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10 best tips for playing Nex Machina: Death Machine


Pro Tips for Nex Machina

Though a lot of these tips are for high scores, there are many for general play and strategizing. I hope this video can help you get better at Nex Machina.


Nex Machina: Tips and Tricks

In this video Alex discusses more advanced tips and tricks for Nex Machina. Which powers should you look out for? What's the best way to destroy the enemies? Alex talks about everything you'll need to know to rise up the leaderboards. Let us know if there's any world/boss/level you need help with and we will make a video on it!! Make sure to subscribe to the channel for more content!!

Nex Machina Review! Super HARD Retro Action? (PS4)

The amazing indie developers behind Resogun and Alienation has finally brought out a new game. Does Nex Machina: Death Machine live up to their previous or is it stuck in the retro arcade past?

TOP 5 Best Games and Worst Fails of E3 2017:

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Nex Machina is upcoming shoot 'em up video game developed and published by Housemarque. The game is scheduled to be released in 2017 for the PlayStation 4 video game console and Windows-based personal computers. Veteran arcade game designer Eugene Jarvis is a creative consultant on the project.

Nex Machina Review

Nex Machina reviewed by TJ Hafer on PC and PlayStation 4.

The First 10 Minutes of Nex Machina:

Nex Machina: 11 Essential Tips For Success:

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STG Weekly #122: Nex Machina: Death Machine

From the makers of Resogun & Super Stardust HD -- Housemarque busts out with an awesome sci-fi arcade style twin-stick shooter in the vein of Robotron 2084. JimmyQBalls and Zaarock join us to talk the game, gameplay mechanics and scoring. NEX MACHINA is the real thing.

Steam Store page:

Video credits:

Footage recorded by JimmyQBalls featuring Veteran hard mode by Supajoofly, Master mode Techno Forest by KuroKazuma, and Redline Flare Path by JimmyQBalls:

Hero Mode footage by Zaarock:


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Recorded live on 7--01-17 on

Nex Machina - Death Machine Gameplay - World One (Strain's First Look)

Nex Machina - Death Machine Gameplay - World One (Strain's First Look)

Check out the newely released Nex Machina with classic style gameplay for us old farts out there!

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Nex Machina Review

Is Nex Machina the next game for bullet hell enthusiasts to jump into or should they just let it graze by? Find out in our GameSpot review!

Read Jason's in-depth review at!

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Nex Machina I'm prioritizing! Trophy Guide

This is not a hard trophy got it on my second try. just keep going around in circles and you will be fine. the last part requires a bit of dogging but its not too bad. good luck!

NEX Machina - Five tips and tricks for earning the highest score


Housemarque’s latest game Nex Machina isn’t just a superb twin-stick shooter that combines tight action with lightning-quick bullet hell stages: It’s also more addictive than a cake made out of heroin. Nex Machina is a short game, but its longevity lies not in its initial 45 minute (give or take) run but rather in its Arena mode.

You’re given a chance to not only replay the superb stages again, but to to also do better. To score bigger and work your way to the top of the charts. Which is easier said than done. Struggling to keep up and wondering how to crack that magical five million points barrier? Here’s a few tips to help you max the numbers on your attempt to be the best.

Nex Machina Death Machine arcade shooter - PC PS4

From the team that created Resogun and in collaboration with Eugene Jarvis (Robotron, Smash TV) comes an intense arcade shooter that blends the best of coin-op skillful gameplay and modern cutting edge voxel tech.
Travel through a diverse alternate universe where robots have taken over and humans have an unhealthy symbiosis with their screened devices. Starting from the Techno Forest you make your way through ever increasing robot infestation as you attempt to save humanity.

Particle explosions and neon lights are always better with a great soundtrack. Ari Pulkkinen (RESOGUN) returns to helm an adrenaline fueled set of tracks that blend synthwave and retro game influences.

Nex Machina features a fully fledged arcade Campaign that can be played solo or in local co-op with a friend.

Tons of secrets and alternate paths in each world. Upgradeable player character with access to six (6) different special weapons, that all can be lost as you perish in the torrent of endless robots.

Deep layered gameplay that let's you juggle with saving humans and trying to stay alive.

Complex enemy design and pulsating bullet patterns that can get you in the zone.

Three different main difficulty setting and more to unlock as you learn the ropes. Each difficulty offering new things to learn and conquer.

A changing challenge mode called the Arena, where you can return to locations in the game that are now totaly different with faster speeds and other fresh modifications.
Competing to beat your friends and the world with unique leaderboards for each challenge.

Unlockable skins, weapon colors and more that open up as you play the different modes available.

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Nex Machina - 25 Min of Gameplay

No Commentary Gameplay
Nex Machina on Steam:

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Nex Machina - No Death 1cc Experienced - 892,857,700

here is now the full no death 1cc run. took me a little bit longer to upload then expected.
in this run i broke my human combo 2 times, missed a secret human at stage 5 and played stage 6 safe without going for the secret exits.
now that i got a clean 1cc i will definitely go for all humans and secret exits in my next runs. maybe also learn the beacon locations.
anyway, really amazing game. give it a try everyone.

Nex Machina PS4 Review

Nex Machina Review
Nex Machina PS4 Review
Nex Machina Xbox One Steam PC Review
Nex Machina Death Machine Review

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*Full Disclosure: A review copy of this game was provided to me by it's publisher.*

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Nex Machina - Full Level Gameplay

Arcade shoot em up fans rejoice, the people who brought you Resogun are bringing you another fast paced arcade game, voxels and all!

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Nex Machina secret neon high score

Secret neon mode. High score. PS4.


Hey everyone for this review I take on the fast paced arcade style shooter Nex Machina. The game features lots of action and a ton of enemies on screen at once for you to deal with. With five worlds and multiple play modes the game will provide quite a bit to do.

This game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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Nex Machina Any%(Rookie)-Speedrun 27:00

Platform : PS4
Ver. 1.05
Difficulty : easy
Time : 27m 00s

It is glitch that Sound effect disappears on PS4.

CIRCLE AROUND YOUR ENEMIES!! - Nex Machina Death Machine | Lazy Entertainment

Kevin tries out a game that is really fast-paced and absolutely crazy with the particles.

A tip that applies everywhere - Everything will fail to get you if you keep circling around them.
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Nex Machina (PS4) - Nex Machina Hidden Final Boss Fight (I GET REKT!!) :/

This is the final hidden boss of the game. To get to this boss you have beat the entire arcade mode without continuing at all on Experienced and higher difficulties. This was extremely exhausting to get to. And then the boss literally steamrolls me :(

Not only does the boss have insane life, but it summons additional enemies in that fight. This is a big nope. What a load of BS.... I lost it here.

I did my best. but never had a chance. I wanted to practice more, but once you die the game ends. You have to redo that whole arcade mode to get a chance to fight it. Nope. I'm done for now. Will try again when I feel better.


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