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10 best tips for playing Nioh


10 Tips To Help You Survive in Nioh

Nioh is a brutally difficult and unforgiving game. But Matt has some advice to help you get through the game without dying... much.

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Nioh Beginners Guide - 6 Helpful Tips

Intro - 0:00
Ki - 0:33
Stats/Builds - 3:29
Elemental Effects/Discord - 6:57
Gear/Revenants - 10:02
Kodamas - 12:35
Blacksmith - 14:34

To further clarify Discord skip to 7:02 or 7:50. You'll see that when a 2nd elemental debuff is applied a 3rd debuff automatically shows up which looks like a ying & yang symbol. That icon is Discord. It occurs from applying any 2 of the 5 main elements (fire, water, wind, lightning, earth). Applying a third elemental while Discord is active will refresh the debuff as well. (i.e. you applied discord with fire & water, adding a lighting debuff will refresh Discord).

In Nioh, players will traverse war-torn Japan as William, a blonde-haired swordsman whose background as a fierce warrior and seasoned knowledge of the blade allows him to survive in the demon-plagued land of the samurai. Known as Yokai, these demons inhabit a number of dangerous locations and lie in wait in the shadows to ambush unsuspecting victims. Players will also face off with other samurai in supernatural sword battles and intense, multi-target engagements offering a level of difficulty that will truly test even the most hardened samurai’s skills, patience, and strategy.

Offering a deep and original storyline that takes place during the Warring States Period of Japanese history alongside strategic sword-fighting action, Nioh will challenge players in a way that makes every mission and accomplishment feel earned and worthwhile.

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Nioh Beginners Guide - 6 Helpful Tips


Nioh: 10 Things You NEED to KNOW

Nioh (PS4) is the latest PS4 exclusive, possibly bearing some gameplay similarities to Dark Souls. Here are some things you should know before it releases.
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*Written and recorded by Andrew Gebbia

10 Things You Don't Know About Nioh

In this video we’re gonna take a look at 10 Things that you may or may not know about Nioh - Team Ninja's dark fantasy samurai action RPG. We’ll cover topics that are based game Lore, game mechanics, Easter Eggs, secrets and things that are just simply fun to know, but all of these Nioh topics are either obscure or widely unknown.

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Top 5 Nioh Tips for Beginners (Early progression, builds, setups and what-not)

As a big Nioh enthusiast and a veteran I've decided to make a good video, sharing some of my 'veteran' tips that will help beginners to progress without losing sleep... and well, without making the game unnecessary hard.

I'm not gonna give you an OP 'broken' early game build to cheese everything (even though you can get it done, just grab the Sloth talisman) and I'm not gonna give you speedrun strategies... what I'm gonna give you though - is some basic tips that are designed to give you a good idea on how the game works and how you should approach it.

If you have any questions - shoot, I'll do my best to help you in the comments!

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NIOH - 18 Essential Tips for Beginners

(2017) Nioh Guide Essential Tips for Beginners


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Nioh has just been released and it's a GOOD game! But, there's some really important things you'll need to know, as a new player!

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Nioh - 10 Tips & Farming Methods for my Nioh Fam

Lots of info, hopefully some of you find some of it useful or learned something that will make playing the game easier or faster for you. Feel free to leave your own tips in the comments, would love for this video to become a cesspool of knowledge.

DLC is soon approaching. Will put out a video if a trailer is released, if not, will make a video before DLC with all the info we've gotten so far for some hypu!!~~~

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How to get + gear and upgrade divines:

How to cheese patch 1.06 missions:

Tri-Sword Build (Stryker):

Axe Build (Mastodon):

Kusarigama (Amaterasu):

Sword Build:

Spear Build:

NIOH - Advanced Tips & Tricks

You can find the same top 10 basic tips for Nioh all over the internet so i'm going to try to highlight a few tips that I myself have found important or not covered on other generic lists.
Learn to save yourself from slipping off a ledge, pin point every Kodama without a guide, min/max your stats, and more.

