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10 best tips for playing Miracle Merchant


Becoming a Potions Master | Miracle Merchant

New game! Miracle Merchant is a card game where you create potions for customers. Let's learn how to play.

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Miracle Merchant - Android Gameplay

Miracle Merchant is solitaire style potion brewing game.


First Look: Miracle Merchant (iOS/Android)

Miracle Merchant is a solitaire style potion brewing card game.

In Miracle Merchant you become the apprentice of a master alchemist who creates potions for thirsty adventurers. By mixing and combining different ingredient cards you create powerful potions based on the needs of your customers.

Each game has a unique, randomly generated set of cards that will test your skills. By successfully completing games you can collect
a variety of masterfully crafted potions. Daily tasks will keep you busy and you can compete with other players via online leaderboards.

+ Solitaire style gameplay
+ 41 collectable potions
+ Daily tasks
+ Daily game with global highscores
+ Mix and combine puzzle gameplay
+ 2-3mins playtime per game

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CARD THIEF | AppSpy Review

James (@Metal_Slag) steals out of the shadows to review excellent stealth-based card game Card Thief.



Miracle Merchant Android Gameplay [60fps]

Download |


Description | Miracle Merchant is a card game in which we will control an alchemist apprentice who must make potions for the customers who are entering his store. For this it will be necessary to combine four letters trying to use the ingredients required by each client.

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Card Thief Game Guide - Stage 1 Black Manor - iOS/Android Game Play | Strategy (by TinyTouchTales)

iOS/Android Game Card Thief - Stage 1 Black Manor - Game Play | Strategy

by TinyTouchTales

(I got a pretty low score with this one though lol :))

Where to Farm For Mask of the Father/Mother/Child | Tips N Tricks - Dark Souls 1

[Apologies for the lack of audio]

Where to farm for the Mask of the Father, Mother and child in the Tomb of the Giants. They all drop from Pinwheel Servants and all have unique modifiers (below)

Mask of the Father - Raises Maximum Equipment Load by 5%
Mask of the Mother - Raises maximum HP by 10%
Mask of the Child - Increases stamina regeneration by about 10 per second (~22.5% more than base)

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Steam World Heist Tips

A tip video for Steamworld Heist players

Shootout Battle APP Google Play By

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Thanks to Trihardz_kr @Reddit for this trick. Last time i used Elson on my team.

Hope you enjoy!

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Best Pokemon Sword and Shield Item Locations / How To Get Useful and Rare Items In Pokemon Sword and Shield. There are a lot of really good items to get in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Here is how you get them.
---Pokemon Sword and Shield Item Guide---
Pokemon Sword and Shield Quick Ball Location
Pokemon Sword and Shield Evolution Stone Location
Pokemon Sword and Shield Fossil Location
Pokemon Sword and Shield Rare Candy Location

Pokemon Sword and Shield Guides / New Pokemon Sword and Shield Gameplay and Walkthrough

*** Pokemon Sword and Shield Battle Academy ***

Pokemon Sword and Shield are the latest main series Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Sword and Shield are the first installments in the eighth generation of the Pokémon video game series and bring more to the table than any other Pokemon game. A new generation of Pokemon, open world gameplay in the Wild Area, the new Dynamax battle mechanic with Gigantamax, Pokemon GO style raid battles, and many more new Pokemon sword and shield gameplay features await. You can order Pokemon Sword and Shield or a Nintendo Switch Lite to play these new Pokemon Games on here!
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DGA Plays: Merchant (Ep. 1 - Gameplay / Let's Play)

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EPIC SEVEN Raid Exploration Guide & Tips - Azmakalis Labyrinth Epic 7 Raiding Devourer Arahakan F2P

Amazing drops in this run! Learn how to get as many items like these in one run by watching this.

Killing the dark warrior boss Devourer Arahakan while explaining how I handle the fight using my team composed of Falconer Kluri, Silk, Cidd and Diene.

Epic Seven (Epic 7) gameplay review for this free Android/iOS mobile game in HD 1440p and 1080p with audio commentary. I will make more Epic Seven gameplay reviews since I'm enjoying the game so please stay tuned!

