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10 best tips for playing Kamiko


Kamiko (Nintendo Switch) - Yamato 100% Playthrough With All Secrets

Cute little indie game that came out on the Japanese eShop on April 13th, 2017. Finding all of the secrets unlocks the sound test. Collecting all of the upgrades has no reward. I define 100% as collecting all of the upgrades in every level (There are four in each level for a total of 16).

Secret Time Stamps:
Secret 1: 4:54
Secret 2: 10:27
Secret 3: 19:09
Secret 4: 29:29

Note: Secrets and upgrades are in the same location for every character. Secrets only need to be collected once as any character to unlock the sound test.

10 Ridiculously Cheap MUST HAVE Switch Games! (Under £5 or $5)

You guys love a list so we keep creating them! Here we have 10 ridiculously cheap (less than £5/$7) Nintendo Switch games on the Eshop that you really must have! Take a look and see if you have these, if not you could get the whole lot for less than £50!!! ($70)!!

That's Crazy!


==============SPOILERS BELOW=========================

Here are all the games in today's list and where to buy them or find more information.

Earth Wars -

Toki Tori -
Bertrand Fiddle -

Grid mania -

Subsurface Circular -

Kid Tripp -

Pan Pan -

Pirate Pop Plus -

Kamico -

Deep Ones -


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5 Best Switch Games Under $10!

There are a ton of great games on Switch eShop and today we talk about the 5 best Switch games under $10! We know that gaming can be an expensive hobby but there is a lot of quality stuff to play for not all that much money. What are some of YOUR favorite games for under $10? Let us know in the comments below!



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Astral Chronicles Beginners Guide - 5 Tips Before You Get Started!

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Hey Everyone! Join me in this Astral Chronicles Beginners Guide as I tell you 5 tips & Tricks you should know before you get started!

Astral Chronicles Beginners Guide, Astral Chronicles Tips and Tricks, Astral Chronicles Review, Astral Chronicles

Use My Astral Chronicles Unique Invitation Friend Code When You Sign Up For The Game! - gjj94j

Astral Chronicles is available on PC, Android, & IOS Devices.

You can will be able to download through Google Playstore and iOS through Appstore. PC is played through trusted emulators such as Bluestacks 4

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▬▬▬ Description ▬▬▬

This is the fantasy JRPG where you’ve been chosen to be the million to one hero that can challenge fate. The miles of challenge and mystery lie before you. Will you be the last hope to reverse the wheel of fate?

A mystic call brings you into the Astral Realm, a world of magic and wonder.
Across a vast, forbidden ocean, soars a dragon in the night sky.
Below, hidden in the forest depths, the purest of the Elves conceals her essence.
In the center of the continent, the Tower of Babel is seen extending from a great city,
All around, live greedy but diligent Orcs, Dwarves of great intellect, and endearing Gutes…

Unlike the story you used to meet before, in this game, there’s a sad story given as to why the villains are behaving a certain way, and there’s evil resides within the envoy of justice. The intertwining storylines will bring you an unprecedented captivating RPG experience!

Kamiko Gameplay - Walkthrough - Level 2 - Yamato - The Missing Box! Nintendo Switch

Level 2, Kamiko, on Nintendo Switch. Bet you can't find a Box...

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Kamiko - Level 1 - Hinome - Nintendo Switch

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Level 1 - Kamiko, as, Hinome.

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Clash on Kamino Tips and Tricks to Unlock General Skywalker Without Whaling Out | SWGoH

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Kamiko Review (Nintendo Switch) - garrettkidney

Reviewing random eShop titles that you've never heard of is a pretty good idea, right? Especially when the game turns out as fun as Kamiko is. At least this wasn't another Gravity Badgers situation.

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Kamiko (3:24:33.10) - (All Achievements)

Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at

Kamiko Review!!! (Nintendo Switch)

Is this worth the price? Or is it better to use the same cash to get a burger meal?

