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10 best tips for playing Tales of Berseria


Top 5 'Tales of' Games - The Best Games in the Tales Series

Tales is my favourite JRPG series, I love so many different Tales games for different reasons but which entries make it in to my Top 5? Narrowing it down was a lot trickier than I thought...

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Complete Combat guide for Tales of Berseria - Beginners guide for battle/fights 2021

how to fight in tales of berseria. beginners guide
learn how to gain soul guage / points
how to do mystic artes
how to perform long combos
how to do chain combos

Tales of Berseria Best/Fastest Way To Earn Gold (10 Million Per Hour) Can Be Done Super Early

howdy everybody, i just want to let you all know that i no longer use this channel (Long story) if you enjoy the content or want to reach out to me you can find me at my new channel here -

Tales of Berseria - Is It Worth The Play?

My next Tales game will be Vesperia so stick out for a review on that one!

Why You Should Play Tales of Berseria

The first game I completed in 2019, and it was a good one. I can't wait until I can dive into another Tales game, at least after I deal with my game backlog *sigh*. If you have recommendations for games feel free to leave them in the comments, or you can talk about your favorite or least favorite part of Berseria.

Beginner's Guide to Tales Of - ZaffreRevolution

New to Tales of? Looking for an RPG series to fall in love with? And of course, wondering which entry to start with? This is the guide for you!

Estelle art by the incredibly talented NiO:

I should note that while couch co-op is the only way to play multiplayer on consoles, PC wins again as Steam has a remote play option to battle alongside friends across the globe. Parsec is also an option if you're playing these games through... other means.

As for what Tales games are available on which platforms...

- Tales of Phantasia: SNES (JP only, w/fan translation), PS1 (JP only, w/fan translation), PSP (JP only), GBA (terrible lol), iOS (discontinued lmao)
- Tales of Destiny: PS1, PS2 (JP only)
- Tales of Eternia: PS1, PSP (everywhere except for the west, basically)
- Tales of Destiny 2: PS2 (JP only more or less), PSP (JP only more or less)
- Tales of Symphonia: GameCube, PS2 (JP only), PS3, PC-Steam
- Tales of Rebirth: PS2 (JP only), PSP (JP only)
- Tales of Legendia: PS2
- Tales of the Abyss: PS2, 3DS
- Tales of Innocence: DS (JP only, w/fan translation), Vita (JP only)
- Tales of Vesperia: Xbox 360, PS3 (JP only w/fan translation), PC-Steam, Switch, PS4, Xbox One
- Tales of Hearts: DS (JP only), Vita
- Tales of Graces: Wii (JP only), PS3
- Tales of Xillia : PS3
- Tales of Xillia 2: PS3
- Tales of Zestiria: PS3, PS4, PC-Steam
- Tales of Berseria: PS3 (JP only, w/fan translation), PS4, PC-Steam

And of course, all games are available on PC across the seven seas, mateys.

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Time Stamps:

0:00 - Intro
1:32 - What even is Tales Of?
5:38 - General series advice
10:13 - Choosing Your First Tales Game
19:19 - Closing



- Music -
(in order of appearance)

A Cheerful Bandit (Legendia)

Boss Battle (Crestoria)

Overworld Theme 1 (Phantasia, SNES)

Flaming Bonds are Being Tested (Zestiria)

Escape From Enemy Base (Symphonia)

For the Right World (Xillia 2)

Sea of Rage (Legendia)

A Formidable Foe Stands in the Way (Vesperia)

The World Stolen by a Finger (Vesperia)

That Fist, Blinking Decision (Xillia)

My Sword Shall Open the Way (Xillia)

Short Circuit (Legendia)

- Footage -

Blue Sparkle Background:

Old TV Green Screens:

Tales of Asteria Opening:

Tales of Legendia from Lacry:

Tales of the Abyss from Leonyasch:

Tales of Zestiria from omegaevolution:

All other footage was captured by yours truly! Some day in these general Tales videos, all of the footage will be my own, I swear, but I still put a hell of a lot of work into not just getting the footage that was mine, but making the entire video! I respond well to praise and positive affirmation, so if you would be so kind as to drop your boy a like...? Please? Please.

