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10 best tips for playing Miracle Merchant


Becoming a Potions Master | Miracle Merchant

New game! Miracle Merchant is a card game where you create potions for customers. Let's learn how to play.

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CARD THIEF | AppSpy Review

James (@Metal_Slag) steals out of the shadows to review excellent stealth-based card game Card Thief.



Miracle Merchant - Android Gameplay

Miracle Merchant is solitaire style potion brewing game.


Dark Souls 3: Irina of Carim Location (How to Buy Miracles/Cleric Armor Location)

Dark Souls 3: How to Unlock NPC Irina of Carim
In this video, I show you guys how to find and rescue Irina of Carim and how to buy Miracles from her. If you found this guide helpful, be sure to like the video, and Subscribe for More Dark Souls 3 Content.

Miracles You Cane Buy (BEFORE UPGRADES)
Heal - 1,000
Replenishment - 1,000
Caressing Tears - 1,500
Homeward - 3,000

After Giving Her - Londor Braille Divine Tome
Location Guide -
Dark Weapon - 10,000
Vow of Silence - 15,000
Dead Again - 5,000

After Giving Her - Braille Divine Tome of Carim
Location Guide -
Med Heal - 3,500
Tears of Denial - 10,000
Force - 1,000
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900,000+ Souls/Hour Soul Farming - Dark Souls 3 Tips & Tricks

UPDATE 4/8/16 Patch 1.03: Still works! Ignore the dummies in the comments.
►Everything Hidden at Firelink
►8 Tips & Tricks for Dark Souls 3
Next to the Dragon-Kin Mausoleum bonfire in Archdragon Peak, there is an infinitely respawning enemy that gives 5280 souls for every kill when using the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring and the Shield of Want!
►918,000+ souls per hour!
►153,000+ souls per TEN MINUTES!

If you do not have the Archdragon Peak unlocked, and its tricky to find, first you need to warp to the Irithyll Dungeon. Make your way to the bottom of the dungeon to this area with all the mages with iron brands. Walk outside, and use the path of the dragon gesture on the prayer rug next to the other dragon statues, and after a few seconds you will get warped to a new area. The soul farming area is immediately after the first boss fight of the new area.

►Dark Souls 3 Tips & Tricks
►Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough
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Elemental Self Mill | Core 2020 Standard Deck Guide [MTG ARENA]


What sounds better than 16 Risen Reefs? Not much, that's what. Let's MILL! Subscribe for more MTG Arena:

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How to Join The Mound-Makers & Find the Pyro and Miracle Merchants - Dark Souls 3

You must join the Mound-Makers BEFORE killing the Curse Rotted Greatwood! After joining, feel free to kill the boss, you can still deepen your allegiance to the covenant.
Cornyx of the Great Swamp sells Pyromancies
Irina of Carim sells miracles

►Spoiler Free Walkthrough Playlist
►Dark Souls 3 Tips & Tricks
►Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough
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Miracle Merchant: iOS iPhone Gameplay Walkthrough (by Arnold Rauers / Tiny Touch Tales)

See my guide here:

Download link:

Hermitcraft VI 064 | THE LABYRINTH 😈 | A Minecraft Let's Play

Today i'm playing on the 1.13 Hermitcraft Season 6 World.
In this episode we work on making the Fort TNT proof - by adding an obsidian barrier to the ceiling and walls. We also continue the Harry Potter-like staircases that Xisuma started making... AND designed our Storage room for the base!

Leave more trap/build suggestions in the comments!

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Approaching Nirvana - Apex (

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DGA Plays: Merchant (Ep. 1 - Gameplay / Let's Play)

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Readme: Unless otherwise stated, you folks should assume that I received a press copy from the developer or publisher. Also, unless otherwise stated, you should treat most of my let's plays as first impressions. I get 5-10 games a week and can't possibly review that many within such a short time. My goal is to show off the game to see if it's something you'd like to buy yourself. If you're looking for tips, tricks, and pro-gameplay, you're in the wrong place.

Merchant (Game) | Slaying monsters and making wares!

Aloha folks! Today I am doing a quick one shoot for the game Merchant! It was fully released on steam today. It looks interesting, making a non-clicking game! Where you hire heroes to go slay monsters and then use parts from the monster to make potions, weapons, armor, and then sell it to the townsfolk! Also did i mention it is free to play!?

If you want to check the game out click here!:

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Dark Souls: Patches the Merchant at Firelink Shrine

In this Dark Souls video I show you how to find Patches the Merchant located at Firelink Shrine.

