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10 best tips for playing Nex Machina: Death Machine


Pro Tips for Nex Machina

Though a lot of these tips are for high scores, there are many for general play and strategizing. I hope this video can help you get better at Nex Machina.


Nex Machina: 11 Essential Tips For Success

After spending a good amount of time with Housemarque's newest arcade shooter, we've detailed a few strategies and tips you can use to really crank up your high scores.

The First 10 Minutes of Nex Machina:

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NEX Machina - Five tips and tricks for earning the highest score


Housemarque’s latest game Nex Machina isn’t just a superb twin-stick shooter that combines tight action with lightning-quick bullet hell stages: It’s also more addictive than a cake made out of heroin. Nex Machina is a short game, but its longevity lies not in its initial 45 minute (give or take) run but rather in its Arena mode.

You’re given a chance to not only replay the superb stages again, but to to also do better. To score bigger and work your way to the top of the charts. Which is easier said than done. Struggling to keep up and wondering how to crack that magical five million points barrier? Here’s a few tips to help you max the numbers on your attempt to be the best.

Nex Machina - Full Level Gameplay

Arcade shoot em up fans rejoice, the people who brought you Resogun are bringing you another fast paced arcade game, voxels and all!

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Nex Machina (PS4) - Arcade Veteran (No Power Ups Last Four Bosses Guide)

I am showing this guide too motivate players on not giving up an show that it is possible to beat the last four bosses with out anything but you're peashooter and a secondary weapon. enjoy and I hope this helps P.S do not give up!!

Nex Machina - Arcade Veteran - 1CC Trophy Guide + Giant Face Boss

This is a p-good, FIRST DAY run of Veteran difficulty completed on one credit in Nex Machina: Death Machine. Holy shit at that final boss sequence, really incredible stuff! Excuse the capture issues, the framerate in the game on my PS4 Pro is rock solid but sadly the capture hiccups every so often. There is also a sound bug that happens on world 3, which will be fixed soon I'm sure. I'll try to get this ironed out before I upload more stuff, but wanted to get my day one run up! This could also be a mini guide of sorts on the Veteran 1CC as well as the 50X Human chain which is achieved on the first world. Thanks for watching, I'll be uploading more of this so keep an eye out!

Nex Machina : Death Machine Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - World 1 Techno Forest PS4 1080p 60fps

Nex Machina is upcoming shoot 'em up video game developed and published by Housemarque. The game is scheduled to be released in 2017 for the PlayStation 4 video game console and Windows-based personal computers. Veteran arcade game designer Eugene Jarvis is a creative consultant on the projectNex Machina is a twin-stick shoot 'em up video game played from a top-down perspective.[3][4] Players move through rooms shooting waves of enemies while attempting to save humans.[3] Power-ups and weapon upgrades are dispersed throughout levels.[3]Nex Machina is being developed by Finnish video game studio Housemarque with designer Eugene Jarvis serving as a creative consultant.[2][3] Jarvis is known for his role in designing arcade shoot 'em ups such as Defender (1981), Robotron: 2084 (1982), and Smash TV (1990).[3] At the 2014 D.I.C.E. Awards, Housemarque's founders Ilari Kuittinen and Harri Tikkanen met with Jarvis and asked him if he would be interested in collaborating on a game.[2] Jarvis' games, particularly Defender, were a source of inspiration for Housemarque's 2013 game Resogun.[1] For the design of Nex Machina, they combined elements from Jarvis' previous shoot 'em ups and Resogun.[2][3] The development team experimented with different setups for the game's firing mechanics.[1] They followed a different design philosophy than their 2016 game Alienation by choosing not to incorporate character progression systems in Nex Machina.[1]
Nex Machina is powered by a significantly enhanced version of the game engine and voxel technology that was used for Resogun.[1][2] The inclusion of a volumetric rendering technique known as Signed Distance Fields allows for a smooth transition between complex 3D meshes and voxel particles to give them more flexibility in how objects appear on the screen.[1] The studio dubbed their art style for the game as cablepunk—a darker take on cyberpunk.[2]Like,Comment And Subscribe

Nex Machina Death Machine BETA FIRST LOOK

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Nex Machina Review

Is Nex Machina the next game for bullet hell enthusiasts to jump into or should they just let it graze by? Find out in our GameSpot review!

Read Jason's in-depth review at!

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Nex Machina - Master Difficulty - 705,858,080

Pretty solid Master run. Really fudged the bucket on Supreme AI, sadly I might have been able to get by Nex Machina and reach Hero, but not today!

Nex Machina - Launch Trailer | PS4

From the team that created Resogun and in collaboration with Eugene Jarvis (Robotron, Smash TV) comes an intense arcade shooter that blends the best of coin-op skillful gameplay and modern cutting edge voxel tech.

Nex Machina™ Copyright ©2017 Housemarque Oy All Rights Reserved.