The I wanna kick butt in Berseria's combat video! Read description~ || Tales of Berseria (PC)

This video will cover various little tidbits about the combat system and how to best rekt all sorts of enemies! As usual, timestamps below (hit show more):
0:00 - intro (also remember: most of what I talk about can be found in the battle book or in other descriptions in the game!)
1:15 - How to increase damage during combos
7:05 - Chain combos and why they're useful. Unfortunately only Velvet is able to chain every type in the whole game, so make sure you remember what your chosen non-velvet character (if any) can and can't hit!
10:52 - Warrior's Ventite and how to use it
14:34 - Wizard's Ventite and how to use it
18:16 - Some spellcasting mechanics and tips
20:57 - Mystic arte tidbits + correction from last video & alternate strategy menu options for mystic artes from last video

And once again sorry for all the throat clearing! Sinuses don't like me D=

Top 10 Tales Of Games - RANKED Worst to Best

The Tales Of Games are some of my favorites, so as an early Christmas gift, I thought it would be fun to rank the first 10 games from worst to best, I hope you enjoy! If you like this be sure to check out my rankings of Final Fantasy, as well as Dragon Quest too!

Top 10 First Final Fantasy Games:
Top 10 Dragon Quest Games:

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Tales of Berseria: BATTLE SYSTEM REINVENTED - Better or Worse?

The newest entry of the Tales Of series is Tales of Berseria and with it comes big changes to the battle system for the series. I cover what has changed to the control scheme as well as various other quality of life changes that help modernize this series. You can try a demo right now of the game on PC and PS4.

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Tales of Berseria - Maxing enhancement materials quickly

Hard to believe no one has talked about this before, at least to my knowledge. Starting NG+ runs just got ten times easier!

Tales of Berseria - +10 Equipment Guide Part 1

This method requires beating the EX Dungeon

Farm low level enemies for trash equipment
Upgrade trash equipment to +2
Dismantle +2 equipment for materials until x99
Once you get x99 start upgrading past +2 for high end enhance materials
Keep repeating till you get max secondary enhancement materials

Too Long, Too Frequent, Too Forced | Tales of Berseria Ruined Skits For Me

I love Tales, I love skits, I even love how the skits in Tales of Berseria look but in the end I wanted to pull my hair out. Tales of Berseria takes the concept of skits and makes them way too long, way too frequent, and they even force them as mandatory cutscene replacements; it completely ruined skits for me.

#TalesOfBerseria #Talesof #JRPG

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TOB - This is how I set Artes and Strategy

Watch my last edit here at Created

Tales of Berseria - Easy and fast way to level up to 200 (no NG+)

Tales of Berseria - Easy and fast way to level up to 200 (no NG+), done by SoraKun85.

A Beginner's Guide into the Tales Series

A quick video for newcomers to the Tales of franchise where I show my picks for each type of gamer.
Intro theme by The Legendary Zoltan.
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Tales of Berseria - Farming Rare/Unnamed Gear Easily

cb220's Berseria spreadsheet -

The Pioneering and Anamalous Ignicities increase rare item drop rates, and they are earned from the Sacred Baboon and Bacturnian Man Dire Foes respectively.

Tales of Berseria - Difficulty Differences

The easier the difficulty, the more exp and gald you earn.
The harder the difficulty, the more grade and potential equipment drops you earn.

Tales of Berseria Review

Bandai Namco's latest Tales is the darkest--and one of the best--in the series to date.

7 Minutes of Tales of Berseria Gameplay

Tales of Berseria Official The Flame Trailer

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The I skimmed the Berseria tutorials, help video (plus extras) || Tales of Berseria (PC)

First, I'm gonna apologize for all the throat-clearing in the video! Sorry! I'll try to fix the mic picking that up for later videos!

1:30 - Potentites, Code Red Daemons and Class 4 Administrative Zones
2:58 - Shop levels and enhancing/dismantling
8:40 - How to choose equipment, stats and Hidden Artes. An addendum: rarity 6 through 12 are still fine, and can last a long time, I was talking about to carry you into endgame and beyond when I said rarity 12 up.
14:32 - Arte tree setup and basic combat advice (please note this is VERY LOOSE ADVICE!). Here is a video taken from my stream showing almost endless attacking without running out of stamina:
18:57 - Break souls and why you should love them
22:01 - Fun time with Mystic Artes
28:43 - Strategy menu suggestions

Your Least Used Tales Characters Are Now Your Only Characters - How Does Your Reject Party Fare?

A great question from OmegaKingAuldron of the Tales of Subreddit: What would your team look like if you could only use your least used Tales characters?
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I chose my least used characters from Symphonia, Xillia, Hearts R, and Zestiria but if I had to keep going I'd say my least used for following are: Repede (Vesperia), Laphicet (Berseria), Natalia (Abyss), Pascal (Graces F). There are probably more but I'd have to think about it a little longer.

What does your party of rejects look like? Let us know in the comments!
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