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10 best tips for playing Resident Evil 7: biohazard


20 Dumb & SECRET Things You Missed In Resident Evil 8: Village

Resident Evil Village (PC, PS5, PS4 Xbox Series X/S/One) is filled with cool secrets, dumb stuff, Easter eggs, and lore. Here are some of our favorite things throughout.
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– Resident evil 1 all endings

– Nice Try, Chris

– Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles – Cutscenes – Rebirth

– PS1 Dino Crisis 2 Trailer HD

Resident Evil 2 Animation - Leon's 69th Playthrough [SFM]

Leon on his 69th playthrough


BGM : Minor Circuit - Punch-Out!!
Nemesis theme - RE3 remake

#RE2remake #sfm #RE3remake

Resident Evil Village - Before You Buy

Resident Evil Village or Resident Evil 8 (PC, PS5, Xbox, PS4) is finally here. Is the continuation of Ethan Winters' story a satisfying one? Let's talk.
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300 IQ Experiments in Resident Evil Village (RE8)

Resident Evil 8 Village Game Mechanic Experiments - Testing on Different Scenarios how the Game Reacts
#RE8 #ResidentEvilVillage #ResidentEvil8
Gameplay Raw footage edited in a synthetic manner for information purposes. All Gameplay played, recorded & edited by me.
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Meloo is a channel that produces Guides, Creative Edits, High Quality Lore Videos, Comparisons & Mods for new video game releases. In my videos I draw parallels, use Juxtapositions and other editing techniques to deliver my Gameplay in a transformative manner from the original narrative rather than full let’s plays. I usually focus on games for a more mature audience. All Gameplay is my own and is recorded and edited by me.

What Happens if You Leave During the Cabin Fight in Resident Evil 4?

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How Ashley Became a Monster in RE4 ►

The cabin fight / house fight of Chapter 2-2 in Resident Evil 4 is a very iconic moment for the game. Since you can't normally escape and use mobility to your advantage, you have to change your strategy and hold your ground. This makes the situation a bit frightening at first, but with Luis Sera it ends up being a breeze. But what if we were able to leave the cabin during the fight? How would it affect RE4? Let's find out!

#residentevil4 #residentevil #re4 #horrorscoped #re4hd #outofbounds #gamingmystery

Filmed and edited by Metamonger and SwankyBox.
Voiceover by Metamonger.

Music from Resident Evil 4 OST:

Ada Wong Mercenaries Theme - Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 3 but 500% facial animations

I'm back.
Not dead, yet.
500% Carlos is Brendan Fraser, change my mind.

Emily Gera's article on this video:





9th Symphony, Finale (by Beethoven) by BeethovenCreative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 provided by FreeMusic109

Resident Evil Village vs. Resident Evil 7 - 10 Biggest Differences YOU NEED TO KNOW

Resident Evil Village is almost upon us now, and like any good sequel, it's looking to improve upon its predecessor however it can. Resident Evil 7 established a solid foundation for the first person era of the series, and with its sequel, Capcom have already talked about several ways they're going to build on that. Here, we'll be taking a look at the biggest changes and improvements RE Village is making over RE7.

Resident Evil Village: 8 Tips To Help You Beat the Game Fast

Resident Evil Village's first playthrough should take you eight or so hours to complete. But Resident Evil Village's replayability is off the charts. Every time you finish the game, you come out the other side with a bit more coin and Completion Points than you had before, allowing you to purchase better weapon upgrades for your next playthrough. So if you're looking to make subsequent playthrough much, much quicker, here's how to do it!

#IGN #Gaming

Resident Evil Village vs Resident Evil 7 | Direct Comparison

A graphic and gameplay comparison of the new Resident Evil Village (RE8) to the previous mainline installment, Resident Evil 7.

This detailed analysis covers everything from the visuals to the overall gameplay design, without spoiling any major story-related content.

History of Resident Evil:

#ResidentEvilVillage #RE8 #Comparison

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - All Weapons, Equipment, Reload Animations, Gun Sounds, All DLCs

This showcase video shows all weapons available in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. All DLCs weapons and equipment also included.

