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10 best tips for playing Kamiko


Kamiko (Nintendo Switch) Review | 8-Bit Eric

This is a review of Kamiko for the Nintendo Switch by 8-Bit Eric. Kamiko takes clear inspiration from the classic 2D Zelda games.

The game is currently only available on the Japanese eShop, but it’s fully translated in English, Japanese, and Chinese and as of this recording will be on the North America E-shop shortly this week.

I jumped the gun and bought it ahead of time, and was lucky because it had full english support. Now in Kamiko you Play as one of a choice of three shrine maidens, players are tasked with removing demonic seals from a series of shrines that connect the human world to the world of the dead

You do this by running around the game’s four levels and trying to find the four shrines located in each of them.
Activate all four of the shrines and you’ll conjure up a portal which takes you to that level’s boss.

Each level may have a different look but they each have the same basic idea – trigger the four shrines and find the exit. Also, there are chests dotted around each level. In these are one of four things: a health power-up, an SP power-up (more on that in a second), a key or an orb.

These keys and orbs must be carried to their respective receptacles elsewhere in the level, but you can’t attack any of the re-spawning enemies or take any damage while you’re carrying them otherwise you’ll drop them and they’ll teleport back to the chest. You can only interact with chests and shrines if you have enough SP to do it, and you can only gain SP by killing enemies.

Every time you build your combo by killing successive enemies, the number of SP you get per kill rises. The enemies respawn too, so there will be plenty of opportunity to get enough SP to proceed.

Each character has a combo that can be performed just by repeatedly mashing the attack button but don't play much differently from one another, but they are all fun to play.

You have Yamato with a giant sword, blue hair, and antlers; Uzume with her bow and arrow that can be charged to shoot out a ton of homing arrows at once; and finally Hinome, whose shield comes back to her like a boomerang while she quickly stabs with her dagger.

This game is basically a hack and slash, even though it takes inspiration from zelda, be aware, there is no story development, or anything real in-depth beyond what you see on screen.

It is simply, go, kill a bunch of dudes, activate the four shrines, kill the boss and go to the next level. In fact, this game feels more like an arcade game, where you try to get the best score as fast as possible than anything.

The graphics are done in a very simplified yet well animated 8-bit style, the enemy selection is kinda basic, most enemies are blobs, or pretty small, but it is okay because this game is meant to be mindless and all about the scores.

It is rather short to complete, and the only real replay value comes in playing as three different characters, each with their own unique ability, but beyond that it is all about seeing how fast you can get thru the game.

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Secret Time Stamps:
Secret 1: 4:54
Secret 2: 10:27
Secret 3: 19:09
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Note: Secrets and upgrades are in the same location for every character. Secrets only need to be collected once as any character to unlock the sound test.

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The Sims 4 Let's Play Build, Japanese inspired! I hope you enjoy x


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Kamiko - Nintendo Switch Walkthrough

Zelda meets Cave Story in this inspired little indie on Nintendo Switch

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