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10 best tips for playing Sniper Elite 4


Sniper Elite 4: Beginners Guide To Getting Started In The Campaign (PS4)

If you're thinking about buying, have just purchased, or are a little confused by Sniper Elite 4, this begginers guide could help.
Thanks, Rob.

Sniper Elite 4 - Weapons Upgrades Tips For Weapons Mastery (Not all included) - 1080p 60fps

**This video does not include all the upgrades, because some of them is easy to farm and can be farmed in multi places.

the upgrades available in this video:

0:54 Shoulder-Aimed Kills
1:45 Penetrative Kills
2:58 Environment Explosive Kills
4:10 Sound-Masked Kills
5:39 Eye Shots
6:37 Kills From Above
7:23 Kills while Prone
8:11 Empty Lung Kills
8:56 Grenade-in-Belt Shots
10:05 Ricochet Kills
12:10 Binocular Tag Kills
13:20 Shot Trap Kills
14:53 Intestine Shots
16:40 Multi-Kills
17:38 Testicle Shots
19:01 Heart Shots
19:53 Liver Shots
20:46 Kidney Shots
22:26 Double Kills

About the game:

Sniper Elite 4 is a third-person tactical shooter stealth video game developed by Rebellion Developments. As the direct sequel to Sniper Elite III, the game is set to release for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Sniper Elite 4 is set in Italy in 1943, in the immediate aftermath of the events in Sniper Elite III. Players control Karl Fairburne, an Office of Strategic Services agent, who is tasked to assist the Italian resistance force to fight against the Fascists in World War II. Played from a third-person perspective, it is a tactical shooter with stealth elements. When players kill an enemy using a sniper rifle from a long distance, the X-Ray kill cam system will activate, in which the game's camera follows the bullet from the sniper rifle to the target, and shows body parts, bones or internal body organs being broken or ruptured by the bullet. The system has also been expanded to include shrapnel kills, melee kills and stealth kills


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Sniper Elite 4 : Ten EPIC Ways to Kill Hitler

So many possibilities exist in the Assassinate the Fuhrer DLC mission. But these are my 10 ways on how to kill Hitler. What do you think it's the coolest?

#SniperElite4 #TenEpicWays #BestGamingMoments

Sniper Elite 4 Survival: Best Basic Loadout, Guns & Tactics, A Beginners Guide

Sniper Elite 4's Survival Mode is a brilliant improvement on SE3, but you may want to follow these simple tips and tricks when you get started to help you survive!
Thanks, Rob.

5 stupid things you can do in Sniper Elite 4

Ian spent a couple of hours playing the campaign and multiplayer modes of Sniper Elite 4. As per usual he refused to do things properly and instead did some very stupid things. In this video you can see 5 stupid things you can do in Sniper Elite 4, along with brand new Sniper Elite 4 gameplay taken from the games first level, San Celini.

...Alright, so technically number 2 isn't that stupid, but it's interesting, right?!

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Sniper Elite 4 | LIVE Multiplayer #141 "THREE TIPS!"


Sniper Elite 4 : Brutal Funny X-Ray Moments & Combo Traps ! #4

A new Sniper Elite 4 compilation of brutal funny X-Ray sniper kills & slow motion moments of traps and kill combos. Check it out!

Sniper Elite 4 New Gameplay - Our 5 Favourite Ways To Kill Nazis

The sandbox world of Sniper Elite 4 offers tons of fun ways for Karl Fairburne to do what he does best - kill Nazis. We've been having loads of fun playing with the systems and present some of our favourites!

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Sniper Elite 4 - INSANE Trick Shots, Triple Kills & Multi-kills (WTF*)

Hey whats up guys i m back with some Sniper Elite 4 and yeah guys hope you enjoy if you did be sure to smash that like button and i'll see you guys in the next video.
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This Weapon was not in the initial release:
Its Best to complete the Challenge *Softly Softly* by Killing the Sniper With the GRETA Rifle:
MY SE4 Playlist


I forgot this even existed hence the late upload but as it is, I went ahead with uploading anyways with location on MAP showing as well. Sneaky Sneaky hiding spot.

