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10 best tips for playing Othello


Othello Lesson 5 - Preservation & Flat Theory

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The rotating flat is often the first opening new players learn. Here we look at how it fits into Othello strategy.

How To Play Othello (Reversi) Super Simple Lesson

How To Play Othello (Reversi) Super Simple Lesson

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Reversi is a strategy board game for two players, played on an 8×8 uncheckered board. It was invented in 1883. Othello, a variant with a change to the board's initial setup, was patented in 1971.

1 Basics
2 History
2.1 Original version
2.2 Othello
3 Rules
3.1 Brightwell Quotient
4 Computer opponents and research
5 World Othello Championship
6 References
7 External links


There are sixty-four identical game pieces called disks (often spelled discs), which are light on one side and dark on the other. Players take turns placing disks on the board with their assigned color facing up. During a play, any disks of the opponent's color that are in a straight line and bounded by the disk just placed and another disk of the current player's color are turned over to the current player's color. The object of the game is to have the majority of disks turned to display your color when the last playable empty square is filled.

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Pentago: Complete Tutorial and Strategy Tips

This is a video to teach you how to play Pentago, as well as some basic strategy tips.

Intro (0:00)
Object of the Game (0:34)
Gameplay (0:39)
Example Game One (1:35)
Example Game Two (2:39)
Strategy Tips (5:55)
- TIP: Obvious Rush (6:05)
- TIP: Center Symmetry (6:19)
- TIP: Auto Win Situation (6:30)
- TIP: 5-in-a-row Across Three Boards (7:16)
- TIP: Ways to Get 5 in a Row (7:40)
- TIP: Counterintuitive to Tic Tac Toe (8:49)
- TIP: Offense/Defense Race into 3 Board Setup (9:17)
Example Game Three (10:05)
- TIP: 3-in-a-row On One Board (11:27)
- TIP: 5-in-a-row Across Three Boards Defense (11:34)
In the Event of Ties (14:27)
Closing (15:06)
Credits and BLOOPERS! (15:34)

Mindtwister Games

For you algorithm/brute force/permutations/combinatorics/software engineer/computer science geeks...
Pentago Has Been Strongly Solved as a First Player Win Game

Reversi Free / Othello Board Strategies : Google Play Games

Reversi - officially known as Othello, but also known as GO, is a board based game of two color chips used to capture and dominate another player. Easy to learn, more fun than Checkers and at times requires a strategy of Chess, or just really good luck and an opponent making really bad moves. Sky Thusters walks you through the basic game play explaining how the game works using level five as an example, and ending the video showing a game played at level ten. Available as #Othello in your local toy or board game store, or as #Reversi or GO on Android, IOS apps. You can also get it for Lynx, Windows or Apple's Mac computers.

Once you start playing it and get the basics down, you'll find it a great way to pass time during doctors appointments, waiting at the bus stop, laying in bed, or anywhere else.

Watch this video on YouTube at:

Reversi Free is the best free Reversi game on Android! Flip your way to success in this classic game, where a position with the most counters can turn into an overwhelming loss! .. or a few remaining counters can still win the day! Try your hand at this unique popular game. As ever, designed with the polish of a standard AI Factory product.


- User friendly interface
- 10 difficulty levels, plus hints
- 2 player hot-seat
- 4 Reversi Piece Sets and Boards
- User stats (wins/losses/draws/scores)
- Designed for both Tablet and Phone


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10 Games Better Than Chess - with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel presents 10 games better than Chess!

00:00 - Introduction
01:17 - #10
01:49 - #9
02:19 - #8
02:49 - #7
03:27 - #6
04:04 - #5
04:52 - #4
05:29 - #3
06:06 - #2
06:41 - #1

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Othello: Strategy, Tips & Tricks (+ Chatting)

This is a little different from my usual content, but as I cannot log into my Animal Jam accounts for the time being, I figured it might be fun to try something new.

Othello (sometimes called Reversi) is a 2-person strategy game. I go over some tips & tricks I've picked up from playing the game for a while, and discuss potential directions I could go with this channel. I do not intend to leave Animal Jam behind, but rather expand into other territory.

