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10 best tips for playing Little Inferno


100 Tips & Tricks on Inferno

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Big thanks to Abbe for helping out a lot with this video:

To show my movement keys in-game I use the MovementHUD plugin:

To make my grenade trajectories yellow I use Practice Mode:

All jumpthrows are for 128 tick. Aim a bit higher on 64 tick.

// Jumpthrow (add to your config)
alias +jumpthrow +jump; -attack
alias -jumpthrow -jump
bind mouse5 +jumpthrow //Bind to jumpthrow

The models & render in the thumbnail are done by the talented EspionArts:

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Little Inferno Made Me A Terrible Person! - Little Inferno Gameplay

I can't believe I enjoy playing Little Inferno... The worst part is I think you might too...

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Little Inferno Part 2 - Little Inferno's Promo Video...

Howdy guys, I was determined to fix the video quality (the lag that occurs with too much fire effects). I hope you guys enjoy the content. I plan on making better content soon. As always if you enjoyed the content share this video, or any video, with your family/friends.

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NEW INFERNO GUIDE - Top Utility tips & tricks 2020

I'm a future engineer with the mouse adjustments I made - (Faceit LVL 10 still feels easy)

Watch & Share your knowledge @

Note:!/ This video was made on a 128tick server, all of the left click and right click throw molotovs work on 64tick too!!!

TenZ has a really simple lineup for the porch jump - (I was searching for a different video, but this one is even simpler, found it after recording)



Watch & Share your knowledge @

Time Stamps

00:00 Intro
00:35 Taking Banana control as T
05:02 Taking Banana control as CT
08:33 A Long (How-To)
11:10 Taking top mid as T
12:41Quick tip no1
13:47 Retaking Banana as CT
15:02 B site One-Way smokes
16:13 Quick tip no2 Self-boost porch
16:35 A execute nades
19:08 Eco round strat
20:15 Smoke for car
20:53 B execute nades, after-plant and retake
23:17 Outro

Have a great day everyone :)

#Inferno #TipsAndTricks #Serex

SUGAR PLUMPS WHY!? - Little Inferno #6

Crazy things are happening in Little Inferno. The end is approaching, and I don't know if I'm gonna like it!

Thumbnail credit to Sniper-Bait:

More Little Inferno:
Game Link:

Congratulations on your new Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace! Throw your toys into your fire, and play with them as they burn. Stay warm in there. It's getting cold outside!

Burn flaming logs, screaming robots, credit cards, batteries, exploding fish, unstable nuclear devices, and tiny galaxies. An adventure that takes place almost entirely in front of a fireplace - about looking up up up out of the chimney, and the cold world just on the other side of the wall.


Better Than a Yule Log! | Little Inferno: The Walk With Me Gaming Christmas Special!

Little Inferno is not a game to play, it's a game to waste time on. But what better way to celebrate the holidays than to burn stuff to keep warm in a simulated nuclear winter! Fun, cute, and slightly insane: yep, that sounds like Christmas to me!

Play it yourself!

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Little Inferno - Combo List #1 (No.1-33)

Here are some tips on getting the first 33 combos from Little Inferno .

I am part of a realy great group of individuals , that try their best on doing what they can to give the audience valuable content to see.

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Games You Should Play!: Little Inferno (Rated T)

Aidan and Alex return to play the spiritual successor to World of Goo!

If you like what you saw here, you can support Tomorrow Corporation by purchasing Little Inferno on Steam, iPad or Wii U.

Little Inferno - Combos 51 - 60 (Wii U)

Little Inferno Combos Number 51 to 60

51 Pollinating COMBO - Instant Seed Packet (#1) + Cocoon (#5)
52 Cat Bath COMBO - Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie (#2) + Dish Detergent (#5)
53 Clean Plate COMBO - Fragile China (#3) + Dish Detergent (#5)
54 Orchestral COMBO - Valkyrie Doll (#2) + Cello (#5)
55 Moonlight Melody COMBO - Mini Moon (#2) + Cello (#5)
56 Medicated Midlife COMBO - Midlife Crisis Mitigator (#3) + Medicated Mommy Pills (#5)
57 Pill Popper COMBO - Best Friend Supplement Pills (#2) + Medicated Mommy Pills (#5)
58 Bearskin Rug COMBO - Feelings Bear Plushie (#2) + Old Bear Trap (#6)
59 Fireworks COMBO - Uncle Sam's Blam Blams (#2) + Dynamite Daisy (#6)
60 Spinning Blades COMBO - Super Juicer 4000 (#3) + Drill Chain Thrower (#6)

Wii U version being played.

EVERYTHING IS EXPENSIVE! :: Little Inferno :: 6

Welcome to Little Inferno, an odd game by Tomorrow Corporation where our main goal is to... just burn things! Join me as we explore what this incredible story driven game has to offer. We'll burn spiders, family photos, a bank, and more.
Check out Little Inferno here:

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little inferno - part 5

I'm sorry for the long waiting time between videos.
Thanks for watching, I'm sorry for my terrible accent. I hope you enjoyed anyway.


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Little Inferno Contraptions! The Great Fire of Tetris (IMPORTANT UPDATE)

Hey! You guys might see a bit of a gap of videos for a while, this is because my computer is having CPU issues. I can get 5-10 minutes of playing time before a crash, so I decided to make some quick contraptions. Hope you enjoy!
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Markus shows you Little Inferno

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Little Inferno 3

Burn Baby Burn
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Alterando o Idioma do jogo Little Inferno

Para alterar é tranquilo, basta:
- teclar Windows + R
- digitar %appdata%
- procurar a pasta Little Inferno
- editar o arquivo Settings.txt
- alterar a linha Language = System para Language = bp
- salvar o arquivo e fechá-lo.

Link do vídeo:

Página do jogo, em inglês:

Let's Play Little Inferno #3 (Deutsch HD)

Wir können das nicht für ewig machen, wurde uns gesagt. Aber was kommt danach?

Little Inferno - Walkthrough - Part 5 - Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living (PC) [HD]

Little Inferno - Walkthrough - Part 5 - Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living (PC) [HD]
Playlist -

PC Specs:
CPU: Intel Core i5 3470 3.20GHz box
Motherboard: ASRock B75M
Memory: Kingston HyperX 8GB DDR3 1600MHz CL9 Dual Channel Kit
HDD: Western Digital 500GB SATA-III 7200rpm 16MB Caviar Blue KX
Graphics card: MSI GeForce GTX 660 Ti Twin Frozr IV OC 2GB DDR5 192-bit
Power Supply: Sirtec - High Power Element PLUS 500W
Case: Segotep Raynor Tower G1G Green
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate Edition


Game Information:
Congratulations on your new Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace! Throw your toys into your fire, and play with them as they burn. Stay warm in there. It's getting cold outside! Burn flaming logs, screaming robots, credit cards, batteries, exploding fish, unstable nuclear devices, and tiny galaxies.

Little inferno - (part 3)

Thanks for watching, I'm sorry for my terrible accent. I hope you enjoyed anyway.


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