Nex Machina (Arcade Mode) Live Stream - New Game From Resogun Creator Housemarque

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Nex Machina, Housemarque (Resogun, Alienation, Super Stardust HD, Matterfall) and Eugene Jarvis brings an explosive arcade experience created with competition in mind

Humans have become so dependent on technology that they cannot avert their eyes from portable devices anymore. Around them, machines have reached consciusness and surpassed human intelligence tenfolds. No reasons to be servants now – robots are clearly the superior lifeform. And to make their point, they start eradicating all human life

Nex Platinum (Platinum)
Complete all trophies

Timber! (Bronze)
Complete Techno Forest in arcade mode on any difficulty

I was frozen today (Bronze)
Complete Crystal Mountain in arcade mode on any difficulty

Burnt offerings (Bronze)
Complete Fire Caverns in arcade mode on any difficulty

Conquering dystopia (Bronze)
Complete Machine City in arcade mode on any difficulty

Utterly experimental (Bronze)
Complete Future Labs in arcade mode on any difficulty

Rookie (Bronze)
Complete Arcade mode on Rookie difficulty

Experienced (Bronze)
Complete Arcade mode on Experienced difficulty

Veteran (Silver)
Complete Arcade mode on Veteran difficulty

Master (Silver)
Complete Techno Forest on Master difficulty

It's a secret to everyone (Bronze)
Discover a secret level

Someone must construct additional beacons (Bronze)
Destroy every Secret Beacon in a single world

I'm prioritizing! (Silver)
Defeat the Beamtron on Experienced difficulty with one or more enemies still alive

*SLAP* (Silver)
Deal a killing blow to a boss with a Sword attack

Last line of defense (Silver)
Save all Humans and Secret Humans in a single world on Veteran difficulty

Doing it (Bronze)
Succeed in 10 end-level minigames in a row on any difficulty

Because I can (Bronze)
Clear a single world while succeeding in every end-level minigame on any difficulty

Not in my house (Bronze)
Save a human while it's being harvested

Look at me go (Bronze)
Complete a feat

Getting there (Silver)
Complete 50 feats

Fea(s)ts! (Gold)
Complete 100 feats

2+2=/=5 (Bronze)
Reach a human combo of 5

'-10+9*8-7*6+5*4+3^2+1 = 50' (Silver)
Reach a human combo of 50

Nihilist (Bronze)
Complete a single world on Experienced difficulty without saving any humans

Storm Runner (Gold)
Beat Machine City on Experienced difficulty in under 5:45

No touching (Gold)
Clear a single world on Experienced difficulty or higher without getting hit

Bronze challenger (Bronze)
Earn 3 bronze medals in the Arena

Silver challenger (Bronze)
Earn 6 silver medals in the Arena

Gold challenger (Silver)
Earn 9 gold medals in the Arena

Secret Trophies

The Orbital Throne (Bronze)
Complete Space Station in arcade mode on any difficulty

1CC (Gold)
Complete Arcade mode on Experienced difficulty without continuing

Dank beams (Bronze)
Dash through 3 beams with single dash

Look mom! (Silver)
Finish a level without firing your primary or your secondary weapon

No hands! (Silver)
Finish 5 levels in a row without movement, dashing allowed

I'm special, you're special! (Bronze)
Save all Secret Humans in a single world on Experienced difficulty or higher

Multiplierist (Bronze)
Reach a multiplier of 50

Behold, for he goes up to eleven (Bronze)
Fully power up the Hero

Why are you running?! (Bronze)
Kill a Disruptor

They died for a cause (Silver)
Kill every Disruptor in a single world

Nex Machina: Veteran - The Architect

Never mind my terrible score. This was an Arcade run for the Veteran trophy, so I didn't care about the points. I don't have any tips, except one: practice fighting this boss on single world mode. Once you can beat it consistently without using a Continue, then try Arcade mode. You'll want to kill him without using a Continue because it is extremely difficult to do so without any power ups. Unless you're very very good.


Nex Machina Review! Super HARD Retro Action? (PS4)

The amazing indie developers behind Resogun and Alienation has finally brought out a new game. Does Nex Machina: Death Machine live up to their previous or is it stuck in the retro arcade past?

TOP 5 Best Games and Worst Fails of E3 2017:

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Nex Machina is upcoming shoot 'em up video game developed and published by Housemarque. The game is scheduled to be released in 2017 for the PlayStation 4 video game console and Windows-based personal computers. Veteran arcade game designer Eugene Jarvis is a creative consultant on the project.

Nex Machina (PS4) - Supreme AI Boss Fight No Damage (Experienced Difficulty)

Another boss I managed to get a no damage on when going for my 1CC trophy. This boss was a nightmare on my first run in world 6: space station, so I was confused and surprised I was able to do it....

Still hate this boss lol


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Nex Machina [veteran]: True Last Boss 1CC

39:32 Supreme AI & Nex Machina

Was my first time clearing Veteran and reaching the TLB, somehow managed to take it down. On to Master and Hero, those will surely take people a while.

Enjoying this game a lot. I played the beta with the couple first worlds but the new levels and fine tuning blow it out the water.

This game much like Resogun compresses poorly in video. It looks much nicer on the actual machine. I guess my capture card wont be up to snuff for things like this that need over 720p.

Nex Machina | Launch Trailer | PS4

Housemarque welcomes you to twin-stick arcade bliss on PS4 with Ex Machina, out today on PS4.

Nex Machina - Giant Face Boss Destroyed (SECRET BOSS)

Had a good game today, and managed to get to Nex Machina with 5 lives and pulled it off! What an amazing boss, the craftsmanship and music is just off the charts. To access this, you need to beat experienced or harder without using a continue. Good luck! She's tough and this is only on Experienced!

Let's Play Nex Machina PC at Native 4K!

We recommend Chrome for native 4K playback on desktop. Digital Foundry Patreon supporters can grab the high quality download here:

Dave and Rich sit down to play the PC version of this highly anticipated twin stick shooter from the makers of Resogun.

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Nex Machina : Trophy : Master

Trophy condition: Complete Techno Forest on Master difficulty.



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