I'm hoping to post Among Us videos in the future, but we'll see if that happens (fingers crossed!)

If you read the description, you are special.
No insider information this time, but Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (Happy Jamaalidays), and Happy New Year!

5 Games That You Can Play On Your Calculator

Part 2:

5 Games That You Can Play On Your Calculator:
- Tic Tac Toe
- Checkers
- Chess
- Reversi/Othello
- Press The Buttons (Button Test In Diagnostics)

Sometime this year I will make a part 3 to the calculator games series

Settlers of Catan: 12 Actionable Tips To Win Way More Games

The Settlers of Catan tips and tricks you'll learn in this video can be applied in every single game you play. These are actionable rules of thumb and strategies I use to have a 1200+ ELO on Catan Universe and to beat my friends and family consistently in a game of Catan.

If you're looking for a channel where Catan secrets and strategies are shared and you can learn about the game, you've come to the right one! I upload online championship videos with insightful commentaries and in-depth analysis of 'every game'-situations, like initial settlement placements.

Also, if you want to apply the things you've learned. I host an ongoing Catan Universe / / VR Catan Tournament called King of Catan, in which you can play against excellent catan players from all over the world. Sign-up is still open and you can do that in less than a minute.

► Check out my Patreon:
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► Sign-up for King of Catan:
► Short video that explains how King of Catan works:
► Full KoC rules expained:

► Ultimate Placements Strategy:

Time Table:
0:28 Tip 1 - Block the Leading Player
0:46 Tip 2 - Figure Out Who's the Perceived Leader
1:10 Tip 3 - Influence Others
1:36 Tip 4 - Give a Higher Value to Ore and Wheat
2:06 Tip 5 - Look at Supply and Demand
2:39 Tip 6 - Hand-Tracking
3:22 Tip 7 - Make Many Trades
3:53 Tip 8 - Be The First To Reply
4:32 Tip 9 - Become Unblockable
5:23 Tip 10 - Make a 10 Point Plan
6:11 Tip 11 - Choose the Opposing Win-Condition
6:54 Tip 12 - How To Predict Your Opponents' Placements
7:55 Bonus Tip - Use 3:1 Ports

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How to play Funskool Othello Or Reversi board game

Othello Board Game tutorial (in Hindi). A minute to learn, a life time to master. In this video we will learn the rules and how to win Othello game.

You can buy the game from flipkart.

(REUPLOAD) CDI episode 18: Othello

I'm not sure why, but this video somehow got lost. The immediate content ID claim right after upload might have had something to do with it... but that's been dealt with. Screw bogus claims!

It's an old review for the CD-i game Othello. Yeah, back from the good old days... man I miss working on such video's! Really need to get back into this stuff.

Special thanks to OxbowisaMstie for noticing the missing video:

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Reversi-othello game App for Android, iPhone & Pad

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ISAAC - An abstract strategy game by Wentu

Isaac is a new original abstract strategy game for two players created by Emiliano Wentu Venturini in 2010.

You can play Isaac at

If you have Windows8, you can also play it at:

You can find all the material regarding Isaac at:

If you are in any way interested in Isaac (publishing it, implementing it, discussing it or whatever) please contact me on Isaac's FB page:

The game is divided in two different phases, placement and scoring.
During the placement, a player places one of his rectangular pieces on the available spaces of a 10x10 square grid board.
During the scoring, each player removes one of his pieces from the board, scoring a number of points equal to the number written on the removed piece times the number of pieces that lie on the row/column from which the piece was removed. A piece can be removed only if it is at least long as the longest piece already removed by the same player.
Each player uses his/her own counter to keep track of his/her points but the counter itself is placed on the board (that is, the board is also the score track). The presence of a counter on the row/column from which a piece is taken doubles the points scored. A player can decide to score less points than he/she earned, therefore allowing to place the score counter in a more convenient place.