Epic Seven gameplay reviews which eventually leds to strategy guides with tips & tricks and HowTo's all done by being a free to play player (F2P) which means I don't spend any real money (RMT) to show you if the game is playable and enjoyable that way!

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Meteorfall: Journeys (Android) Gameplay

Meteorfall is a deck-building roguelike. You'll choose your class from one of four unique adventurers, and then set out with a deck consisting of some basic attack cards. During the course of your adventure, you'll be presented with the opportunity to add powerful new cards to your deck.

No adventure would be complete without slaying a few monsters that get in your way. In battle, you'll draw cards from your ability deck. Each time you draw a card, you'll be able to swipe right to play the card, or swipe left to skip a turn and regain some stamina.

Between battles, you'll venture through a variety of locations, represented by an encounter deck. You'll encounter blacksmiths that can upgrade your cards, temples that can help you optimize your deck, and mysterious characters that will make you all sorts of bargains.

The tactical strategy of combat micro-decisions mixed with the strategic element of deck-building provides a compelling and deep gameplay experience.

As with all roguelikes, death is permanent. You'll earn some gems that you can use to unlock new cards, but it's back to the drawing board after that. Start out with a new adventurer and set out on your quest once again.

The good news is that Meteorfall is different every time you play - you'll encounter different locations, different enemies, and different quests. Part of the challenge is adapting to the challenging situations the game puts you in, given the cards available.

Good luck hero - it's time to end the Uberlich's cycle of destruction!

+ Challenging roguelike gameplay with an easy-to-understand deck-building combat system
+ Procedurally generated content - every adventure is unique
+ A dozen different enemies with 7 unique bosses
+ Four heroes to choose from, each with a different starting deck and unique playstyle
+ Unlockable cards that can be easily earned through normal play
+ Google Play integration with Leaderboards and Achievements
+ Portrait orientation for casual one-handed gameplay
+ No ads, timers, or other freemium shenanigans

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Most Important Legendaries for Wild | Crafting Guide | Hearthstone Rise of Shadows

Down below is the TL,DW version of this video with all the Top Legendaries both Neutral ones and Class Specific. When it comes to disenchanting a Legendary the right answer is almost always no as the dust cost and gain from doing so does not seem to be profitable. Here are the top 20 Legendaries that you should have and even then you probably only need 6-10 as some are too specific and not useful if you never use them in the decks they belong to

Class Legendaries should always be crafted after all the neutrals are already in your possession as they are limited to not just your class but usually to only a single deck as well. That being said, here are the cards in no particular order. There is no Best card, just the Top 15-20 in general and those are:

Neutral Legendary:
Leeroy Jenkins, Patches the Pirate, Loatheb, Emperor Thaurissan, Baku the Mooneater, Genn Greymane,The Lich King, Ragnaros the Firelord, Barnes, Y´shaarj Rage Unbound
Sir Finley Mrrgglton, Reno Jackson, Sylvanas Windrunner, Aya Blackpaw, Archmage Vargoth, Zola the Gorgon, N´zoth the Corruptor, Brann Bronzebeard, Bloodmage Thalnos, Zilliax

Druid: Aviana, Kun the Forgotten King, Malfurion the Pestilent
Hunter: Deathstalker Rexxar, Houndmaster Shaw, Zul´jin
Mage: Open the Waygate, Aluneth, Frost Lich Jaina, Stargazer Luna
Paladin: High Priest Thekal, Sunkeeper Tarim, Uther of the Ebon Blade
Priest: Raza the Chained, Prophet Velen, Shadowreaper Anduin, Catrina Muerte
Rogue: Kingsbane, Myra´s Unstable Element, Valeera the Hollow
Shaman: Shudderwock, Grumble Worldshaker, Hagatha the Witch,
Warlock: Lord Godfrey, Skull of the Man´ari, Bloodreaver Gul´dan, Mal´Ganis
Warrior: Dr. Boom. Mad Genius

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Merchant (Game) | Slaying monsters and making wares!

