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10 best tips for playing NieR: Automata


Nier: Automata - Tips and Tricks Video

Get some help on your journey in the world of Nier: Automata with these five tips.

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10 Beginners Tips And Tricks NieR Replicant Doesn't Tell You

Here, we've compiled a few tips and tricks to keep in mind as you play NieR Replicant.

NieR Automata - Secret Moves!

Nier Automata

I show some tips on some things you might not know! Some moves and buttons you probably don't know about! If you know anymore please let me know. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy! #NeirAutomata #SecretMoves

NieR: Automata Getting Started Guide [Controller Setup and Difficulty Tips]

NieR Automata just released on Xbox One on June 26th 2018 and if you are new to the series like I am, here are some tips for changing up the controller to be more comfortable for playing as well as tips on setting the difficulty level. And when you might want to do that.
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Discovering NieR Automata's Final Secret - Cheat Code Reverse Engineering - Secret Ending Trigger


So I found the often alluded to final secret in NieR Automata, a cheat code that can only be entered while standing in one particular place, at one specific moment in the game, which unlocks Chapter Select, Debug Mode, the Debug Room, and the Trophy Shop, as well as a few other items. Saving the player from having to do 3 playthroughs of the game to unlock these. A ton of work went into this so I hope you think it's cool too!

Nier Automata 2021 Review | Did You Miss This Masterpiece?

Nier Automata 2021 Review. In this Nier Automata review, I hope to answer the question: is Nier Automata worth it in 2021. The version I have played is NieR: Automata Game of the YoRHa Edition (which is the game of the year edition)

The game is available on PS4, Xbox One and on PC, but will be playable on PS5, Xbox S and Xbox X.

Nier Automata is a fantastic game. In this video I break down some of the gameplay elements and explain why you might want to give it a try.

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Thumbnail artwork: original image by Artgerm on DeviantArt


No, NieR Automata + The Evil Within PC Aren't Fixed On GamePass - But Are They Better?

There was much excitement when NieR Automata and The Evil Within arrived on GamePass with bespoke ports reported to address some of the outstanding issues with the Steam versions, and in the case of The Evil Within, even adding new features. Alex tested both of them out and came away disappointed.

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Nier Replicant - Before You Buy

Nier Replicant (PC, PS4, Xbox) is a sort-of remake of a cult classic. How is it? Let's dive in.
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How to Hack the Bunny in Amusement Park | EXP Farming | NieR Automata

This video was made before the patch that fixed the gibberish text when hacking, but it was after the developers released the patch that removed easy targeting for hacking the bunny.
I suggest starting at around level 65 because then 9S would be strong enough to do a decent amount of damage. After continuous level ups, you get stronger and the time it takes to wake the bunny shortens.
How to hack the bunny in the amusement park in NieR Automata for farming EXP.
1. Play as 9S (of course)
2. Customize a Chip Set with attack boosting chips like weapon attack +. Make sure to equip last resort chips as these increase damage significantly when low on health.
3. Customize another Chip Set and put EXP boosting chips on it (to maximize EXP gain).
4. Equip the Chip Set with the attack boosts.
5. Self-destruct, or you can get hit until you're low on health but I find self-destructing to be a faster method.
6. Wait until 9S recovers a bit then start attacking the bunny statue.
7. Once the bunny starts to move, dash away and heal (for good measure).
8. Hack.
9. Save.
10. Load.
11. Repeat.

Nier Automata | How to get 9,999,999 G easily | INFINITE MONEY GUIDE (Tips & Tricks)

In this video, I'm going to show you an easy way to get all money that you want! Even you can get 9,999,999G in 10 minutes of farming!

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NieR: Automata - All Outfits/Accessories and how to get them!


Here's a video showcasing all of the outfits/accessories available in NieR: Automata!

•Dress Module 00:00
•Heavy Armor A 01:02
•Heavy Armor B 01:27

•Pink Ribbon 01:55
•Blue Ribbon 02:16
•Machine Head 02:33
•Emil's Head 03:06
•Emil's Mask 03:43
•Lunar Tear 04:07
•Adam's Glasses 04:28
•Alien Mask 05:16
•Camouflage Goggles 05:33
•Valve Accessories 06:25
•A2 Wig 07:17

Pod skins:
•Grimoire Weiss 07:52
•Cardboard Pod 08:14
•Retro Red Pod 08:32
•Retro Grey Pod 08:48

Adam's Glasses Location: 09:11
How to get Lunar Tear:

How to get Emil's Head/Mask:

Post Automata Farm & MAXIMIZING Force! Nier Reincarnation Tips & Tricks!