Patches inventory: Cost:

Eye of Death (only sells 3) 3,000
Divine Blessing (only sells 1) 20,000
Prism Stone 10
Humanity (only sells 3) 10,000
Twin Humanities (only sells 1) 20,000
Heal Miracle 5,000
Great Heal Excerpt Miracle 10,000
Crescent Axe 10,000
Mace 3,000
Canvas Talisman 1,000
Thorolund Talisman 5,000
Mask of the Father 8,000
Mask of the Mother 8,000
Mask of the Child 8,000
Cleric Helm 5,000
Cleric Armor 7,000
Cleric Gauntlets 5,000
Cleric Leggings 5,000

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Dark Souls 3 - 10 Tips for Invaders

Check out PVPSkilz's channel if you haven't already! Not only he's a great guy, he's got very informative videos:

00:24 Tip #1 – “Know the mechanics”
01:36 Tip #2 – “Consider the alternatives”
02:08 Tip #3 – “Prepare your arsenal”
03:52 Tip #4 – “Ignore distractions”
04:27 Tip #5 – “Prepare your tools”
06:19 Tip #6 – “Be in control”
06:59 Tip #7 – “Assess the situation”
08:42 Tip #8 – “Acquire the mindset”
09:29 Tip #9 – “Be ready to punish”
10:43 Tip #10 – “Be honorable at all times”

Props to Jelly and Patokia for their help during this video!

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years OST - Vanishing of the True Moon
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years OST - True Moon
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years OST - Mysterious Girl Theme
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years OST - Master of Imagination

First Look: Miracle Merchant (iOS/Android)

Miracle Merchant is a solitaire style potion brewing card game.

In Miracle Merchant you become the apprentice of a master alchemist who creates potions for thirsty adventurers. By mixing and combining different ingredient cards you create powerful potions based on the needs of your customers.

Each game has a unique, randomly generated set of cards that will test your skills. By successfully completing games you can collect
a variety of masterfully crafted potions. Daily tasks will keep you busy and you can compete with other players via online leaderboards.

+ Solitaire style gameplay
+ 41 collectable potions
+ Daily tasks
+ Daily game with global highscores
+ Mix and combine puzzle gameplay
+ 2-3mins playtime per game

Download Miracle Merchant on Android (Free)

Buy Miracle Merchant on iOS ($1.99)


You can contact Jordan Thompson directly via Twitter @

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Mtg Budget Deck Tech: $25 Sephara Flyers in Core Set 2020 Standard!

Dev takes a look at another one of the most popular decks in the early Core 2020 meta. U/W Flyers is fast, powerful, and best of all, budget!
View Decklist:
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Strictly Better Mtg is a Magic: the Gathering Channel that does videos on everything Magic the Gathering. We do Mtg Deck Techs, Mtg set reviews, Mtg spoilers, mtg news, mtg speculation, mtg top 10 lists, and much, much more mtg related ish!


Dark Souls Remastered - Merchants, Undead Burg Grabs! - Essential Things & Where To Find Them Ep.5

In this video we locate and showcase the inventory of the early game merchants. What items to buy and what to skip on for now. Where going to be making a big investment on an item in an upcoming video!

Petrus of Thourland (Faith Merchant) - 0:30
Petrus's Hidden Stash - 2:23
Binoculars - 3:35
Rickert of Vinheim (Blacksmith/Intelligence Merchant) - 3:55
Wooden Shield/Undead Merchant (Dried Finger + More) - 6:05
Black Knight (Titanite Chunk Drop) - 8:37
Blue Tearstone Ring - 9:16
Titanite Lizard (Twinkling Titanite) - 9:53
Solaire Location - 10:20
Undead Burg Shortcut - 10:35
Drake Sword - 11:02

Channel Update — Why I Won't Play Hearthstone, Gwent or Artifact

✔️ Twitch: I felt I owed you guys an update as far as the content plans, since I swapped off Hearthstone and Gwent without much warning, and mentioned I didn't plan to play Artifact. Them's the plans.

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#mtg #artifact #hearthstone

Vidéo in-game du jeu iPhone Miracle Merchant -

Illustration vidéo du test du jeu Miracle Merchant testé sur

Le lien du test :
Le jeu Miracle Merchant sur l'App Store :

Retrouvez tout l'iPhone et iOS sur
et l'iPad sur notre blog dédié

Dark Souls 3 Guides - How to find Irina of Carim, Miracle Vendor

Tracking down Irina of Carim isn't exactly the toughest challenge you'll face in Dark Souls 3 but it's no cakewalk, either. Here's our guide to finding Irina and sending her back to the Firelink Shrine, where she'll sell a variety of miracles to the player.

Apex Legends - How To Counter All Legends | Ability Counter Tips and Tricks

In this Apex Legends video, I take a look at how to counter all Legends, and offer a counter guide for each ability in the game. You definitely don't want to miss these tips and tricks!

What are your thoughts on this video? Did you learn anything? Is there anything you'd add to this video? What counter tips can you think of? Let me know! I'd love to hear!

Thanks everyone that has been watching my content. I really, really appreciate all of the likes, comments, and subscriptions!

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