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10 best tips for playing Persona 5


9 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Persona 5

To help you make the most of Persona 5, we've put together a few tips to improve the stats you want and make the friends you need to conquer the Palaces.
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10 More Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Persona 5

Persona 5 is full of secrets, so you might want some guidance early on to find them all. Here’s ten tips that will help you make the most of Persona!

Learn about the History of Persona by Jean-Luc:

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Persona 5: 7 Need-to-Know Tips To Get the Most Out of The Game

Helping you be the best student you can be.

Persona 5 Top 10 Essential Gameplay Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Persona 5 Top 10 Essential Gameplay Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Welcome to this Urban Gameplay Tips and Tricks video where I wanted to explore the 10 most essential tips that I think will help newcomers to persona 5. Basically like a before you play guide or especially for the first 5 hours or so of the game.

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Persona 5 No Spoiler Review - Best JRPG on PS4?


Persona 5 - 6 Things You Should Know If This Is Your First Persona Game

Rob and Hollie bring you a list of 6 things you should know before you play Persona 5 - especially if this is your first Persona game.

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Persona 5 Guide To The Best Daily Activities & Day Exclusives

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8 More Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing Persona 5

Miguel is here with some quick tips to make sure you start Persona 5 off on the right foot and have a great time playing one of the best JRPGs to come along in a while!

Watch 9 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Persona 5:

Learn about the History of Persona by Jean-Luc:

Watch Joey unbox the Persona 5 Take Your Heart Premium Edition:

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Persona 5: Tips and Tricks

Here are Alex's Tips and Tricks for Persona 5. Everything from money to fighting to general day to day activities we cover as much as we could find. Let us know if there's any tips and tricks we missed and make sure to subscribe to the channel for more content!!

Six Tips to Help Newcomers and Veterans in Persona 5

**This is an updated version of my previous video with better audio and an extra tip.**

Using my experience with my completed Japanese run and current English playthrough, I wanted to provide players with six tips on how to get by Persona 5. This really leans towards Hard because it emphasizes on choosing the most optimal path for maxing our Confidants and stats. Easier difficulties don't have to put as much work as Hard players, but it can still be applied. Nonetheless, I wanna stress the fact that you should have fun on your playthrough! Don't be too stubborn on trying to beat it on Hard if it means not having fun with this game. This is too good of a game to not enjoy it just because of a difficulty. Anyways, I hope this gives a good idea on how to have a smooth run in Persona 5! Again, drop comments if you have any questions for me on Persona 5 whether it be help or anything you want an answer for in Persona 5. Lastly, those with helpful hints should also share their tips to help everyone out!

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Videos used are from my recorded Twitch playthroughs, Persona 5 trailers uploaded by Atlus USA, and music is not belonged to me, but to Shoji Meguro and Atlus.

5 Tips I Wish I Knew Before Starting Persona 5

Full article:

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Persona 5 Min Maxing Guide - How to Make the Perfect Persona

This is a Persona 5 guide on how to level up the perfect personas through gallows fusion. It is a long and boring process and you will also spend millions of money; the difference between an optimized persona and a normal one won’t be huge, so you can just play normally if you don’t want to commit too much time.
Using this method, you can basically turn every persona into the best persona.

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All Personas have the same total stats (Formula: Total Points = Level x 3 + 7) and at level 99, all personas have 304 points in their stats. Maximum stat is 99, BUT there are two equipments you can get for MC that increase your total stats by +5. One is the gun you get by itemising Metatron (Justice MAX Confidant) and the other is an accessory you get by itemising Crystal Skull (level 50 treasure demon), so if you want to use these two items you have to stop at 89 stats to be more efficient.

Stats growth is random, but it’s possible to manipulate it through gallows fusion. This is the main reason why I don’t recommend using personas that are naturally at a very high level as damage dealers, as stats are usually equally distributed when you summon a persona and they are near the level cap so you wouldn’t be able to optimize their stats.