Budget Gamer Nintendo Switch - 10 GREAT Games UNDER $10!

10 AWESOME games for Nintendo Switch for UNDER $10. If you own a switch and haven't played these games, you are severely missing out! What are some of your favorite Nintendo Switch eShop games/Games on the Nintendo Switch? Sound off in the comments!

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Top Must Have Nintendo Switch Games (Early 2018)

I've reviewed a ton of Nintendo Switch games in 2017 and many of you have been asking me to do a summary of the best games on the system so I thought I'd make a must have games list. This one is for the Nintendo Switch but expect one for the Xbox One and PS4 as well!
➜PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Review

#nintendo #nintendoswitch #nintendo3ds #switch

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How to Improve The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild | Alex Asks

No game is perfect, but if we're talking nearly perfect, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is right up there. But there is always room for improvement, so what could theoretically be done to better the game, be it a patch, and overhaul, or just DLC? Alex has once again turned to you, the Lovely People, to find out.

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Goose Teaches Bajo His Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tips! | Scoop 2017

Goose sits Bajo down to pass on all his Mario Kart racing knowledge. Can the student become the master?

(These are videos from 2017 that had not been previously available on YouTube, so yes, they are old)


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KAMIKO (21:24.38) - (Yamato Any%)

my homies stuck with me to the end

if you all learn anything from this run- please learn that focusing on a goal that's tied to your ego will only make the goal harder to obtain. i wanted this record back because it's special to me- but in trying to get it back JUST to have it back, i spent like.. 5 hours doing nothing but become more and more mad and make excuses. as soon as i chilled out, talked about FUN STUFF with one of my closest homies- boom. PB. WR. just be yourself, dude. just do your best in whatever you're doing. don't force it. anything is possible, but you can't let your ego consume you. i did- and it made me feel AWFUL for the majority of my night. and if this happens often to you like it does to me? just keep at it. i'm better than i used to be at controlling my ego. but HOO i still struggle not to let it dictate me.

thanks to THE PusheenHat- you can catch him at streaming a variety of games! he's one of the awesome people that helped get me through this!
have a good morning, everyone.

also sorry for so many show spoilers

Win Gold in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Without Touching the Controller | Nintendo Switch

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has a new feature that allows you to win races without touching the controller. Seriously!
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Top Must Have Nintendo Switch Games (Mid 2017)

Nintendo Switch has a bunch of great games! Here's the must have ones in my opinion!
➜Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet:

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10 GREAT Cheap Nintendo Switch Games Under TEN DOLLARS ($10) WORTH Buying!

Are there any great cheap Nintendo Switch Games? THESE are the top 10 BEST cheap Nintendo Switch games you should buy! If you wonder about Nintendo Switch games prices and what are the best cheap Switch games on the eShop, these are all the games worth buying! I show gameplay along with a little bit of a review for each game! Hopefully, this helps you figure out some cheap Nintendo Switch games worth buying for you! Subscribe, comment, like, and click the links below to get eShop cards to buy these games as well as checking out other awesome channels!

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Fate/EXTELLA The Umbral Star (Nintendo Switch) Review | 8-Bit Eric

This is a review of Fate/EXTELLA The Umbral Star for the Nintendo Switch by 8-Bit Eric. Based on the popular series of anime and visual novels, plays almost exactly like Dynasty Warriors. Gameplay is focused around two things — capturing territories, and plowing down hordes of enemies in the process. The game is full of fast paced action as you battle through levels cluttered with hordes of enemies. Combat is initially cool at first, and some of the animations are pretty flashy. It gets repetitive rather quickly. missions can last a little too long—I was averaging about 25 minutes. You must run from area to area on each map, stopping incoming invasions from the rogue servants’ armies, kill enough enemies for Aggressors to appear, and then kill those Aggressors to win back that sector. Do this enough and a boss “enemy servant” will appear. Rinse, repeat.

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