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10 best tips for playing Jaipur: A Card Game of Duels


5 TIPS FOR JAIPUR | TableTap Tips

Created in association with Asmodee and Pocket Gamer's brand new TableTap digital boardgame section. This week, we offer a helping hand with newly released Indian marketplace trading game Jaipur.




Jaipur: A Card Game of Duels: iOS iPad Gameplay Walkthrough (by Asmodee Digital)

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Game Description:

A Spiel des Jahres Recommended game, Jaipur is one of the most most well-loved 2-player tabletop games. Jaipur is a fast-paced card game for two players with a blend of tactics, risk and luck. You are one of the most powerful traders in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. You and your opponent duel to demonstrate to the Maharajah that you can earn a greater profit than your competition. At the end of a round, one player receives the Maharajah's seal of excellence, and the first player to earn two seals of excellence wins the privilege of being invited to the Maharajah’s court!

Each turn, you can choose to take one card, exchange your cards for other goods, buy the camels needed to transport your wares, or sell at the market. The sooner you sell and the more you sell of a single good at once, the higher your profit.

If you take cards, you have to choose between taking all the camels, taking 1 card from the market or swapping 2 to 5 cards between the market and your cards. If you sell cards, you get to sell only one type of good per turn, and you get as many chips from that good as you sold cards. The chips’ values decrease as the game progresses, but you get increasingly high rewards for selling sets of 3, 4, or 5 cards of the same good at a time, so it’s all about waiting just the right amount of time to make your trade.

You can’t sell camels, but they are integral to trading and they’re also worth a little something at the end of the round, sometimes enough to secure the win so use them smartly!

In this digital adaptation of the award-winning card game, find a comprehensive interactive tutorial and an extensive campaign mode. Solo play is available at three levels of difficulty. Play online 2 player cross-platform or locally in pass & play mode. Track your achievements within the app and use your Asmodee Digital account to sign on. Enjoy beautiful illustrations by Vincent Dutrait.

Languages available: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

Jaipur includes:
• A faithful adaptation of Sebastien Pauchon's original Jaipur game
• Online cross-platform 2 player mode
• Local pass & play mode
• Solo play against 3 difficulty levels of AI
• An extensive campaign mode
• All new artwork by Vincent Dutrait
• Detailed, interactive, turn-by-turn, in-game tutorial.
• Achievement tracking
• No in-app purchases or ads
• Languages available: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

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Intro Song: All I Need by Valesco
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Jaipur – The Rules

In this card game, two players are merchants fighting in the marketplace of Jaipur to become the Maharaja's personal trader. A great deal of savviness and trading skills are required to get the job since only the richest of the two may have the honor of serving in the palace.

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Duel: Jaipur

Who will be the most powerful trader? Who will cover themselves in Silk and Gold? Who will be the master of camels? Find out as Nerds of the West play Jaipur!

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How to Play - Jaipur

2 Players
Game Works

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Goods for camels? | Jaipur | Roll For Crit Playback

We compete to see who can be the best merchant in this fun, fast paced, two player card game. Also, there are camels.

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Jaipur Review - The Broken Meeple

Jaipur is a fast-paced card game, a blend of tactics, risk and luck. On your turn, you can either take or sell cards. If you take cards, you have to choose between taking all the camels, taking one card from the market, or swapping 2-5 cards between the market and your cards.

If you sell cards, you get to sell only one type of good, and you receive as many chips for that good as the number of cards you sold. The chips' values decrease as the game progresses, so you'd better hurry! On the other hand, you receive increasingly high rewards for selling three, four, or five cards of the same good at a time, so you'd better wait!

You can't sell camels, but they're paramount for trading and they're also worth a little something at the end of the round, enough sometimes to secure the win, so you have to use them smartly.

Why is Jaipur considered one of the essential card games?

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Jaipur - 2 Minute Review

A clear and concise explanation and review of a 2 player trading game, Jaipur.

