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10 best tips for playing Tales of Berseria


Complete Combat guide for Tales of Berseria - Beginners guide for battle/fights 2021

how to fight in tales of berseria. beginners guide
learn how to gain soul guage / points
how to do mystic artes
how to perform long combos
how to do chain combos

Tales of Berseria Best/Fastest Way To Earn Gold (10 Million Per Hour) Can Be Done Super Early

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Tales of Berseria - Maxing enhancement materials quickly

Hard to believe no one has talked about this before, at least to my knowledge. Starting NG+ runs just got ten times easier!

Tales of Berseria - Grade Farming Guide

-Make sure Velvet has as much +capability on dragons as possible.
-Leave the monsters next to the cave alive so you can keep your chain while resetting the map.
- The hoverboard will kill the monsters automatically, so you'll have to be careful if you're on PS4 and/or not using the super speed code.
- Avoid dangerous encounters until you've maxed the grade bonus chain.
- Velvet can basically solo the Lindworm, but the AI has a decent chance of getting KOed by the mooks. You can set them on Defense Only to prevent that, but you'll lose a little extra damage.
- After fighting the Lindworm, use the inn to regen your blast gauge, save, and repeat.
- On an NG file with no grade shop DLC, you'll get around 375-400 grade per Lindworm on Intense, provided you meet all the conditions.

Tales of Berseria - Difficulty Differences

The easier the difficulty, the more exp and gald you earn.
The harder the difficulty, the more grade and potential equipment drops you earn.

Tales of Berseria - Farming Rare/Unnamed Gear Easily

cb220's Berseria spreadsheet -

The Pioneering and Anamalous Ignicities increase rare item drop rates, and they are earned from the Sacred Baboon and Bacturnian Man Dire Foes respectively.

Tales of Berseria: BATTLE SYSTEM REINVENTED - Better or Worse?

The newest entry of the Tales Of series is Tales of Berseria and with it comes big changes to the battle system for the series. I cover what has changed to the control scheme as well as various other quality of life changes that help modernize this series. You can try a demo right now of the game on PC and PS4.

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Tales of Berseria - Hidden Switch Blast mechanics guide

All credit goes to the mechanics guide translated on GameFAQs.

Regular Switch Blast - Up/Down on the D-Pad
Defensive Switch Blast - Hold L1 while pushing Up/Down on the D-Pad. Useful for seamless tag combos.
Break Soul Switch Blast - Hold R2 while pushing Up/Down on the D-Pad.
Mystic Arte Switch Blast - Hold L2 while pushing Up/Down on the D-Pad. Repeat to rotate through party members.

Tales of Berseria - Easy way to get gald and gear for equipment reinforcement

Here is an very straightforward method for getting the resources you need to build up gear.

Doing the last island is recommended for Gald, doing the second to last island is recommended for gear drops.


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Tales of Berseria - Is It Worth The Play?

My next Tales game will be Vesperia so stick out for a review on that one!

Tales of Berseria - +10 Equipment Guide Part 2

For this guide, I am showing you some methods to farming Platinum and Adamantine Materials.

Tales of Berseria - Easy and fast way to level up to 200 (no NG+)

Tales of Berseria - Easy and fast way to level up to 200 (no NG+), done by SoraKun85.

The Top 10 Things You NEED to Know Before Playing Tales of Arise! (Tips & Tricks - Spoiler Free)

Tales of Arise is nearly here and it's great, but don't be unprepared! Enjoy!

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Tales of Arise with its incredibly promising Tales of Arise gameplay is the next Tales of Arise game in a long series but is it good? Here's all you need to know with the Tales of Arise gameplay with Tales of Arise characters and combat with Tales of Arise guide and Tales of Arise tips and Tales of Arise tricks for all Tales of Arise new players!

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The I wanna kick butt in Berseria's combat video! Read description~ || Tales of Berseria (PC)

This video will cover various little tidbits about the combat system and how to best rekt all sorts of enemies! As usual, timestamps below (hit show more):
0:00 - intro (also remember: most of what I talk about can be found in the battle book or in other descriptions in the game!)
1:15 - How to increase damage during combos
7:05 - Chain combos and why they're useful. Unfortunately only Velvet is able to chain every type in the whole game, so make sure you remember what your chosen non-velvet character (if any) can and can't hit!
10:52 - Warrior's Ventite and how to use it
14:34 - Wizard's Ventite and how to use it
18:16 - Some spellcasting mechanics and tips
20:57 - Mystic arte tidbits + correction from last video & alternate strategy menu options for mystic artes from last video

And once again sorry for all the throat clearing! Sinuses don't like me D=

Tales of Berseria - +10 Equipment Guide Part 1

This method requires beating the EX Dungeon

Farm low level enemies for trash equipment
Upgrade trash equipment to +2
Dismantle +2 equipment for materials until x99
Once you get x99 start upgrading past +2 for high end enhance materials
Keep repeating till you get max secondary enhancement materials

Tales of Berseria - Mid game combos

Plan to do another one when i have all the abilities and a better combo bait enemy.


Top 5 'Tales of' Games - The Best Games in the Tales Series

Tales is my favourite JRPG series, I love so many different Tales games for different reasons but which entries make it in to my Top 5? Narrowing it down was a lot trickier than I thought...

#JRPG #Tales #TalesOf

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Why You Should Play Tales of Berseria

The first game I completed in 2019, and it was a good one. I can't wait until I can dive into another Tales game, at least after I deal with my game backlog *sigh*. If you have recommendations for games feel free to leave them in the comments, or you can talk about your favorite or least favorite part of Berseria.

TOB - This is how I set Artes and Strategy

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Tales of Berseria Best Strategy & Artes For All FULL AI Mode

Intro: 00:00 - 00:12
Strategy: 00:15 - 00:57
Artes: 00:59 - 2:28
Outro 2:29 - 2:38

Please, let me know your opinion in the comments and feel free to ask me anything iabout the game! :)

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