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10 best tips for playing Tarneeb JOJO


Soccer + Cars = AWESOME (Rocket League) - Game Lab

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When I wanted to bring Rocket League into the real world, I thought I would have to invent a new sport, but it turns out that REAL CAR SOCCER already exists and it’s AWESOME! In this episode of Game Lab I took along CaptainSparklez in my quest to master real-life Rocket League. I’m pretty sure we almost killed each other a few times out there on the track, but we walked away with an incredible appreciation for professional drivers, some pretty sweet trick-stunts of our own, and two utterly destroyed cars! Make sure you hop into the passenger seat for this one to do a ride-along with me in 360 during the training and the game! ►►[link]

A HUGE thank you to Jordan, aka Captainsparklez for lending his mad driving skills for this episode! He was an incredible opponent but also an awesome teammate to go through this experience with. And the man definitely knows how to handle those balls…

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – ¡Bienvenidos a la isla! (Nintendo Switch)

¡Presentamos el vídeo promocional de Tom Nook titulado ¡Bienvenidos a la isla!, donde se explica el funcionamiento del Plan de Asentamiento en Islas Desiertas! Animal Crossing: New Horizons estará disponible para Nintendo Switch el 20 de marzo de 2020.

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