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10 best tips for playing NieR: Automata


NIER AUTOMATA Top 6 Tips Every Player Should Know | Nier Automata Tips (No Spoilers)

Top 6 Tips For NIER AUTOMATA - learn Attacks, Combos, An Infinite, how to access key items early on, creating strong weapon sets and tips every player should know to improve their experience with Nier Automata. Don't overlook Fusion as in Nier Fusion represents one of the best venues for upgrading your player. Thanks for watching and like the video if you enjoyed.

NIER AUTOMATA First 30 Minutes PS4 PRO Gameplay

HORIZON ZERO DAWN Tips Every Player Should Know

5 Tips To Improve At Any FPS - Beginner Tips

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NieR: Automata - Ten Tips To Get Started

In this Getting Started video, Jamie presents ten quick tips to get you off to a running (dodging, jumping, hacking, slashing and shooting) start in NieR: Automata.

Misinformation Alert! In the video Jamie says that 'Dash/dodge' is O on PS4 - it's not, it's R2. Just in case you were wondering.

Nier Automata: 7 Things I wish I'd known starting

A really rushed Video before bed
Having finished most of Nier Automata I thought I'd give some tips on things I wish I'd have known on my first play through of the game.

**Some Spoilers**
1. Post Game Chapter Select
2. Save point Transporting
3. Riding Animals
4. Hacking abilities
5. Upgrade Chips early
6. Save frequently
7. Trophy Shop


The basic beginners guide to Nier Automata ft. The Pros. Subscribe to see more For Beginners like this! If you have any games you want to see done or have any tips for future games please leave a comment, tweet me, or send me a message. LINKS TO ALL THE STUFF BELOW!




Nier PC Review (AKindAleWar)

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Top 10 (Ten) reasons why you should play Nier: Automata

My humble attempt to promote the outcome of creative alliance between Yoko Taro (aka the guy that made Nier) and Platinum Games (aka dem guys that made MGR and Bayonetta) - Nier: Automata. In this video I give you 10 best toppest reasons why you should go and get it... oh by the way,get it on Steam for PC - because MAH 4K 60FPS (even though the game does not yet support 4K).

Anyway being a gameplay driven Japanese game, I can't help but love it from the start and maybe you'd feel the same? So, give it a go.

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Nier Automata ► FREE Weapon | MUST Do This in Second Mission

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Nier: Automata - Tips and Tricks Video

Get some help on your journey in the world of Nier: Automata with these five tips.

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107 Nier Automata Facts YOU Should Know! | Gameplay Tips, Lore, Secrets | The Leaderboard

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Join The Leaderboard as we cut into gameplay tips, the development story and some random fun trivia for the NieR sequel in 107 NieR: Automata Fact YOU Should Know! In this open-world RPG developed by Platinum games, NieR: Automata continues exploring the post apocalyptic Earth set thousands of years into the future. Can 2B and the YoRHa combat androids beat back the machines and save humanity???

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Researched by: Gray Rostron
Written by: Gray Rostron, Nahreen Tarzi
Hosted by: Seth Boyer
Edited by: Kyle Freudeneberg

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Nier: Automata - Before You Buy

Nier: Automata (PC, PS4) is the latest from Platinum Games and the long-awaited follow-up to Nier. What exactly is this game? Is it good? Jake breaks it down.
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NieR: Automata - Early Leveling guide Lvl 5 to 40+ & Material/ Chip farm

Having trouble with the early game in NieR: Automata? This guide shows you an easy location to level from 5 to 40+! It is high risk but high reward! This is also a great place to farm upgrade materials (Pristine Screw & Cable), level 3 Plug in Chips and money!

NieR Automata: [W]orth the Wait -- [The InVashtigation]


NieR Automata is the best worst game Platinum have ever made; I love it.


Gameplay recorded by me EXCLUDING
-Drakengard 3 Ending D -
-Drakengard 3 Two's Chapter -
-Drakengard 1 -
-NieR Automata Donguri Combo MADS for bit
-NieR Automata: Some Cute Shit for bit -

Music in order of appearance:
Andy Stott - Time Away
Andy Stott - Sleepless
brandon - No Ordinary Landscape
Dirrrty B & Wreckage Machinery - Autumn Nights (Instrumental)
Wreckage Machinery - Daggermouth
Spor - Three Ravens
Shoji Meguro - Want to be Close [BURN MY DREAD REINCARNATED]
Blockhead - You've Got Maelstrom
Aesop Rock - Pigs [Instrumental by Blockhead]
Various - Levitation
McVaffe - Crystalline Caverns
Aesop Rock - 39 Thieves [Instrumental by Blockhead]
Bonobo - Ten Tigers
Hotel Neon - 12:41 AM
Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass
Keichii Okabe - Peaceful Sleep
Keichii Okabe - Birth of a Wish [BECOME AS GODS {JP}]
Keichii Okabe - Disposession [Piano ver.]
Keichii Okabe - Song of the Ancients: Atonement [8-bit ver.]
Keichii Okabe - Voice of no Return
Bayonetta 2 OST - A Present From Rodin (B)
MONACA - Better End
Keigo Hoashi - Broken Heart
Keichii Okabe - Emil (Sacrifice)
Machinae Supremacy - Dreadnaught
Madmen & Poets - Scandanavian Sunday
MONACA feat. Automata Dev Team - The [E]nd of YoRHa

Know Before You Go... NIER AUTOMATA

NieR: Automata is an open world action roleplaying game developed by Platinum Studios and published by Square-Enix, in which you take on the role of combat android 2B to fight on behalf of humanity against invading machines from another world.