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10 Things You Don't Know About Nioh

Hey guys Sahsimon here and thanks for visiting my channel. This video is a list of 10 things you don't know about Nioh. The topics covered are related to game mechanics, trivia, and things that are fun to know. If you learned something new hit the like button and subscribe for more future content. Also leave a comment. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

How Not To Die in Nioh - 7 Tips For Beginners

PS4 exclusive RPG Nioh is nearly here! Nath talks Dave through 7 essential things you should know to help you stay alive.

The final beta for Nioh is running this weekend, 21 and 22 January. Nioh is out on February 8.

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Nioh // Ultimate 10 steps Guide // Spoiler free

You can complete your gaming experience with this useful guide. It will lead you away from self-sacrificing to a everything devastating killing machine.

Thanks hikis for accompanying me through this journey!

Watch all episodes here/Lets Play►
become a samurai►
No. 1 ►0:14 Activate health & KI number, agility & KI pulse
No. 2 ►1:53 Ladder controls to attack enemies
No. 3 ►2:53 Useful tricks with shrine & elixirs
No. 4 ►4:37 Powder kegs & cracks in wall
No. 5 ►5:32 Different guardian spirits abilities & kodamas
No. 6 ►7:03 Durability of living weapons
No. 7 ►9:32 Recover amrita points after dying
No. 8a ►10:17 Gestures - hidden walls
No. 8b ►12:25 Gestures - fake chests
No. 9 ►14:02 Onmyo magic & Dojo, (best magic´s in Nioh)
No. 10 ►16:54 Different useful tips, secrets & suggestions





Nioh - How To Quickly Gain Levels Very Early In Game

Whats up guys, quick video on how to farm some Amrita fairly easily and quickly to help gain a few extra levels early on. Nothing crazy honestly but running this for an hour or so does net you a pretty decent amount of Amrita/ Levels very early on in the game. Hope you enjoyed! :D

Nioh: 5 Useful Techniques (with Extra Detail)

Watch previous tutorial:

0:24 Switch Stance +Detail with Ki pulse
2:33 Running attack
3:55 Perfect Ki Pulse & Stance Effect
6:41 Katana (Tiger Sprint)
7:44 Sheathing Animation Cancel

I felt it was necessary for me to clarify how previous technique is done. Also, I included some details for some techniques since its also part of the combat mechanics.

Player (PS4): Sacredforce

Nioh - Beginner Tips in 90 Seconds

Nioh - Beginner Tips in 90 Seconds

Why 90 seconds? Because I want to go back to playing the game!

Flux / Living Water: These will help you out immensely. Essentially, if you finish a combo in high stance and then tap R1 + Square to swap to mid stance at the right time, you'll regenerate a lot of ki. Living water means that your dodges effectively count as ki pulses. Insanely useful.

Kicking: Sometimes it behooves you more to damage the enemy's ki than their health. If you drain their ki, they will be left in a state in which you can destroy them. The katana has a kick, the spear has a slightly slower equivalent. Look for ways to damage enemy ki and take advantage of it. It might sound complicated but it's simple once you get the hang of it. Kicking is also great against block-happy enemies.

Soul-Matching: If you have a level 5 axe that you really want to keep using for some reason, you can feed a level 10 axe into the level 5 to make it level 10. Be warned, this costs HUGE amounts of gold at higher levels.

Stats: I would definitely recommend taking BODY, HEART and SPIRIT up to 10 for a beginner. BODY gives you more health (diminishing returns after 10, you can always go higher, but 10 is a good early goal) HEART gives you more Ki, but unless you find yourself running out constantly, ask yourself how much you really need. Seems to have large diminishing returns after the 14-16 mark. SPIRIT will unlock the passives of your Guardian Spirit among other things.

Guardian Spirits: Isonade has amazing passives. Enemy detection and healing when enemies are defeated? What could be better. Sure, it doesn't do as much damage as the others, but you'll be using Living Weapon a fraction of the time. The passives help you all the time.

