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10 best tips for playing Prey


10 Games Where YOU ARE THE BOSS

Many great video games make you feel awesome, but the special ones make you feel like a game's final boss. Here are some overpowered examples.
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Prey (2017) - The Best Immersive Sim?

Prey is a game that has become a cult classic over the past couple years, so I decided to take a look at the game itself to see why this is the case.

I also decided to interview the Creative Director of Prey, Raphaël Colantonio.

Raphaël's Twitter:


0:00:00 - Video Start
0:03:31 - Gameplay
0:29:40 - Story & Characters
0:58:47 - Mooncrash
1:04:10 - Typhon Hunter
1:11:04 - Soundtrack
1:21:31 - Interview with Raphaël Colantonio
1:44:51 - Conclusion

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Prey Beginner Tips + Weapon Locations & More!

Check out Prey here: sponsored by Prey

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Tips for Survival! (Prey)

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Prey Guide -- Neuromod Human Only Strategy and Guide

For this quick guide on Prey, I detailed the perks I chose to beat the game on nightmare without making use of Typhon abilities. If there's interest and I get around to it, I could create a second video detailing a Typhon-only run.


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137 Tips and Tricks for Prey Day Survival, free survival game w/Multiplayer

Prey Day Survival has fun Multiplayer and PvP unlike all of the other mobile Survival games which pretend to be multiplayer. Here are a ton of Tips and Tricks for playing the game. If you are wondering about getting the assault rifle, tactical backpack, Mercenary Gear or anything else, this video will help you out.

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4 steps to becoming PRO in Prey Day Survival. NOOB vs PRO

This video explains the 5 stages of Prey Day Survival and the 4 milestone markers for becoming a pro player. It will explain some very important things about the Prey Day. NOOB vs PRO. If you want help finding gears, springs and research, this video will give you the framework for finding everything you need.

Shout out to the Research Team. They are what makes this channel great.

I get almost all my music from Two Steps from Hell. They are my favorite group of musicians and one of my favorite Youtube channels. Please check them out. You will love their music:

Many of my videos have the audio edited by The Legend. Please thank him for me if you see him comment.

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Prey Day Survival-How to get lots of food and Tips N Tricks

Hey guys KillerBoyY here back with a new Video and today I made a video on how to make a load amount of Steak.I hope you enjoyed the video and dont forget to drop a like and subscribe if you wanna see more of this content and until then,PEACE✌✌

What The Hell Happened To PREY?

The first-person shooter genre is very different today than it was a decade and a half ago. Back in the early 2000’s first person shooters were everywhere. Science-fiction, historical period pieces, horror games with guns, puzzle-oriented experiences, and a metric crap-ton of things inbetween. One of those weird, quasi-experimental genre-defying games was 2006’s Prey.

Prey was received well and quickly became a notable cult classic among the PC gaming community and would later add to it’s lineage of false-starts and cancellations with a reboot in 2017 that was also, received fairly well. Unfortunately, not much else has surfaced about the series, and it seems to have returned to the same storage closet of gaming that this IP, and many others, have become so familiar with over the last many years. This leaves us asking what we always ask in these situations; WHY? What the hell happened to Prey?

Prey Review - An Underrated Game You Need to Play

Prey is one of those hidden gems that never really got the attention it deserved back when it first released. Featuring a sci-fi adventure through an alien-infested space station, multiple different ways to achieve the same objectives, and shape-shifting aliens that will have you question everything around you, Prey is a truly unique game that I very much enjoyed playing. In this review, I walk you through the basics of Prey and tell you why this is a game you should check out for yourself.

0:00 - Prey Review Intro
1:36 - Story and Background Information
4:25 - Combat, Exploration, and Problem Solving
8:55 - Why Prey is Worth Playing

Almost got rekt by Prey | Kingdom of Heroes

Prey is like the sniper in this game.

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Prey Lift Field

This one is actually better than you think.

Lift Field is actually quite strong.
It can AOE CC groups of foes, essentially disable most enemies for 15 PSI and hold them in place for 15 seconds.

You can also use this to lift leverage objects to save recycler charges or not invest in leverage.

HOW TO GET DNA VERY FAST!!! Prey Day Survival


Hi guys. In this vedio I'm going to tell u guyz how can we get free dog tags food and weapons without much grinding. Hope you like it.

Do multiple app :

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[PL] Tibia | Hunt 10/10 Loot Prey | Dark Torturer, Plaguesmith & Diabolic Imp #22 (POI DT City)

Tibia - POI DT City - DT, Plague, Imp Prey Loot 10/10

YT ►

Prey: Mooncrash is Better than Your Favorite DLC* - LibraScope Review

*Prey: Mooncrash might not actually be better than your favorite DLC, particularly if your favorite DLC is Prey: Mooncrash. Prey: Mooncrash cannot be better than Prey: Mooncrash, unless you can prove multiverse theory is correct, and you can show me an alternate universe where Arkane made a better version of Prey: Mooncrash. In which case, you should tell me how to get to that alternate universe, because I want to try this alternate version of Prey: Mooncrash. Anyway, play Prey: Mooncrash!

[Tibia 317 RP] Hunting Behemoths (Port hope) with 10/10 loot prey

Hello, there is another video from loot preys, some ppl didnt know that cipsoft updated that place, so check this out :P
Just profit/task hunt

Human Only Build in Prey 2017 [Ability Guide] || T-Strife Tips

Prey 2017 can be a rough ride starting out, especially you want to use no Typhon neuromods. Aspire to stay human! T-Strife Games is here with more tips for Prey 2017. This is how I approached my human only build in the game. So, sit back and enjoy my advice in this human ability guide.

1:49 - Scientist Tree Priorities
3:10 - Engineer Tree Priorities
5:45 - Security Tree Priorities
8:40 - My 5 Must Have Human Skills

From the developers:
In Prey, you awaken aboard Talos I, a space station orbiting the moon in the year 2032. You are the key subject of an experiment meant to alter humanity forever – but things have gone terribly wrong. The space station has been overrun by hostile aliens and you are now being hunted.

Name: Prey (2017)
Developer: Arkane Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Genres: First-person shooter, Survival horror, Action-adventure game
Platforms: PC, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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[Tibia] 317 Rp Hunting Okolnir Frosts with 9/10 loot prey.

I just came back there after years to check if it's possible to make nice exp and cool loot there :D
Thanks for watching
~1.1kk/h exp with green stamina.


In this video, I will be showing you how to go to PVP zones like City Online and Park in an offline mode. I will be showing you the steps of how to go these zones without facing a single online player in front of you..
I hope you enjoy this video guys :)



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