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10 best tips for playing Splasher


How to Make a God Splash in Hypixel Skyblock

Hey guys, in this guide I'll be teaching you the easiest way to make God Potions in order to do a God Splash.

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This Is A Hypixel Skyblock Guide For Brewing God Splashes. This Is NOT A Bazaar/Auction Flipping Guide For Hypixel Skyblock. This Is A Godsplash Brewing Guide In Skyblock Guide For Hypixel Skyblock

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Godsplash Tutorial!

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HOW TO MAKE 10 MILLION EVERY HOUR! (hypixel skyblock)

HOW TO MAKE 10 MILLION EVERY HOUR! (hypixel skyblock)

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Ragnarok Origin : Assasin Venom Splasher

Terimakasih buat kalian yg sudah nonton video ini

Assasin venom Splasher ,direkomendasikan buat PVP wow ,type Crit Agi,str,Luk,bit


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Top 10 Pro Tips for NEW Players in Clash Royale

Top 10 Pro Tips for NEW Players in Clash Royale
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Clash of Clans but today Clash Royale top lists and guide series continue today with ECHO Gaming! As always we will be covering the top 5 best attack strategies in Clash of Clans right now! ECHO Gaming offers strategy guides, tips, tricks, comedy and playthroughs for amazing mobile games such as Clash of Clans. Come back every day all day for more mobile gaming videos with a focus on Clash of Clans.

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Get Better Using EVERY SPELL // Clash Royale Guide to all Damage + Effect Spells

Welp, here we are again... EVERY spell!? Surely not... Well, we did it ;) from Zap to Rocket, we defined and interpreted every spell within the game! Going from small, to big, to travel, to instant spells- we got them all! Obviously, I couldn't give you a 5 minute video on each. But in this short 8 minute (extended to 10 for that sell out ;)) we gave enough information to up your game, trophy count, and max wins! #clashroyale

Clips in the video aided by Badger8787 from my clan :)
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WHY ARE ALL SPLASH CARDS BAD IN CLASH ROYALE!? // Splash Balancing, Mechanics, and Statistics Theory

Okay okay, hear me out. Splash attackers actually aren't great at tournament standards... unless they're called Baby Dragon apparently. The rest though, pretty lacklustre. But why is this? Supercell actually value splash units more than single targetting attackers. HOWEVER, this actually does make sense. Splash attackers have the potential to deal infinite damage, and so should be nerfed. But do Supercell overvalue such an effect? Well, I do believe so and here's why you should too! #clashroyale

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15 QUICK Tips About: Pekka????- Clash Royale

Here are 15 EXTREMELY QUICK facts, tips, and tricks about the pekka in JUST 1 minute and 55sec!


Clash Royale Clan: TheErnieC3Clan✅
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2 Builds, 1 Gear — Venom Splasher Sin & Meteor Assault SinX

I avoided using many buffs to show a little more realism in the builds.
Also a more realistic equipment in an average player.

is the same generic attack gear i been using on my last assassin videos.

As you can see, the equipment in the two builds is the same. except for the offhand. At venom splasher we use a crafted dagger with percentage damage. and in meteor assault an ice pick, as it is not benefited by damage modifiers.
crafted offhands are super cheap. 2 iron for a sword or 1 iron + 10 jellopies for a dagger.
you don't need better weapon lvl because venom splasher only takes your main hand attk.
you can also use a gladius instead a tsurugi. the stats you looking for are the same. extra flat attk option + andre cards.
if you use tsurugi you only need 2 cards.
If you use gladius (+ dagger offhand) you can use auto attacks and benefit from your masteries.

Another advantage of these builds is that they are much cheaper. mainly because you don't use EDP.

How to Use Cycle Cards - Clash Royale Deck Guide

Cycle cycle cycle, the key to running 2.6 and the likes! Cycle decks have always been a thing inside of Clash Royale because of how the card rotation works. If you can use 4 cards before your opponent, then you have a card in hand that they might not have their optimal counter for! Now, what's the best way to cycle? Well, Ice Spirit and Skeletons of course. The only two one elixir cards really help out when you have a win condition that can be countered by a singular card within your opponent's deck. Today we give tips and strategy to both of these cards to help you make the best deck to cycle! #clashroyale

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1 Hour of Stun Alching (180K Magic XP) - OSRS Magic Training Guide

This is currently my favorite method for training magic for how much XP is given per hour. It also does not give hitpoints xp as well which is very nice for pures. Be on the lookout for more magic training methods coming soon. Like if you like, dislike if you dislike.