Aloha folks! Today I am doing a quick one shoot for the game Merchant! It was fully released on steam today. It looks interesting, making a non-clicking game! Where you hire heroes to go slay monsters and then use parts from the monster to make potions, weapons, armor, and then sell it to the townsfolk! Also did i mention it is free to play!?

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[Gwent] Shield Draug

I wanted to revisit Roegner now that there's less poison on ladder, and he honestly wasn't that bad. The shield package represents a nice amount of points when your Roegner isn't just getting blapped by some tall removal, and obviously Draug can be useful to carry the longer rounds.


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Merchant Mobile Gameplay Video

Video of the mobile game Merchant.

GWENT: Merchants of Ofir | Expansion Trailer

Everything has a price!

Meet the mysterious merchants from the exotic land of Ofir and behold their magnificent wares! Collect over 70 cards from the new expansion. Experiment with new combos. Reinforce your decks with powerful additions to all factions.

Learn more:

Let's Play Dokapon Kingdom Part 45 (Multiplayer Story Mode Gameplay) - Saving Penny!

Let's Play Dokapon Kingdom Part 45! It's about time we finally take down Rico Jr. and save Penny!

Featuring 4 Player Multiplayer Gameplay from the Story Mode of Dokapon Kingdom! If you're unfamiliar with Dokapon Kingdom, think Mario Party.... but with a complete focus on the board and RPG elements built in. It says right on the box that it ruins friendships. So maybe this will be the final GameFace series?

We're planning to do a full Dokapon Kingdom Playthrough / Walkthough if you guys are interested in enough, so be sure to let us know how you feel about the series! I'd love to complete Dokapon Kingdom! I watched the Game Grumps Play Dokapon Kingdom, and then watched some of The Runaway Guys to get a decent handle on how the game's played. Dokapon Kingdom's a pretty complicated game, so I want to have some knowledge of the classes, strategies, and enemies going in. Anyway, if you want to know more about the game, here's what Wikipedia has to say:

Dokapon Kingdom is a 2007 role-playing video game developed and published by Sting in Japan for the Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) on November 22, 2007.

The PlayStation 2 version was later re-released in Japan on November 20, 2008, with a Sting The Best stamp on it. It was later ported to the Wii by Sting Entertainment on July 31, 2008 titled as Dokapon Kingdom for Wii. The Wii version was later published in North America by Atlus on October 14, 2008, and in Europe by BigBen Interactive on March 26, 2010, both without for Wii in the names.

The game takes place in a fictional land called Dokapon Kingdom which is being attacked by an army of monsters. Seeing this, the king offers Penny, his daughter, to be married to the player who finishes the game with the most money at the end of the game. 2–4 adventurers hear this, and attempt to save the kingdom. The game ends when each of the main bosses are defeated, although the player can select other game options to make the game end faster. The player with the most gold in the end marries Penny, and takes control of the kingdom (regardless of gender).

The game is a hybrid board game and role-playing video game with modes varying from story mode to battle royale in which four players are assigned a mission.

Players spin a spinner and then move to any spot on the board that is reachable by moving that number of spaces. Players will have the freedom to choose the direction they want to go. Landing on an empty yellow space or another player will typically cause a battle, but sometimes the player will encounter a strange traveler that may allow them to play them at a minigame, or hire their services to steal or harm the other players. The battle system plays out in roshambo style, with the attack option beating counter, the counter option beating strike, and the defend option resisting the attack option. Multiple magics and stat changes play out both in battle and on the game board, while class-specific skills increase with player level.

Three starting classes are available to the new adventurer (warrior, thief, and magician), and following a pattern of leveling, eleven character classes and darkling (if someone hears the whisper of the dark revenge, usually the-current-last-place-player) are possible.

A key element of the game is hindering the progress of other players. Due to the tension these events are likely to cause (known as Dokapon Rage), Atlus has dubbed the game friendship destroying in their marketing materials.

The game is won by the player with the most money at the end. The player who wins the story mode gets to marry the king's daughter.

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