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10 best tips for playing King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare


Top 10 noobie tips for KvK - King of Avalon

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Best way to avoid ever being attacked - King of Avalon

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Trick & Tip For Maxing Heroes - King of Avalon

KoA Secrets to gaining power

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King of Avalon - Beginners Guide Part 1

An introduction of the MMO Strategy Game King of Avalon, including explanation of the buildings, research, lord, power, dragon, talent points.
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Troop Formations Explained In Detail ( howto beat higher stat players) King of Avalon

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Merlin Trial Dragon Setup HOWTO - King of Avalon


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Dragon Skills Level 22+ Bonus When Max:
(The Ones With A ** Next To Them Are Used In Trials)

**Infantry Backbone I: +10% Inf Health
**Infantry Backbone Ⅱ: +10% Inf Defense
**Cavalry Claw I: +10% Cav Attack
Cavalry Claw II: +10% Cav Health
**Cavalry Claw III: +5% Cav Dmg
Flaming Arrows I: +10% Bow Health
**Flaming Arrows II: +10% Bow Attack
**Flaming Arrows III: +5% Bow Dmg
**Dragon Blessing: +5% Troop Health

King of Avalon Hack / 10K Gold Trick

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King of Avalon is one of those massively multiplayer games available on mobile. With millions of downloads, this game is a favorite of the mobile MMO community.

What do we like in this game?

Easy to access, the game is fast to take in hand despite some characteristics that you will understand throughout the game. Feel free to ask your questions in the chat, you will quickly find someone ready to help you.
Community aspect pushed especially thanks to the alliances. Be careful, do not forget to put a real nickname and not the base nickname. Many alliances will ban you from their ranks if you do not have a unique nickname. So, choose your favorite nickname, and bid to join the best alliances and fight alongside other players.
The dragons and the influence that we can have on them. Make the right choices for yourself to have a respectable dragon.
The graphics are nice. Whether for the details of the buildings as during the battles. This game runs on the majority of smartphones and tablets.
The scenario is well thought out and makes us want to immerse ourselves in history and to advance as best as we can to show everyone that we deserve the crown.
Overall opinion: A very good mobile game that will make you spend a lot of time in front of your little screen. Download it now and enjoy the battles to grow your kingdom.

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King of Avalon | How To Make a Successful Farm Account (Android IOS)

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King of Avalon: Howto zero sh30 in 10 seconds

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King of Avalon - Troop Training Tips and Tricks

Explanation of important boosts for troop training and how to increase them, with tips on which troops to train, and how to do daily training and speed training. See for more videos, guides, data and tools.

King of avalon tips and tricks #1

Quick tips in regards to Dragon skills , please check out our other videos you will be pleasantly surprised , we will be bringing out more detailed videos very soon

King of Avalon - Growth Strategy

Explanation of a Growth Strategy for King of Avalon, with a focus on how to get resources as fast as possible, in a safe manner. Special attention to unlocking higher level March Slots. See for more videos, guides, data and tools.

Zero to MAXED 5 Star Hero Tips and cost June 2018 - King of Avalon

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Cheats & Tricks for KvK Recovery - King of Avalon / Guns of Glory / Z-day


King of Avalon - Best PvP Troop Composition?

Tips on the best troop composition for doing combat with other players. See for more videos, guides, data and tools.

King of Avalon - Ultimate Dragon Guide

Detailed explanation of the dragon getting into issues of which dragon skills to assign and upgrade, until which level to upgrade them, where to get the intensity crystals to enhance, etc. See for more videos, guides, data and tools.

Fallen Knight Guide | King Of Avalon

Here's how to do great in the Fallen Knights Event on King of Avalon!

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King of Avalon - Dragon spirit overview - is mage better than knight?

Why I think mage might be better than knight for doing lab.

And what the various attributes do.
Spirit Strength: + 1.5 attack
Spirit Wisdom: +0.8 attack + 1.8 Magic
Armor: 1 defense
Physique=+25 Health




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