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10 best tips for playing Namco Museum


My Arcade Mini Namco Museum review

This is my review of the My Arcade Mini Namco Museum mini player.

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NAMCO MUSEUM (Nintendo Switch eShop)- Gameplay Footage (All Challenges & PMV)

In this gameplay video, I try every single (underwhelming) challenge in this Namco Collection, before giving Pac-Man Vs a try and wondering why a better game wasn't included.

NAMCO MUSEUM ARCADE PAC (testing all games) - Nintendo Switch gameplay

NAMCO MUSEUM ARCADE PAC - Nintendo Switch gameplay
Price $
Platform Nintendo Switch
Release Date Sep 28, 2018
No. of Players up to 4 players
Category Arcade
Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment

Testing Pac-Man Vs. Multiplayer on 2 Nintendo Switches w/ Download Play App (Namco Museum Gameplay)

We try out Namco Museum's Pac-Man Vs multiplayer on Nintendo Switch...with TWO Switches! Check out how it works in this gameplay video, including Mario as the announcer!
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Namco Museum Arcade Pac (Nintendo Switch) | Compilation Corner

On today's Froban Saloon, it's another Namco Museum compilation, this time on the most popular console. But is this physical Nintendo Switch collection worth the price of admission. It's Namco Museum Arcade Pac.

Intro - 0:00
Games included - 1:35
Menu - 2:06
Options - 2:26
Amount of Games - 3:03
Playability on the Console - 4:32
Process of emulation - 5:20
Worth it? - 5:59

Outro Music by: Sirius Beat - The Cosmos


All games and content used remain property of their rightful copyright holders.

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Namco Museum for Nintendo Switch Review - Is It Worth It? | RGT 85

Namco Museum on the Nintendo Switch brings a bunch of Namco classics like Pac-Man, Splatterhouse, Galaga and more to the Switch in one package. Is it worth the $29.99 price tag though? Let's talk about it in this Namco Museum Switch review!

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Every Retro Game that is already available on the Nintendo Switch eShop

In lieu of a propper Virtual Console for the Nintendo Switch, I decided to see just what classic games are already available for purchase. From Sega to Nintendo itself, Arcade to SNES, it turns out there are a lot more 16 and 32 bit games on the eShop than I had originally thought...

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How to Download FREE GAMES on NINTENDO SWITCH in 2020/2021

How to Download FREE GAMES on NINTENDO SWITCH in 2020/2021

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Meet the Man Who Beat 'Pac-Man'

In 1999, Billy Mitchell was the first person to achieve a perfect score in Pac-Man. His ability to reach the end of the game even stumped Pac-Man's creators and designers, who named him the “video game player of the century.” Here’s what he had to do to beat the game.

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Namco Museum •U• ~ GamePlay ~ Opening & Gaming ~ PS2 ~ 1080pᴴᴰ ~ 2020 ~ W10

PS2 On PC. Windows 10 Pro (PS2 Play's Full Speed)
Made With: BandiCam Licensed (Game Runs To Fast)
Year Made: 2020 120fps (Tested All But 1)
1080pᴴᴰ (With Fabulous & Outstanding 7.1 Audio For All PS2 Games)
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Pac-Land Fever!! Fun Codes & Glitches In Pac-Land You REALLY Need to Try!

GTV 64 Pac-Land Fever! Pac-Land, the weird run and jump Pac-Man game, has some neat glitches and codes you can try out! (More Below!)

Here’s some other videos from the Pac-Man / Atari / Pre NES era I know you'll like!

1 Super Pac-Man Memories
11 Game On: Video Game Museum
33 Atari 2600 Pac-Man Day
40 Guts Pose
55 Atari In Japan
57 The More You Know: Cassette Vision

Welcome to Pac-Land!! Paccy is out of the maze and hitting the streets of Pac-Land to help save the fairies and return them home to fairy land. The game is based off of the 1982 Saturday Morning cartoon show which I watched every episode of religiously. It also uses the template of all the run and jump games of the late 80s made popular by Super Mario Bros. even though Pac-Land came first.

I always though Pac-Land was at least as good as Super Mario Bros. I can’t help but be a huge Pac-Fan, being born in the 70s and all. I even made a few other Pac-Man videos you can check out after this one is finished.

And in the alternate universe that exists only in my imagination, Pac-Man stays the most popular character in gaming all this time. And so, Namco, in its benevolence, invited Mario, sonic and others to join Namco’s Characters in the ultimate fighting game, Pac-Brawl.

