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10 best tips for playing She Remembered Caterpillars


She Remembered Caterpillars Review

Hi, I'm Table 53 and this my She Remembered Caterpillars review. She Remembered Caterpillars is an indie puzzle video game about moving colourful creatures around a gloomy and beautiful subterranean landscape. All the She Remembered Caterpillars Gameplay in this video is my own.

Thank you to Eurothug4000 for helping out
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PerilousPixie Reviews - She Remembered Caterpillars

My very first gaming review. Or video in general.

Oh jeez, I was so nervous making this...

I know the commentary is a bit dry - I was sleep deprived to heck while speaking. Give me a pass on that one in your criticisms please ^_^

Thank you for watching!


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She Remembered Caterpillars (Switch) First 13 Minutes on Nintendo Switch - First Look - Gameplay

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She Remembered Caterpillars (Switch) First 13 Minutes on Nintendo Switch - First Look - Gameplay


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Minecraft Realms 5: Realm Add-ons & House Update!

Starting to add some mods to the realm, as we experiment with different features and I add another level to my house!

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Minecraft Fortified Barracks Tutorial (EASY 5X5 BUILDING SYSTEM)

How to build a barracks in minecraft. Minecraft fortified barracks tutorial. Easy minecraft building system with 5x5 house. Minecraft easy barracks build in medieval style. How to build a medieval fort in minecraft. What to build in minecraft? Build this easy minecraft fort or castle with tips and tricks along the way!

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Want to know more about Minecraft? Minecraft is an online virtual sandbox type game where people of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. Nearly everything on Minecraft is built and designed by the players. Each player starts by choosing a character and giving it a name. They can then explore Minecraft having fun by chatting and working with other players to survive in survival mode or even create huge structures with an unlimited lego like set of blocks. Each player has their own land and a virtual toolbox with which to make creations — be it a castle, mansion or a giant arcade machine for example. There are lots of multiplayer games and servers through which players learn to cooperate.
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Minecraft Animal Farms (Upgraded)

This is a quick tutorial on how to build my slightly upgraded animal farm versions of Xiumavoid’s chicken farm and someone else’s cow farm. If you know who created the cow farm please comment down below.

GamstingV1.0 FS15Chantier(TP/FORST)Part4


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GamstingV1.0 FS15Chantier(TP/FORST)Part4
(Version ajouts de chantier Map Modifier/Perso/Privé)
GamstingV1.0 Original Carte (Je vous la recommande fortement !)

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Ultrawings | First 10 Minutes on Switch

Pilot multiple aircraft to complete a variety of missions across a beautifully stylised open-world. Pop balloons, perform in thrilling air races, take photos, and so much more!

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AWESOME SIEGE WEAPONS AND NPCS! Ancient Warfare 2 Mod Spotlight Part 1

Hello everyone and today I'm playing Minecraft once again. And this time, we will be reviewing a mod called ancient warfare 2 mod. This mod is insane and cool, so be sure to install it.(The CodeChickenLib is kinda buggy, so maybe install the very first versions.)
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Where to Find Applin's Evolution Items! How to Evolve Applin in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield are OUT NOW on the Nintendo Switch! In this video, we'll show you where to find the Tart Apple and Sweet Apple items in Pokemon Sword and Shield. These two items will evolve Applin into Flapple and Appletun, respectively. Unfortunately, the Tart Apple is only obtainable in Pokemon Sword, while the Sweet Apple is only obtainable in Pokemon Shield, making Flapple a Sword Exclusive and Appletun a Shield Exclusive evolution!

We're so excited for the release of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield on the Nintendo Switch. We'll be battling, shiny hunting, and catching powerful and rare Pokemon in the Galar region soon!

More information about Pokemon Sword and Shield:

Pokemon Sword and Shield are the first main series Pokemon games to appear on the Nintendo Switch. These games will feature new Pokemon, new trainers, and new battle modes, all in the brand new Galar region! Pokemon Sword and Shield will release worldwide on November 15th, 2019.