As you do a gallows fusion, you will notice that in the confirmation screen some stats are highlighted (yellow). Those are the stats that will increase when you press confirm.
You can keep exiting and re-entering this results screen and each time the highlighted stats will be different.
You usually can’t perform more than one gallows strengthening on one Persona per day, but you can register the Persona after levelling up and then delete it from the Persona menu (triangle, then persona). Then you can summon the persona again to perform another gallows strengthening

If you want to min-max, it’s suggested that you start with low level fodder so that you don’t do too many levels at the same time. You get 3 points per level, so levelling up too much would spread many points among 5 stats so it would take a lot of exiting and re-entering the results screen to get what you want.

I suggest summoning personas with skills you want to inherit and using them as fodder, as you inherit one skill each time you do a gallows (beware of restrictions, apparently not every persona can learn every skill or at least I wasn’t able to inherit some physical skills such as God Hand on Arsene)

If you want to save money and go faster, level up with Treasure Demons. Start with low level treasure demons so that you don’t do too many levels at the beginning.

Persona 5 Tips and Tricks - TO ENHANCE YOUR EXPERIENCE (Persona 5 Tipps - Persona 5 Tricks)

NO SPOILERS - Persona 5 tips and tricks (Persona 5 tipps)
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Persona 5 Tricks (Persona 5 Beginner tips) include:
Use L1 to find treasures and sell them
Buy the Persona 5 best weapons
Sell Skulls outfit for 5000
Visit every location in Tokyo to fast travel to it later on
Use R1 and chose the train station to travel to every location
Use lockpicks to open your missing chests
Go to the velvet room and listen what the girls say
Use the Velvet room to see enemy weaknesses

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Persona 5 How to get the Strongest Skills in the game - Persona 5 Advanced Guide

Persona 5 Fusion Calculator:

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This is a guide on some of the strongest skills and strongest persona you can find in Persona 5. The list is based on my own experience with the game so you might disagree with some choices. Overall, I think you can play with any Persona you want and would still be ok as long as you have a good variety of skills.


SETH (51) has One Shot Kill (severe Gun dmg, high critical). Combine with Trigger Happy from Matador (Level 19, learns it at 22) or Hell Biker (Level 39, learns it at 43). For High Counter, fuse Dakini (50) with Pazuzu (43) to get Horus and then perform advanced fusion with Horus (49), Anubis (37), Thoth (36), Isis (26)

Pale Rider (53) learns Megidola at 54 (Heavy almighty damage), Evade Bless (triples evasion) at 57

Skadi (55) learns Repel Ice at 60. Apart from that, nothing special

Yatagarasu (57) learns Mediarahan at 59 (Full Party Heal) and Null Wind at 62 (Nullifies Wind DMG)

TRUMPETER (59) learns Debilitate at 65 (BEST Debuff in the game) and you can itemise it for Debilitate Skill Card

Lilith (60) learns Heavy Ice, Fire and Wind damage to all foes

Melchizedek (60) learns God’s Hand at level 67 (very strong single target Physical skill)

Moloch (60) learns Drain Fire at level 64 (you can inherit it to your personas that are weak to fire)

Nebiros (62) learns Megidolaon at level 68 (Severe Almighty DMG)

Seiryu (62) learns Repel Nuke at level 63

Quetzalcoatl (63) learns Regenerate 3 at 65 (Heals 6% HP every turn).

Yamata no Orochi (64) learns Unshaken Will at 69 (Immunity to all psychological statuses)

BLACK FROST (67) is one of the best personas in a first playthrough. No weaknesses, effective against 4 elements, strong skills and also can inherit Auto-Mataru from King Frost (64), which gives Attack Up to the whole party for 3 turns at the start of each battle. You can also fuse other skills you want into King Frost before making Black Frost

Throne (71) has Invigorate 3 (7 SP recovery per turn)

Mot (72) learns Repel Electric at 77 and is the only persona to have it.

