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10 best tips for playing Robo Recall


Robo Recall High Score Tips & Tricks to Get Stars!

When I first started playing Robot Recall, earning high score stars seemed extremely difficult. Every level has 3 tiers of high score to reach to earn all the stars on a level, and the top tier scores initially seemed so far out of reach, they seemed impossible to get.
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At first, I imagined that the pistol was just so weak and inaccurate that it was impossible to get high scores with it
But that ended up being far from the truth. On level 1-1 that I am showing here in this video, I end up getting a global leaderboard ranking of 378 and a score of 2.5 million
I am using an upgraded shotgun, but there is nothing in this video you could not do the very first time you play Robo Recall
When I first started playing, I had hoped that unlocking new guns and gun powerups would make it easier to reach those high scores,
but after completing the entire campaign and still struggling to even get the second high score star, I knew I was missing something important
After lots of testing and research, I realized that getting the high score stars has little to do with your ability to aim or using the most upgraded guns, and it has much more to do with teleporting around and throwing enemies
I’m curious actually, let me know in the comments what your favorite gun is in Robo Recall
Mine is the fully upgraded shotgun without the rocket attachments
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The technique to getting an extremely high score comes down to teleporting right behind robots and ripping their heads off to build your score multiplier to 10x, then doing lots of fancy kills like stealing weapons or throwing enemies off of cliffs
It can get kinda repetitive compared to a run and gun playstyle, but this strategy is extremely effective
I've got 5 stars in multiple levels now and really enjoy teleporting around
Super-fast, precise, no orientation problems.
When you learn how to use the game mechanics and don't change your physical body orientation, teleporting becomes an absolute breeze
Robo Recall has hands down the best movement mechanics of any VR game I have ever played
And I think the designers built the high score system to encourage you to use their incredibly well designed teleporting system as much as possible, as opposed to sitting in one spot and shooting robits as they come to you in waves
So here are the basics of how to get high score stars in Robo Recall
To maintain high multiplier
I use a combination of jumping around and blocking shots with an off-hand shotgun.
Every Enemy drop chips when killed
And getting melee kills earns you significantly more score multiplier chips than kills with guns
My plan when I’m going for a high score is usually to get a 10x multiplier with nothing but melees, then start gunning down enemies
Also, every time you get shot or melee’d, your multiplier goes down by 1
This is another reason to not sit in the same place for very long and instead teleport around frequently
The multiplier does go down slowly when you are not in combat, but it’s very minimal compared to the loss when you get hit
The range that you pick up chips from killed robots is surprisingly small. But When you get a melee kill, you automatically pick up all the chips they drop
So when you switch to using your guns, be sure to teabag all downed robots to pick up their chips
Headshots earn lots of points
Using drones or the miniboss’s laser against robots earns a ton of points
Throwing enemies off of cliffs is an extremely easy way to get tons of points, but not every level is situated high enough to get throwing kills by merely tossing robots off of a rooftop
You can get a Long Bomb bonus when you throw the spiders far enough. If you do this, be sure to chase down the thrown spider to pick up all the chips they drop.
After ripping off a robots head, you can throw them up in the air and shoot their body for extra juggling points
This isn’t really necessary if you are going for the high score stars, but it’s something I see pretty consistently from people who have posted videos that are in the top 10 of the leaderboards
Catching enemies bullets midair and throwing them back can also earn you a return to sender point bonus. This is a little risky to pull off because like I mentioned earlier every bullet that hits you reduces your point multiplier
And do not forget to shoot enemies that are running away after any timed challenge, such as the Recall or collection challenges, for a significant No Escape point bonus Video By

Robo Recall’s Hidden Weapon Features (Oculus Rift and Touch Gameplay)

Robo Recall is filled with hidden weapon functionalities that are either never explained or very difficult to find, including hidden firing modes, the ability to equip four of the same gun, and many robots that can be hijacked.

