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10 best tips for playing Splitter Critters


Splitter Critters: World 3, Levels 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Walkthrough iOS iPad (by RAC7 Games)

Walkthrough & solutions for levels 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 & 21.

See the rest of my walkthrough here:

Download Link:

Vignettes: Complete Walkthrough Guide With All Secrets (by Armel Gibson & Pol Clarissou)

This is a complete walkthrough guide for the iOS game Vignettes. It is meant to help you if you get stuck, not as gameplay video!

See more of my walkthrough here:

See my review here:

Download link:

Could you use a HOIK!?

'Hoiks' are super fast transport structures (elevators, and zip lines) made using the sloped block glitch in Terraria Full detail guide with more examples on the official Terraria Forum:

More on hoiks and advanced wiring on my channel:

This was a fan made parody promotion.
All game IP belongs to Re-Logic (and Sir Redigit).
Music excepts from Terraria Soundtrack Volume 2
by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Resonance array).

Hoik concept taken partly from TerrariaOnline forum posts (and videos) by: Metalsonic3, Airborn, Dratex, Sono, doutheart, EpicThingy.

All footage shot on location in Terraria for PC.
Genuine game play, no mods or 3rd party content.
No video playback speed manipulations involved.
Video captured with Fraps, edited in trakAxPC.

#Terraria #ZeroGravitas

Everything You NEED To Know About Defeating The Mythic Storm King in STW | Fortnite Save The World

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What is Fortnite?

Fortnite: Save the World is designed as player-versus-environment game, with four players cooperating towards a common objective on various missions. The game is set after a fluke storm appears across Earth, causing 98% of the population to disappear, and the survivors to be attacked by zombie-like husks. The players take the role of commanders of home base shelters, collecting resources, saving survivors, and defending equipment that help to either collect data on the storm or to push back the storm. From missions, players are awarded a number of in-game items, which include hero characters, weapon and trap schematics, and survivors, all of which can be leveled up through gained experience to improve their attributes.


#Fortnite #SaveTheWorld #FortniteSTW #FortniteSaveTheWorld

SPLITTER CRITTERS - First Gameplay - Augmented Reality

SPLITTER CRITTERS - First Gameplay - Augmented Reality!

Let's Play Splitter critters! This game is available on ios and android and you can also play it in AR (Augmented Reality)! And that is what we gonna do today! Augmented reality! There are so many little glib globs that we have to rescue! We are completing the complete first world in AR!

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Splitter Critters Appstore description:

*** Apple Design Award Winner 2017 ***

Split the world with a swipe of your finger and then rearrange it to guide critters back to their spaceship. Explore colorful planets full of danger, challenging puzzles, and innovative mechanics that will make you think in new ways. The immersive soundscapes of each world, best experienced with headphones, set the tone for your journey.

No advertisements or in-app purchases.
More levels will be added in future updates.
Progress is synchronized with iCloud across all your devices.

What's New in Version 1.2.2
Augmented Reality Mode!
If you have iOS 11 and an iPhone 6S/iPad Pro or newer you can now play exclusive new levels!

There's now a button in the AR mode to re-position the box. If you don't like it on the table, you can hang it from the ceiling instead!
You can also tap on the cablecar to spin it around.
Fixed a few bugs, too!

Splitter Critters[Android/iOS] Gameplay ᴴᴰ

Splitter Critters by RAC7 Games. (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Split the world with a swipe of your finger and then rearrange it to guide critters back to their spaceship. Explore colorful planets full of danger, challenging puzzles, and innovative mechanics that will make you think in new ways. The immersive soundscapes of each world, best experienced with headphones, set the tone for your journey.

No advertisements or in-app purchases.

Progress is synchronized with Google Play Game Services across all your devices.

Require internet connection : no
Size : 82 MB

Google Play download URL:

iOS Games (iPhone - iPad - iPod Touch) :
App Store Link :

New Games Every Day(Just Good Games) :

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James (@Metal_Slag) tears the world apart to save a bunch of aliens in level dissecting puzzler Splitter Critters.




