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10 best tips for playing Shadows of Adam


Shadows of Adam (Switch) Review! - The Game Collection!

Welcome back to The Game Collection!
I've been focusing an awful lot on RPGs made by classic developers. They made the classics I grew up playing, the games that inspired my love for the genre. The games that inspired this series of reviews. But I think it’s time we check out a game that was also inspired by these classics. The developer Something Classic sent me a copy of Shadows of Adam for review, so let's see how they did! Is Shadows of Adam itself a mere shadow cast by the games that came before it? Or does it stand on its own legs as classic all on its own? I am SuperDerek and this is Shadows of Adam!
Shadows of Adam is a turn-based Japanese-style RPG that's available to play on PC and Nintendo Switch. It was developed by Something Classic after a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $20,000. Shadows of Adam launched originally in 2017 for PC, and was just ported over this year to the Nintendo Switch, which is the version I played for this review.
The story of Shadows of Adam follows Kellan, son of the hero Orazio and his childhood friend and adopted sister Azrael. Several years ago, Orazio set out on a journey, never to be heard from again, leaving behind his children, and a dark secret. And as the world begins to slip into darkness, the blight afflicting the world spreads and infects the land. Is in this world that our story picks up. Kellan and Azzy go exploring the Tangle, a treacherous and poisonous gnarl of twisted thorns and vines, in search of the source of the blight. Along the way they come across Curtis, a powerful monk who helps the duo out. Upon discovering and defeating a monstrous carnivorous plant, they find a magical tome buried within a tree trunk. It is then that a vision of Orazio appears, pleading to Azrael to help him, before vanishing. With that, our small band of characters go off on a journey to find Orazio, and get to the bottom of that creepy magical tome.
The game gradually leads the player through several towns and dungeons, in search of magical crystals, magical artifacts, and running from an evil prince, hell-bent on capturing Azzy for her sparkling magical abilities. Along the way we uncover the history of magic, the origins of artifacts, and meet several fun and interesting characters along the way.
The overarching story of the game itself isn't where the writing of this game truly shines though. That would be in the dialog. Shadows of Adam is very self-aware, and breaks the 4th wall often. The writing is clever and whimsical enough to keep readers engaged, but never so off-the-rails as to border on parody. Some of the most charming and memorable characters are the pirates obsessed with cleaning, for example. Shadows of Adam walks a fine line, and in doing so tells a story that is accessible to newcomers to the genre that may be appreciated even more by veterans. The writing helped make every character interaction a joy to watch, and loads of fun to voice-act during my twitch streams!
Another area where Shadows of Adam comes into its own is in the gameplay. There are no random encounters in Shadows of Adam which I know will be a huge selling point for some of you out there. Something Classic borrows from the likes of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest by strategically placing enemies at key points within the dungeons to help make sure that you never find yourself needing to grind, as long as you fight the monsters in your way. This provides perfect balance to battling, exploration, and puzzle-solving. The fact that there are some real head-scratchers in the game, and you don't have to worry about random encounters while problem-solving is the way things ought to be more often! Because trust me, the puzzles are hard enough as they are, without the extra distractions!

Shadows of Adam review - Steamdrunk

Shadows of Adam is heading to the Nintendo Switch eShop on May 3, 2019 for USD $14.99. Pre-purchase starts on April 26 and will be 10% off the regular price.

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New Diablo-like RPG: Shadows Awakening Mage Gameplay

Download Shadows Awakening now from
This video was made in association with Kalypso Digital Media, the publisher of Shadows Awakening.

Shadows Awakening is a combo of an aRPG like Diablo and a classic RPG like Baldur's Gate. In this first-impressions review, we show PC gameplay of Chapter 1 and give a walkthrough of some puzzles. We show character creation and then a preview of mage gameplay.

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Strolling Through the Slimey Swamp - Let's Play Shadows of Adam - Part 9 - Indie RPG Gameplay

Woops. Better late than never right?

When you're keeled over, hands on your knees, spitting out the grit that last monster knocked into your teeth, maybe then you'll understand. Shadows of Adam is no walk in the park. It's a new age retro RPG built for the modern era. Challenging battles, cryptic puzzles, and rapid fire plot keep your adrenaline pumping from start to finish in this nostalgia-provoking RPG.

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Adam vs. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (Part Seventeen)

The Grand Finale and Review

Adam takes on the game, the narrative and the whole wild world of Shadow of Mordor, examining how the game tells its story and uses mechanisms to illustrate the world.


The Egg Hatchathon is still underway in Pokémon GO, with a whole NEW wave of Unova Pokémon released too. Let's take on Team GO Rocket leader Giovanni and his Shadow Moltres. I think it's safe to say at this point my Poké Ball Plus is shiny blessed too ⭐️PATREON POSTCARDS:


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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor NEXT-GEN Gameplay Impressions

Adam got the chance to check out Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor recently, and he walked away with some thoughts. Watch to see his impressions of this slightly familiar, but very impressive, next-gen title!