HUGE thanks to Oculus, for the Rift and Touch, and codes for me to check out these games! Get the Oculus Rift here

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The shotguns have a hidden firing mode
use your off hand to pump the shotgun once or twice to have it fire multiple barrels at once
This works for normal shotgun shells and the fully upgraded rocket shotgun
This is an excellent way to crank your DPS WAY up
Now you’re thinking, that’s awesome, but shotguns regenerate pretty slowly
Well guess what, there’s actually a way to equip 4 Shotguns!
Normally, you can only equip two pistols and two heavy weapons. The pistols are equipped on your hips and the shotgun or energy rifle is equipped over your shoulders
There’s an easy trick to equip four of the same weapon, four shotguns for example
Equip the shotgun with all the mods you want to your normal shoulder location
Go to the gun range, grab the shotgun, then drop the gun at your feet
Go back into the weapons menu and choose the pistol. Now, grab the shotgun that is at your feet, and put it in both hip holsters
Now load up a level, and all four holsters will be the exact same shotgun
You can instantly Reload any gun as well. When you bounce a gun off off of a robot and catch the rebound, the gun will be fully loaded
There are also quite a few robots you can hijack and use against other robots
The most obvious is the mini boss. When you shoot all four glowing weakspots, you can teleport on his back, rip off the panel, and use his laser to very quickly recall lots of robits. His energry drains quickly over time and the laser can overheat
You can grab the flying Drones and use them as laser cannon
Grab and fire mini rocket dude
And when you release him, he goes flying off into the distance for a nice point bonus
Tether dudes drop a lasso that can throw around enemies Video By

Playing Robo Recall VR with a Haptic Vest & 3D Printed Oculus Rift Gun Controller

Today we are going to check out an awesome 3D printed gun stock made for the Oculus Rift. This rifle stock has designed by The VR Room who are also the company behind a succesful Arcade in Amsterdam.

They decided to send me one for free to try out in Robo Recall. The setup is very easy you slide your Oculus Touch controller inside the back and you are ready to go! I will be playing the game in combination with this 3D Printed stock and a Haptic Suit from bHaptics. Enjoy!

Request your own handgun stock here:
Play Robo Recall:
Oh and don't forget that locomotion mod:

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WHY YOU NEED VR - Robo Recall Comedy Montage

Funny montage of some of the highlights Robo Recall on the Oculus Rift. I didn't really know where this video was going when I first started filming and editing, it evolved into a blend between a montage and a HMV-style music video. See further below for song credits.

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AWESOME NEW LOCOMOTION MOD! | Robo Recall VR (Oculus Touch Gameplay)

Salvation is here! Robo Recall VR now has a locomotion mod that allows you to walk, jump and even use a special slow-motion ability. The game can be played with the Oculus Touch and the HTC Vive. Be sure you update to the latest version.

Play this action-packed shooter:

Download the locomotion mod here:

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Wield the power of a Jedi lightsaber and blaster pistol in this AWESOME new Star Wars mod for Robo Recall. Killing robots has never been more fun, can't wait to see this mod when it's fully finished with missions and all!

UPDATE JUNE 2019 - So, I've returned to this video and have checked the links... Sadly, the mod creator has removed the mod files from their google drive and now have a SICK PATREON SO YOU CAN PAY FOR THE MODS INSTEAD. So if you want to join the 0 other people supporting this mod, go find the link cuz I'm not putting it here. K love you bye.

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Top 15 Oculus Rift S Games You Need To Play!

Here's a top 15 of some of the best VR games that you can play on the Oculus Rift S. This new announced VR headset does inside-out tracking with 5 on-board cameras and comes with updated touch controllers.

It's a suprising collaboration between Lenovo and Oculus. The Rift S reminds me a lot of a mixed reality hmd.

The GAMES are down here!

Journey of the Gods
Lone Echo 2
The Climb
Pixel Ripped
Robo Recall
Asgard's Wrath
Dead and Buried 2
Vacation Simulator
Beat Saber

Thumbnail Credits go to RoadToVR! Check out their article on the Rift S here.

Top 10 PCVR Games of June 2019

Top 10 PCVR games of Juner 2019

10 - Swords of Gargantua 0:16
9 - Mercenary 2 Silicon Rising 0:46
8 - Serious Sam 3 VR 1:35
7 - Beat Saber 2:15
6 - Super Hot 2:32
5 - Karnage Chronicles 2:46
4 - Rec Room 3:24
3 - Space Pirate Trainer 4:08
2 - Robo Recall 4:54
1 - Vanishing Realm 5:42

I hope you enjoyed the list, let me know your top ten.



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Let's Play Robo Recall - Oculus Quest

I finally play Robo Recall! Man, what a good time this game is. So glad I finally dove in. If you've got any newbie tips for me I'd love to hear them!
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New to Oculus Rift? What VR Games Should You Get First? Best Free and Paid VR Games for Beginners

Review links at bottom of this text!

A video here to hopefully help out those who have just picked up their Oculus Rift (with Touch controls hopefully) and have googled what are the best VR games or which games should I get for the Rift... I was exactly the same. A few weeks in and I knew the score, but for those just joining us in the Rift Dimension, WELCOME!

