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10 best tips for playing Namco Museum


Meet the Man Who Beat 'Pac-Man'

In 1999, Billy Mitchell was the first person to achieve a perfect score in Pac-Man. His ability to reach the end of the game even stumped Pac-Man's creators and designers, who named him the “video game player of the century.” Here’s what he had to do to beat the game.

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Galaga: Arcade Classics vs My Arcade | Mini Arcade Showdown!

Apples and oranges no more! Up until now we've had to compare micro arcade machines from Basic Fun's Arcade Classics & My Arcade's Micro Arcade line from afar, but now that Arcade Classics has released both Galaga and Dig Dug (both previously available from My Arcade) we can finally do a head-to-head comparison on a level playing field. In this video Jon compares Galaga as it is on both platforms and tells you which one he thinks is the better of the two.

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NAMCO MUSEUM (Nintendo Switch eShop)- Gameplay Footage (All Challenges & PMV)

In this gameplay video, I try every single (underwhelming) challenge in this Namco Collection, before giving Pac-Man Vs a try and wondering why a better game wasn't included.

NAMCO MUSEUM ARCADE PAC (testing all games) - Nintendo Switch gameplay

NAMCO MUSEUM ARCADE PAC - Nintendo Switch gameplay
Price $
Platform Nintendo Switch
Release Date Sep 28, 2018
No. of Players up to 4 players
Category Arcade
Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment

How to Win at Pacman Part 1 - Patterns for every level

How to win at Pacman , by learning 4 simple patterns. That's not as difficult as it sounds, especially as two of the patterns are amlost the same as each other. This set of patterns will get you all the way to level 256 where the game crashes. Please note. this is the arcade machine, the original 1980 rom set from Namco. The patterns may not work on other pacman games.

Playlist of all parts :

Top 10 Namco Games

Namco have developed and published some of the greatest games ever made here we take a look at the 10 best games they have either developed or published in their history. Why not tell me your Top 10 Namco games in the comments section below and please like and subscribe as there will be plenty more Top 10 countdowns on the way.

Testing Pac-Man Vs. Multiplayer on 2 Nintendo Switches w/ Download Play App (Namco Museum Gameplay)

We try out Namco Museum's Pac-Man Vs multiplayer on Nintendo Switch...with TWO Switches! Check out how it works in this gameplay video, including Mario as the announcer!
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My Arcade Mini Namco Museum review

This is my review of the My Arcade Mini Namco Museum mini player.

Pac & Pal pac-man museum How to play and tips and tricks pacman xbox one

Please watch: Got into the Top 5 Global rankings! Micro Machines World Series ranked online play match xbox one


Pac & Pac pac-man museum How to play and tips and tricks

The Sandbox Evolution: Pac-Man Create Levels | Zonic Plays

Welcome to my Zonic Plays on The Sandbox Evolution, we make and play some Pac-Man levels!...and by make I mean show kind of how it works and make 1 bleh level, then play some creations by people with better talent than myself.

If you wanna check out the game and make your own Pac-Tastic levels, check out this link to the Steam version!:

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How to Win at Pacman - Proper Arcade Version - Part 1

How to beat Pac-Man in the arcades. You can learn in 5 minutes how to play Pac-Man for HOURS!

Please also check out my second video that teaches you ghost behaviour and proper skills - this will make you a real expert!

If playing at home, I recommend Mame Puckman Set 1 as there are a million bootleg versions and that is the original arcade on I grew up playing. This guide allows you get to really far in Pac-Man using only 2 maze patterns (three officially, but 2 are 99% the same as each other.

How to do it:

You need to learn pattern 1, for Maze 1. After the first power pill is eaten, you improvise any route that lets you eat all 4 ghosts (which will be on your tail at this point). Or you can use the time afforded by the power pill to carry on. Either way, you clear the dots from the bottom T shape, then head up to to the top right, and from here, you have an easy time - all the hard parts are clear and you still have 3 power pills left.

