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10 best tips for playing Shadows of Adam


Shadows of Adam review - Steamdrunk

Shadows of Adam is heading to the Nintendo Switch eShop on May 3, 2019 for USD $14.99. Pre-purchase starts on April 26 and will be 10% off the regular price.

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I've watched enough Hentai to see where this is going | Shadows of Adam

Oh look it's Shadow of Adam a pretty freaking awesome RPG game that's much better than other RPG games because it has sick graphics awesome turn-based battling goodness and annoying baddies without the annoying random encounters like in games like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. It looks like in this game you play the role of a young man that is trying to save the world like in other RPG games and also your home town kinda hates you unlike in other RPG games and you have a sick magic chick on your side like in other RPG games but you have to venture straight into the freaking tentacle valley unlike in other RPG games and I promise you that I have watched enough hentai to see where this game is going. Besides that there are some pretty cool puzzle aspects which I wouldn't really call hard but they are sort of fun to do and sometimes have neat treats at the end of them! And hey I'd say this game resembles a cross between Final Fantasy and Golden Sun except I'm not really sure how far things like field based skills and summons go, but with the graphics on this beast I'd say that summons would be pretty freaking rad!! So yeah I reckon if you like RPG games, good graphics and pixelated hentai you'll probably have a really good time playing Shadows of Adam so why not give it a go sometime?

By the way guys this video took me a freaking long time to record and edit and like 10-12 hours to upload so I would super appreciate if you watched from start to finish but I totally get that you have a life and wanna do your own thing unlike me so that's cool too you do you but hey all the effort I put into this will be worth it probably so give it a go maybe sometime like now?

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Shadows of Adam - Indie JRPG | Game Dev Interview

Shadows of Adam is a recently released indie JRPG. I interview Tyler Mire, co-founder of the studio Something Classic and composer of Shadows of Adam. #gamedevinterview

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Art by The Moski

Overlay by SarahScopic

RAID: Shadow Legends | RAID For Beginners | Do's And Don'ts

Much like in life, mistakes are natural and are a learning tool. They’re unavoidable, and you’re going to make a lot of them.
Android & iOS:

But at the same time, if you have the chance to learn from the mistakes of others, it’s always best to grab it. And in this episode, we’re going to offer you exactly that chance.

This episode covers several of the most common - and costly - mistakes a new player can make and explains why these mistakes can be so detrimental. We’ll also give a few helpful tips to make your progress easier.

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PS2 Game Collection

A video about all of my PS2 games and a bit of my history with the system.

#PS2 #RetroGames #GameCollection

Shadow of Destiny podcast -
The music in this episode is from the various games I talk about here.

Intro artwork, logo and banner by: @theMagdalenRose

Cantina Blues Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows but wtf is going on

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is a web of wtf

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Fortnite | 25 Tips and Tricks from Twitch Pros

New Tips and tricks are difficult to come by after 9 seasons of Fortnite Battle Royale so I though we’d go through all the mechanics and mini tactics which work during season 9 and 10. Some you’ll know, some you may have forgotten and some are unique to season 9 so if you’re ready let’s do this!

Sub to ZAK GG! he has 189 subs so far! let's get him over 1000!

Let's go through....
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Classic Platforming, Mud Physics And 6 More Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Features You’ll Love

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider pretends it’s all dark and moody, but our new gameplay says otherwise. From the return of proper platforming to the amazing jungle world, this feels like a rollicking Tomb Raider of old. Has good mud, too. Here are eight features I think you’ll love.

Just a bit of setup for you: in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Lara has triggered the end of the world. The only way to fix it? Shooting a jaguar in the face, apparently. Despite all the doom and gloom, in the hands of Eidos Montreal - they of Deus Ex fame - this actually feels more like classic Tomb Raider than the series has for some years. It’s got tougher platforming, a more exotic setting and some stunning mud physics - all this and more awaits you as we tour the best features in the game so far.

I love the platforming in this new game - by turning up the difficulty you remove the painted platforms that appeared in the last two games, forcing you to really read the environment, like you used to in old Tomb Raider. They’re calling it Treacherous Traversal and they can call it what they like, as long as it delivers the classic acrobatics we enjoyed in Underworld and Anniversary. As a big fan of those earlier games, this is a great mix of the old and new.