But to keep things based in reality, Pac-Land is a cute game, marred by a strange control scheme but despite that, Pac-Land had several home versions released. And it has some strange and fun codes you can use to make game more fun. There’s also a few tricks and glitches you can try out too. Get ready!

Specifically theres 3 versions of the game that have secrets in them. Pac-Land for the Family Computer. This version is actually the worst of all and one of the worst Family Computer games, the graphics don’t resemble the arcade, everything is mis sized, the timer is EXTRA short, and you use the B and A buttons to run and the D-pad makes you jump, copying the arcade control scheme.

Next let's move over to the Atari Lynx Version, released in 1991. There’s only 2 tricks, but they are pretty neat anyway.

The best version of the game. The one for The TurboGrafx-16, and known in Japan as the PC Engine. There are a few differences between American and Japanese versions as well.

If you want to try the arcade version, the easier route would be Namco Museum Volume 4 for the Sony Playstation, which was also re-released on PSN. The game lets you use a modern “Super Mario” style control scheme.

Select Past Episodes

62 Hulk Hogan Manga Mania!
61 Super Mario Land Manga
60 The Swedish Justin Bailey
59 Famicom Wars Sharp vs. Nintendo
58 Sega SG-1000 Story
57 The More You Know: Cassette Vision
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48 Phantasy Star 30th Anniversary
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34 Dragon Quest TV show Yuusha Yoshihiko
29 Punch-Out!! 30
25 Super Mario Bros 2 Music Bug
23 Kid Icarus 30
20 Super Mario Bros 2 Manga
19 Dragon Quest Museum
14 What Was Yume Kojo? (AKA Not The Story of Super Mario 2)
13 Oshiri Tantei
11 Game On: Video Game Museum
8 A Classic Rockman Collection

Namco's Best-Guarded Easter Egg

How to unlock this easter egg! Fulfill these requirements in each included game:

Pole Position II: Clear any course.
Ms. Pac-Man: Clear Round 5
Galaxian: Clear Round 5
Dig Dug: Clear Round 10. Continuing is allowed.
The Tower of Druaga: Clear Round 60. Continuing is allowed.
Phozon: Clear World 2. Using the stage select is not allowed.

You may toggle the in-game settings, including having the maximum number of lives, and Phozon's stage select can be turned on, as long as it is not used. Also, keep in mind that these achievements must all be performed on the same save file, which you select after starting any given game.

-Tower of Druaga Resources-
YouTube Playthrough:
StrategyWiki Guide:

This video is a documentation of my experience learning about and attempting to unlock a very obscure easter egg in Namco Museum Vol. 3 for the PlayStation. Join me as I provide tips and tricks I have learned for each of the included games on my journey to find the hidden Ms. Pac-Man!

Namco Museum (PS2) - Longplay

This is what I would consider the last installment in what I would call the old age of Namco Museums. Following the conclusion of the original Playstation saga, there was Namco Museum 64/Dreamcast, Namco Museum for GBA, Pac-Man Collection, and this. In terms of game selection, they're all relatively similar, and Namco didn't bother doing much to improve the emulation quality. Following this compilation, that all changed. Game selection would become much more varied and emulation would drastically get better.

It is worth noting that this same compilation was also released for the Xbox and Gamecube. The PS2 release came first in 2001, while the other consoles received theirs in 2002. The Xbox release has animated game footage on the game menu, along with a green background. The Gamecube release is the same but with an orange background. in contrast, this version has a plain, white background and still images when selecting games. That aside, the versions are basically the same.

Despite what I said earlier, this Namco Museum has a whopping 12 games in total, which was the biggest collection that had had by this point:
0:00:00 - Bootup
0:01:01 - Pac-Man (1980)
0:13:13 - Pac-Man Arrangement (1996)
0:38:55 - Galaga (1981)
0:57:27 - Galaga Arrangement (1995)
1:25:43 - Dig Dug (1982)
1:38:42 - Dig Dug Arrangement (1996)
2:11:36 - Pole Position (1982)
2:15:23 - Pole Position II (1983)
2:18:04 - Ms. Pac-Man (1981)
2:25:31 - Galaxian (1979)
2:32:20 - Pac-Attack (1993)*
2:41:03 - Pac-Mania (1987)**
2:57:31 - Credits/Wrap-Up

*Hidden game, requires a high score of 25,000+ in Pac-Man to unlock
**Hidden game, requires a high score of 20,000+ in Ms. Pac-Man to unlock

Weirdly enough, the instruction manual for this compilation not only reveals what the hidden games are and how to unlock them, but also has full blown pages for them just like the other games. I find this weird since 50th Anniversary doesn't do that (at least, the PS2 version doesn't). It's worth noting that Pac-Attack here is based on the Sega Genesis version, which you can tell from the soundfont used.