Problems are that there is a stuffed store that isn't the best to navigate, prices change ALL THE TIME and some titles I didn't even know where VR supported until I'd wasted my money on something else.

I have so many games in my Oculus and Steam VR library, and sad to say that a lot of them I wish I didn't buy. Just like every format ever, there is a hell of a lot of shovelware, copycats, and opportunists.

If you don't fancy watching the whole video, then the games I added were (in no order of value, experience or content)- Space Pirate Trainer, Dead and Buried, Payday 2 VR, Elite Dangerous, Subnautica VR, Robo Recall, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Project Cars, La Peri, Lone Echo (and Echo Arena),

Other bits-
Subnautica VR Review-
The Wizards VR Review-
HP Omen X Backpack (for VR) review-

Everyone's opinion is different, and this is just a taster, so please add any other must-have VR games in the comments.

#oculusrift #riftvr #vrgames

Music is Herr Doktor- Moon Garden

Play Robo Recall for FREE! - Vive and Riftcat!

This video will show you how to install a demo of Robo Recall VR on your computer for free to try it before you buy it from the Oculus store. This is done with the RoboRecall mod kit and Revive so that it's not just limited to the Oculus Rift. This is NOT the complete game, but it does have plenty of content to test out.

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Robo Recall Mission 3-2 Over 4 Million Score

I got my previous high score when I was doing the 'Dead Eye' challenge but otherwise I didn't feel like the run was very good even though I did end up with decent score. All in all, I found 'Dead Eye' to be the most annoying challenge to complete. I think I will upload a video about that later as well but it will probably be more of a highlights style video.

THE ROBOT UPRISING! - Robo Recall Oculus VR

Checkout Robo Recall here Sponsored by Oculus

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25 Oculus Rift Tips And Tricks For New Owners In 2019 (From Early Adopters)

As early adopters, we wanted to share our tips and lessons we've learned after using the Oculus Rift for 2 years. These are handy tips for VR newcomers, but a VR veteran might be able to pick up a tip or two too!
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We will go through this video in order. First, we’ll start with the tips that are handy to check before playing, like how to get the tracking right. Then we’ll give you tips for during playtime and we’ll end the video with our tips on how to store your headset safely.

Also, whenever we mention a handy thing in this video, I’ll also link it in the description. And for those who might prefer it, we also added subtitles in this video.

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Robo Recall weapon overview Part 1

Detailed overview of the Pistol and Revolver in Epic's Robo Recall

Everyone's Playing Robo Recall!! Oculus VR Gameplay Level 2.1

It's been a week since Oculus released Robo Recall to Touch owners for FREE! I'd be missing the party if I didn't upload a Robo Recall VR game play video. So, here it is. Level 2.1. I'm trying to get a high score by doing hand to hand combat attacks, to collect more chips for the multiplier. Than doing high value recall plays after that. We have an all star line up in the top 5. If I crack a million points, I'll beat a well known VR venture capitalist. I need 2 million to gain on other VR developers and aficionados. Let's see how I do.. This game is so fun and addictive, I'll likely be playing again this weekend. Stay turned and subscribe for the next VR gameplay video, which will be the newly released Mission ISS. SPACE STATION Virtual Reality!!

Search for Robo Recall in the Oculus Store.

MATRIX TRICKS IN VIRTUAL REALITY! Robo Recall | (Oculus Rift VR + Touch Gameplay) #2


BACK with some Oculus Rift CV1 + Touch Controllers gameplay for yall! It's finally time to jump into the amazing ROBO RECALL! AKA..I Robot Simulator...LEGO!!!

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NO COMMENTARY - 30 Minutes of Robo Recall Gameplay [Oculus Rift + Touch]

Here it is! The first 30 minutes of gameplay from EPIC Games’ new VR shooter Robo Recall, an intense and absolutely gorgeous shooter for the Oculus Rift. Best part of all, it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE for Oculus Touch owners.

Also, see this awesome Robo Recall Star Wars mod! -

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Top 10 Best VR Games You Must Play On Your Oculus Quest

Here's my Top 10 of the best VR games and experiences you can play on your Oculus Quest headset.

The GAMES are down here!

Rec Room
Superhot VR
Star Wars: Vader Immortal
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Vacation Simulator
Journey of the Gods
Beat Saber

► About me

Hey there! My name is Nathie and I am the one that runs this very awesome and unique VR channel where I review games, experiences, apps & hardware. If you are an admirer of Virtual Reality yourself then you found the right place. I want to show everyone the power of VR by preaching on YouTube.



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