Then, pattern 2 (for mazes 2, 3 and 4) is exactly the same, apart from right at the beginning where you come back on yourself to avoid the light blue ghost.

When you get to maze 5 (Apple), there's a whole new pattern to learn, but if you can pull this off, you can use this pattern for maze after maze.

Good luck. Subscribe and send me money or something.

[Old] Menu - Namco Museum Archives Vol. 1

DISCLAIMER: I've made a better version of this track where the volume is actually audible, go check it out at this link:

Also used as the Game/Catalog Theme in Namcot Collection.


Namco Museum Volume 4: Part 1 - Tedious Loading Times

Part 2:

Ordyne is like Skypeace for 3DS, but they are 25 years apart. And Ordyne is better.

Get Information for Namco Museum Vol. 4 for Playstation:

[Old] Menu - Namco Museum Archives Vol. 2

DISCLAIMER: I've made a better version of this track where the volume is actually audible, go check it out at this link:

Also used as the Shelf Theme in Namcot Collection.


Namco Museum for Nintendo Switch Review - Is It Worth It? | RGT 85

Namco Museum on the Nintendo Switch brings a bunch of Namco classics like Pac-Man, Splatterhouse, Galaga and more to the Switch in one package. Is it worth the $29.99 price tag though? Let's talk about it in this Namco Museum Switch review!

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Nintendo Switch games that you can play Vertically

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If you want to get a whole new perspective on your Nintendo Switch, try turning it on it's side you big ol' dumby. There are a surprising amount of games that allow for this functionality, and a few ways to achieve this vertical orientation comfortably, such as the Flip Grip...

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Rolling Sky All Levels

Rolling Sky All Levels. Help support the channel This video series will be continuously updated with new previews and 100% complete levels. Subscribe to be sure to get them. Thanks for watching.

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Gameplay by:
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PBR 1:
I'm Azazel:

Pole Position Arcade Cabinet MAME Gameplay w/ Hypermarquee

I play arcade games, VR, & pinball and record my gameplay with commentary. I take requests via video comments and put them in a queue doc here:

If you sub to my Patreon, you'll get priority in the queue over everyone else, getting your request uploaded much faster:

Here's info about my arcade cabinet:
Built by as a custom order Megacade.
TV: 49” diag Hitachi LE49A509 LCD
Marquee: 37.5 diag stretched bar Vitrolight LCD (Entire unit is 12 x 38. Has model MP118FL on a PCB and a bar code with 93201604150085 on the back)
Control panel: 48 W
Cabinet: 39.5 L, 45.75 W, 77.5 H
PC: i5 4440, NVidia GTX 750 Ti, 8 GB RAM, Windows 10

Every game I've ever beaten with my favs in bold:

Super Pacman 20 stages in under 10 minutes speed run

My turn to have a go at Super Pac.

If you are gonna play, play by the rules we did back in the day and do the 20 stages in 10 minutes or less challenge. Hit stage 20 @ 9:06

Much safer then the Kiki or Blind Bird whatever challenge, and is old school.. Change your dip switches to easiest if you need to, but have fun trying out your reflexes and hand eye coordination. Come on bitches, lets see your videos!!

This was done using HAPP arcade controls.

Got up to stage 18 before finally making a error and getting myself chomped by a ghost. OH, AND TO ANYBODY WHO SAYS I CHEATED... OK I CHEATED, show me your video doing better then me... BITCH!! You can cheat too. Beat my 9:06 run, lets see that video.. bitch. Challenge issued May 31, 2010.

The romset used is:

For more info on M.A.M.E., the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, please visit:

7 trucos geniales que puedes hacer con un Nintendo Switch


Si ya tienes tu Nintendo Switch o estás pensando en comprarte una, tienes que conocer estos 10 trucos y consejos para que la aproveches al máximo.

