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10 best tips for playing King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare


Top 10 noobie tips for KvK - King of Avalon

If you need tips during KvK feel free to ask on my discord

King of Avalon - Troop Training Tips and Tricks

Explanation of important boosts for troop training and how to increase them, with tips on which troops to train, and how to do daily training and speed training. See for more videos, guides, data and tools.

Best way to avoid ever being attacked - King of Avalon

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KOA Getting More Stamina - KING OF AVALON

Here's some alternative ways to get stamina.

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King of avalon tips and tricks #1

Quick tips in regards to Dragon skills , please check out our other videos you will be pleasantly surprised , we will be bringing out more detailed videos very soon

Pro Lucky Shot Tips & Tricks ~ Must Watch Video ~ King of Avalon


King of Avalon - Beginners Guide Part 1

An introduction of the MMO Strategy Game King of Avalon, including explanation of the buildings, research, lord, power, dragon, talent points.
See for more info

Trick & Tip For Maxing Heroes - King of Avalon

Zero to MAXED 5 Star Hero Tips and cost June 2018 - King of Avalon

As always feel free to join my discord and say hi

King of Avalon (KOA) | Best Golem March Formation | Strategy Guide Gameplay | Update 6.0 | Episode 4

Join Flex from Kingdom 425 as he walks through the basics and advanced strategies for optimizing your march and skills to obtain the highest damage possible for attacking the Golem in King of Avalon. Even higher than the Revenge Gamer PVE calculator!

King of Avalon - Troop Training 235k Inf t10

Speed training 235k Inf t10 because they die first in my marches and I want to have plenty not to be forced to retrain or heal during events. See for more videos, guides, data and tools.



Cheats & Tricks for KvK Recovery - King of Avalon / Guns of Glory / Z-day

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare | MMO Strategy Game for iOS & Android

Today we use dragons to take out enemy opponents in the Epic MMO Strategy Game for iOS & Android - King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare!
Download iOS & Android:

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King of Avalon - Labyrinth v2 - Section 8-10

Reaching section 8-10 in the Labyrinth v2 and some more tips. See for more videos, guides, data and tools.

KoA Secrets to gaining power

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Top 1 USA Strongest | King Of Avalon KOA

-From DIOR K495
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Who wants unlimited rss just like k242 cheater? - King of Avalon

King of Avalon - Gold Event - Advanced Tips to Rank High

Explanation of the complete gold event cycle with an explanation how to prepare for and play the event to rank high. See for more videos, guides, data and tools.

King of Avalon : 3 Step Beginners Guide

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