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10 best tips for playing Last Empire - War Z: Strategy


Last Empire War Z: How to Prepare for Battle!

Buffs, active abilities, how to use them?

Don't use airborne to fight they are not strong and will just die giving the enemy lots of points.

Last Empire War Z: Important Technology!

Technology is the most overlooked part of this game, but it is the essential part. A small base level 20 can take down a higher level base if the tech is maxed out.

Last Empire War Z: Oasis Beginners Guide

This is still probably nite the best guide, but I will make another once I've better grasped all these new concepts. Thanks for watching!

Last Empire-War Z, technology 45к power for one click


Some Tips And Tricks To Be Applied In Your Troops | Last Empire War Z

How To Gather Different Resources In Same Time | Last Empire War Z | Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Last Empire-War Z l Фишки, Советы, Баги / Secrets, Tips, Bugs


0:30 Код активации / Activation code
1:06 Убийства и грабеж / Murders and robbery
1:21 Подробности БМ и Резни / Details of Power and Bloodbath
1:36 Вкл/Выкл скрытие интерфейса / On / Off hiding the interface
2:02 Рамка SVIP в чате / Frame SVIP in the chat
2:24 Противники в следующем оазисе / Opponents in the next oasis
2:43 Пожертвование армией / Donation by army
3:33 Быстрый Чоппер / Quick Chopper
4:25 Баг на сбор ресурсов / Resources Collection Bug
5:05 Быстрый доступ к залу событий / Quick access to the event hall
5:45 Очистка кэша / Clearing the cache
6:09 Быстрое переключение аккаунтов / Quick Account Switching
6:58 Найти игрока по отчету / Find a player by report
7:20 Газовая ракета / Gas missile
7:56 Гонка вооружений / Arms race
9:02 Быстрое перемещение по карте / Fast travel on the map
9:35 Найти любого игрока / Find any player
10:21 Пустое соmessage / Empty message


Last Empire-War Z l Удачный крафт 100%?!

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Last Empire War Z: How to use Natasha

How to use Natasha Most effectively.

Natasha is the agent you received if you purchased the Arms Supply package from the blimp. Natasha comes already at rank 5, and you get to keep her forever even if you don’t purchase arms supply again. So Natasha has 5 abilities that come at rank 5. The first is tech research speed increases 5%. Abilities like these that do not have the little red swords take effect automatically regardless of where you station them. Next food production automatically increases 20%. Production means it only effects is the food that is produced from the structures in your base, it does not effect your gathering speeds. The next is a 50% bonus to XP earned. So when she earns xp from going out to kill zombies or every time you complete objectives in you base or what have you, she gets an additional 50% experience which means she levels up faster than any other officer you have. The next gives you fuel production plus 10% and the final one reduces the food and fuels costs for research by 10%.
Now The best way to use natasha is to equip her with the engineer suit, and camp her at the tech center with putting skill points on the development tree. Skill points on you officers only take effect when that officer is used, so to get the extra reduction speeds in tech time that are had on the development tree she must be stationed there.
Now I will show you a trick you can use however that will help you level her up faster. If you like you can start by putting natasha on the support tree. The reason is that you can quickly get her to the skill special training, this skill will give each of your commanders 50k xp every 20 hrs, and give natsha 75K since she gets a bonus amount. If you already have that ability on another officer you will not need to do this.

The end goal with natasha is to quickly level her up so you can get the ability called deep plow. Deep plow will help you gather 60% more resources and can be constantly used. This will help you grow much more quickly.
Well that’s it for natasha. Let me now if you have any questions!

Last empire warz desert gold mines level 21 and Shawn 5* maxing


Last Empire war.Z Extra 205% gathering resource

Last Empire war.Z Extra 205% gathering resource but not allowed shield when you use 50% extra skill not allow shield be careful when skill finish allow shield skill active 24-hour thank you so much watching this video like and subscribe my channel

Last Empire War Z: Combat, Which Troops do I Send?

Recap: Shooters kill calvary, Calvary kill zombies, zombies kill shooter, and infantry are good for everything and absorb damage. I try to use a ratio of 70-30 or 80-20 with my send 70% shooters with my sniper, 70%Calvary with my driver, and 70% zombies with my zombie hunter, and then the rest are infantry which ideally will absorb the damage for the fight.

Making Full Saviour Suit with 1500 diamonds in one of my farms | The Last Empire War Z

I was playing with one of my farms and thought building Saviour for the diamonds event.
This is how I build Full suits fast and easy combining allways 3 orange items with 1 gold!
When I need more orange items I combine 3 purples with 1 orange until i get the one i want, then back to 3 oranges and 1 gold... simple as this

How to Level up Strengthen Abilities Fast in Desert Oasis Building Abilities Last Empire War Z

How to Level up Strengthen Abilities Fast in Desert Oasis Building Abilities Last Empire War Z

* * * For Beginner Guide * * *


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Last Empire war.z high-speed gathering resource

Last Empire war.z high-speed gathering resource desert

Last Empire war z #mine gold(high.level)without help very easy ????

Last Empire war z #mine gold without help very easy ???? you can try thank you so much watching this video if you like the video like and subscribe thank you so much see you next video ????????

Last Empire-War Z | building up

(feature points: gems)

Last Empire-War Z | the basics

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(feature points: gems)

Роль науки в развитии и войне. Last Empire War Z

Записано с помощью DU Recorder для Android

Полезные советы ч.1 Last Empire War Z

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