Obviously, the big hits here are the Arrangement titles, with Galaga Arrangement being from Namco Classic Collection Vol. 1, and Pac-Man and Dig Dug Arrangement from Namco Classic Collection Vol. 2. Pac-Man Arrangement was previously on the Pac-Man Collection for GBA (as were Pac-Attack and Pac-Mania), but this version upgrades the sound quality by quite a bit and makes it a bit more arcade accurate. Both Pac-Man and Dig Dug Arrangement suffer from pitched up audio, and Pac-Man Arrangement has missing instrumentation or improper looping in most of the music. All Arrangement games are also missing attract modes and credits sequences, the latter of which really sucks.

Other than that, the games are mostly the same as they were on previous compilations. Thankfully, the GBA Namco Museum did a good job of fixing the additional errors that came up in Namco Museum 64, and almost all of those fixes were brought over to this compilation. The games are still nowhere near perfect, but it's miles better than the 64 compilation. Again, this is the last Namco Museum where these ports are used.

I decided to tackle the Arrangement games differently than the other games on this compilation. Whereas I usually only give each game a single credit until I game over, I decided to play the Arrangements until I completed them, regardless of how many credits it took. Galaga Arrangement and Dig Dug Arrangement were clearly not meant for 1CCing, and I wanted to show the whole games off. I am a little bummed out that I didn't do even better in Pac-Man Arrangement (even though it had been years since I actually played it myself); I do want a 1CC of that game sometime in the future, though. I also opted out of showcasing Puzzle Mode for Pac-Attack, since that uses a password system that could allow you to go on forever.

Is this worth it? Well, I don't think you're gonna have too much luck finding the Namco Classic Collection cabinets anywhere near you, so unless you want to use MAME for the Arrangement titles, this one's a pretty good way to own them. It plays well and controls nicely, and the main menu theme is KICK-ASS. If only I had enough time to kill so I could let the whole 3m50s theme play...

Recorded from my Playstation 2.

Namco Museum Vol. 1 - Longplay

0:00:00 - Opening/Entering the Museum
0:02:53 - Toy Pop exhibit
0:10:58 - Toy Pop (1986)
0:37:06 - Bosconian exhibit
0:43:38 - Bosconian (1981)
0:54:26 - Rally-X/New Rally-X exhibit
1:05:54 - Rally-X (1980)
1:11:05 - New Rally-X (1981)
1:20:23 - Pac-Man exhibit
1:30:30 - Pac-Man (1980)
1:39:11 - Galaga exhibit
1:46:30 - Galaga (1981)
2:05:19 - Pole Position exhibit
2:13:51 - Pole Position (1982)
2:18:21 - Lounge
2:28:50 - Jukebox: Toy Pop
2:32:10 - Jukebox: Galaga
2:34:01 - Jukebox: Rally-X
2:35:13 - Jukebox: Pac-Man
2:36:12 - Jukebox: Bosconian
2:37:24 - Jukebox: New Rally-X
2:39:23 - Jukebox: Pole Position
2:41:15 - Records
2:46:49 - Credits

Ah... Namco. Gradius may be my favorite video game series, and Mario may consume a lot of my life thanks to speedrunning, but Namco's arcade hits from the 80s are what got me into gaming. Nowadays, most gaming involves DLC, advanced graphics, online, multiplayer, and all that shit. Back in those days, you just put in a quarter (or two) and play until you got a game over. I was never around in the 80s or 90s, but I'm sure arcades back then were glorious.

And Namco was among one of the best companies out there, consistently churning out great classics like Pac-Man, Galaga, and Dig Dug. So, when 1995 rolls around, and the Playstation is rising in popularlity, Namco decided to package some of their greatest arcade games into a 5 (or 6) series sage called Namco Museum. Namco Museum would later go on to be their default name for any future compilations, but the Museum title is truly deserved here (more on this later).

Volume 1 has a great lineup right out of the gate. You've got the obvious hits like Pac-Man, Galaga, and Pole Position, along with some of their underrated classics like Rally-X, New Rally-X, and Bosconian. Then there's Toy Pop, which I believe is one of the most underrated Namco titles out there. This compilation is worth owning for Toy Pop ALONE.

But that's not all. For the first several installments to this series, not only do you get the games themselves, but you are also able to explore a virtual museum. Each game has a hallway filled with exhibits containing slide shows, how to play/tips, and decor, merchandise, or artwork relating to the various games. Then there's the game rooms themselves, which are chock-full of detail all designed around the games themselves. For an early Playstation game, this is truly remarkable. I spend some time looking over all of the exhibits in this video, which you are free to skip over if you want to only see me play the games. A lot of exhibits contain Japanese writing, which I obviously can't translate, so I don't usually spend too much time on those. Also, this compilation was obviously released in Japan first; there are numerous grammatical errors that I can only imagine happened during translation.