10. Conecta los controles de cualquier consola.
Sí, escuchaste bien, prácticamente cualquier control es compatible a la perfección con el nintendo Switch. Desde el nintendo 64, Gamecube, Wii hasta Playstation 3 y 4 y Xbox 360 y One. Lo único que necesitas son los adaptadores respectivos. Esto es una maravilla porque ya no llorarás cuando estés con tus amigos y les falte un control. Además créeme, funcionan muy bien con casi todos los juegos.

9. Encuentra los mandos Joy-Con
Yo sé que a veces somos un poco descuidados y los mandos Joy-Con se nos pueden perder con facilidad; si te llega a suceder esto, no te desesperes porque esta consola es capaz de hacerlos vibrar fuertemente para que los puedas encontrar e incluso conectarse a ellos estando apagados. Claro, esta función servirá para cualquier control que tengas conectado por Bluetooth a la consola.

8. Puedes usar audífonos inalámbricos
Aún no entendemos como una consola con funciones extraordinarias no se le pueden conectar unos audífonos alámbricos. En fin, por meramente limitaciones técnicas no puedes hacer esto como al igual que en el PS4 o el Xbox One mediante sus controles. De todas formas, hay solución. Si tienes audífonos inalámbricos que funcionen con un adaptador USB, puedes conectarlos al dock de la Switch y disfrutar de una experiencia muy similar a la de las consolas clásicas de sobremesa.

7. Usa los Joy-Con en computadoras y móviles
Al ser controles que funcionan mediante bluetooth, los Joy-Con y el Pro Controller de la Switch pueden ser conectados y usados a la perfección en PC, Mac y hasta en dispositivos Android. De hecho, no sólo puedes conectar un solo Joy-Con, sino que puedes sincronizar ambos mandos al mismo tiempo y así tener una experiencia más completa.

6. Enciende la tele con la Switch
A todos nos ha pasado que nos sentamos en el sillón o nos acostamos en la cama y en eso nos damos cuenta que el control de la tele está a un par de metros enfrente de nosotros.

5. Juega en pantalla en vertical
Si un día te sientes nostálgico, juega como en los años ochenta. La Switch te permite jugar algunos títulos de antaño de esta forma, lo cual es muy divertido, y podemos encontrar juegos como Galaga y Pac-Man de Namco Museum o Neo Turf Masters de Neo Geo. Lo único que tienes que hacer es girar la consola y usar el Joy-con de manera horizontal. Créeme, sí vale la pena experimentar este modo de juego y como dice el dicho, “Recordar es volver a vivir”.

4. Ahorra la batería
En tu Nintendo Switch se puede ahorrar batería fácilmente con el simple hecho de regular ciertos parámetros en el menú desplegable que te aparece al presionar el botón de home.

3. Usa baterías externas
Si bien la batería de la Switch puede llegar a durar un buen rato, a veces no es suficiente para saciar nuestras ganas de jugar, y es muy molesto cargarla varias veces al día la batería. Nuestra salvación es el puerto USB-C de la consola, en el cual puedes conectar una batería externa para cargarla mientras está en modo reposo.

2. No te quedes sin memoria
Si bien algunas marcas ofrecen tarjetas microSD especiales para Nintendo Switch, también puedes usar otros modelos. Te recomiendo que adquieras una tarjeta de más de 64gb de almacenamiento y que sea clase 10, ya que así te evitarás cualquier problema relacionado con la transferencia de archivos y la velocidad de guardado, sin mencionar hay juegos que son capaces de usar por completo la memoria interna de la consola.

1. Un desbloqueo diferente
Esta si es una opción muy curiosa y es que la Switch te permite desbloquearla con tan sólo presionar cualquier botón tres veces seguidas. Sin embargo, si prendes el sistema con los sticks derecho e izquierdo y los botones ZL y ZR, se emitirán graciosos sonidos como el de una corneta de payaso o un resorte de dibujos animados. Nintendo siempre manteniendo la originalidad.

VOZ por Tavo Betancourt

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