What should you be doing after you have fully farmed out the Nier Automata event? How do you get past that 55,000/60,000 wall? We talk about it in here with the best methods to farm and what you should be doing!

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#Nier #NierReincarnation #NierRe[IN]Carnation #Nier Re[in]Carnation

Nier Replicant | ADVANCED TIPS - Get Much Better At Combat In 6 Minutes

Nier Replicant advanced gameplay tips and combat guide. Covering: special spell effects, weapon switching, combos, time manipulation, weapon weight, improved evasion, and more!

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All music is from the game’s official OST.
Song #1: The Dark Colossus Destroys All
Song #2: Snow In Summer
Song #3: Hills Of Radiant Winds

00:00 Intro
00:30 Advanced Magic
01:53 Weapon Swapping
02:45 Time Manipulation
03:49 Weapon Weight
04:21 Bonus Tips
05:30 Outro

#Nier #NierReplicant #Tips

Nier Automata - What Are You Doing? Trophy Guide (Look up 2B's Skirt 10 Times)

Nier Automata - What Are You Doing? Trophy Guide (Look up 2B's Skirt 10 Times)

What Are You Doing? | Bronze |
2B's secret discovered 10 times.

For this trophy, you need to look up 2B's skirt 10 times. If you position the camera under her skirt, she'll eventually back away from you, this counts as 1 time. Do this 10 times and the trophy will unlock.

If you blow her skirt off, it's easier to do this. Hold down L3 + R3 to destroy her skirt...


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★ NieR: Automata ~ Top 10 Best Epic Theme Songs (OST/BGM) ★

Just decided to do a Top 10 Best Songs video from the 2017 game, NieR Automata c: This is probably one of those games that I fell in love with because of the music they've put in the game c: These are my choices for the top 10, did yours make the cut? :)

Song List:

0:00 A Beautiful Song
4:19 Bipolar Nightmare
9:09 Birth Of A Wish
15:25 Song Of The Ancients
20:27 Dark Colossus
24:24 A2 Android Theme
29:30 End Of The Unknown
34:25 Vague Hope
37:58 Emil Despair
42:38 Weight Of The World

NieR:Automata Combo/Technic - GUIDE - 2B/A2/9S all Weapons -Tips & Tricks

NieR: Automata Combo and Technical Moves u can do.
Since the Gameplay of NieR:Automata from Platinum Games is one of the relaxingst and most fluid
Gameplay i ever experienced, i was needed to make one Guide for it. I hope u enjoy. (Ignore some wrong writen words in english please :D)


0:00 - Intro
0:30 - NieR:Automata: 2B/A2 Basic knowledge
2:45 - 2B/A2 Technics u probably dont know
3:34 - Cancel Mechanics/Pod petting
5:33 - A2 differences
6:15 - 9S attacks/differences

Music 1: NieR: Automata - Song of the Ancients [Breakbeat Remix/Cover by Rayden][Vocal by roux]
Music 2: Ben Moon - Majesty (ft. Veela)

Sauce of the thumbnail art :

Copyright Info:

Be aware this channel is only for promotion purpose.
All music belongs to the original creators.
#NieR #Guide

Nier Automata | How Level to 99 Fast! (Post Route C)

Nier Automata | How Level to 99 Fast! (Post Route C)

0:00 Intro
0:35 Tele to Chapter 4-2 (as 9S)
0:47 Equipment setup
2:39 Weapon / NPC setup
3:09 The Run
5:57 Save

Desktop Setup
GTX 1080 ti -
RTX 2080 ti -
Yeti Mic -
Corsair Void Headset –
Corsair K95 -
Corsair M65 -
Asus 144hz Monitor -

#NierAutomata #Lvl99 #FastXP

10 Incredible Video Games You'll Never Play Again (And Why) - Commenter Edition

Replay value? Never heard of her.

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NieR:Automata | Emil's Shop Trick!!!

This video is for anyone trying to get Emil to stop outside the Resistance Camp AND sell the weapons/rare materials and Dress Module. Be sure to shoot him so he lands as close to the camp as possible.

During Chapter 7-1:

• Finish the Forest Kingdom chapter (Talk to Pascal)
• Talk to Emil at least once (He may be by the Camp, Desert or Factory Entrance area)
• Run (don't fast travel) to the Abandoned Commercial Facility.
• Run across the bridge and then back to the City Ruins. Check Emil's location
• Run back into the abandoned commercial facility if he is not on the correct route

Repeat the last two steps until he shows up near the Resistance Camp.

- thanks to | | for the guide :3

NieR:Automata How to Taunt tutorial



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