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10 best tips for playing KINGDOM HEARTS Union









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KHUX Ultimate Intermediate Guide (Medal Selection|Skills|Evolve|Tips)

A guide for beginner/intermediate players

6 TIPS & TRICKS TO KHUX: A Beginner's Guide - Kingdom Chatter Episode 5

Welcome back fellow wielders! Today we talk about some beginning tips and tricks to start your khux experience right! We hope these are helpful for you or your friends as you start your new journey into khux!

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Animated Intro and Pixel Art by Camila Centeno

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KHUx Guide - Is Leveling Up Important? + 3 tips to help you improve your KHUx game!

#DLegend #KHUx #TipsandTricks

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KHUX - Top 10 Best Medals as of June 7, 2020

What are the best medals in KHUX? You've definitely come to the right place!

Remember to watch the disclaimer at the beginning! This list is only relevant until June 7, 2020!

KHUx F2P - How I do PVP: Tips/Tricks/Setup Showcase

This has been a highly requested video! Hope it helps some of you out!

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#KHUx #F2P #PvP #DLegend

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X - 6 Helpful Tips to Know!

Today I'll be going through a few tips that you should probably when playing Kingdom Hearts Unchained X!

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Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Tips and Tricks! How to level up fast and more!

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KH Union χ[Cross] F2P Coliseum Top 10K ~ Setups and Tips

Don't judge a book by its cover


Khux : Tip ~ How I level up Skills

* Watch the LIVE Stream @

I'm always getting asked how I level up skills so fast.. well here we go!

KHUx - Tips and Trick About How to Setup Your Medals And Keyblade To Easy Raid Bosses

A quick update since the Raid boss ended up to be legendary and I thought this is useful. Enjoy

Khux Competitive Guide - How To Find Your Strongest Medals

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KHUX - The Top 10 Best KHUX Medals. My First Top 10 Video!

I can see places 6 and 4 switching (because of buffs/supernovas), but otherwise, I feel pretty confident about this list! Let me know what your top 10 medals are in the comments below!

KHUx - Top 10 PVE Setup Showcase + Traits for TVA and Kairi!

#DLegend #KHUx #TVA

This video goes into the reasons why I spent ~85,000 jewels in order to get TVA, and how I managed to get top 10 in PVE coliseum! PSA, all my jewels saved up were free to play jewels.

Originally I did about 15 pulls on the Riku banner, and then proceeded to spend my VIP coins for Riku traits before realizing VIP coins were needed to unlock TVA. I ended up doing 45 pulls (3 Aqua, 10 Kairi, 32 Riku) in total to get TVA, but I’d say it was well worth it! Plenty of other amazing medals were pulled during the 45 pulls, especially from the Riku banner haha. If you guys have VIP coins laying around from the refunded banners, I suggest you use them for TVA!

Kingdom Hearts Union X - Hades Cup 100% completed! Setups, tips and tricks

Hello everyone! So the Hades cup has finally arrived in NA! Pretty hard event, here's a video on it and stuff... Hopefully it helps. Good luck to everyone! 5000 jewels is a big deal!

Kingdom Hearts Union X - TOP 10 MEDAL IDEAS!

Medals in Kingdom Hearts Union X have some really high quality and interesting designs! Some even have original renders! that being said there are some characters and art that haven't been represented yet so here are my Top 10 Ideas for medals in Kingdom Hearts Union X!

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HOW TO PLAY Kingdom Hearts Dark Road PROPERLY! | Card System, Battle System, BP, Jewels, & More!

HOW TO PLAY Kingdom Hearts Dark Road PROPERLY! | Card System, Battle System, BP, Jewels & More!


0:00 | Intro + Agenda |
0:50 | Home Screen, BP, Card Tickets & Jewel Icons |
2:27 | Changing Your Party |
2:56 | Card System + Deck |
4:25 | Battle System |
5:07 | Activating Card Effects |
5:42 | Bonus Time |
6:09 | Auto Button & Risks |
6:31 | GIRL YOU DIED: Charms |
7:16 | How to Earn BP |
8:28 | Using BP: Leveling Up + Stats |
8:51 | Album |
9:20 | Missions |
10:00 | Events |
10:43 | Shop |
12:05 | Shop Points |

I really took the last couple of days to try and understand this game, and I think I've figured out how to play Kingdom Hearts Dark Road properly! Let's have a discussion about the Kingdom Hearts Dark Road card system, battle system, BP, jewels and how they are connected to khux, and more! A lot of these things I will talk about in specific videos in the future to give you guys a more in-depth look at some of the systems, and more of my opinions and tips, but for now this video is just a general overview of things.

What are some things you guys have discovered? Let me know in the comments below!

Enjoy, guys! :)

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Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] - Beginners Guide

What's up everyone!?

I wanted to bring some of you that are starting to play Kingdom Hearts Union X [cross] a guide to starting out after the 3.1.0 update. I hope this really helps you guys get success out of this game.

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Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] Small Tips

Sorry it wasn't clear. Sore throat and not thinking straight.

KHUX EASIEST SUBSLOT FARMING GUIDE! (Better the lower your level)

A lot of the times we try to farm subslot medals but we get no luck, this is a guide to help you get those high costing AP stages and get those subslot medals at a much quicker pace. leave a like if it helped you!
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