiritnite and weapon setup as shown in the video, you'll be able to one shot every group of enemies pretty early in the game. Displayed here in Mysleigh Woods. It's also a great way of earning the achievments related to Momentum Attacks.

I am Setsuna: How to level grind 30-50 and farm money

I AM SETSUNA - Stout Sheep | how to defeat | tips and commentery

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I Am Setsuna : Nidr and Fides 's Build , Demonic Duo

+ This is my simple build for both Nidr and Fides as Nidir skill kit alone cant deal much damage , so i cant make a simple build where i use one single offensive of that character like usual .
+ I have to mix him up with Fides , although you will still deal decent damage without touching Fides at all ( a fresh Fides will do alright , also the required skill for Fides to do the combo is a starting skill )
+ In the end its still pretty simple , still use only 1-2 max command spritnites then all support/passive spritnites and still deal decent damage.
+ I Am Setsuna Full Walkthrough :
+ I Am Setsuna Builds :

10 GREAT RPGS For The Nintendo Switch

RPGS For Nintendo Switch OUT NOW! 10 RPGS Nintendo Switch Games that might be worth YOU checking out. From I Am Setsuna & Lost Sphear, to Xenoblade 2 and Stardew Valley! Will these RPGs be worth checking out on the Switch? Super Derek! - Like/Comment/Subscribe
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