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10 best tips for playing Legacy of Discord-FuriousWings


Legacy Of Discord - How to build a strong character - Tips - Apollyon

The video everyone been waiting for is here! How did i become so strong and what things i been focusing on from past many months...It's all in here.

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Legacy of Discord: Best TIP (must watch)

Best TRICK to get 10% SKILL BONUS.

Tips For New Players/Newbie Boost BR , Legacy of discord

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save and focus to 1 equipment to upgrade R10. And awaken the weapon,
if you already got 1 equipment R10, you Upgrade other Equipment to R10,

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Legacy of Discord - Episode 1 - Top 10 You should Avoid Spending Your Diamond (Beginners guide)F2P

Here just a small beginner guide for newbie, Top 10 thing you should Avoid spending your diamond & some small tips
For episode 2 will be Top 10 Event so keep your eye on it this few day :)

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Legacy of Discord: HOW TO INCREASE BR FAST!!!

Lttle Bit Of A New Video, Made This For...

Legacy of Discord - Last Guardian Hardcore Mode Advance Tips + Beginners Guide (Free2Play)

Legacy of Discord - Last Guardian Hardcore Mode Advance Tips + Beginners Guide
Guide you how to got into top 10 very easy with some tips and is FREE!


How to join many times - Tips for National treasure | Legacy of discord

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Legacy of Discord - TIPS! Improve Your Character

Legacy of Discord

Pros already know how, but for the benefit of those who are still not sure or just started playing LOD.

Turn on subtitle for better view.

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How to build a strong character - Full Guide - Legacy Of Discord - Apollyon

This is a complete guide for everyone who is trying to get stronger in game right now, All the best and effective ways to get a lot of Rare Attributes and more.


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Boost 14M BR only spend 600 Diamond!! LEGACY OF DISCORD

I just buy frag abyss wing

I wait event brewfest or I want activated archangel with 20K/18K

Legacy of Discord: Tips You May Want To Know?

Benefit for those who don't know


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Legacy of Discord- How to Boost the Right BR.

Today I will talk about how to boost the Right BR. How to be strong? How to build up the stats. Pls Subscribe! Have a nice day!
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400m br boost - VIP 0 - Reach 4b | Legacy of Discord

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Legacy of Discord
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Legacy of Discord : Furious Wings - F2P Account | The New Beginning Ep.1

Hey guys

I got some request about
- which event should i spend my diamond
- What should i do since there so much stuff daily.
- How can i boost my BR

So i decided to make a new character as a guide for new player.

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I hope i can hold this rank
I hope
I hope

Good luck free player


800m+ Br Boost before i quit(was😝) | Legacy of Discord

My final br boost i do before i quit
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Seeing other getting good stuff while its only a dream for me was demotivating me a lot and now i m on my limit . A loyal vip0 lod player is saying this right now ,this game is shit , heavy p2p focused and devs just dont care about their loyal free players. Also now i got other important stuff to do with my life rather than playing all day . But this wont be my last video....😉

Edit:- i decided to join new server

3#Tips Win Expedition and get High Reward - Legacy of Discord furious Wings

Tips For Expedition

Lelong : Kaos | Baju | etc

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Super Tycoon - Full Guide - Tips - Legacy of Discord - Apollyon

The long awaited event the super tycoon is back and here is my complete guide for it, I hope it help you guys. Good luck Guardians.


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Legacy Of Discord- Tips and tricks for Tycoon. 46,433 Points No Diamonds Part 2

Tips and tricks for Tycoon. 46,433 Points without diamonds Part 2

Please also check out the next video for more tips.


How to Win Tycoon?
(Im not good English writer. I made this video but I found this tips from online. Thanks to whoever wrote this tips)

Tycoon tips #1
Save all your obsidian dont waste any of it
If your problem is starving on mana potion do this use only mana potion on worldboss the rest manual dont be lazy and do auto :P and reach toe lvl as far as you can for more obsidian and its better if you vip lvl is 8 or higher for reset of toe..
When tycoon event buy enchantment stone using obsidian the more you stack the more you can buy and more points in tycoon.
Tycoon tips #2
Increase Gem Points in Tycoon without using a single diamonds...
When tycoon event at Guild Dungeon
all item theres dont count in tycoon
Except for one ... yup thats right ..
I know what your thinking
The Gem Chest
Yup only apply at Gem Chest when tycoon event .. 7 chapter cleared can get you 7 Gem Chest equivalent to 700 points x 2
1400 free points per day while tycoon event active.. this only possible if you can talk to your leader save activity points in guild to make sure theres stack of Gem Chest to apply for and ofcourse to replenish it need to clear all those stage 5 my advice before a tycoon event come two days ahead clear chapter 7 first coz this the hard part of dungeon to clear and it hast most number of Gem Chest can apply of exactly 8 then chapter 6 etc...
Just make sure got enough activity points.. to have more activity points all member of guild must be active :)
Tycoon tips #3
The power of Mail
Yup you heard me right power of Mail!!! 😉
All the Gem Chest in Guild dungeon save it all in your mail dont collect till tycoon event dont worry mail is unlimited on space and no expiration if you save 14 gem chest equivalent to 1400 points x 30days before tycoon = 42 000 free gem points in tycoon withouy spending a single dias
Guild war support

If you support in guild war for two days you can get augment stone and gold on your mail win or lose just save it and dont collect till tycoon event if you can do this for 4 weeks theres 4 guild war you can get high points in augment stone and gold for free without spending a single dias. pretty clever hehehe wait theres more

Light realms

If you enter gold realms the reward you get from there dont collect it leave it on your mail you can get 125 points or 450 points depends if your the leader or invited. If you can save 50 mail of this imagine you can have a max points of 22500 points in gold for free withouy spending a single dias or $_$...
To those people saying those non vip players cheating on tycoon nope.. they just know how to play it coz some of them i teach them yup its me the one who responsible hahahaha... 😈
Cross server war pvp you can save all the rewards there it had a crazy amount of points in gold
Why im doing this? I want the people to play this game without spending real money on game why??? Suppory are sucks and the developers are soooooo greedy so im my little way i can help you play this game without spending a single diamond
Tag ur Friends on this Post and I'll keep posting tips



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Legacy of Discord fury realm guide, I have had some time to finally put together a solid guide that can help any Guardian push his or herself to their limits. I have done some tests and I know the weaknesses of the realm and the characters we choose. good luck to all and push up that leader board!



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