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10 best tips for playing Nioh


Top 5 Nioh Tips for Beginners (Early progression, builds, setups and what-not)

As a big Nioh enthusiast and a veteran I've decided to make a good video, sharing some of my 'veteran' tips that will help beginners to progress without losing sleep... and well, without making the game unnecessary hard.

I'm not gonna give you an OP 'broken' early game build to cheese everything (even though you can get it done, just grab the Sloth talisman) and I'm not gonna give you speedrun strategies... what I'm gonna give you though - is some basic tips that are designed to give you a good idea on how the game works and how you should approach it.

If you have any questions - shoot, I'll do my best to help you in the comments!

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15 Beginners Tips And Tricks NIOH 2 Doesn't Tell You

Team Ninja's Nioh 2 is a tough game, which is saying something in a post-Sekiro world. Not only are there new enemies and types waiting to tear you apart but several new gameplay systems and oppressive mechanics to wear you down. Let's over some beginner tips and tricks that should help even the odds.

Important note: We got the bit about Righteous Jasper wrong. Righteous Jasper can be useful netting more rewards from multiplayer. It essentially spawns a Benevolent Grave at your location to be accessed by other players. While you can't use it to, say, spawn another player's character, the more times it's used by others, the more rewards you'll get in return. Try placing it near tough bosses or situations to reap maximum rewards. Our apologies for the same.





Nioh PS4. WotN tips, Way of the Nioh. High level gameplay 仁王の道Truly amazing game! Porady dla Drogi Nioh (najwyższy poziom trudności). Naprawdę wspaniała gra! Check the description. Sprawdź deskrypcję.


Best moments of Nioh. Highest difficulty. Way of the Nioh. No Amrita refill Abyss floor 999 solo SUCCESS included 5:00 ! My favourite PS4 game.

-Spearfall and parries for humans,
-Suzaku stuns majority of enemies and drains so much Ki,
-Use TTT combo (spear's mid stance), very easy and efficient
-Chidori for juggle, but be careful - it will lock you for a bit.

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Moje najlepsze momenty z Nioh. Najwyższy poziom trudności. Droga Nioh. Wraz z UDANYM podejściem bez zasilania Amritą, poziom 999 w Otchłani solo 5:00 ! Najlepsza gra na PS4, jak dla mnie.

-Użyj ataku Spearfall na ludziach,
-Suzaku ogłusza wielu przeciwników i zabiera dużo Ki,
-Użyj ataku trzech trójkątów (postawa średnia włóczni) - bardzo łatwe i efektywne,
-Chidori (spear) dla żonglerki, ale bądź ostrożny - zatrzyma Cię w animiacji na trochę.

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Nioh Best Early Amrita Farming Method - Nioh Level Up Fast Guide

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Nioh - 10 Tips & Farming Methods for my Nioh Fam

Lots of info, hopefully some of you find some of it useful or learned something that will make playing the game easier or faster for you. Feel free to leave your own tips in the comments, would love for this video to become a cesspool of knowledge.

DLC is soon approaching. Will put out a video if a trailer is released, if not, will make a video before DLC with all the info we've gotten so far for some hypu!!~~~

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How to get + gear and upgrade divines:

How to cheese patch 1.06 missions:

Tri-Sword Build (Stryker):

Axe Build (Mastodon):

Kusarigama (Amaterasu):

Sword Build:

Spear Build:

Nioh 2: 10 Tips Every Player Should Know

Nioh 2: 10 Tips Every Player Should Know. In this video, we want to show you 10 tips that will make your Nioh 2 playthrough better and easier. If you’re a new player, a beginner or you’re just getting started, this guide is for you.

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NIOH - Advanced Tips & Tricks

You can find the same top 10 basic tips for Nioh all over the internet so i'm going to try to highlight a few tips that I myself have found important or not covered on other generic lists.
Learn to save yourself from slipping off a ledge, pin point every Kodama without a guide, min/max your stats, and more.

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Nioh Essential Tips

This video is a guide to some essential tips about starting out in Nioh. Most of this information is to help you better understand how to navigate the menus and use items to make your playing experience the best it can be.

Get +10 Divine Weapons and Armor fast and easy! Fastest +10 divine crafting method for Nioh

Today I want to show you my method to create +10 divine weapons and armor in Nioh the fastest and easiest way. This method is the fastest way to farm + divine gear in Nioh to my knowledge, and can help you get to +10 in a matter of hours. I will also show you my gold farming and ochoku cup farming method to help you get all the things you need to get you to +10 divine gears as quick as possible.

For the gold farming method you will be playing the battle for ohashi bridge. You will be farming revenants for the divine item drops to sell to the blacksmith. You can reset the revenants by jumping off the bridge over and over again until they reappear. This will also help you with farming ochuku cups to offer before the meeting on the other shore mission. Each Ochoku cup you offer will add 1% to your divine weapon drop rate on that mission and help you find more + divine weapon and item drops in Nioh.

After you have farmed the gold and ochoku cups you will start farming the meeting on the other shore. To make this as quick as possible you will need these magic and ninja items.

Tiger running scrolls
Wealth-bringer talismans
extraction talismans
carnage talismans
steel talismans
sloth talismans
blinding shells

If you have all of these items, equip Tengen Kojaku as your guardian spirit and go ham on their asses. The fight will be over in a matter of seconds and you will have many new +4 and +5 gear to use to craft.

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I am going to leave the description from my last divine weapon video below if you would like to read it:

Welcome to the channel today I want to talk about the Nioh Endgame, how to unlock Divine weapons and armor (the best weapons and armor in the Nioh) in Nioh, level enhance guardians, and talk about the way of the strong difficulty.

