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10 best tips for playing Kamiko


BEST way to spend CRYSTALS - Cookie Run: Kingdom

There are a ton of package deals and this is the best value for your money to buy the gems/crystals/diamonds. Also, we unlocked 600 cookies with over 55,000 gems and package deals with a mass opening.

COMPLETE KOKOMI GUIDE (SUPPORT & DPS) - Best Kokomi Build & Showcase | Genshin Impact

Complete Kokomi Guide for every playstyle.
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I really enjoy taser/freeze teams for Kokomi tbh
This vid took quite long, i hope you enjoyed :D
watch the bonus clip at the end btw

S U B S C R I B E ? !

Initial Info (0:00)
Talents & Playstyles [How to play Kokomi] (0:37)
How Good is Kokomi? [Honest Review] (4:04)
Artifact Sets (5:22)
Artifact Stats (7:18)
Weapons [Broken F2P Weapon] (8:51)
Constellations (11:58)
Advanced Tips & Info (13:36)
Teams [Important] (15:29)
Kokomi Showcase [Abyss 12 Clear] (18:49)
Overall Info [& Bonus Clip] (22:41)
Track: Ellis - Clear My Head [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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Kamiko (Nintendo Switch) - Yamato 100% Playthrough With All Secrets

Cute little indie game that came out on the Japanese eShop on April 13th, 2017. Finding all of the secrets unlocks the sound test. Collecting all of the upgrades has no reward. I define 100% as collecting all of the upgrades in every level (There are four in each level for a total of 16).

Secret Time Stamps:
Secret 1: 4:54
Secret 2: 10:27
Secret 3: 19:09
Secret 4: 29:29

Note: Secrets and upgrades are in the same location for every character. Secrets only need to be collected once as any character to unlock the sound test.

Why you should buy KAMIKO for the Nintendo Switch - Gaming Paraphilia

In This Video: A few impressions of KAMIKO for the Nintendo Switch! Which is an awesome game actually.



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Switch - 2 Awesome Games Under 5 Bucks - Xeodrifter and Kamiko

Two great games are on sale on the Nintendo Switch eshop now.: Kamiko and Xeodrifter.

The Forest of Awakening | Kamiko (Switch) | Ep 1

Daily Discourse: Who's your favorite magical girl?

Kamiko is a top-down action game developed by Skipmore and published by Flyhigh Works for the Nintendo Switch. You control one of three shrine maidens, exploring 4 main levels, each with an end boss.

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Tuesday Review - Kamiko

#gaming #review #indiegame
A somewhat Zelda like indie game with some interesting differences. The game is $4.99 on steam and Nintendo Switch.
Check it out here -

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KAMIKO - Full Game/Speedrun/All secrets/All upgrades/No deaths

Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at

Pros vs. Cons | Kamiko

This cheap little game caught my eye when I was exploring the Switch's e-shop a few months back. Here are my thoughts on it.

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Kamiko Any% Hinome in 18:53 IGT (29:50 RTA)

There's still a lot of time I can save on this run but sub-30 RTA is nice to have.

I feel there is still about 10-15s to save on Forest but it's a lower priority to the other levels. There's about 40s I an save on ruins if I went a bit faster, Labyrinth was terrible and I honestly feel I can save 90s on that, and there's minutes I can save on Ruins though it was a marked improvement.

I need to cut combat more and use death abuse more, it's a better way to save time... I should probably remove getting the safety health too at points... I need to think on this but I think those are the main ways I'll save time

Kamiko Demonstrative Review

Kamiko is a top-down arcade-like adventure game with pixel graphics. This demonstrative gameplay review shows how the game is played while I give my thoughts on it. If you have any questions on the game, please ask below in the comments. If you think the video is helpful, please click the Like button. Thank you for watching!
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Kamiko | Nintendo Switch | Part 1

Kamiko Nintendo Switch Full Playthrough Part 1

Welcome to my newest lets play. I got this game from the Nintendo eShop for only $5 which is an awesome deal. The game as you can see is a fun hack and slash. I hope you enjoy the walkthrough. Let me know what you guys think.

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Minecraft Road To Platinum Trophy PS4 Part 1

Kamiko - All Bosses + Ending [No Damage]

Boss Fight Walkthrough for Kamiko. It is an top down indie action adventure game and is available on Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Window (Steam). This video is a guide and showcase for the bosses in the game.

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Steam Page:

0:09 Stone Golem
1:49 Snake
2:52 Necromancer
4:05 Demon
5:50 Demon (True Form)
8:29 Ending
#Kamiko #Indie #AllBosses

Kamiko (Switch) Video Review

My Video Review of Kamiko for the Nintendo Switch!

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Community Spotlight: Kamiko Edition

The Community Spotlight is a new show on The GDQ HOTFIX which shows content that has been voted on by the GDQ community via our twitter. The Community Spotlight aims to show off different speedrunning communities in ways that you might not always get to see. If you would like to participate in choosing which runs get shown on the Spotlight, head over to our twitter to participate in the current vote. This episode was aired on July 29, 2019.

Kamiko Uzume 100% race starts at 4:50
Kamiko Hinome 100% starts at 42:24
Kamiko Yamato any% race starts at 1:12:52


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kamiko yamato 100% speedrun

25:16 rta, 14:05 in-game time -- Watch live at

NEW Nintendo Switch Action Adventure Game - Let's Play Kamiko

Kamiko is a brand new Action Adventure game for the Nintendo Switch! This little gem was a surprise release on the Nintendo Switch Japanese eShop that showed up shortly after the brand new Direct. I actually stumbled upon it late last night, and after testing it out for a few minutes in handheld mode, I quickly realized I had to share it with you!

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Kamiko (Part 10) - Of Course I Should Have Known Better

Doug makes it to the FINAL BOSS of Kamiko which i have named Charlotte. No matter how I look that boss it just screams Charlotte to me you know? Now time for her dating sim-esque bio: Blood Type / AC current, Height / ~ 666 corpses in a pile, Weight / ~3 collapsing stars, Favorite Food / your flesh, Favorite Drink / your tears... I think you get the picture she's a sweet wholesome gal.

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What's on Our Switch ~ Kamiko

Enjoy our first video in a new series What's on Our Switch where Damon and I go through games we currently own and review them for you!

First up is Kamiko!

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