CYBELE (73) is one of the best healers in the game and she learns Absorb Bless at 77. For her weakness to electricity, fuse Mot and any Sun persona around level 39-53 to make a Cybele with Repel Electricity

Mara (73) learns Firm Stance at 78 (No Evasion, but receive Half Damage). I don’t personally use it, but I put it in the list in case someone wants it

Abaddon (74) learns Drain Phys at 79 and Gigantomachia at 80 (very strong multitarget physical skill)

Baal (75) learns Ayamur at 80, a way stronger version of Miracle Punch and is the only Persona to have it (and you can’t inherit it to other Personas)

Ongyo-Ki (75) learns Arms Master at 77 (Half HP cost for Phys skills), but needs MAX Confidant Rank with Futaba. In case you don’t meet that requirement, Raphael (78) learns it at 83.

Raphael (78) also learns Heat Riser at 80 (ATK/DEF/AGI Buff to one ally)

Sandalphoon (75) learns Angelic Grace at 77 (Doubles Evasion against all elemental magic), but needs MAX Confidant Rank with Mishima. In case you don’t meet that requirement, Sraosha (80) learns it at 83

Futsunushi (76) has Ali Dance, which halves hit rate of all attacking enemies (works for entire party), but needs MAX Confidant Rank with Morgana (story-related, happens towards the end of the game). In case you don’t meet that requirement, Gabriel (77) learns it at 79

Kohryu (76) learns Spell Master at 82 (Half SP costs), but needs MAX Confidant Rank with Sojirou. In case you don’t meet that requirement, Uriel (81) learns it at 86

Kali (77) learns Drain Nuclear at 82, the only persona to learn it naturally

ALICE (79) is one of the best Magic Personas. She starts with very high stats in magic and agility, learns Megidolaon and Concentrate. Her only weakness is Bless, so fuse Cybele into either Nebiros or Belial and then inherit Absorb Bless. Needs MAX Confidant Rank with the Doctor

YOSHITSUNE (79) is one of the best physical damage dealers in the game. High Strength and is the only persona who can learn Hassou Tobi (Level 86, Deal 8 times weak damage to all enemies). You need MAX Confidant Rank with Morgana because one of the ingredients is Futsunushi (Magician)

I am stopping here, there are still strong Personas beyond level 80 but if you’re going that deep I don’t think you will need my help anyway. I have covered almost all of the best skills in the game anyway and there aren’t many skills that are obtainable only from Personas beyond level 80

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Persona 5 Things You Should Do Before Returning To Kamoshida's Castle Palace

Here's a list of 6 things you should really think about doing in Persona 5 before returning to Kamoshida's Castle Palace after given the deadline May 2nd.

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Persona 5: Early-Game Grinding Trick

Decided to record this while I was playing, I just discovered it and I thought it might help some people.

Persona 5 Tips 'N Tricks You Should Know Before Playing The Game

The highly acclaimed fifth entry to Persona series, Persona 5 is finally available and whether you are few to the franchise or an old veteran, following Persona 5 Tips 'N Tricks will help you!

Whether you need to know Persona 5's best Confidants, how to Increase Stats in Persona 5, Building Relationships with your Confidants and how you should play MiniGames, we talk about all these in this video to get you started playing Persona 5 to the fullest.

Persona 5: Beginners Guide

New To Persona? Don't worry as we have a Beginners Guide to all things Persona and Persona 5. Let's talk about what's expected of you in this game and how you'll play it. This is all coming from a relative beginner so we can all learn together. Let me know if I missed anything and make sure to subscribe for a Tips and Tricks video for Persona 5 this weekend!!

Persona 5 - Merciless Basics & What to Expect for 100% Clean Playthrough

A guide to what Merciless difficulty entails. This video will offer suggestions on what you need to do for a Clean Merciless 100% run and also some general tips to make the early game easier.