Splitter Critters TRAILER - Nintendo Switch

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Download Splitter Critters for free on android in Hindi | With proof | Paid Games |

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Game Information:

Apk link =
Data link = no data only apk
Game name = splitter critters
Game category = Puzzle
Game size = 56MB
Game mod = OFFLINE
Game Prize playstore = 210.00
Game version =
Presented by = RAC7
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Top 10 Augmented Reality Games | Android & iOS | With Download Links | Shreyas Vakkund

Hi Guys, hope u guys enjoyed the video. In this video I have shown some of the best Augmented Games for Android and iOS. All the games here are free to download as you guys can enjoy without any payments. As the technology is growing the gaming is also growing very fastly and these Vr or Ar games are the trending games in these days. You guys can enjoy playing these games with your friends during vacations or your free time. But stay safe during gameplay. I couldn't add some other games in this video, sorry for that. I have also provided the download links of these games for easy download. Any quarries regarding the video / downloads, let me know in the comment section below.

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⇩Download Links⇩

Splitter Critters (129 MB)
????Ios link :-
????Android link :-

Slingshot Island
????Android link :-

Arise (237MB)
????Ios link :-

????Father I.O (85MB)
????Android link :-

Brave explorer
????Android / iOS link :- Sorry Couldn't Get The Game.

Utopia 360
????Link :-

Towers of Tango
????Android link :-

????Ios link :-

????Android link :-

Dinasours among us(82 MB)
????Android link :-

????Suggested Videos????

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???? Top 15 Racing Games Of 2017 | Android & iOS | With Download Links
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???? ???? ???? ????

???? ???? ???? ???? ????

???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????

- S H R Ξ Y Λ S V Λ K K U N D

Lens - Cleverly Crafted Window Merging Desktop Puzzler

Lens - Cleverly Crafted Windows Merging Desktop Puzzler
Read More & Play The Full Game, Free:

Nintendo Switch eShop Extravaganza - Volume 2

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-List of Reviews-
10:43 Doom
16:24 Horizon Chase Turbo
19:50 Jumping Joe & Friends
7:57 Metal Slug 2
12:23 Mutant Mudds
1:18 TowerFall
18:31 Splitter Critters
5:47 Super Burger Time

Season: 3
Episode: 23

#Nintendo #Switch #eShop

The Hacker 2.0 - Android Gameplay (by Angry Bugs)

In The Hacker 2.0 you will use different hacking functions to complete missions in a clever way.

- More than 80 levels
- Unlock and customize hacking functions
- Unlock different player avatars
- Earn credits
- Hack terminals
- Several ways to complete the levels
- Complete challenges for each level
- Unlock wallpapers and customize the look of your dekstop
- Unique and climatic music themes

Google Play:

Top 25 Best iOS Games for Kids of All Time

Ranking the top-rated iOS family-friendly games for your iPhones and iPads. These are the best iOS games for children available on the Apple App Store Get these games by clicking the links below:
[the Sequence]
Blendoku 2
Bridge Constructor Portal
Duet Game
Game Dev Tycoon
Geometry Dash
Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions
Hidden Folks
Jurassic GO - Dinosaur Snap Adventures
Mini Metro
Monument Valley
Splitter Critters
Starman: Tale of Light
Super Cat Tales
Super Phantom Cat - Be a jumpin bro.
Super Sharp

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Solar Panels + PermaDay = BROKEN? (YES) - Satisfactory Modded Gameplay Ep 3

Solar Panels + PermaDay = BROKEN? (YES) - Satisfactory Modded Gameplay Ep 3

Satisfactory modded let's play gameplay today building the most overpowered power plant imaginable with the refined power mod! With the new tech unlocked, we build a simple coal power plant then dive into carbon fiber tech to unlock solar panels, but with the permanent day mod things start getting overpowered quick!

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MORE from ImKibitz:

• New Update, New World, NEW EVERYTHING! - Satisfactory Early Access Gameplay

• Automation is EVERYTHING! - Automation Empire Let’s Play Ep 1

• EVERYTHING NEW in Satisfactory Update 3! - Hyper Tube, Pipes, New Vehicle + MORE!