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Nier: Automata Review | The Masterpiece You (Probably) Won't Play

Nier: Automata- I can't recall ever being so captivated by a game. At least not in the last decade. I think maybe I'm going a little crazy. Regardless, I haven't been able to string a single non-Nier related thought together this week as this review has all but consumed me. Even now, I am still deeply unhappy with it as I feel it does not do the game justice. But I know I wouldn't be happy with anything I produce at this point, so my hope is that you enjoy this review more than I did, and if you hadn't thought to purchase and play Nier, that you might revisit that decision.

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How to boost performance in Nier: Automata for a low end PC

Nier: Automata might be a subpar port, but there is already one mod out there that might even double your performance on some low end GPUs. Here is how to use it.

FAR mod:

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The PC used the footage for this video has the following specifications:

CPU: 2.66 GHz Intel Core i5 750 or 2.8 GHz Intel Celeron G1840 (measured no difference)
VIDEO: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or NVIDIA GeForce GT 640

All gameplay footage is taken using an external video capture device.


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Before You Start Nier Automata

Here's a short list of tips that I wish I knew before I started playing Nier Automata. Leave a comment if you can think of any other tips new players should know.


8 things that will make you love the Nier franchise

Nier Automata is planned for March 7th in the USA and March 10th in the EU. Nier is not well known among gamers and we want to change that!

Pre-order Automata here:

Nier Automata is perhaps one of the dark horses of the game industry. Perhaps you never heard of Nier. So let us introduce this series to you. Here are 8 things that will make you love Nier and Nier Automata! There will be some story spoilers for the first Nier so consider yourself warned.

Spin-off from Drakengard
Let’s start with a small history lesson, because Nier is actually a spin-off from the Drakengard series… or Drag-on Dragoon, as they call it in Japan. This series consists out of three numbered games. Drakengard 2 is a direct sequel. Drakengard 3 is a prequel that also plays during the same time as the first Drakengard, but uses alternative timelines.

Nier or No Nier
The first game in the series was all about Nier finding a cure against the plague. Nier wanted to heal his dying daughter - or sister, but we will get to that later. You’re fighting these dark spirits in this post apocalyptic world in an effort to reach your goal. Now fast forward a couple of centuries to Nier: Automata. Earth has been invaded by alien machines and the last remaining humans have taken refuge on the moon.

New Game+
Both Nier and Nier Automata have the New Game Plus feature. On a second playthrough of Nier you will suddenly understand the language of the spirits. You learn about their suffering and their motivations. And this will make the player doubt the heroism of Nier. A third playthrough will expand the story even further. Nier Automata also offers the New Game Plus feature, which will unlock new characters and therefore very likely also new stories.

All mixed up
In essence Nier is a third person action role playing game. As things go in RPGs you earn experience points by fighting enemies. You fight using weapons or magic and and you can enhance your weapons with power ups. However, what made the gameplay of the first Nier game very special, was that it used elements from other genres.

Weird in a good way
Nier was received with mixed reviews, but gained a cult following. The game brought up many questions that were never truly answered. The worlds you were thrown into, are extremely diverse. And of course the same can be said about the gameplay. It’s this combination of gameplay mechanics and remarkable design, together with its mysterious story that made Nier so beloved.

Something different
When it comes to gameplay, the first Nier and its sequel are not quite the same. Nier can be considered a deep role playing game in which you need to upgrade your weapons and magic to become stronger in combat. The story is dark and emotional. In Nier Automata there’s a stronger focus on combat and the story is more focused on survival.

To reboot or not to reboot
We want to address one awesome game mechanic for Nier Automata. When you die your Android body stays behind. Your memories are uploaded to a server and booted into a new body. You can then find your old body and salvage hardware from it. Or you can repair it and have it fight alongside you.

Two versions
Did you know the first game in the Nier series came in two versions? In Nier for the Playstation 3 the main character looked younger, while the same character on the Xbox 360 was older. Depending on which version you would play, you would be saving your daughter or your sister. Game studio Cavia and Square Enix did this to appeal to the western market.

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"Better than many Final Fantasy games"- 10/10- Nier Automata review (20 minutes spoiler free)

Innovative gameplay, resonating story, shameless upskirts, epic boss battles & a flawless ost soundtrack. This Nier Automata review is not going to hold back on emphasising my strong conviction this is a 10/10 masterpiece. Though it is not a final fantasy I need this one time to have a discussion about NieR: Automata.

As the titles says, first 20 minutes is spoiler free besides a bit of gameplay in the back. None of which are cutscenes or cinematics however. Also a few Nier theme songs are playing which may be considered spoiler. After 20 minutes there will be plot spoiler alert announcement.

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NieR:Automata - Advanced Combat Tutorial (Aerial dashing attacks)

If you're still having trouble doing this, a more consistent method for pulling this off is:
- evade
- move forward (after hearing the woosh sound effect)
- press heavy attack

the window between pressing heavy attack and forward motion isn't very large, and it's almost simultaneous.

Nier Automata Spoiler-Free Tips for Beginners

Here's JB's list of 100% spoiler-free tips for those new to Nier: Automata. Just about everything in this game might be considered a spoiler, especially because a lot of the enjoyment of playing this game comes from the story.

Tips -
There is no auto-save, so save whenever possible.
Play with headphones, and stay out of party chat.
Take your time, explore at your own pace.
Open your menu and look around early and often.
Assume any online content regarding the game contains spoilers unless specifically stated otherwise.

Let's Talk About Nier: Automata's Best (and Saddest) Sequence

SPOILER WARNING: Literally all the spoilers
Nier: Automata was a great game that unexpectedly made me bawl for like a full hour. Let's examine that sequence and how it relates to Nier's overall themes!



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