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Classic Platforming, Mud Physics And 6 More Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Features You’ll Love

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider pretends it’s all dark and moody, but our new gameplay says otherwise. From the return of proper platforming to the amazing jungle world, this feels like a rollicking Tomb Raider of old. Has good mud, too. Here are eight features I think you’ll love.

Just a bit of setup for you: in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Lara has triggered the end of the world. The only way to fix it? Shooting a jaguar in the face, apparently. Despite all the doom and gloom, in the hands of Eidos Montreal - they of Deus Ex fame - this actually feels more like classic Tomb Raider than the series has for some years. It’s got tougher platforming, a more exotic setting and some stunning mud physics - all this and more awaits you as we tour the best features in the game so far.

I love the platforming in this new game - by turning up the difficulty you remove the painted platforms that appeared in the last two games, forcing you to really read the environment, like you used to in old Tomb Raider. They’re calling it Treacherous Traversal and they can call it what they like, as long as it delivers the classic acrobatics we enjoyed in Underworld and Anniversary. As a big fan of those earlier games, this is a great mix of the old and new.

I also look at the new stealth combat - check out the dual kill stolen from Deus Ex’s Adam Jensen - and see how much of the wildlife I can wipe out. I still feel bad about the howler monkey. Sorry, monkey friend. Elsewhere in these Shadow of the Tomb Raider impressions we explore the new hub area and go on a side quest, that takes us into a short combat challenge. It’s a bit Batman, and a bit good.

Our Shadow of the Tomb Raider gameplay takes place in the first four hours of the game and was captured on Xbox One X, set to high resolution mode over high frame rate. It will be coming to PC on 14th of September, where we will be making lots of lovely videos about it. In order not to miss our future PC coverage of the game, why not subscribe to the channel before we proceed? I’ll also answer any questions you have if you pop them in the comments below. Thanks for reading and watching.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War - The Desolation of Mordor DLC Review

Middle-earth: Shadow of War - The Desolation of Mordor DLC reviewed by Brendan Graeber on PC Also available on Xbox One and PS4.

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War Commander: Shadow Ops III (Adam Campaign) -Shadow Alliance 70- Easy Way 11-16-19

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Shadows of Adam - Indie JRPG | Game Dev Interview

Shadows of Adam is a recently released indie JRPG. I interview Tyler Mire, co-founder of the studio Something Classic and composer of Shadows of Adam. #gamedevinterview

Shadows of Adam:
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Art by The Moski

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Mobile Pack Demo - Fast Shadow Projector [2/8] Live 2017/10/11

Mobile Essentials Pack Demo - Fast Shadow Projector [2/8] Live 2017/10/11

Watch this video in context on the official Unity learn pages -

In this live training session Unity's own Adam Buckner will take a look at how to create great mobile games using the assets from the Mobile Essentials Pack including: Mesh Baker, Editor Console Pro, Fingers: Touch Gestures for Mobile, Fast Shadow Projector and Cross Platform Native Plugins Ultra Pack. Mobile Essentials is one of the free asset packs you can select when you subscribe to Unity Plus. In this episode we will cover Fast Shadow Projector by Grimworks.

I've watched enough Hentai to see where this is going | Shadows of Adam

Oh look it's Shadow of Adam a pretty freaking awesome RPG game that's much better than other RPG games because it has sick graphics awesome turn-based battling goodness and annoying baddies without the annoying random encounters like in games like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. It looks like in this game you play the role of a young man that is trying to save the world like in other RPG games and also your home town kinda hates you unlike in other RPG games and you have a sick magic chick on your side like in other RPG games but you have to venture straight into the freaking tentacle valley unlike in other RPG games and I promise you that I have watched enough hentai to see where this game is going. Besides that there are some pretty cool puzzle aspects which I wouldn't really call hard but they are sort of fun to do and sometimes have neat treats at the end of them! And hey I'd say this game resembles a cross between Final Fantasy and Golden Sun except I'm not really sure how far things like field based skills and summons go, but with the graphics on this beast I'd say that summons would be pretty freaking rad!! So yeah I reckon if you like RPG games, good graphics and pixelated hentai you'll probably have a really good time playing Shadows of Adam so why not give it a go sometime?

By the way guys this video took me a freaking long time to record and edit and like 10-12 hours to upload so I would super appreciate if you watched from start to finish but I totally get that you have a life and wanna do your own thing unlike me so that's cool too you do you but hey all the effort I put into this will be worth it probably so give it a go maybe sometime like now?

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War Commander: Shadow Ops II (Adam Campaign) -Shadow Alliance 45- Easy Way 11-16-19

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