I do have some gripes with this collection. First off, the emulation quality. The box claims that these are the exact arcade translations. Are these the best you could've gotten outside of arcades in 1995? Probably. But Namco has done far better since this one. Pac-Man in particular is nasty-looking (unless you play in the game's native aspect ratio... but then you have to turn your TV sideways, and that's an obvious no. This option also exists for Galaga), and pretty much every other game has at least some sound inaccuracies. I can't really blame Namco too much, though; this was their first real crack at this and I can't imagine it was easy, especially considering how limiting the Playstation's hardware is compared to later consoles.

Controls and navigation have their advantages and disadvantages. This compilation was released before controllers had analog sticks, so the D-pad is required even if your controller has sticks. Navigating the museum is a bit awkward at times, as your character is particularly slow at turning and it's easy to get stuck on corners. Load times are obviously long since this is a Playstation console, but you are able to mash X to make Pac-Man run faster during them, which is just wonderful. You also can't pause and exit out of an arcade game during gameplay; you must be on the splash screen in order to exit out. That's just annoying. This wasn't fixed until Vol. 3.

But that's nothing to throw a fit over. This compilation is still great for the purpose it served, and paved the way for Namco to continue rereleasing their amazing classics for generation upon generation. These games have had a huge place in my heart for over a decade, and it's nice to know that this is where it all started. I just wish Bandai Namco would pay more attention to these old IPs and do new things with them...

Recorded from my Playstation 2 using my Namco Museum Vol. 1 disc.

Ms. Pacman- Arcade (No Commentary)

The nostalgia has returned. I used to play Ms. Pacman even more than the original game, and I think it's even better than the original. I used to go to restaurants all the time and I would play Ms. Pacman on the arcade. I also had the Namco Museum game for the original Xbox, which I used to play all the time.
I had a pretty good run. I could've done better though.

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Retro Arcade Featuring Pac-Man - Longplay

Note that there is some hissy static noise in the background for most silent parts in the video, there are some instances of flickering video, and the audio is really quiet. I couldn't do much about that last part, and the first two could be really disorienting and bothersome to those who watch this. My recording setup isn't the best for these things, and plus this device is many years old and has laid mostly dormant for a VERY long time. I'm honestly surprised it held up through this whole thing.

If you were a kid in the mid-late 2000s, the concept of Plug it in and Play consoles was probably known of to you. Various companies, one of the most notable ones being Jakks Pacific, would release several of these types of consoles that require 4 AA batteries, and from there can just be plugged into your TV, turned on, and played. It's a unique sort of spin on the idea of consoles, as everything is basically built into the controller itself. This was likely the kind of console your parents or grandparents might've gotten you if they wanted to get you a video game but didn't want too much of a hassle; they're usually pretty cheap.

And when you actually play on one of them, it's easy to see why. They output in very cheap, low quality Composite video, and the game quality is... well, not the greatest. Usually the games themselves are at best interesting and at worst total cashgrabs. These things are really meant for children.

Namco seemed to enjoy these devices, though, as they made several compilations of their classic arcade titles for them. The Pac-Man 5-in-1 and Ms. Pac-Man 5-in-1 are probably two of the most familiar to you, but the last one known to be released from Jakks Pacific was this one, the ultimate Namco Plug 'n Play collection: The Retro Arcade Featuring Pac-Man. (There is supposedly a Retro Arcade Featuring Space Invaders console with a similar controller design, but for Taito games.)

The design of the console is pretty sick. It looks very similar to an arcade machine's controller, and even has a coin slot for the power button that lights up when turned on. I also like the main menu, and how it changes color over time. As for the games themselves... there are 12 of them:
0:00:00 - Bootup
0:00:46 - Pac-Man (1980)
0:08:58 - Pac-Man Plus (1982)
0:14:05 - Super Pac-Man (1982)
0:23:57 - Pac & Pal (1983)
0:34:18 - Mappy (1983)
0:43:23 - Dig Dug (1982)
0:50:40 - Pole Position (1982)
0:53:58 - Bosconian (1981)
1:11:54 - Xevious (1982)
1:18:28 - Galaxian (1979)
1:22:41 - Galaga (1981)
1:32:54 - New Rally-X (1981)