00:00 G17
01:00 M19
02:38 44 MAG
03:23 MPM
04:22 Albert-01R
05:10 Samurai Edge (Not A Hero)
06:15 M37
07:06 M21
07:49 Thor's Hammer (Not A Hero)
08:21 P19 Machine Gun
09:10 Grenade Launcher
10:02 Burner
10:35 Axe
11:18 Pocket Knife
11:40 Survival Knife
12:02 Tactical Knife (Not A Hero)
12:28 Knife (Bedroom)
12:48 Crowbar
13:27 Chainsaw
14:09 Circular Saw
14:31 Bare Fists (End of Zoe)
14:59 AMG-78/AMG-78a (End of Zoe)
15:50 AMG-Dual (End of Zoe)
16:38 Spirit Blade (End of Zoe)
17:15 Grenade (Not A Hero)
17:28 Incendiary Grenade (Not A Hero)
17:42 Neuro-stun Grenade (Not A Hero)
17:54 Remote Bomb
18:14 Stake Bomb (End of Zoe)
18:33 Throwing Knife (End of Zoe)
18:48 Throwing Spear (End of Zoe)
19:04 Blue Blaster (Jack's 55th Birthday)
19:25 Red Blaster (Jack's 55th Birthday)
19:44 Gold Blaster (Jack's 55th Birthday)
20:07 Sight A (Not A Hero)
20:16 Sight B (Not A Hero)
20:26 Sight C (Not A Hero)
20:34 First Aid Med
20:39 Strong First Aid Med
20:44 Med Injector (Not a Hero)
20:49 Strong Med Injector (Not a Hero)
20:54 Stabilizer
21:04 Steroids
21:14 Lighter (Daughters)
21:23 Lantern (Bedroom)
21:30 Candle
21:45 Boltcutter

Spoiler Free Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Trophy Guide and Platinum Roadmap (PS4, PS5) PS Plus

This is my Spoiler Free Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Trophy Guide and Platinum Roadmap (PS4, PS5) PS Plus

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Resident Evil 7 with a Classic Resi Fixed Camera (Concept Video)

Classic Resident Evil fans have been nothing but vocal about their desire for the old days of third person tank controls and fixed camera angles. But now, thanks to YouTube user Enveloping Sounds that dream is a little closer.

Using the Third-Person OTS Script Mod created by cheezeit and goldedtoad, and the Ethan w/ Head mod by alphaZomega and ZombieAli, Enveloping Sounds has managed to create a proof of concept for how RE7 could work with more of a classic Resident Evil twist.

For more Resident Evil fixed camera angle videos, checkout Enveloping Sounds' channel here -

What Happens if You Escape During The Boss Battles? | Resident Evil 2 REMAKE

What happens if we escape in the middle of the battle against the bosses?
What consequences will it have on the game?
Get ready because in this interesting video you will know!

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Outro Theme Song:

#ResidentEvil2 #Remake #Mods

LUCAS IS THE BEST EVER - Resident Evil 7 FINALE! Part 2 of 2

Lucas is the best character ever! This is the FINAL part of Resident Evil 7! I really loved this game. It's so much harder and scarier than Resident Evil 8. If I'm completely honest I think I had a slightly better time playing Resident Evil 8 but they are both amazing! I hope you enjoy my terrifying experience with this game. Much love and see you during the streams! :D

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10 Best Mods For Resident Evil Village You Absolutely Need To Try Out

Resident Evil may have started out as a console-exclusive franchise but with subsequent PC ports and new release, it's developed quite the modding scene over the past few years. This was best seen in Resident Evil 2 from 2019 and Resident Evil 3 in 2020, from replacing Mr. X with Pennywise from It to replacing all of the regular zombies with Nemesis.

With Resident Evil Village recently being released, it doesn't quite have the same range of mods just yet. Nevertheless, there are quite a few decent options available, whether it's providing fixes or revamping the appearance of certain characters. Let's take a look at ten mods that are worth using.


We are back with another TOP 10 Subnautica video! And today i focus on new Subnautica players who encounter with this game for the first time! Check out this video i am 100% positive it will help you survive in Subnautica world!

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TOP 10 Dangerous Creatures in Subnautica ►
TOP 10 Coolest Moments in Subnautica ►
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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

Descend into the depths of an alien underwater world filled with wonder and peril. Craft equipment, pilot submarines and out-smart wildlife to explore lush coral reefs, volcanoes, cave systems, and more - All while trying to survive

Resident Evil 7 Easy How to solve Mia VHS Tape walkthrough guide

Resident evil 7: fast solution and walkthrough guide how to solve the Mia puzzle VHS Tape
once you get to the spider puzzle make sure you press the x button, once it looks close enough to fit the picture. it won't auto fall into place.

Resident Evil 7 Jack Baker Asks Ethan To Save His Family

So spoilers but basically the Baker family was kinda normal besides maybe their son. Evie infected them all and thats why they end up like that. I think this game is great and I know the year is early but one of my Favorites for sure.

Resident Evil 7 Use Psychostimulant Open Your Eyes

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Use Psychostimulant Open Your Eyes. Do not be afraid to use the psychostimulants. The psychostimulant is so helpful for Ethan to get useful items fast and easy.

Resident Evil: Tall Vampire Lady

All Tall Vampire Lady Moments from the Resident Evil 8: Village Trailers

Tall Vampire Lady's name is: Alcina Dimitrescu, she is the mistress of the castle that overlooks the village. A towering woman with bewitching looks
She is 9'6 tall



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