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10 best tips for playing Kingdom Hearts HD


10 Best Tips For Playing Kingdom Hearts 3

Regardless of your background, there are several tips you’ll need to know while embarking on you rmagical Disney-filled adventure in Kingdom Hearts III.

How to Be Better at Kingdom Hearts

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The CORRECT Way To Play Kingdom Hearts - [Guide For Newcomers]

I was requested by a viewer to make this video on what is the BEST way to play through the Kingdom Hearts games. So here's my opinion on what order you should begin your adventure through the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 video games

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Kingdom Hearts Explained #6: What Order Should You Play Kingdom Hearts?
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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix - How to Level up Fast and Easy - Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

In this guide you will learn an easy way of leveling up fast in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.

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5 Tips for starting a New Game On Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

Today I'm bringing you guys some tips to help you get started in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix. I'm so happy to be able to make some videos for this collection and I plan to have a ton more Kingdom Hearts Content on my channel!

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14 Essential Kingdom Hearts 3 Tips

A hodgepodge of Kingdom Hearts 3 tips useful for battle, exploration, progression, and more. Check out IGN's Kingdom Hearts 3 wiki for more strategy and game help here:

Kingdom Hearts 3 Review:

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10 Best Tips For Playing Kingdom Hearts 3

Regardless of your background, there are several tips you’ll need to know while embarking on you rmagical Disney-filled adventure in Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts - 10 Cool Things and Easter Eggs!

Today we'll be looking at some hidden details in Kingdom Hearts 1!

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10 More Cool Details in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (HD 1.5)

There are plenty of details to find and talk about in Kingdom Hearts, so as a sequel to my previous video on the subject, I talk about 10 more interesting ones, with a different approach to last time.

First video:

Sabor holes video:
Thread featuring picture:
KH1 Ultimania translations:

01:13 - Treasure chest designs
02:45 - Shadow Sora
03:58 - Sora's bedroom
05:20 - Treehouse holes
06:50 - Flags and Globes
07:47 - Hollow Bastion slide
08:50 - Text boxes
09:55 - Weapon details
10:46 - Gummi Blocks
11:54 - Mushroom Thunder
12:36 - Conclusion

Music used:
A Piece of Peace, Dive into the Heart, Treasured Memories, Deep Jungle, It Began with a Letter - Kingdom Hearts - Yoko Shimomura
Thermosphere (KH3 Mix) - Tsuyoshi Sekito

Kingdom Hearts property of Disney, developed by Square Enix. Final Fantasy property of Square Enix.

The Top 10 Scenes in the Kingdom Hearts Series

Today we're taking a deep dive into 10 of my favorite scenes across the entire Kingdom Hearts series. Sorry for the wait! New editing software, hopefully it's readily apparent. I also recently crossed the 500 sub milestone as well as the 1 year anniversary of the channel (August 31st) so I want to once again thank everyone for the support. These projects have been massive labors of love and I'm excited to share this one with you all especially.

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How to level up fast in Kingdom Hearts

How to level up FAST in Kingdom Hearts! The fastest way to level up in Kingdom Hearts and best place for grinding.

This is Kingdom Hearts HD Final Mix, and in this video I will show you the best place I know of to effectively level up Sora Donald and Goofy fast and easily in Kingdom Hearts! if you know of any others please comment and tell me below! :)

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix - Advanced Tips

Prima Games takes a look at Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix.

10 Cool Small Details in Kingdom Hearts (KH1)

There are many intereting details in the first Kingdom Hearts game, some more hidden than others. In this video I've picked 10 of these to showcase - mostly focused on visual details. Note- this features the HD remix/final mix version of the game.