I also look at the new stealth combat - check out the dual kill stolen from Deus Ex’s Adam Jensen - and see how much of the wildlife I can wipe out. I still feel bad about the howler monkey. Sorry, monkey friend. Elsewhere in these Shadow of the Tomb Raider impressions we explore the new hub area and go on a side quest, that takes us into a short combat challenge. It’s a bit Batman, and a bit good.

Our Shadow of the Tomb Raider gameplay takes place in the first four hours of the game and was captured on Xbox One X, set to high resolution mode over high frame rate. It will be coming to PC on 14th of September, where we will be making lots of lovely videos about it. In order not to miss our future PC coverage of the game, why not subscribe to the channel before we proceed? I’ll also answer any questions you have if you pop them in the comments below. Thanks for reading and watching.

Here are the obligatory hashtags we now have to include: #shadowofthetombraider #rockpapershotgun #riphowlermonkey

Strolling Through the Slimey Swamp - Let's Play Shadows of Adam - Part 9 - Indie RPG Gameplay

Woops. Better late than never right?

When you're keeled over, hands on your knees, spitting out the grit that last monster knocked into your teeth, maybe then you'll understand. Shadows of Adam is no walk in the park. It's a new age retro RPG built for the modern era. Challenging battles, cryptic puzzles, and rapid fire plot keep your adrenaline pumping from start to finish in this nostalgia-provoking RPG.

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ULTIMATE GUIDE TO ALPHA OMEGA: Round 1 Pack A Punch, All Raygun Upgrades & Buildables (Black Ops 4)

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Here is my Ultimate Guide to Alpha Omega: a huge video containing tutorials and guides on every buildable & Ray Gun Upgrade, and strategy on how to best play Alpha Omega. An ultimate Alpha Omega solo strategy for high rounds and Alpha Omega Easter Egg runs!

Useful Timestamps:
1:02 - Early Round Optimisation/Power/Pack A Punch
5:45 – All Shield Part Locations
6:38 – All Telepads Locations
7:26 – Sergeant A.D.A.M Guide
8:50 – Ray Gun Mark 2 Frame Guide
10:08 – Ray Gun Mark 2 Assembly Kit Guide
10:56 – Free Ray Gun Mark 2 Guide
12:40 – Free Pack a Punch Weapon
13:22 – Cheap Pack a Punch Uogrades
13:53 – Ray Gun Mark 2-V Guide
15:26 – Ray Gun Mark 2-X Guide
17:06 – Ray Gun Mark 2-Y Guide
18:36 – Ray Gun Mark 2-Z Guide
20:30 – Cheat Codes
21:40 – Solo Easter Egg Tips

Here are my FULL Alpha Omega Specific Guides:
•In-Depth Ray Gun Upgrade Guides:
•All Secret Codes Guide:

Check out my other Ultimate Guides for the other Black Ops 4 Zombies maps:
•Blood of the Dead Guide:
•Classified Guide:
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• Ancient Evil Guide:

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Path of Exile Beginner Guide (PoE Betrayal 3.5)

This Path of Exile beginner guide is meant to help new players coming to Betrayal League (2018) and future leagues. I recommend looking up PoE Betrayal starter builds after watching this video. In this video, we cover tips and tricks on the early and end-game, an intro to ascendancy and the atlas, classes and character creation, and the labyrinth, while making comparisons to Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. PoE is coming to PS4 in early 2019.

More Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls guides, builds for all classes - Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor, Crusader, Barbarian, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard:

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Spider Man Web of Shadows Carnage vs Venom Full Episode

Spiderman gameplay today is a evolution boss fight battle between Venom and Carnage. Carnage is a playable character Mod on the PC version of Spiderman Web of Shadows where Peter Parker undergoes an evil transformation. Both symbiotes are villains in the fictional Spider-Man Universe of the Spider Verse and Mythos to spiderman. This video takes Spider-Man vs Venom and switches the script to a what if spiderman story.

Spider-Man detailed costume Mod Evolutions can be found on my friends ynSections channel:
*All gameplay is my own & is edited by me to better a viewers understanding of how to progress through a videogame by trying to educate via an entertainment medium, there are different types of learners I for one learn better with visuals such as the one provided*

Fortnite Battle Royale | 8 Secrets and Settings for Console Players (PS4 & Xbox One)

Fortnite Battle Royale players continually improve with every game. The days of easy wins are numbered and to be able to compete for victories proves harder every day. To stay one step ahead, here are 8 console settings which will improve your game

1. Combat Pro
2. Pyramid Ramp
3. Aim Assist Pros and Cons
4. Introduction to sensitivity
5. Button mapping
6. Hidden settings
7. Brightness and contrast
8. Surround sound

Hello Neighbor Escaping Act 2 all 3 different ways!