Blocking: If an enemy hits you and you know there's another attack coming, block, don't roll. You will almost always be able to block the next hit, whereas if you attempt to roll out, you'll probably continue getting hit. If you've played Ninja Gaiden II, the blocking works similar in this. Get used to keeping the button held down as often as you can. Remember how you can block the armadillo nuke in NG2? You can block surprising things in Nioh, too. And to people coming from Souls: Your weapons block 100% in Nioh - there's no chip damage like blocking with a weapon in Souls. If you're wondering about the equivalent of Stability it seems to be called Toughness this time.

Yokai: If you get the drop on them, shoot them in the head to break their horn, then run up and stab them whilst they are on the ground. If they get the drop on you, just back up and throw a stone at their head to break the horn and do the same thing.

That's all for now! Got any questions or tips of you own to share? Please do, in the comments!

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Nioh Essential Tips

This video is a guide to some essential tips about starting out in Nioh. Most of this information is to help you better understand how to navigate the menus and use items to make your playing experience the best it can be.

Nioh: Beginner's Guide for an average Dark Souls player - Basics of combat, loot system and more

A very special video guide - my attempt to familiarize the average Dark Souls player with Nioh, a game that seems so Dark Souls-like despite being very different.

In this relatively short 'tutorial' video I cover the basics of Nioh, inspecting its core concept and key principles. I do my best to examine its combat and loot systems in order to explain how Nioh can be played.

In some ways it is similar to Dark Souls - for example, one can argue that level design in Nioh tries to emulate the successful formula of Dark Souls level design - with its witty shortcuts and clever enemy placement to create ambushes.

However, when it comes to its core concepts - Nioh is a very different game. It has a unique stance based combat, with spicy skill tree and unusual 'guardian spirit' system. In addition to that, it is mostly a gear oriented game that uses loot system similar to ARPGs like Diablo - with randomized loot and billion affixes, proper crafting system and incentivized grind.

Despite Nioh being different in its core, it can actually play like Dark Souls game. It gives you two options: you can either brute-force the game by playing it like Diablo, farming enemies for better equipment (weapons and armour), absorbing experience to get more power... or you can play it like Dark Souls - study the environment and enemies in order to 'git gud' and stroll through the battlefield in style. This is what I think its the most interesting part of Nioh.

Ultimately, we're yet to see if it will live up to the Hype, but from what I've see during the early 'beta' Last Chance Trial... Nioh might just be the best game on the market since the original Dark Souls.

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7 tips to get you started in Nioh (new gameplay)

Johnny got hands on with a new section of Nioh recently and learned a few things about Team Ninja's upcoming game. Here are seven things he learned on the Defiled Holy Mountain.

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NioH Basic Controls Tutorials for Newbies - Getting better at DarkSouls of the Samurai Genre

Try to figure out how to perform different actions in the new Dark Souls Samurai Edition? You cam to the right place.

This video covers:
-lock on
-instant regain of stamina
-dodge roll
-different attacks
-using items

Nioh: Top 5 Pro Tips (Boss Fight and Beginners)

Learn top 5 starting tips to help noobs and beginners get past the early game to the first world map in the game Nioh by Team Ninja. Includes a strategy walkthrough on how to beat the first boss: Onryoki. By learning these tips and tricks at the beginning, you can easily become a pro. The top 5 starting tips are:
1) Learning how to use healing items (like Medicine) as shortcuts
2) Basic blocking stance to avoid getting hit
3) Luring troops, evading their attacks (dodge), and attacking for their loot
4) Getting the free Gold Nioh Armor DLC items (Boons)
5) How to defeat the first real boss of the game: Onryoki.
Note that instead of Dexterity, it should be Stamina that affects how much heavy armor you can wear. Learn how to easily win and beat the game so you can reach the map area and become a pro gamer using these starting tips. Walkthrough gameplay on PlayStation 4 Pro version of Nioh.



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