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10 best tips for playing Paradigm


The Next Bugha....(Nolan SLAYED the #FreeFortnite Cup)

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DON'T LOSE YOUR HEAD - Paradigm #10 (Let's Play/PC)

Welcome to the 10th episode of my blind let's play series of Paradigm. Paradigm is a point-and-click adventure video game developed by Jacob Janerka. The game follows Paradigm, a genetically grown person that was horribly mutated in the process, who was dumped in a post-Soviet town to grow up on his own. Paradigm then adventures through his past of DUPA Genetics only to find out he is a mutated prodigy child and that he must defeat Olof, a talking sloth who is the head of DUPA Genetics.

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Top 5 Anxiety Machines in Minecraft.

This video will probably give you anxiety. If you don't even need anxiety machine to get anxiety, then just don't watch the video lol. So in minecraft, you can trigger your anxiety with machines like shown in this minecraft video. I compiled 5 anxiety machines... top 5 of em from minecraft's subreddit and I got a lot of anxiety making this video OK?!!!


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Paradigm (Minecraft 1.7.10 modded w/ 288 mods) Episode 6 - We'll never finish playing this mod pack.

This is a vein attempt at making a quick description. Why am I being so lazy about this? It's due to most of the major bugs have finally been worked out and I'm more focused on playing now more than anything else. So I'm being a bit lazy due to not having enough time to be able to play said mod pack AND updating the pack whilst making videos about it.

Quick Description: This video is about Aethercraft (I had to edit it because I talked about Aethercraft twice. Can you tell where I edited? lol) and also about Dynamic Transport mod (True honest to God elevators that are customizable!). Does anyone here think I need to go more in-depth with my showing off of mods? (I.E. go and show how they are crafted, how to put them together and how to put them to use?)

A full mod list can be found here:


Paradigm (Minecraft 1.7.10 w/ 306 Mods) Episode 7: The Nether is OP!

Oh good greif! I thought I was becoming OP with all of these Aethercraft rings, but uh... no. Damn creepers wind up stealing and blowing up my stuff. Typical of modded Minecraft.

NOTE: I spent WAY too much time exploring the nether and as usual I don't like to edit if I can help it, so this time, I have elected to add in a link to skip over the Boring parts.

FINALLY! A mod list!

The Paradigm Skin Flexing Rare Emotes in Party Royale

like & subs. ily

party royale
fortnite party royale
flexing in party royale
fortnite wonder in party royale
fortnite glow in party royale
fortnite ikonik in party royale
fortnite stealth reflex in party royale
fortnite renegade raider in party royale
fortnite rogue spider knight in party royale
renegade raider in party royale
og skull trooper in party royale
og ghoul trooper in party royale
perfect timing in party royale
perfect timing scenario in party royale
bhangra boogie emote
bhangra boogie fortnite
bhangra boogie perfect timing in party royale
using exclusive skins in party royale
using ikonik in party royale
renegade raider doing scenario
renegade raider doing scenario in party royale
party royale renegade raider
pull up perfect timing
pull up perfect timing in party royale
party royale fortnite
fortnite party royale
og skin in party royale
exclusive skin in party royale
jabba switchway
go mufasa
dark vertex
black knight
chicken wing it
emote battle
dance battle
kelsier skin gameplay
socks emote
fortnite socks emote

Pokemon Type Weaknesses Explained

Ever wondered why certain types are weak to other types? In this video, I attempt to explain the reasoning behind each type advantage in the Pokemon world.

Pokemon Type Resistances Explained:

I make Pokémon videos of all kinds, and I try to post as regularly as I can. If you’re a Pokémon fan of any level, check my videos out!

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Type Symbols in Thumbnail by falke2009

#pokemon #pokemongame #pokemontype #typeweakness #pokemongo

Warlord Zon'ozz 10 Man Normal - Paradigm Shift

Zon'ozz normal 10 man
Point of View: Pi, Holy Paladin

Better Enemies, New Puzzles And A Discord - Devlog 13 - Paradigm Game Progress

Progress has been made and many new things are coming to the game! Much of my time was spent on creating a discord server! So please come and join us to get quicker smaller updates on the game as well as have a place where you can share your own progress and be part of a great community that works together to make games.

Discord Server:

Please leave any thoughts or questions down below. Everything is appreciated!



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Godot Game Engine

Intro by Artindi


Paradigm defeating Magmaw 10m. Here I am healing and raid leading on my Discipline Priest: Mindcircus.