Sniper Elite 4 "How to Zero Your Rifle" Authentic Plus

1. Range your target with the binoculars.
2. Adjust the range on the rifle accordingly
3. Adjust for wind by lining up the shot relative to distance and windage.
Quick reference guide for distances:
A. 0-50m do not adjust for wind(left to right). Aim at the top of the forehead for elevation. Set range to 0m
B. 51-100m adjust your compass(left to right) to halfway between 90North and the white tick mark (actual wind direction). Set range to 100m and aim slightly low.
C. 101-150m adjust your compass to 3/4 or 75% of the distance from the white tick mark to 90 North. Set the range to 100m and aim one or two ticks [UP]on the horizontal.
D. 151-200m adjust your compass directly under the white tick mark. Set the range to 200m and aim low unless target is very near 200m
E. 201-250m zero your weapon by aiming at a white background. Take note of the wind and elevation at that distance. Visualize the right triangle created by your aiming point, the actual elevation of the shot, and the shot itself. (See video for visual)
F. 300m+ see above
Caveats: all instruction in this video was relative to rifle and ammo type. Rifle used was the Carcano. Ammo: standard. Have a good one.

How Sniper Elite 4 Makes You Feel Guilty About Killing Nazis

Can Sniper Elite 4 make you think twice before pulling the trigger? Dave takes a look at the hidden morality behind shooting men in the testicles.

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Sniper Elite 4 Trainer +7 Cheats


This Sniper Elite 4 trainer features 7 cheats and mods including:

- Unlimited Health

- Unlimited Focus

- No Reload

- Unlimited Ammo

- Add XP

- Super Accuracy

- Invisibility

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Sniper Elite 3 Multiplayer Tutorial - 10 Tips in 5 minutes

This is a true Sniper Elite 3 Multiplayer Tutorial in only 5 minutes. All very important tips that I use in my game play, and these will make you a better sniper and will improve your score dramatically!
Relevant for both new and experienced players.

DGO Show: Guide to Sniping in Sniper Elite 4

Joe Shows you the tips and tricks to sniping in authentic mode in Sniper Elite 4.

Sniper Elite 4 - Experience Exploit Guide (10,000xp per minute)

SE4 adds exp to your rank when it makes new saves. You can exploit this by making a save before an action is completed that rewards lots of exp. You can then perform the action repeatedly and load every time, after the save occurs. This is one of the most rewarding places in the game and you can get there very easily with everything already set up. Easy exp. If it's a million exp to hit rank 50, then you only need to perform this 500 times. That's about 5000 seconds or an hour and a half to go from rank 1 to rank 50. Easy.
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Sniper Elite 4 - Before You Buy

Sniper Elite 4 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is a third person sniping game in a league of its own. Is it worth the trip to WW2 Italy? Jake breaks it down.
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Sniper Elite 4 Gameplay & Hidden Secrets

Sniper Elite 4 is on its way. Dave's seen it in all its testicle shot glory, and sat down with Jim to explain everything. They're both fans of the series and Sniper Elite 4, set in Italy in 1943, is shaping up to be the best yet. & You Also Seen It's Hidden Secrets In This Video.

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Sniper Elite 4 - Aiming Guide

Learn your Rifle with Practice Shots

What you need to keep in mind is that the MUZZLE VELOCITY of your rifle is the main factor for determining bullet drop and wind deviation at distances. Pretty much every rifle in the game has a different muzzle velocity, so you need to learn each rifle. The muzzle velocity is lowered when using Suppressed Ammo, so you will need to learn that, too. Finally, some rifles allow you to upgrade your muzzle velocity - which will affect both regular and suppressed ammo - so after such an upgrade, you will have to learn your rifle again.
Also, there's the zoom to consider - higher zoom will equate to a bigger deviation in relation to the zoom.

Different rifles are geared for different playstyles - for long-range sniping, my preferred weapon is the Mosin Nagant, fully upgraded, which has the highest zoom and the highest muzzle velocity in the game, but all I can advise is that you should find a rifle you feel comfortable with, one you have fun playing with, and then stick with it for a time to learn how wind and bullet drop affect your shots over distance.

Hands down the Best Sniping Tutorial Wind/Distance (demo in Sniper Elite 4) PG-rated

A short, concise explanation of how to adjust your scope wind and distance. Sniper Elite 4, Accurate Plus mode. Learning how to shoot without the aim assist.



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