• Can We Survive The ULTIMATE Zombie Swarm?! | They Are Billions Campaign Ep 5

• Giant Zombie Horde Infect my Biggest City Ever - They Are Billions Custom Map Gameplay

Satisfactory Mods:

Mod List:
Storage Teleporter, Mk++, Wall Pipe Supports, MAMA Skin/Big, Walls/Foundations, Item Hopper, Huge Storage, Foundation Industries, Smart Foundations, Power Checker, Conveyor Wall Hole, Refined Power, Big Storage Tank and MegaPump, Huge Inventory ( +100 slots), Small Storage Container, Scene Occlusion Bug Remover, PowerSuit Modules, PowerSuit, Micro Manage, PowerSuit_NogsDefaultModules, Teleporter, Hyper Boosters, Equipment Automation Plus, Double Freight Car, Wall Conveyors, Green Screens, MoarFactory, MoarAssets, MoarDevice, Daisy Chain Power Cables, Mycelia Cultivation, Paint Gun Mk2, Advanced Logistics, Pak Utility Mod, PermaDay, Big Statues, *Farming Mod to be added


Outro Music By: Isaac Wriston
instagram: @isaacwriston

About: Satisfactory
Satisfactory is a first-person open-world factory building game with a dash of exploration and combat. Pioneering for FICSIT Incorporated means charting and exploiting an alien planet, battling alien lifeforms, creating multi-story factories, entering conveyor belt heaven, automating vehicles, and researching new technologies. The Satisfactory Train update and Nuclear update also adds in trains, train stations, and nuclear power plant to enjoy, if you can handle the nuclear waste that is! In some of our videos, we go over Satisfactory tips and Satisfactory building tips, as well how to build a mega base and manufacturer setup. Our Satisfactory Early Access let’s play ep 1 was started a few months ago, but now we have hundreds of hours since Satisfactory ep 1 and have built a giant base with computer production, supercomputer production, a huge nuclear power plant and hundreds of trains! Our giant train system covers the entire map and gathers uranium, deals with our nuclear waste, and Satisfactory trains are a very satisfactory way of travel!
Satisfactory Update 3 also changed the game entirely adding pipes, Hyper Tubes, the Awesome Shop and Awesome Sink (aka Resource Sink), a new desert biome, a new vehicle, and a ton more!
This Factorio like game has heavy automation, with automated mining, crafting, and you can even automate movement! Follow my Satisfactory Early Access Gameplay for the best base building, best Satisfactory tips, and more!
Satisfactory is an FPS open-world factory building sim by CoffeeStain Studios. You play as an engineer on an alien planet as part of the ‘Save The Day’ program - a program whose goal is to construct a massive machine for a mysterious purpose. Conquer nature, build multi-story factories, and automate to satisfaction!

#ImKibitz #Satisfactory #SatisfactoryEarlyAccess

MHGU: All 18 Deviant Armor Sets

In this video we check out the armor sets for deviants in MHGU.
MHXX Soubigazou:
** All images used with permission
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Let's Play Some Indie Games on Jump! | 8-Bit Eric

Today 8-Bit Eric plays some indie games on Jump, we are going to check out ittle Dew, A Wizard's Lizard and Semispheres. Full disclosure this is a sponsored video by Jump a cool new service that is all about independent gaming for one low price you get unlimited access to a lot of great indy game titles.

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The 8-Bit Eric Show is a YouTube channel presented by 8-Bit Eric, focusing on video games. Presenting you a unique blend of modern gaming and game hardware reviews, previews, and looking back at classic and retro games! Your favorite Nintendo, SNES, Genesis, Atari, Playstation and more video games will be covered here!

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Jason Hooft

Kevin MacLeod


All images, music and footage licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0


This video is sponsored by .GEARS and Ninja Spinki Challenges!!. .GEARS which created legendary casual game “Flappy Bird” and OBOKAIDEM known for “Green the Planet 2” are filing down the most difficult Ninja challenges to you!




Factorio Defense - Basic Automated Defense - Breaking The Game Episode 1

In today's video we build a basic defense for our base defense. Factorio Defense to protect our base early game from waves of enemies. Basic factorio defense against waves of enemies.
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Top 10 Best iOS Games of 2018 for iPad Pro | Must Play

These are the TOP 10 BEST iOS games of 2018 for your iPad Pro. These iOS games are MUST PLAYS for anyone with a iPad Pro.

In this video I will show you the TOP 10 best games of 2018 for iOS 11 to play on your iPad Pro. These games are utterly beautiful and are a must play for anyone on iOS 11 with the iPad Pro.


Skiing Yeti Mountain
Stranger Things: The Game
Zombie Catchers
Chameleon Run
Asphalt8: Airborne
Alto's Adventures
Kami 2
Flipping Legend
Splitter Critters

Top 10 iOS 9.3.5 - 11 Tweaks:

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