Isaac has been published by NestorGames.
Please notice that there has been some little but significant changes from the prototype i showed here.
Coordinates on the board now go from 0 to 9 instead of 1 to 10. At the beginning of the second phase you immediately put your counter on the? leftmost square of the row in front of you to mark your score of 0 points. This means counters are immediately available for doublings along the perimetral lines.

By the same author:

Foundations (to be played with an Isaac set)

Hari (to be played with an Isaac set)


Top 5 Board Games for 2 players | Top 5 Intelligent Couples Games | Ronak's Top 5 // Chai & Games

These were Ronak's Top 5 intelligent board games for couples - which are perfect for 2 players!

Contact us:
Board Game Geek:

Ronak Insta:


Cafe Address:
Chai & Games
Prime Mall, L113, Basement, shopping street, Irla Rd, Vile Parle West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400056
+91 97695 73347

Number 5 // 00:00
Number 4 // 01:38
Number 3 // 02:38
Number 2 // 04:04
Number 1 // 06:00
Honorary Mentions // 10.18

#topboardgames #topgames #2playergames

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Classic Othello - Board Game Review

Classic Othello Review by Unfiltered Gamer

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Flash vs. Nada TvT Random Game @ Othello Pt. 2 of 2

TvT Flash vs. Nada on Othello (Part 2 of 2). This is a random replay I grabbed from gosugamer.

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My other recent project:

Heroes of Newerth:

Less Than Three (Adventure Game, Full Playthrough)

Welcome to my Let's Play of Less Than Three, a free adventure game made by Ben Chandler. Join me as I play as Othello, a bard who gets trapped with a fellow adventurer.

Learn more about the game and play it for free at:

Dominoes Kaise Khela Jata Hai : How To Play Dominoes in Hindi and Urdu : डोमिनोज़ कैसे खेलें

Rules of Dominoes Game in Hindi.
How To Play Dominoes in Hindi & Urdu?
Dominoes Kaise khele?
The game is played with a set of rectangular tiles called dominoes.
Each domino is a rectangle that is divided with a line down its middle to separate its ends into two squares.
Each end is either blank or has a number of spots, called pips or dots.

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10 Things You Didn't Know Your Nintendo Switch Could Do

Are you getting the most out of your Switch? 10 Things You Didn't Know Your Nintendo Switch Could Do! Subscribe now to TheGamer!

Welcome back to the Gamer! Today we are discussing the features unique to the Switch. We all know Nintendo has huge reputation for their extraordinary attention to detail and that’s what we are going to talk about today.
First Minecraft Story Mode is coming! This will be a great breath of fresh air for all of those who have been patiently waiting. The game will be out later in August 2017. Next, we discuss the frame rate lagging issue that occurs when Nintendo switches are not put in airplane or manual mode. This trick is a must!
From there we talk about the impressive catalog of games. If that wasn’t enough, don’t fret, users can play any Eshop game from around the world, regardless of their physical location. With that, another hidden feature that you may not know is that online multiplayer is free! Not for long, though, ends Fall 2017. Whenever that is. Next we talk about the Switch’s processor. Notably it’s an ARM and how this impacts some of the Switch’s best features.
Have you purchased the Pro Controller? We love it- there’s a hidden feature as well. We’re we the first to tell you? How about the hidden facebook hack? Yep, that one exists, and frankly, is to be expected. We’re not sure why, but the Switch is also keyboard compatible. Must be docked, though, as that’s where you’ll find the USB’s. This one’s for the more experienced gamer, but we talk about controller calibration. Not just for nerds, the calibration tool is great for certain people.
Lastly, we talk about a pair of hacked Joy-Con’s. We wonder what role they play in Nintendo’s future.

Part 22: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Let's Play (Switch) - Traveling to Olethro Ruins

Traveling to Olethro Ruins. Discovering Uraya Merc Barracks, Royal Guard Barracks, Fonsa Myma Port, Holy Gate of Fontana, and Great Stairway. Arriving at Olthero Ruins.
Akhos & Malos boss battle.

Let's Play Xenoblade Chronicles 2!
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Playlist:


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New game on Nintendo Switch!!! - Othello

This is a gameplay for Othello which is released on Nintendo Switch



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