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10 best tips for playing Robo Recall


So I Played A BAD Fortnite Rip Off... ????

Today #Rifty played a BAD #fortnite ripoff and it was LIT

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Free Oculus Quest 2 Games That You HAVE To Check out!

Today on BMF we are checking out the best free Oculus Quest 2 games. You can find the game list below:

Puppet Fever
First Steps/First Contact
The Under Presents
Anne Frank House VR
Half + Half
Mission: ISS
Rec Room
Echo VR
PokerVR/PokerStars VR
Facebook Horizon
BONUS: SideQuest

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Can The Wall Of Flesh Get INCREDIBLY SMALL In Terraria?

Terraria is back! Today we look at the weird mechanics of the Wall of Flesh, how small can it get!? Can this video hit 2000 Likes for the Terraria comeback!? :D

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The Quest 2's Weirdest Accessories Yet...

The Quest 2's Weirdest Accessories Yet...

In Todays video I am reviewing the weirdest Quest 2 accessories that can be found on Amazon. This ranges from ping pong paddles, controller grips, beat saber handles (wtf?) and much more. I rank each Item from 1 - 10 to determine which accessory is best.

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My channel is about VR Content (obviously lol) I've covered many topics on this channel in the past such as PC Building, PC Gaming Knowledge, Gaming News. That can be CPM rates, Industry knowledge, Business knowledge, how to edit, how to build a gaming PC, budget or not. But VR is cooler so I'm probably gonna keep doing that.

I'm like the monkey you send into space for tests. I just come back with the results and give them to you for FREE.

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You're Playing it Wrong - Robo Recall (Unplugged Quest Gameplay)

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REVIVE tutorial and download -

Welcome to the third episode in the You're Playing it Wrong series! In this video I will be telling you tips and tricks on one of the most popular games known to VR, Robo Recall. In the video I use all of my footage from the Oculus Quest with Robo Recall Unplugged.

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Robo Recall Unplugged On Oculus Quest Is A Blast!

I recall some rogue droids in Robo Recall Unplugged on Oculus Quest! Robo Recall was ported to Oculus Quest by Drifter Entertainment. I know many of you have been waiting to see how Robo Recall performs on Oculus Quest, now I can finally show you in this Robo Recall Oculus Quest gameplay video...

You can pre order the Oculus Quest here (affiliate link);
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Robo Recall: Unplugged - Amazing and Hilarious Shooter for Oculus Quest 2!

Robo Recall: Unplugged is a super fun game, and is definitely one of my favorites for Oculus Quest 2!

It was originally developed for a computer-powered VR Oculus Rift, and only recently ported for Quest 2. If you played the PC version before you will notice that the graphics is much more simple on Quest 2, but even with that, the game still looks really good and it offers exactly the same gameplay. When I'm in the game I turn around so much that I cannot imagine playing it while being tethered to a PC, so a stand-alone unplugged version of Robo Recall is a win. This is a great alternative for anyone who wants to enjoy the game and not invest in a gaming PC.

Let me know in the comments what YOU think about this game!

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Car stuff on hold - addicted to Robo Recall on the Oculus Quest 2

When Work Play Drive was born, I intended to cover the three aspects of my life. Work - Tech and home DIY | Play - Gaming | Drive - Cars. Since I've been buried in some good games lately, I figured I would share Robo Recall Unplugged, which has seriously cut into my video editing time. I'm playing it on the Oculus Quest 2, and happy to say between this and Beat Saber, I've tripled my daily activity.

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How to play Minecraft on Quest 2 (FULL GUIDE)

How to play Minecraft on oculus quest 2 Wireless, link, oculus, java, bedrock, no pc.
In this video, I show you every way to play Minecraft VR on the Oculus quest 2.





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Play Robo Recall for FREE! - Vive and Riftcat!

This video will show you how to install a demo of Robo Recall VR on your computer for free to try it before you buy it from the Oculus store. This is done with the RoboRecall mod kit and Revive so that it's not just limited to the Oculus Rift. This is NOT the complete game, but it does have plenty of content to test out.

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THIS IS EPIC, I'M A MATRIX NINJA, SHOTGUN RAIN!! - Robo Recall VR Gameplay Part 1 (Oculus Rift VR)

☆ Learn more about the Oculus Rift + Touch! (Thank you to Oculus for Sponsoring this video + supporting the channel!)
Welcome to Robo Recall with Oculus Rift VR + Oculus Touch! Today, we begin our VR adventure in THE MOST EPIC GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED. This had my heart pumpin', my sweat sweatin', and me feeling like A FREAKIN' MATRIX NINJA! Oh yeah... AND SHOTGUN RAIN BABYYYYY ☆ Buy Games for Cheap:

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☆ VR Playlist: Coming Soon

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What is Robo Recall?