Addons: Btex, Moveanything, DBM & Bartender.

Paradigm Shift - Heroic 10 man Rotface 2nd group

RAWRRRRRR, cool beans guys. We is pro noobies and is kill Rotface woots

Watch in High Definition for the best quality.

New Malefic Paradigm Dragon + More New Yugioh Cards 2020

#Yugioh #YugiohTCG #yugiohgame

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11 Tips For Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC. Dragon Quest is a three-decade-old series of games that tend to take about 100 hours to complete. There's a lot of stuff in these games. It's understandable if Dragon Quest XI is your first one—there hasn't been a single-player home console entry in the series since Dragon Quest VIII on PlayStation 2 in 2004—and it's equally understandable if the ocean of stuff crammed into the game daunts or even terrifies you. Well, I've played all of these games about a billion times each, and I've got some little bits of advice. For example, I'll explain how you can pretty easily build a party of four dual-wielding physical attackers in order to maximize the odds of defeating Dragon Quest's notoriously slippery, infamously experience-pointy Metal Slimes super-early in the game.

Maybe this is the only tip you need, though: just chill with it. I played Dragon Quest XI over the course of a year, about a half an hour at a time, after taking a shower and before going to bed. I feel like Dragon Quests are the perfect games to play before bed.

Warzone 2100 Legacy Mod Episode 10 New Paradigm Showdown

It time to continue our Warzone 2100 Lagacy Mod and New Paradigm is giving everything they got arming themselves with hover craft with powerful weapon they have.

This mission is actually tough and you can fail this mission if not prepared. I have to do it twice to get a good time.
Commentary is much better but still, i need to improve the time. I try and multiply my ideas so commetary become more effective.

The length of time it took, which is 90 minutes, explain why i going to need Hover. That right, you can get the most useful propulsion. Hover move very fast and travel over water. Very very useful and can cut down time of each mission by a lot.

I try and use full track in the next campaign but i was getting bad time and units is getting destroyed easily because they couldn't retreat and is too slow so it better to just use hover.

Wheel. It has good speed but very low defence.
Half Track. It has better defence but slow you down.
Full Track. Greatest defence but it move too slowly and leave you vulnerable to attacks easily and make it hard to retreat.
Hover. My prefer propulsion. It move the fastest although it does has less health and defence. It can get to the base quickly and can retreat more easily.

I highly recommended trying to get the hover propulsion and research it. Once researched, start producing hover units.

Paradigm Shift Losers Finals Kai vs TA|Fatality

Paradigm Shift Singles
5/21/2016 - 5/22/2016

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MUST-SEE 4-PoV Match Cast: Super Squad [SS] VS Paradigm [TP] GW2

This match blew my mind. Want to see someone nullify some Moldran burst? NOW'S YOUR TIME. Bricks were shat. Shats were... just subscribe.
Send us good footage and we'll make a video of it!

Element-Tamer Izkimar:

Protector Lastivka's:
Berserker Fredzw:
Cutthroat Lowell:

Necromantic Erho:

Zael and Rankshis


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Introduction to Paradigm Chess30 - Part 1 (Theory)

Founders of Paradigm Chess30 Lourenzo van Niekerk and Craig Willenberg join FM Calvin Klaasen in the studio to explain this brilliant chess variant that sets the board on fire! Part 1 deals with the theory, origin and everything you need to know.

Destiny 2 - HOW TO GET GLITCHED SPARROW - 200 Speed Exotic Sparrow - Beyond Light Fastest Sparrow

Destiny 2 Beyond Light 200 Speed Glitched Sparrow.
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#destiny2 #beyonglight #glitch

EPG Review: Super Mario Land 1 & 2: The Six Golden Coins

Time for some dang ol' Mario Land. These games saw the chubby plumber going on portable exclusive adventures for the first time. While they were well-received back in the day, do the Mario Land titles still hold up today? Let's find out.

Game Mavericks (Let's Play Channel):



Paradigm vs Mythic Queen Azshara - BM Hunter

Magicbullet @ Draenor EU
Cypress Hill - Rap Superstar
Daft Punk - Around the World
RISE (ft. The Glitch Mob, Mako, and The Word Alive) | Worlds 2018 - League of Legends
Warriors (ft. Imagine Dragons) | Worlds 2014 - League of Legends
Azshara art:



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