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10 best tips for playing Pokemon GO


Top 10 Tips for Playing Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go, perhaps you’ve heard of it? Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Tips for Playing Pokémon Go. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we’re taking a look at the most useful pointers that’ll help “Pokemon Go” players be the very best and catch ’em all.

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How to Play Pokémon Go - Tips & Tricks (Guide)

Pokémon Go has been released but the game doesn't exactly teach you how to play. We break down each aspect of the augmented reality mobile game to off tips and tricks on finding, catching, and evolving Pokémon as well as battling Gyms and much more!

Want more tips on hatching Eggs and a full guide of the hatchable Pokémon? Check out our latest video!

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Pokémon Go: everything you need to know in 9 minutes

Pokémon Go is becoming insanely popular, but it's about as easy to learn how to use as Snapchat. So, The Verge's Chris Plante, Ross Miller, Miriam Nielsen and Kirsten Frisina bring you the ultimate guide to playing. Whether you haven't opened the app yet or you're already an experienced gym leader, we've got some tips and tricks for you. Gotta catch em all!


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Pokémon GO - How to Obtain Stronger Pokemon with High CP! (Tips & Tricks #1)

Let's aim for 600 likes Twintendo Nation! :D

I've been asked this question many times and now that the game is out I can confidently explain how to obtain the strongest Pokemon and what the best method is to obtain these Pokemon!


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Pokémon GO - How to Obtain Stronger Pokemon with High CP! (Tips & Tricks #1)
Pokémon GO - How to Obtain Stronger Pokemon with High CP! (Tips & Tricks #1)
Pokémon GO - How to Obtain Stronger Pokemon with High CP! (Tips & Tricks #1)

10 THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT POKEMON GO - Tips, Tricks, and Secrets!

10 THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT POKEMON GO - Tips, Tricks, and Secrets! w/BeckBroJack
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10 Things you didn't know about Pokemon GO! This is a brand new series where I research some neat facts about new games and put them all together in a video. In this episode I share with you 10 facts about Pokemon GO! If you want videos like 10 things you did not know about Pokemon GO, make sure to POUND that like button!


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1. For those of you that play Pokemon GO, you know that it’s a free to play IOS and Android game for your smartphone. What you probably didn’t know is that you can purchase an accessory called Pokemon GO Plus which is a wristband that vibrates and lights up when a Pokemon is nearby. I’m not sure if it’s entirely worth the 30-50 dollar price tag, but it’s definitely a neat option that I’m sure many Pokemon GO trainers are gonna pick up.
2. Pokemon GO has actually helped people get out of the house and exercise more. A good amount of people took to Twitter to say things like “Congrats PokemonGO you’ve made me exercise more this week than a gym membership ever did” and “Just walked at least 8km the past 3 hours, nice to have such a great motive to do cardio exercise now #PokemonGO.” There has also been some data released from exercise gadget companies like Jawbone which shows that there has been more physical activity with their users since the launch of Pokemon GO.
3. Since the release of Pokemon GO there have been several reports of robberies taking place at PokeStops. One article described how four teenagers actually put modules on PokeStops to lure players to them and then they would proceed to rob them. These types of occurrences has scared a lot of parents whose children play the game and they’re worried their kids might get robbed or even kidnapped at these PokeStops.
4. Kind of going along with the last fact, one girl actually found a dead body while playing Pokemon GO. The 19 year old went to a local river to try and catch water type Pokemon. She said she saw something floating in the water and then realized it was a dead body. Also in the past few days, one man's house has been turned into a Pokemon GO gym.
5. In Pokemon GO, once you reach level 5 you are actually able to challenge gyms. If a gym is grey, then that means you can take it over and claim it for a certain team. The three teams available right now are Valor (red), Mystic (blue), and Instinct (yellow). If another team already claimed the gym, then you must challenge the Pokemon they left there and lower their prestige level. Once you manage to lower the prestige level to zero, you are then able to claim the gym for your team.
6. You may have noticed the little tab in the lower right hand part of your Pokemon GO screen. This will show you have far away Pokemon are from your location. Pokemon that are the closest to you will be in the top left part of the chart, while the furthest Pokemon will be in the bottom right slot. If a Pokemon has no footprints under it, then you can actually click on the Pokemon and it will pop up near you.
7. One method of leveling up quicker is to throw curveballs when catching Pokemon. This will give you a bit more XP than throwing a regular pokeball. Another method is to just catch new Pokemon which will give you 500XP. Also, you should be catching every pokemon you encounter, even if it's a duplicate. Duplicate pokemon still give you 100XP if you catch them.
8. People have also been wondering what the best way to catch pokemon is. The first part you want to pay attention to is the color of the circle that surrounds the pokemon. If it's green, then the pokemon will be an easy catch, but if it's yellow or red the pokemon will be a bit more difficult. You can also use a great ball or razzberries to make catching tougher Pokemon a bit easier.
9. When you first start the game you will see the three starter pokemon around you. If you keep walking away from them, eventually a Pikachu will appear.
10. If you’re looking for a certain type of pokemon, you should go to an area that best matches their attributes. For example, if you're looking for a grass type pokemon, you should try exploring a park or a forest. If you're looking for a water type pokemon, you should go to a pond or a lake.