0:25 - Item shop scales
01:04 - Synth Master
01:52 - Colisuem Scoreboards
02:46 - Lady and the Tramp fountain
03:31 - Aerith cure upgrade
04:44 - Traverse Town Keyhole Art
05:50 - Cleo from Pinocchio
06:31 - Dalmatian puppy
07:16 - This is Halloween soft version
09:14 - World Terminus pillars
10:23 - Conclusion

Music used:
Traverse Town, This is Halloween, This is Halloween (soft version), Precious Stars in the Sky, Dearly Beloved, Hand in Hand - Kingdom Hearts 1, Yoko Shimomura.

Kingdom Hearts property of Disney, developed by Square Enix. Final Fantasy property of Square Enix.

10 Cool Details in Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts 3, the most anticipated and hyped entry in the franchise, has plenty of details to uncover. In this video I look at roughly ten of them that I find coolest. Includes the Re:Mind DLC.

KH1 Details:
KH2 Details:

Bio-Roxas' breakdowns:

00:31: Treasure Spheres
01:07: Game over Screen
01:49: Formchanges
03:27: Keyblade Graveyard Weapons
04:32: Heartless Ship reference
05:05: Data Battle Details
06:18: Olympus Rescue Rewards
06:50: Galaxy Toys Games
07:50: Lucky Emblems
08:26: Final World Stars
09:48: Conclusion

Music used:
Kingdom Hearts 3:
Destiny's Union -Piano-, Sky of Wonder, Stranded Beyond - Yoko Shimomura
Forze Finale - Yoko Shimomura & Yasunori Nishiki

Kingdom Hearts: Disney & Square Enix
Final Fantasy: Square Enix

10 Cool Hidden Treasures in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (HD 1.5)

The worlds in the first Kingdom Hearts game are filled to the brim with treasures to uncover, some more secretive than others. In this video, I take a look at 10 of these hidden treasures and chests that I find most interesting.


KH1 Complete Treasure and Item guide by Regular Pat:

Traverse Town Hotel Clock - 01:07
Hollow Bastion bubble chest - 02:21
Wonderland Lotus forest room - 03:09
Coliseum torches - 03:59
Hollow Bastion top of lift stop - 04:54
Hollow Bastion underneath blocks - 05:41
Atlantica Ursula's Grotto clam - 06:15
Halloween Town Cemetary - 06:53
Agrabah Cave of Wonders chamber - 07:37
Neverland Clock Tower - 08:43
Conclusion - 09:52

Music used: Welcome to Wonderland, Hollow Bastion, A Day in Agrabah - Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix - Yoko Shimomura

Kingdom Hearts by Disney, developed by Square Enix. Final Fantasy by Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 PS4 - Starting Choices. Stat, Ability and Level choice guide. Final Mix PS4

Just starting out in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 on the Playstation 4 and wondering what the weapon choices at the start impact? This guide will help you choose the right weapons for you! And how to answer the Final Fantasy Characters to determine leveling speed.

Abilities breakdown picture:

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Kingdom Hearts - Which Game is HARDEST to Achieve 100%

I'm a trophy hunter, so I decided to rank the Kingdom Hearts series' trophy difficulties! Here are the results

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Kingdom Hearts Top 10 Overpowered Scrub Tactics(Featuring JOC217)

Many people spam in Kingdom Hearts, and it bothers those who don't. WHY? Let them play however they want.

JOC217's channel:

Don't forget to send your wishes to JOC as well. We made this video together.

Bizkit047's Video:


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10 Creepy Things in Kingdom Hearts (KH1)

The first Kingdom Hearts is arguably the most magical and comforting game in the series- but it can often be the creepiest too. I talk about 10 of these more unsettling moments in the game.

Spoiler skip timestamp - 16:46


Music used:
Kingdom Hearts - Dive into the Heart, Destiny's Force, End of the World, This is Halloween (soft version), Strange Whispers, Disappeared - Yoko Shimomura.

Kingdom Hearts property of Disney, developed by Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts- Choosing Best Starting Stats

Abilities list:
In this video of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix I explain how the choices in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts affects your characters stats, and leveling speed.
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