Purchase and activate Touch to get Robo Recall for free!
You used to push lead with a pencil, but now you’re pushing it with a gun. A recent barrage of defective, homicidal robots has created openings in RoboReady’s perpetually underfunded and suddenly swamped Recall Department. Thrown into the fray as a Recaller, you must rely on your wits, reflexes and a vast arsenal of weaponry to eliminate the robot uprising.

Robo Recall is an action-packed VR first-person shooter with visceral Touch gameplay and an in-depth scoring system. Earn the high score by using creative combat tactics and skill shots as you teleport through city streets and rooftops in an awe-inspiring ballet of bullets. Tear apart your interactive robot foes and use them to fend off the enemy onslaught. Unlock, customize and test weapons before taking on advanced challenges that put your newfound skills to the test!

Things You Should NEVER Do With Your Oculus Quest 2...

Things You Should NEVER Do With Your Oculus Quest 2...

In Todays video I am going through the most crucial tips for your Oculus Quest 2. This ranges from buying a VR cover, Buying a replacement headstrap, avoiding the Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap, and even Facebook related tips.

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My channel is about VR Content (obviously lol) I've covered many topics on this channel in the past such as PC Building, PC Gaming Knowledge, Gaming News. That can be CPM rates, Industry knowledge, Business knowledge, how to edit, how to build a gaming PC, budget or not. But VR is cooler so I'm probably gonna keep doing that.

I'm like the monkey you send into space for tests. I just come back with the results and give them to you for FREE.

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Robo Recall Performance Optimization | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine

Announce Post:

Robo Recall is Epic Games' hot new VR title, but how did it get to be so fast and fun? VR developers know that maintaining a steady framerate is key to a good experience, so Nick Donaldson and Jeff Farris are here to share what they learned during the making of Robo Recall. Tune in to learn all of the tips and tricks to getting performance in VR!

[00:08:40]Community Spotlight
[00:15:50]Console Variables
[00:22:20]Forward Renderer's Improvements
[00:29:31]Dynamic Reflections
[00:39:00]Unexpected Perf Issues - Quad Overdraw
[00:46:00]Profiling for Performance
[00:53:20]Session Frontend Profiler
[00:59:50]Nativized BPs
[01:04:00]Pooling Actors
[01:10:35]Small Tips and Tricks


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All Walls Must Fall -

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Oculus Quest 2 Tips & Tricks You NEED To Know

I show you my top tips and tricks to get the most out of the Oculus Quest 2!

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Let me know which tip or trick you found the most useful or let me know if you have any Oculus Quest 2 tips and tricks I missed out in this video.

Thanks for watching []-)

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???? Ranking (All Devil Fruits) In Blox Fruits!

I made a few mistakes in this video:
rubber CAN'T break ken*
and dragon C is useless in dragon form, not the X*

Huge thank you: Centourian5 (Discord: Potato Juice)

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What is Roblox? Roblox advertises itself as an 'Imagination Platform' that allows its users to develop or play millions of 3D online games.

#Roblox #BloxFruit #BloxFruits #OnePiece

Beginner's Guide To Onward on Oculus Quest - MULTIPLAYER VR SHOOTER!

Onward has finally arrived on Oculus Quest! Join us as we break down FIVE tips & tricks perfect for players entering the battlefield for the first time on standalone VR. Learn how to customize your weaponry for any scenario, gather intelligence, and communicate effectively on the battlefield in this all-in-one training vid!
Onward is available now on Oculus Quest for $24.99 via the Oculus Quest Store:

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THE AVENGERS ASSEMBLE IN VIRTUAL REALITY! | Marvel Powers United VR (Oculus Quest + Link Gameplay)

I gathered up The Avengers for Marvel Powers United on the Oculus Quest. This VR Superhero simulator let's you step into the shoes of The Hulk, Spiderman, Deadpool and many others from Marvel's universe. It's multiplayer meaning you can team up with 3 friends.

Marvel Powers United Review:

Get the game:

The Hulk Gameplay:

Spiderman Gameplay:

Black Panther Gameplay:

Deadpool Gameplay:

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Robo Recall lvl 1-2! Agent 34 The Robots Strike Back!

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Robo Recall Oculus Rift S | Part 10

In this episode of Robo Recall on Oculus Rift S, Odin and I face off for the final showdown. I find out that the only person that could stop him is Phillip and now I have to protect him!

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Robo Recall: Unplugged - Easiest Way to Get High Scores

The competitive scene of Robo Recall: Unplugged was quite lacking compared to Robo Recall [PC]. So I decided to try my best and to bring it here. Looking at the loading screens, they actually give you good tips! Such as melee kills bringing more multiplier and Sniper kills get you more points. This video is just me demonstrating the Sniper kills you can get. Enjoy!



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