I’ve been asked many times in the comments of my previous videos on how I actually run away from the Pokemon after throwing the ball. As such, I decided it might be a good idea for me to make this video to show how to do fast catch here in Pokemon GO starting from the basic level all the way up to the advanced level on how I do it even just one hand.

Join me as I travel, eat and play Pokémon GO the way a local trainer would in their own country and city. Visiting one country and one city at at time through Pokémon GO.

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Pokémon is Copyright Gamefreak, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company 2001-2016

All images and names owned and trademarked by Nintendo, Niantic, The Pokémon Company, and Gamefreak are property of their respective owners.


Shiny Kanto Vulpix released today alongside Giratina Origin Forme Legendary Raids, new Unova Pokémon Deerling and the Meowth special research day! What a huge day for shiny hunting and raiding! MERCH ►


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Welcome to the #1 Stop for the latest Pokémon GO Update News & Pokémon GO Gameplay including Egg Hatching, Evolutions, Catching and High Level Gameplay! If you are looking for Tips and Tricks and Strategy Guides to up your Pokémon GO Experience and you LOVE Pokémon GO, then be sure to Subscribe NOW for more Pokémon GO Content!


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Top Pokémon GO Tips & Tricks for EXTRA Stardust, Candy, Eggs & MORE!


How to get MELTAN in Pokémon GO!

THE BEST DAY IN POKÉMON GO EVER! Dortmund Pokémon GO Fest 2019!



Pokémon is Copyright Gamefreak, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company 2001-2016

How To Start Pokemon Go – Beginners Guide Video with Tips and Tricks

Pokemon Go Guide! Tips and Tricks are shown in this starting Pokemon Go Beginners How to Guide Video. Let's Play episode 1 gameplay features the start of Pokemon Go and includes my tips for starting out the best way possible. The secret of how to start Pokemon Go with Pikachu is shown, but I personally start with Squirtle. I talk about Pokemon Go Basics, such as how to catch pokemon with the pokeball, include how to throw a curve ball, and what is best to do when you have caught pokemon. This involves advice for evolving pokemon and powering up focusing on the beginning stages. This beginner gameplay is an ultimate guide to how to start Pokemon Go, it will include everything you need to know to get you up and running...literally! Pokestops and items in the Poke Shop are also covered but I will focus on providing tips and tricks for specific aspects of the game in future videos. I hope you liked this how to start Pokemon Go video guide and please make sure to share with me in the comments if there are any tips and tricks that you feel I missed. Subscribe for more Pokemon Go videos including gameplay, how to guides and tips and tricks. I have also linked below some other Pokemon Go Beginners Tips videos that may help you in starting Pokemon Go. Enjoy!

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Shiny Charmander Community day play from home is officially announced on Saturday October 17, 2020 as the community day pokemon..

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- Exclusive community day Dragon Breath charge move for Charizard evolution
- 3 hour incense duration

Let's make sure you are ready to maximize the Charmander community day being added to the 9th shiny pokemon on the community day shiny pokemon list and second community day for charmander. The best community day line up for pokemon go in 2020.

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BEST POKÉMON GO TIPS AND TRICKS GUIDE! How to play Pokémon Go & find nearby pokemon!

In today's Pokémon Go episode we're talking about tips and tricks in Pokémon Go! This is a guide discussing the mechanics and features of Pokémon Go and how you can utilize them to their fullest! We'll be talking about the Nearby Pokémon chart and how to correctly track Pokémon, Pokémon CP (Combat Power) levels and whether or not it's okay to power up pokémon before they have evolved or before you're a high level, glitch pokemon you may find along your journey, gym battling tips and tricks, as well as what Niantic Labs will be doing when it comes to legendary pokémon & I'm also mentioning how I saw Moltres on my first day playing Pokémon Go!

The Silph Road Spawn Locations

Serebii Egg Pokémon:

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Pokémon Go (stylized as Pokémon GO) is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. It was initially released in selected countries in July 2016. In the game, players use a mobile device's GPS capability to locate, capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokémon, who appear on the screen as if they were in the same real-world location as the player. The game supports in-app purchases for additional in-game items.
After establishing a game account, the player creates an avatar by selecting a hair, skin, and eye color; style; and outfit. Once created, the avatar is displayed on a map using the player's current geographical location. Features on the map include PokéStops and Pokémon gyms. PokéStops provide players with items, such as eggs, Poké Balls, and potions and can be equipped with items called lure modules, which attract wild Pokémon. Gyms serve as battle locations for team-based king of the hill matches. PokéStops and gyms are typically located at places of interest. These locations are re-purposed portals from Ingress, Niantic's previous augmented reality game.
As players move within their real world surroundings, their avatar moves within the game's map. Different Pokémon species reside in different areas of the world; for example, water-type Pokémon are generally found near water. When a player encounters a Pokémon, they may view it either in augmented reality (AR) mode or with a live rendered, generic background. AR mode uses the camera and gyroscope on the player's mobile device to display an image of a Pokémon as though it were in the real world. Players can take screen shots of the Pokémon they encounter either with or without the AR mode activated.
Unlike other installments in the Pokémon series, players in Pokémon Go do not battle wild Pokémon to capture them. During an encounter with a wild Pokémon, the player may throw a Poké Ball at it by flicking it from the bottom of the screen up toward the Pokémon. If the Pokémon is successfully caught, it will come under the ownership of the player. Factors in the success rate of capture include the right force, the right time and the type of Poké Ball used. After capturing a wild Pokémon, the player is awarded two types of in-game currencies: candies and stardust. The candies awarded by a successful catch depend on what evolutionary chain a Pokémon belongs to. A player can use stardust and candies to raise a Pokémon's combat power (CP). However, only candies are needed to evolve a Pokémon. Each Pokémon evolution tree has its own type of candy, which can only be used to evolve or level up. The player can also transfer the Pokémon back to the Pokémon professor to earn one more candy and create room for more Pokémon. The ultimate goal of the game is to complete the entries in the Pokédex, a comprehensive Pokémon encyclopedia, by capturing and evolving to obtain the original 151 Pokémon.


Pokémon Go Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here's a comprehensive guide for Pokémon Go, complete with the latest tips and tricks to catch em' all.

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How to Play Pokemon Go - Tips & Tricks

Pokemon Go is quickly becoming the big new game on iOS and Android and many are picking it up. This Pokemon Go guide will teach you how to play and some cool tips and tricks!

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7 Mistakes Only BEGINNERS Make Playing Pokemon

How many of these mistakes did you make when you first started playing Pokemon?

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► Pokemon isn't exactly the most challenging game to pick up and play, however that doesn't mean that you can't make mistakes! Today, I'll be going over 7 common mistakes beginners/new players/noobs make when playing their first Pokemon Game! How many of these Pokemon mistakes did you make?

--►Maplestory - Mushroom Shrine
--►Pokemon Diamond and Pearl - Spirit Lakes
--►Pokemon Sun and Moon - Friendly Trainer
--►Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver - National Park
--►Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire - Trick House
--►Pokemon X and Y - Vaniville Town

► Welcome to PokeTips! I'm your number one source for all things Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch and Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee news! I will have you updated on all the latest and greatest Pokemon information, rumors, leaks guides and tutorials about Pokemon Nintendo Switch games!

The ULTIMATE Guide to Fast XP (Level 40) & Stardust for Pokémon GO!

Pokémon GO Fast XP, Level 40 & Stardust Guide! This Pokémon GO Guide covers ALL aspects of Fast XP & Stardust in Pokémon GO including Storage Management, Insight into how to efficiently gain XP to Level Up Fast in Pokémon GO and Maintaining Stardust for Powering up the right Pokémon in Pokémon GO!

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▶ How I've hit 100 MILLION XP in Pokémon GO:

▶ My Pokémon GO Road to Level 40 (2016) Playlist:

▶ How I've hit Level 40 in Pokémon GO:

▶ How I've done 84 LEGENDARY RAIDS in ONE day:


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Welcome to the #1 Stop for the latest of DAILY Pokémon GO Update News & Pokémon GO Gameplay including Egg Hatching, Evolutions, Catching and High Level Gameplay! If you are looking for Tips and Tricks and Strategy Guides to up your Pokémon GO Experience and you LOVE Pokémon GO, then be sure to Subscribe NOW for more Pokémon GO Content!

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Pokémon GO Gen 3 Update Launch Livestream


Is GROUDON the EASIEST Legendary Pokémon to Catch in Pokémon GO?!

How does Weather work in Pokémon GO? (Weather Update Guide)





Pokémon GO in New York City Adventure

7x Shiny Pokémon in 1 day in Pokémon GO! (Safari Zone Denmark)

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7 Tips For Throwing the Perfect Pokeball In Pokemon Go

Need some help Catching 'Em All? Here's some helpful tips to help you snag every Pokemon you find on your travels.

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Pokemon GO tips for advanced players

If, like us, you're still playing Pokemon GO you might find these tips for advanced players handy. If not you're already well on your way to becoming a Pokemon master.
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14 hidden mechanics Pokemon Go never tells you about

You’ve been playing Pokemon Go for a week now but we’ve collected 14 Pokeball shaped factoids guaranteed to make you a better trainer- some of which can make a huge difference to how you play.
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5 Things You Need to Do in Pokemon Go First

Here's a few tips to get you started on your journey to becoming a Pokemon Master.

Pokémon Go Tips - How to Quickly Gain XP & Level Up (Guide)

Leveling up in Pokémon Go is the key to unlocking better Pokéballs and Items! We offer up some simple tips for how you can quickly and efficiently earn XP and get those levels!

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How to Catch Ditto in Pokemon Go - How-To Guide and Tips

Catching a Ditto is no easy task with the little fella constantly being in disguise but, it isn’t an impossible task and the good news is that this little explainer will help you on your journey so that you can finally nab yourself one. Follow our video guide on how to catch Ditto in Pokemon Go and you'll have your own transforming blob in no time at all.




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