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10 best tips for playing Overcooked: Special Edition


Overcooked: Tips for getting all 3 stars

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Hey everyone, Eezore here and in this video I share some Edvice on getting all 3 stars for the campaign Solo for the game Overcooked.

I'll start off by staying this is much easier with two people, but is very much possible solo. I'll have a few videos showing a more thorough walkthrough for certain stages that gave me some serious trouble. If your looking for a specific stage check out that playlist, and if you don't see it then let me know and I'll make one for you.

First tip, DASH! They never mention in the game that you can dash, but you can and it's SERIOUSLY AWESOME! I would've had a much easier time with most of the stages had I known that right off the bat.

Next, prep prep PREP! Always try to have one chef chopping and the other running around setting stuff up. You have 8 seconds before you need to swap back to chopping for use all 8 of those seconds!

Set up your soups before you need them! You can store the soup in the pot then throw the pot on when you need it! This is very helpful in stage 2-2 with the mice......

Pay attention to the level! Some levels move around, and others you have to move. examine the layout the first time you try it, then really attempt the 3 stars on your second time through.

Each order stays up about 1:30 to 2 minutes, so when you get down to the last minute you can actually skip some orders to get quicker ones done. Just be careful to not miss orders....

You can throw items on the ground! Some stages it makes sense to just dump all the items on the ground then deal with them later, and it can really help out!

That about does it for the tips, as long as you use THE DASH and prep as much as possible, then you should be good. Let me know in the comments if I missed anything, or if you have a good tip that I didn't mention! Thank you all for watching, and keep your story going!

Schedule: Achievement guides uploaded as made.

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Real Chefs Attempt To Cook Together In Overcooked • Professionals Play

Can real chefs use their professional skills and kitchen communication to beat Overcooked?

#ProfessionalsPlay #Overcooked #Chefs

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Overcooked 2 How to get 3/4 Stars - Top 5 Tips

Overcooked 2 is even more chaotic than the first,. Here are our top 5 tips on how to succeed and get 3 stars in all the levels. And now 4 stars! - To Subscribe please hit -

Top 5 Tips
1. Speed Boost, (B) on Xbox.
2. Delegation.
3. Throwing.
4. Prioritising
5. Communication

We hope these tips helped you achieve the 3 stars - Thank you very much for watching.

Tips - Overcooked


[World record] Overcooked Final Boss 5:23 remaining (2 players)

Overcooked Single Player Gameplay (no commentary)

Check out some gameplay for Overcooked. It is meant to be played with friends but can be played alone as shown by this video. Overcooked gameplay is recorded in 1080p 60fps with no commentary.
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Overcooked: Special Edition Review (Switch)

Please enjoy my review of Overcooked: Special Edition! :)

OVERCOOKED: SPECIAL EDITION Co-op Gameplay: Let's Play [Funsies in Our Onesies] Nintendo Switch

Overcooked Special Edition multiplayer co-op! Join us in our onesies as we play through the frantic cooking game OVERCOOKED on the Nintendo Switch!

Hope you enjoy our family-friendly Let's Play (Funsies in Our Onesies)

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Overcooked ???? TOMATO ???? record. Because Yes. ft. 1k Subs special!

Overcooked - TOMATO world record! Bonus 1k subs special!

After the famous ONION record, I present to you... The TOMATO record!
Thanks for 1000 subs! You're all amazing! Here's to a great 2020!

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Overcooked 2 with My Girlfriend Get's Crazy! [Nintendo Switch] Multiplayer

Playing overcooked 2 on the Nintendo witch with Gabby!

Overcooked 2 SINGLEPLAYER Experience

Playing overcooked 2 - this is one of the best multiplayer expereriences, so I'll be playing it in Single Player! This is because I largely don't play multiplayer games, so want to see what the game is like from a solo perspective.

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Overcooked Special Edition for Nintendo Switch weird behavior

I am trying to figure out if this is a bug or a feature. The Nintendo Switch version of Overcooked, on the game map, while playing co-op, when pressing the 'B' button while using the left analog stick, it's causing the player controller to disconnect. It happens with co-op up to three players, except for P1. It is reproducible and happens regardless of the type of the controller.

Any comments?

Overcooked v1.0.1
Switch System v3.0.2


Overcooked 2 Is Couch Co-Op Done Right

Overcooked 2 is out on August 7th for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It’s the sequel to the Bafta Award winning game from 2016, Overcooked. Mike and Jake have played the meaty (GET IT) Preview Build. Full of vegetables to chop and sushi to wrap in Green Cloth. Here’s what they made of it.

Hosts: Mike Williams and Jake Kulkowski
Edited by Jake Kulkowski

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Overcooked 2 Review

Overcooked 2 reviewed by Steven Petite on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Also available on Xbox One and PC.

Overcooked 2 Gameplay Demo:

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Overcooked Special Edition Nintendo Switch Review

Overcooked Special Edition brings all the cooking fun of the well known indie game to the Nintendo Switch!
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Overcooked! WORLD RECORD - 1-Player - THE PECKENING - 8:46 left

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Time for the Final Boss of Overcooked! Big improvement over the previous WR! Almost everything went just the way I wanted. Might be possible to get over 9:00 left, but it won't be easy!
The hamburger meat duplication method saves a lot of time!

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Overcooked - Final Level - The Peckening - 2 People

The key is to hoard tomatoes. That is how you beat this with two people.

OverCooked: Special Edition (SWITCH) Co-Op Review - Team Jelly

Overcooked: Special Edition for the Switch is a fun multiplayer experience about saving the world, working together, and cooking food..... all while yelling to co-operate with one another.

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#OverCooked #Review #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch

Overcooked: Special Edition Let's Show ★ Ein 5 Sternekoch werde ich nicht ★ Switch Edition ★ Deutsch

Overcooked: Special Edition (Switch Edition)
Ich wünsche Viel Spaß beim zuschauen des Let's Shows. Über einen Daumen hoch oder Kommentar würde ich mich sehr freuen.

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