How do I turn the water valve on?
- Press E
I lost the lever after bursting the pipe on the fence, what do I do?
- Unfortunately, you'll have to restart.

In the video, I'll be showing you how to escape Act 2 by using the trampoline, crowbar, and the red key.

First, to escape any of the following ways, you must activate all 3 switch to get the valve which will drain the pool with the shark.

•Activate all 3 switches
•Get the wrench from the refrigerator
•Pick up the valve
•Turn on the 2 valves
•Turn on the valve from the water heater and switch it from cold to hot (from blue to red)
•Open the ladder using the wrench
•Drain the pool
•Go to the top and find the ladder that leads to the child's room
•Go down stairs to turn on the last valve and pull the lever to open the gate to the trampoline
•Grab a chair and 3 boxes
•Jump onto the trampoline and escape!

•Activate all 3 switches
•Get the wrench from the refrigerator
•Pick up the valve
•Open the ladder using the wrench
•Drain the pool
•Get the shovel from the middle of the pool you drained
•Go outside to the patch of dirt and dig it up
•Open the coffin and get the doll house key
•Go back to the top where you found the shovel and find the ladder that leads to the child's room
•Open the doll house
•Open the top door of the doll house
•Go to the bathroom downstairs and pick up the toy
•Go back to the downstairs and place the toy inside the doll house on the toilet
•Go back to the doll house and get the crowbar
•Escape using the crowbar!

Red key
•Activate all 3 switches
•Get the wrench from the refrigerator
•Pick up the valve
•Turn on the 2 valves
•Turn on the valve from the water heater and leave the switch on cold (blue)
•Open the ladder using the wrench
•Drain the pool
•Get the shovel from the middle of the pool you drained
•Go outside to the patch of dirt and dig it up
•Open the coffin and get the doll house key
•Go back to the top where you found the shovel and find the ladder that leads to the child's room
•Open the doll house
•Open the bottom door of the doll house
•The room next to the doll house, go up the ladder and turn on the valve from the bottom of the pool/pit
•Get back to the top of the pool/pit and go down the ladder and go to the door to the right of the downstairs
•Turn the switch from hot to cold (red to blue)
•Go back to the pool and now it's frozen
• Go to the door on the opposing side of the pool and get the red key
•Escape with the red key!

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How To Get Faster on Gran Turismo Sport

Tips on improving your ability and results on Gran Turismo Sport. Please add any further tips in the comments!

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Usta Okada Botlarla Konuşan Adam | Shadow Fight 3

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Sekiro Review Roundup: Critics Love It! - Inside Gaming Daily

More like The Wolf of Takeshita Street.

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[Metacritic] Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice -
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[ShackNews] Dark Souls 3 sales reach 3 million units; Dark Souls series shipments reach 13 million units -
[] Why From Software chose Activision to publish Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice -

Let's Play: Shadows of Adam - P9 - Underground Passageway (Zak & Nik, Golem)

Developed by Something Classic Games LLC
Made with Electron
Steam link:


The village of Adam is suffering from bizarre misfortunes such as bad water and the valley being overrun with thorny vines known as the Tangle. They all blame Asrael, an outsider girl who can wield magic. Kellan, the son of the late village hero, is determined to prove otherwise and investigates the cause of the Tangle. He soon finds himself dealing with a plot that involves magic, the Wraith War, and his father's ghost.


[ 4:28 ] Boss: Zak and Nik

Unlike me, during Curtis's flashback, don't open the chests and don't take the ring from the guy near the temple. They will become better items when you revisit this area in the present. I still hate myself for screwing this part up.

[ 39:40 ] Purple Chest: Ice Sword

This chest is missable, so be sure to take the time to solve the puzzle.

[ 47:40 ] Boss: Golem

Note that if you use Asrael's Blizzard, the Golem will target her with a powerful single target attack. Make sure she's at full health and has Blur applied.

[ 58:22 ] Gold Tier Arena

During the time I played the game, the arena had a bug where the next non-arena battle would prevent the exp/gold screen from showing up.




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