To begin you must complete the main story missions to unlock the Divine weapons, enhance guardians, and the way of the strong difficulty. To unlock the Divine Weapons in Nioh you must first beat the Demon King Revealed mission and slay Kelley. Divine weapons are the highest tier weapons in Nioh and have a green glow around them when dropped. Divine weapons have a higher familiarity bonus than purple weapons and generally have more weapon affixes and stats. You can get a Divine Sword, Dual swords, Spear, Axe/Hammer, Kusarigama, Bow, Matchlock, and Hand Cannon. Each Divine weapon can be any variation of the weapons in each category. Divine weapons and armor promise to be the best weapons and armor in NIoh,
Divine Armor is where things get much more interesting. Divine armor gains the same Familiarity bonus weapons do and can increase the amount of damage mitigated and increase the other stats as well. Divine armor also comes in all variations including set armor and set pieces.
The next thing I want to talk about is the Enhance Guardian leveling ability. The Nioh Enhance Guardian leveling system works close to the way that you level William. The Levels require Amrita and the level cap is set for each guardian. The bonuses are much smaller however than the leveling bonuses you receive, but because most are passive increases to William it make sense. All Guardians can be leveled.
The last thing I want to discuss is the Way of the Strong Difficulty in Nioh. After beating the Queens eyes mission you unlock the way of the strong and it refreshes the mission and increases their level greatly. This difficulty feels about the same as when you first started playing Nioh, but with everything you have unlocked so far.
The Nioh endgame is shaping up nicely and looks to provide much more content.
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8 Cool Things You Didn't Know About Nioh

Did you think Hanzo keeps a cat in his coat as a kooky quirk? Think again.

Nioh Beginner Skill Tree Tips

A short video on tips to help the beginning of the game easier for you. Enjoy!

How to Play Nioh

Join Daniel Tack and Suriel Vazquez on a guided tour through all the menus, shops, and systems that make up the core of Team Ninja's Nioh.

Nioh - Leveling, Are you Gimping Yourself?

Nioh - Leveling, Are you Gimping Yourself?
Let's have a discussion about the leveling system in Nioh. It isn't as straightforward as it seems.

Nioh Tips : Ultimate Guide (Stats, Builds, Elemental Damage Effects)

Nioh Tips! Ultimate Guide! Stats, Elemental Damage special effects and builds will be explained in this walkthrough. Share your Nioh Tips below. Let's play Nioh and learn together!
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Nioh Guide - Character Leveling Guide (Skills, Stats, Ninjutsu, Magic and Titles)

(2017) Nioh Guide
Nioh Character Leveling Guide (Skills, Stats, Ninjutsu, Magic and Titles)

Nioh: My Clan, Build and some Tips

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In my newest video (One shot bosses) I'm using a different katana from here, although the difference in damage is minimal.

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Nioh Beginner Guide: Character Statistics Tutorial & Starting Tips

Guide series for Nioh focused on helping new players learn how to play the game with a focus on understanding the fundamentals of the combat and mechanics.

I will cover combat, but before that want to breakdown the gameplay bonuses of each of your character's statistics (Body, Heart, Stamina, Strength, Skill, Dexterity, Magic, Spirit) so you can figure out how you want to build your character starting out--but you can respec--plus the effective power of your offense & defense is mostly influenced by your weapons and armors' item level, not your character stats.

Nioh get Better Weapons and Armor! Updated step by step Blacksmith Tutorial

Welcome to the channel today I am going to show you how to get better weapons and armor in Nioh by using my updated step by step Blacksmith tutorial. You may have seen my beta blacksmith tutorial, but it is outdated so I am bringing you a new version.
There are many new features to the blacksmith that we didnt have in the beta, such as forge and disassemble. In Nioh Disassemble lets you break down weapons and armor you have collected into different crafting materials (high quality, higher quality, and highest quality). With forge you can upgrade those Nioh blacksmith materials and forge new weapons and armor. When forging one thing to keep in mind is that you only have a CHANCE to roll a highest quality weapon, it is not guaranteed. A few notes from my last blacksmith tutorial:
Welcome to the channel, this is tracerbeast bringing you a Nioh blacksmith tutorial with tips and a Muneshige boss walk through. So I have seen plenty of videos and comments saying that the blacksmith is not available in the Nioh Beta. This is not true at all! While some of the features are not available in the beta, you can use the blacksmith to soul match and reforge weapons and armor and get the best out of your gear. There is only a small notification after you finish the deep in the shadows mission that you have unlocked the blacksmith so this feature has been overlooked. You access the blacksmith in Nioh by going to the starting point and looking through the menu. There is no tutorial on how to use the blacksmith in game, it is all trial and error and can cause you to ruin some of your gear but I will show you the gameplay. That is why I am bringing you this Nioh blacksmith tutorial, to help you from making a mistake when soul matching or reforging. So the Nioh blacksmith has three features: Buy/sell weapons, Soul match, and reforge. Buy and sell is a pretty standard blacksmith feature and not worth any attention as the weapons for sale are low level and without any rarity. Soul match is the ability in the blacksmith in which you can upgrade the level of a piece of gear by sacrificing another piece of gear at a higher level. Reforge is the ability in the blacksmith to reroll a single property of that weapons stats. The best time to use the blacksmith is after you have completed the Muneshige fight because he drops the highest level gear in this demo.

Nioh Guide - What to do with all the Loot (Loot Options)

(2017) Nioh Guide

Nioh What to do with all the Loot (Loot Options)

How to Make the Best Gear in Nioh

Part 2 about Divine gear can be found here:
In this video, I took a look at the advance features of Nioh's crafting system. Going through the blacksmith, I showed off how to make the best gear in the game, and upgrade what you have with soul matching. Getting access to exotic gear can be the edge that you need to survive the game's harder challenges.
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