This is essentially a combination of games from the Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and Super Pac-Man Plug 'n Plays, with Ms. Pac-Man removed (this was after the lawsuit between Namco and GCC was settled, more on that here:

The game emulation is a mixed bag. The only game on this collection I would consider decent is Dig Dug, and even that game has bizarre sound glitches that can randomly occur and vertical screen scrolling. The sound in most other games is okay, but almost every game has some sound inaccuracies (Bosconian and Xevious are the worst offenders) and a lot of gameplay mechanics in the games are messed up. The ghost AI in Pac-Man and Pac-Man Plus seems to be slightly different than the original games. The Lucky Flags in New Rally-X count down the fuel WAY too quickly. Xevious' ground-based enemies simply repeat their stage 1 positions throughout the whole game, instead of switching off (I don't even think the Ms. Pac-Man Plug 'n Play does this). For a complete list of inaccuracies I have spotted, read the first half of this document:

The controls aren't that great either. The joystick is 4-way, which is really bad for Bosconian and Xevious. Pole Position requires twisting the control stick instead of turning it; don't ask me why. The buttons are okay, except I'm right-handed and the buttons are on the left side of the controller, meaning I have a difficult time mashing them.

I will say I think the selection of games is nice, and this does make for a great novelty item or a gift for your children. Outside of that, you'll probably want to invest in other compilations. Hell, there's even another Plug 'n Play Bandai Namco released just a few years after this one (that will be for a future video) where the emulation quality is much better, and that's more worth your while.

BTW, holy SHIT that was probably my best game of Bosconian ever.

Recorded using the original Retro Arcade Featuring Pac-Man Plug 'n Play console.

All Pac-Man 99 DLC Themes (Galaga, Dig Dug, Namco Classic & More!)

Check out all 29 DLC themes in Pac-Man 99 including Namco classics like Dig Dug, Galaga, The Tower of Druaga, Dragon Buster, The Legend of Valkyrie, Cosmo Gang the Video, Rolling Thunder, Xevious, Baraduke, Bravoman, and tons more!
Video by: Andre
Thumbnail by: Tom

Namco Museum 64 - Longplay

Released in 1999, Namco Museum 64 was the first Namco Museum to be released after the conclusion of their six-part series for the Playstation. It is the first Museum to rehash games, and also the first one to break from the original virtual museum format for a much simpler game selection menu. A near-identical version was also released for the Sega Dreamcast, and a downscaled version would be ported to the Game Boy Advance in 2001 (excluding the original Pac-Man; that was reserved for Pac-Man Collection).

From this point onward, the Namco Museums would ditch most of, if not all of, the trivia and artwork associated with each game as bonus content, and just leave you with the games and some settings to play around with. You are also provided a small set of tips for each game, and other than that... that's basically it in terms of content. This sorta set a precedent for future Namco Museums to come, as the big hits would be the game lists themselves and not all the bonus content.

The games on this compilation are as follows:
0:00:00 - Bootup
0:00:41 - Pac-Man (1980)
0:09:31 - Ms. Pac-Man (1981)
0:21:18 - Galaga (1981)
0:40:31 - Galaxian (1979)
0:49:09 - Pole Position (1982)
0:53:01 - Dig Dug (1982)

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of this collection. The game selection is generic at best, and I'm not a huge fan of Ms. Pac-Man or Pole Position. The emulation quality of each game is trash: They are very clearly based on the ports from Namco Museum Vol. 1 and Vol. 3, but somehow they made them even worse for most games (in the future, I will make a document for the anomalies I spot in all games). You also can't save high scores unless you have a Controller Pak for your Nintendo 64... which I don't. So, all progress made on this video was worthless. At least I got it all on video before it got deleted. I will say that the Nintendo 64 controller actually isn't that bad for most of these games. The stick works out much better than the d-pad, and button mashing is pretty easy (though maybe that's my experience with speedrunning SM64 talking).

I would really only recommend this collection if you have a yearning to collect Namco Museums, or even just Namco arcade games in general. For the N64, it's alright, but there are many better options to get these games, and many other compilations you can get them on, almost all of them way better than this.

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Got EVEN BETTER

The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Got EVEN BETTER! This Nintendo Switch title just got a HUGE new update via free DLC, but what does it add and does it make this game a must buy? Find out today on Stuff We Play as we go over the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection free DLC!

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Thank you for watching!

Namco Museum Battle Collection: Dig Dug Arrangement PSP 2 player 60fps

Best viewed in 60 fps. I'm player 1 and Mark is player 2.
Title 00:00
World 1 00:40
World 2 3:38
World 3 6:57
World 4 10:24
World 5 15:46
Credits 20:07



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