#PokemonSwordandShield #ApplinEvolution #HowtoEvolveApplin

5 NEW Switch Games You Might Have Missed - Quick Fire Reviews!

Today I break down 5 new Switch games and give you my final thoughts and if they are worth adding to your collection, skipping or maybe, waiting on a sale! Want to support the channel? Patreon:

Reviews in today's video:
0:00 - Intro
0:35 - Wintermoor Tactics Club Switch Review
2:31 - NBA 2K21 Switch Review
4:33 - Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Switch Review
5:58 - Party Hard 2 Switch Review
7:39 - Othercide Switch Review

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Reviewing Over 300 ANIMALS

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Duskers Daily 4/26/2018: SPEEDRUN GO GO GO



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So for those that knows what's going on around YouTube, Wall Street Journal has been pulling their advertisement money from YouTube, because they realized their ads were popping up on hate speech and unpleasant videos. For this reason I will also be uploading on Daily Motion here:

In all seriousness, do follow me on both YouTube and Daily Motion. You'll never know what may happen to YouTube. :P

Top 5 Best Indie Games You Might Have Missed - April 2017

Welcome to Get Indie Gaming and to the first episode in a new series. In this video, we countdown and explore 5 great looking and playing indie games for April 2017 that you might have missed the first time round.

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Source Info:

Intro Music - - Ben Sound

Games featured within the video’s intro – in order of appearance:
The Mooseman: /
She Remembered Caterpillars: /
The Search: /

Top 5 for April
5) Link Twin: /
4) Hidden Folks: /
3) Four Last Things:
2) Northgard: /
1) For the King: /

Games featured within the video’s outro – in order of appearance:
Kona: /
Yoku’s Island Express: /

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Northgard PC Gameplay Trailer


“If Odin played Early Access strategy games, I imagine he’d be pleased.”
PC Gamer

“It’s an impressively well-made thing, a finely-embroidered cloak of an RTS with all the elements sewn together in a pleasing and sensible way.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“Northgard is already worthwhile, and it could easily become a must-play for strategy fans if Shiro Games continues to add to and improve the already solid foundation that they’ve laid so far.”
Tech Raptor


After years of tireless explorations, brave Vikings have discovered a new land filled with mystery, danger and riches: Northgard.

The boldest Northmen have set sail to explore and conquer these new shores, bring fame to their Clan and write history through conquest, trading, or devotion to the Gods.
That is, if they can survive the dire wolves and undead warriors roaming the land, befriend or defeat the giants, and survive the harshest winters ever witnessed in the North.

Build your settlement on the newly discovered continent of Northgard
Assign your vikings to various jobs (Farmer, Warrior, Sailor, Loremaster...)
Manage your resources carefully and survive harsh winters and vicious foes
Expand and discover new territory with unique strategic opportunities
Achieve different victory conditions (Conquest, Fame, Lore, Trading...)
Play against an AI with different difficulty levels and personalities

Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
Developer: Shiro Games
Release Date: 22 Feb, 2017

Let's Play - The Curious Expedition - Version 1.0! - Ep 125 - Panic

Thanks for watching! This is an archeological roguelike game The Curious Expedition by Maschinen-Mensch, a two man German company. Combining historical figures with archeological digs and mystical items, Curious Expedition gives you bit sized gameplay across a series of exploratory “Expeditions” or stages. Six Expeditions make up each successful playthrough.

For more, check out the game’s website at:

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I’m Lyellin2 – I play a variety of games on both Twitch and Youtube for your amusement! Currently, I’ve been focusing on EU4 for my long streams, and doing short test runs of new games. If you like what you see, I’d very much appreciate a sub, like, or comment! It helps me to know what I’m doing right/wrong/etc.

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Nostalgie-Blender? ???? Ty the Tasmanian Tiger (PC) - Review

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Ty the Tasmanian Tiger PC Review Test Deutsch German

12 is Better than 6 - 1st 24 Minutes - Nintendo Switch

you will die a lot...…...from laughter at my expense Gringo
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