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10 best tips for playing KINGDOM HEARTS Union


KHUx Guide - Is Leveling Up Important? + 3 tips to help you improve your KHUx game!

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6 TIPS & TRICKS TO KHUX: A Beginner's Guide - Kingdom Chatter Episode 5

Welcome back fellow wielders! Today we talk about some beginning tips and tricks to start your khux experience right! We hope these are helpful for you or your friends as you start your new journey into khux!

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Animated Intro and Pixel Art by Camila Centeno

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Kingdom Hearts Unchained X - 6 Helpful Tips to Know!

Today I'll be going through a few tips that you should probably when playing Kingdom Hearts Unchained X!

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HOW TO PLAY Kingdom Hearts Dark Road PROPERLY! | Card System, Battle System, BP, Jewels, & More!

HOW TO PLAY Kingdom Hearts Dark Road PROPERLY! | Card System, Battle System, BP, Jewels & More!


0:00 | Intro + Agenda |
0:50 | Home Screen, BP, Card Tickets & Jewel Icons |
2:27 | Changing Your Party |
2:56 | Card System + Deck |
4:25 | Battle System |
5:07 | Activating Card Effects |
5:42 | Bonus Time |
6:09 | Auto Button & Risks |
6:31 | GIRL YOU DIED: Charms |
7:16 | How to Earn BP |
8:28 | Using BP: Leveling Up + Stats |
8:51 | Album |
9:20 | Missions |
10:00 | Events |
10:43 | Shop |
12:05 | Shop Points |

I really took the last couple of days to try and understand this game, and I think I've figured out how to play Kingdom Hearts Dark Road properly! Let's have a discussion about the Kingdom Hearts Dark Road card system, battle system, BP, jewels and how they are connected to khux, and more! A lot of these things I will talk about in specific videos in the future to give you guys a more in-depth look at some of the systems, and more of my opinions and tips, but for now this video is just a general overview of things.

What are some things you guys have discovered? Let me know in the comments below!

Enjoy, guys! :)

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Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Tips and Tricks! How to level up fast and more!

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Khux Competitive Guide - How To Find Your Strongest Medals

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Best Way to Level up After Level 30 - Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

Hi guys! Gaymer Jeff here!
In this video, I test several 5 minute Heartless intervals to see which world gives the most amount of experience in the shortest amount of time. The levels I compare are Agrabah Ranks 2 & 4, Wonderland Rank 2 and The new Huge Watermelon Event. We hope you enjoyed this video and if it helped, please don't forget to like & subscribe. Thank you to everyone who took their time in reading this :3 It means a lot!! You are all amazing and beautiful individuals :P

Game - Kingdom Hearts Dark Road
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5 Useful Tips for Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

Been a while since I made a video.....
Here are some 5 helpful tips for anyone who may be having a bit of trouble in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. We hope it helps you out and look forward to making more helpful videos in the future :)

Music -
Foreteller's Case (From the Kingdom Hearts III OST)
Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts Union X)

Ultimate KHux Beginners Guide (Kingdom Hearts Unchained/Union x)

2:02 User Profile/Avatar/Outfits
3:10 Experience & Levels
Note: Lux is also used to determine free prizes at the end of the week based on you and your party's performance
4:09 What does AP mean?
5:30 What are Jewels for?
6:24 Mission/Quest Rewards & Mickey Stickers
7:15 Party Introduction
7:48 Shop Overview
9:08 Munny is for Evolving Medals
9:20 Medal Storage Capacity
10:38 Avatar Boards and How Best To Use Them!
15:22 Upgrading Keyblades Tips
18:47 Preparing for Battle & Gem Tips
23:00 Borrow a Party/Friend Medal!
24:42 How to Read a Medal & Trigger Skills
25:52 Basic Battle Instructions
30:00 Party/Friend Medal Special Attacks
32:55 3K Medal Packs Are The Only Ones Worth Buying
35:00 Guaranteed/Mercy Medals in 3000 Packs
38:04 Unlocking VIP Quests & Special Offers
41:09 VIP Medal Breakdown

A couple of things I missed!
- Lux counts towards your team rank and prizes are given out based on your personal, and party weekly performance
- Medal Tier number indicates how powerful its special can become!

Medal Skills & Traits List

Khux | How To Beat Aced (Keyblade War Part 3)

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Kingdom Hearts Union Cross[X] as well as other Kingdom Hearts titles are © Square Enix properties.
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The CORRECT Way To Play Kingdom Hearts - [Guide For Newcomers]

I was requested by a viewer to make this video on what is the BEST way to play through the Kingdom Hearts games. So here's my opinion on what order you should begin your adventure through the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 video games

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Outro by CraziiNav:

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Kingdom Hearts Explained #6: What Order Should You Play Kingdom Hearts?
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Kingdom Hearts Dark Road - Beginner Guide

Some tips I've come up with after 48 hours of playing Dark Road. Hopefully this helps answer some of the commonly asked questions I'm already seeing being asked around the web. Please subscribe and let me know what you'd like to see next! Working on a story recap ASAP

Thanks to Badger for the additional footage!

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The BEST Ways to FARM BP in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road! (For Now) | Rare Enemies, Missions, Quest Keys

The BEST Way to FARM BP in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road! (For Now) | Rare Enemies, Missions, Quest Keys


0:00 | Intro + Thank You! |
0:45 | Rank 1 Grinding: Day + Overnight |
1:10 | Missions |
1:59 | Passive BP |
2:24 | Quest Keys |
3:06 | Why You Should Use Quest Keys |
4:00 | Daily Quest Key Event: Gift Shadows & Gold Tricholomas |
5:12 | Rare Enemies: Eggcognito |
6:36 | What To Expect in the Next Video |

Thank you guys so much for all the support on the last video, it means a lot! We're back for some Kingdom Hearts Dark Road gameplay! Let's talk about the BEST ways to farm BP in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road (For Now). The way that BP is offered could diversify in the future, which it more than likely will, but these are the best ways to farm BP in the game. Kingdom Hearts Dark Road grinding is literal HELL, but things like Quest Keys make things a lot quicker and less time consuming. Kingdom Hearts Dark Road BP that you require to level up gets FAR WORSE as your level gets higher, so Quest Keys are going to be very important! You can spare some jewels for this. Defeating rare enemies also helps with gaining BP, but unlike khux, khdr doesn't have a system that allows for rare enemies to appear more frequently. It would be nice to implement something similar like in Kingdom Hearts Union Cross, and maybe they will add it down the line.

Let me know what you guys have discovered about farming BP in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road!

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See you guys soon!

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KHUx F2P - How I do PVP: Tips/Tricks/Setup Showcase

This has been a highly requested video! Hope it helps some of you out!

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#KHUx #F2P #PvP #DLegend

KH Union χ[Cross] F2P Coliseum Top 10K ~ Setups and Tips

Don't judge a book by its cover


KHUX - Top 10 Best Medals as of June 7, 2020

What are the best medals in KHUX? You've definitely come to the right place!

Remember to watch the disclaimer at the beginning! This list is only relevant until June 7, 2020!

KH Union χ[Cross] Get the best score possible for you! ~ HSC Tips

You don't need to copy this setup, just build your own and apply this steps.


KHUX - The Top 10 Best KHUX Medals. My First Top 10 Video!

I can see places 6 and 4 switching (because of buffs/supernovas), but otherwise, I feel pretty confident about this list! Let me know what your top 10 medals are in the comments below!

KHUX Ultimate Intermediate Guide (Medal Selection|Skills|Evolve|Tips)

A guide for beginner/intermediate players



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