Note on selling Soma (Thanks to Ryan for bringing it up):
Soma is extremely rare in the game (probably about 3-5 total) and will be very useful for late game bosses which take a long time to defeat. It may not be worth it selling the soma in order to get the extra gear from Iwai. Ultimately it's a trade off between making early game easier or late game easier. In my opinion selling off the Soma is the better choice as it will make your gameplay easier if you are doing a clean 100% merciless run due to being very poor before gaining access to mementos. Having 50k off this item will allow you to buy all the needed items for Kamoshida's castle, his fight and for all the activities inbetween Kamoshida's Palace and Mementos. Otherwise you will have to spend extra time grinding for cash. In addition once you level Haru's confidant, she will give you SP items which are good substitutes.

Hope you guys enjoy. If you guys would like to leave any sort of feedback, I would greatly appreciate and welcome it. Be sure to like and subscribe for more Persona 5 videos!

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Persona 5 - Best Confidants in the Game

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Persona 5 Best Personas Early Game - Persona 5 Beginners Guide

Follow-up video here:
Fusion Calculator:
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This beginner's guide of the best early personas might be incomplete. It's based on my own experience and I might have missed something or maybe said something wrong. If that's the case, feel free to add your opinion in the comments below.

You can use pretty much whatever you want without following these tips. I play just by randomly forging whatever I don’t already have to complete my collection. Just make sure you have a good variety of elements and skills.

Get some debuffs for when you face bosses. (ATK & AGI debuffs). It’s not necessary but will make your life easier against bosses. For example, the earliest ATK debuff you can get is at level 4 from Bicorn.

Obariyon (level 8) has Snap, Sukunda and learns Lucky Punch at level 9. Snap is a Gun dmg skill and Sukunda is AGI debuff. Lucky Punch is very very useful as it has high critical rate. You can use it to bring down enemies for which you don’t have strong element against or they don’t have weaknesses. It also works against enemies that resist physical attacks, but it will not work against enemies that block/repel physical attacks (unless they have statuses like freeze)

Andras (level 10) learns Apt pupil at level 13, a passive which increases critical rate. Along with lucky punch, you will do criticals very often

Onmoraki (level 12) learns Pulinpa and confusion boost at 15. It’s useful for money farming (guide here:

Makami (level 15) has Frei (nuclear dmg). I think it’s the first persona to have it and you won’t find many others, so take it in case you find someone weak to Nuclear

Ippon-Datara (level 13) is strong to Fire, Blessing and Curse and repels Wind while only weak to Ice. Also he learns Rampage at 15 which is a nice AoE physical attack for early phases

MATADOR (level 19) BEST EARLY GAME PERSONA. Learns Swift Strike at level 20 (3-4 light phys damage to all enemies). The damage output is huge and to put it into perspective, Ryuuji (Captain Kid), which is your main physical damage dealer at the beginning, learns Swift Strike at level 32, which is basically 2 palaces later. Just get this persona.

Suzaku (level 19) learns Speed Master at level 23, a passive that applies AGI bonus (Accuracy/Evasion) at the beginning of the battle. Combine it with Matador’s Swift Strike to miss less.

Shiki-Ouji (level 21) BLOCKS physical/gun damage and is the perfect early recipient for Swift Strike + Speed Master. You need to fuse Suzaku with Jack-o-Lantern to make Orobas and then fuse Orobas with Matador. Shiki-Ouji’s only weakness is Nuclear and there aren’t many nuclear enemies while there are lots of physical enemies.

Phoenix (level 22, Feng Huang in the calculator) learns Recarm at level 25 (Revive ally). Very useful in case you don’t want to farm money for revive items.

Anzu (level 25) small mention because of Masukukaja (AGI buff to whole party)

Principality (level 29) learns Mediarama at level 31 (moderate heal to party), Morgana’s Zorro learns it at 34

Setanta (level 28) learns Charge at level 34. Charge increases your damage of your next physical attack by 2.5x. It will still be a core skill at the end of the game.

Neko Shogun (level 30) learns Invigorate 1 at level 31. 3 SP regen each turn



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