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10 best tips for playing Summoners War


7 Biggest Mistakes Summoners War Players Make

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How to 6 star evolve FAST in Summoners War | Beginner guide and gameplay

Whether you are evolving your first 6 star monster in summoners war, or want to find the most efficient way to make more, this is the guide for you! 6 starring monsters takes a lot of effort, so don't make early mistakes and waste your resources! Check out my guide and get the pro tips at the end!

You can trust me to deliver relevant strategy tips and tricks to improve your game! No matter if it's Pokemon Go, Summoners War, Clash of Clans, or any other app game I play, I've got the info you need to know!

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Summoners War | Top 5 Tips & Tricks You NEED To Know!

Hi guys,
today I talk about some tips and tricks you should know for Summoners War! There are more that I did not touch on so stay tuned for more.

1. How to Turn off Boss Animation/ Turn on End Notice
2. Change Attack Order
3. Extra Essences
4. Head Start on Events
5. Monthly Events

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5 Pro Tips for Summoners War

Today I'm bringing you 5 different tips for Summoners War. Take your game knowledge up a little with some information that might just help you think about the game either differently or get you into some behaviours that will benefit you once you do know the game a bit better.

SUMMONERS WAR : Beginners Guide to Dungeons (Giants, Dragons, Necropolis) B10

Beginners guide to dungeon mechanics (Giants B10, Dragons B10, Necropolis B10), and sample teams both farmable/fusable and super easy to obtain (nat 3) as well as teams that you can build to improve your runtimes, and eventually speedrun.

#1 FULL EARLY Game Progression GUIDE F2P Tips and Tricks! - [Beginner Account 2018] - Summoners War

Summoners War FULL Beginner Account Guide! Tips & Tricks for EARLY Game Progression! How to clear Scenario. Early Game Rune Advice and how to deal with Energy Management when first starting off.

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Summoners War Exp Farming for Beginners - Efficient Leveling Guide & Tips

Beginner Guide Series Playlist:

Summoners War Exp Farming Beginner Guide - Efficient leveling guide & tips

Summoners War: 10 Beginner Tips You Should Know!

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HOW to summon NAT 5's! BEST Summon Trick? Summoners War No Cheats! No Hack!

Summoners War Summon Trick for my Subscribers. I hope you guys have fun with your fresh nat 5's after you try this on patch day. Check out my Summon Playlist to see more 6* to summon action.

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Day 7: F2P Progression Tips in Summoners War! Beginner Guide and Gameplay

How to farm light inugami (Belladeon)

My F2P series playlist!

Tips in this video:

1) 5* and 6* your Magic Knight or other farmer first. They will be able to make more 6 stars monsters for you faster

2) Only spend resources on things that help you make your farmer better or help your Giants B10 team.

3) Awaken the monsters you use asap.

4) Farm these monsters for Giants B10: Wind Pixie, Wind Griffon, Light Inugami, Light Vagabond.

You can trust me to deliver relevant strategy tips and tricks to improve your game! No matter if it's Pokemon Go, Summoners War, Clash of Clans, or any other app game I play, I've got the info you need to know!

Have fun with this video and as always remember: If you want to win your fight, watch The Knight!

Summoners War Tips and Tricks: What to Use Crystals On?

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Summoners War Beginner's Guide: Top 5 Tips

By no means the only good tips for beginners, just a few tips i wish i knew at lower levels. Please drop a like if this video helped you and subscribe and share this video to help the channel grow. Comment below if you want more summoner's war content like this!

SUMMONERS WAR : EPIC TRICK!!! 11 Mystical Scrolls for 200 crystals. Better than Premium pack.

Hope you guys enjoy this, because I'm loving this right now.

SUMMONERS WAR : TOP 10 Two Star Monsters!!!

Do you really need to pay to win??? We'll find out as we show you the top 10 monsters that are easily attainable common 2-stars!

SUMMONERS WAR : Our First Dragons B10 Team (For Beginners)

This is on my ASIA server account.

Best Speed Team for Every Dungeon! Super Fast but Safe? | Summoners War

Best Speed Team for Every Dungeon in Summoners War. One team for Giants B10, Dragons B10, Necro B10.
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Double Lushen Double Talia Sabrina

30 seconds average rune time but also 98% success rate!

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Summoner's War: Beginner's Guide 2018 - From Start to Giants B10

With so many changes to summoner's war in the past few months and year, I think it is a good time to make a more updated beginner's guide! Hope this helps you get started and on the right path in the game. If you have any questions just ask in the comment section below and I will do my best to answer any remaining questions you may have after watching the video, enjoy!

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Game: Summoners War

Top 10 Monsters In SUMMONERS WAR To Rank Up In RTA

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Summoners War 2018 Beginner Progression Episode 1: Faimon Clear

In this first episode of the beginner progression series, I will be showing you how I clear the scenario stages efficiently. I will provide step-by-step instructions on how to clear all of the content in the game using monsters that are obtainable by every new player. I hope that my attempt at a comprehensive Summoners War guide can help you progress. If there is anything that you are unsure about don't feel afraid to ask me in the comment section below. Thank you so much for watching!

Summoners War - WHICH IS BETTER?

Testing them side by side in Guild Battle

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