80+ Magic
-65 or higher magic attack bonus

Spells cast (for both High Alch & Stun)
Magic XP:

Seamonster - Inova

ignore: stun alch alching osrs os rs runescape magic mage training fastest best top easiest no requirements members tutorial guide how to tips tricks mud staff items to alch tips tricks 2017 new soul rune nature rune money making profit black d hide bodies how to splash magic click intensive afk skeletons wilderness ditch pures 1 defence account gear 1 def 1 defense pure no hp spell book

Splash: Music and Beat Maker - Roblox


TOP 7 PRO TIPS! How To Improve FAST In Clash Royale!

Top 7 Pro Tips! How To Improve In CR | SirTagCR - Clash Royale
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I hope you guys enjoyed my top 7 pro tips in clash royale! This series is to help you improve fast in clash royale, and I hope to make this a reoccurring video theme on the channel! Let me know if you liked it down below in the comment section, and I'll give more clash royale pro tips & tricks in the future if you do! These clash royale tips and tricks are the best ones in the meta game currently, and I hope to make another clash royale best tips and tricks video soon!

Check out the RoyaleAPI deck stats here:

I stream Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 6:00PM EST.

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Make sure to subscribe to my channel for daily clash royale content, where I showcase the clash royale best deck for each metagame. I mostly will play miner poison decks, control decks, and decks with any clash royale new cards that are released. The miner is my favorite clash royale legendary card, and I will typically play clash royale miner control decks the most. The decks I play are great for clash royale 12 win grand challenges, clash royale trophy pushing on ladder, and for clash royale tournaments and clan wars. I hope you guys enjoy my pro tips and tricks and my beginner tips and tricks, and I'll see you in the arena!

Splasher lvl 22 - Good Luck Splasher - 3'44.89

Time Attack on Splasher level 22 Good Luck Splasher by ScavangeR

Even though this boss fight was the best i EVER did, i can clearly do a better run and grab at least 2 seconds better than this PB.

With that said, I'll plan to try hard it later, when we'll get a skip button for cutscenes because right now it's simply a torture to wait 33sec @ each tries watching again and again (and again... And...Again...)

How To Splash More Than 3 Pots (Hypixel Skyblock)

Mod Application:


How to Splash in Magic The Gathering - Tips and Tricks for Better Deck Building!

Hey YouTubers and Magic Players! Here is my video on how to splash in that 3rd color into your Magic deck. Splashing is definitely a balancing act and there's no perfect answer for every situation. Hopefully this video helps you better splash in those powerful cards!

Let me know what you think and how you decide whether to splash or not.

Thanks for checking out the video, and if you liked it please subscribe :)!

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Hey everyone for this review I take on Splasher for the Playstation4 its also out on PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Splasher is a fast paced platformer from one of the directors of the Rayman Origins and Legends. The game uses a fun water mechanic and action that will test even skilled platformer fans

This game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

My reviews are 100% unbiased and I will never do one unless I am confident enough to do so. I use a scale of 1 - 10 with 5 being a average game. Many professional reviewers use 7 as a average game which I find is more of a trick to convince you the consumer that a game is better then it really is.

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OSRS Splashing Guide F2P - Get 1-99 Magic while AFK! CHEAP

OSRS Splashing Guide Get Level 1-99 Magic AFK. OSRS Splashing Guide for F2P (Free to play) members. This guide will show you how to get 99 Magic in F2P while afk. OSRS 99 Mage guide, OSRS F2P 99 mage guide, OSRS F2P 99 Magic Guide F2p

Items used in video:
Iron Armor set (Full)
Green D'hide Vamb
Staff of Fire

Non-40 range account setup:
Iron armor set
Cursed goblin staff

Table of content:

* Fire Strike: 11.5 xp / cast - Cost for 99: 4.1M - 14k XP/HR - 857 HRS
* Fire Bolt: 22.5 xp / cast - Cost for 99: 54M - 27k XP/HR- 444 HRS

Old School Runescape Splashing Guide for mobile. OSRS Splashing guide without 40 range.

Outro Song:

► Play Oldschool Runescape (Free online MMORPG by Jagex) here:

OSRS Splashing Guide Get Level 1 99 Magic AFK
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runsecape 2007 99 magic guide
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