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Board Game Review and Gameplay Demo - Battle Line

Easy to learn fast to play, but with great strategy from its big brother big skirmish games, Battle Line is a great, quick card game to play. The mechanics are relatively unique in the hobby gaming scope, but most likely familiar to most people playing it. Either way, enjoy the video and let me know if you have questions, requests, etc.!

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Overly Critical Gamers - Fungi - Instructional/Gameplay/Review

Also known as Morels, this is a 2 player card game about venturing into the woods and collecting sets of mushrooms, then cooking those mushrooms to obtain flavor points. The player who has the tastiest experience wins. KingRob shows us how it's played...and gets a little hungry in the process.

Intro: start to 0:57
Card explanations: 0:58 to 10:16
Setup: 10:17 to 11:38
Turn overview: 11:38 to 17:28
Gameplay: 17:28 to 45:58
Review: 41:59 to end

Note: Our gameplay footage shows an alternate method for setting up the path of cards - a spiral pattern instead of a line. We found this the favorable way to play because it involves less handling of the cards, only becoming a little annoying when someone uses their sticks.

We are:
KingRob - Rob Moore
MasterCactaur - Sean Moore

Jaipur Playthrough

2-Player game of Jaipur. Enjoy!

Jaipur Gameplay Runthrough

Help keep Rahdo running @ !!! And now...
A video outlining gameplay for the boardgame Jaipur.

For more game info,

Part I: Gameplay Runthrough

Part II: Extended Gameplay

Part III: Final Thoughts


Hey Everybody! Today Paulo Runs Through Rahdo's Goofs

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3:00 You aren't obliged to sell every piece you have of the same type... there's no reason not to do it but it's not an obligation...
However when you are selling one of the 3 better Goods (Silver, Gold and Rubies) you have to sell at least 2 (using 2 cards) you can never sell just 1 silver, 1 gold or 1 ruby, it has to be at least 2.
Even if there's only 1 token left to collect you have to discard 2 cards to pick that token up

Smash Up - The Card Game: iOS iPad Gameplay (by Asmodee Digital)

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SHoR Reviews: Jaipur

Sweethearts or Rivals: Review of the two player game Jaipur.

Jaipur in 30 Seconds

Jaipur in 30 Seconds Featuring Rahdo.

Resource trading game
Win by:
Getting points over 3 rounds
Get points by exchanging cards with chips
On your turn:
Take one card and replace it with one from the deck
Take 2 or more and replace them with cards from your hand or camels from your herd
Take all the camels in the middle and place them in your herd
Exchange cards with chips
Exchange 3 or more resources at a time for extra points
You can have up to 7 cards in your hand
Have a bigger herd for extra points

Script: Johnny Ilca (
Voice: Rahdo (
Editing: Johnny Ilca (

Summoner Wars - How To Play

Watch It Played is a series designed to teach and play games. In this episode we're going to learn how to play Summoner Wars.

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Jaipur - Review

In this episode we review the popular and colorful card game called Jaipur!

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Fantasy Masters Card Game By Zeonix - Android Gameplay

Fantasy Masters is a strategy TCG game and real time 1 vs 1 battle game.

There is loyal content that makes card collection fun.

You can realize infinite strategies realized with numerous cards.

** Game Introduction **

■ Infinite Strategy TCG

With 30 cards, you can make your own deck and enjoy the game.
You can create decks close to infinity with various card combinations.

■ Training mode

You can learn the rules of the game naturally with the masterful and charming masters.

■ Single mode

If you are still struggling, try to build your skills in single mode.

■ Friendliness mode

You want to test your deck with your own strategy?
How about making friendship with friends through goodwill?
You can learn the game of other players through watching games.

■ Normal mode

Every week!! Unlimited competition will proceed.
In the meantime, there is a stage where you can show your skill of polishing.

■ League mode

If you want to win the championship game, participate in the tense league game.
You can show off your strategy in fair rules and evaluate your skills.
A special Honorary Compensation will be given to Rankers of the League War.

Google Play Download

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